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File 132840216674.jpg - (350.20KB , 578x536 , 8f5ae1f999d728c7f596e233e00eee89.jpg )
12924 No. 12924 [Edit]
I have to ask for the sake of curiosity, is anyone going to be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow at 6:30 PM? If only for the commercials? The Super Bowl is the only thing related to sports I watch, admittedly mostly for the commercials. Perhaps I don't find this sports game as dull as I find the others because so many people get fired up for it.

It's New England Patriots versus New York Giants if that means anything to anyone. Forty-sixth Super Bowl.
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>> No. 12925 [Edit]
Why would I watch anything for commercials
>> No. 12926 [Edit]
Well, superbowl's that one time of the year you can see a lot of crazy/funny commercials you'd otherwise not see in American TV. That being said, I don't think I could force myself through however long a football game is just for the commercials which could probably seen later on youtube.

Also, I don't even have a TV.
>> No. 12928 [Edit]
how bored do you have to be to do this
>> No. 12931 [Edit]

I might actually go out then, in fact, so I can enjoy the outside while everyone else is inside watching the game and not bothering me.
>> No. 12933 [Edit]
Well, not like our lives are full of variety and joy each and every day. A little change of pace is always welcomed by me.
>> No. 12934 [Edit]
I had no clue when it was till today.
heh, I didn't even know tomorrow was Sunday.
Not that I care or plan on watching it.
I tried watching the Superbowl once.
the ads were overrated shit, and I found the game boring as all hell.
>> No. 12937 [Edit]
the highlight of my week was eating beef jerky
>> No. 12941 [Edit]
No because I am not american.
>> No. 12944 [Edit]
What is a Super Bowl?! See also >>12941.
>> No. 12948 [Edit]
largest and most popular sporting event in the united states, it's American football, and what all teams strive for during the rest of the year.
Basically, the last deciding match in a long tournament.
becuase it is the single most viewed televised program of the year, every year, many companies put in very large amounts of time and money into their advertisements that will be shown there.

Post edited on 4th Feb 2012, 9:36pm
>> No. 12949 [Edit]
No I'll be too busy delivering pizza. Even if I wasn't going to be busy I wouldn't bother watching it.
>> No. 12953 [Edit]
The only sport I can be arsed to care about is hockey, and that's because of Don Cherry.

If I wanted to see funny commercials I would just go to fucking Youtube.
>> No. 12965 [Edit]
Count me towards the people who don't really care for Superb Owl (although Packers' choke was pretty amusing).

Then again unlike vast majority of /tc/ I don't hate all sports period, it's just that I consider NFL to be pretty dull. Every now and then I watch some NHL/NBA (but I rarely bother with regular season).
>> No. 12972 [Edit]
File 132848855749.gif - (1.38MB , 313x176 , 1327705016376.gif )
It's so awkward being a foreigner when NFL is a boring sport, even by sport standards, but I can't escape it even on TC.
>> No. 12973 [Edit]
Eating popcorn chicken and watching Precure during the Super Bowl. Feels like every other day man.
>> No. 12974 [Edit]
It truly is dreadfully boring, they spend the majority of the time standing around doing nothing.
kind of like baseball.
>> No. 12975 [Edit]
There was a super mario 64 speedrun race last night that I watched with more enthusiasm than I have ever had for the super bowl at any point in my life, or ever will
>> No. 12977 [Edit]
Once I broke my pinky finger and burned my palm when the superbowl was going on.

Mom didn't care.
>> No. 12978 [Edit]
going off the other posts you've made, it doesn't sound like she'd care if the same thing happened on your birthday.
>> No. 12979 [Edit]
I'm not americsn. In my country, soccer is by far the most (if not the only truly) popular sport; I don't give a shit about it either, though.
>> No. 12980 [Edit]
Well I watched it with my only two close friends. We made bets. I bet Mountain of Faith and my buddy bet his Higurashi boxed set on the Patriots; other friend bet an assortment of manga and a poster or two on the Giants. We lost by a hair.
>> No. 12981 [Edit]
She's usually pestering me when I even stub my toe, making sure I'm okay. She does give a lot of care to me, just for really stupid reasons, and never cares when it would be appreciated.

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