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File 140134705189.jpg - (31.96KB , 225x350 , 64947.jpg )
15650 No. 15650 [Edit]
do any of you guys have a waifu that is either neutral or evil in, or good in a character?

Post edited on 29th May 2014, 3:12am
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>> No. 15651 [Edit]
Neutral in what way? How do you mean?
>> No. 15653 [Edit]
No offense OP but I've seen queen's blade and I don't remember her being anywhere near 'good' at all and being more on the other side of the spectrum.
>> No. 15655 [Edit]
I really never expected someone here to have a husbando from the oblongs. You aren't bothered by the lack of limbs, or that whole radiation thing?
>> No. 15656 [Edit]
I think Echidna is good, she does put on a tough face cause she is a mercenary. and she did shed a tear for Irma when she got hurt. She just doesn't like to be close to people. cause she would get hurt. that's why she has me, I would never hurt her.
>> No. 15657 [Edit]
go back to 4chan with your shitty reaction images
>> No. 15658 [Edit]
why you call me op? what does that mean lol
>> No. 15661 [Edit]
love has no bounds.
no I love FUNNY FACES.
>> No. 15662 [Edit]
File 140138702046.jpg - (172.42KB , 1124x898 , AlignmentChart.jpg )
op stands for opening post or opening poster - the one who creates a thread.

Do you mean like an alignment chart?
>> No. 15663 [Edit]
File 140140868959.png - (1.01MB , 1920x1080 , 1610b24365ed8603e7ca162e543a4799.png )
I've always disagreed with one thing on that chart: Kagura and Tomo should be switched around, which I have done on my own saved version. I say that as a big fan of Tomo, my favourite in the series by far.

As for Erica, she's clearly an angel at heart, but has well-known issues with hierarchy, authority and bureaucracy. She fits the profile of chaotic good - yet another thing we have in common.
>> No. 15664 [Edit]
File 140145917646.png - (261.81KB , 640x480 , kagurayahoo.png )
>Kagura and Tomo should be switched around

I agree. Even though the different alignments are quite broad, "Evil" implies selfishness, which doesn't fit Kagura at all, but works for Tomo in some respects.
>> No. 15666 [Edit]
I also agree it should be switched.
>> No. 15667 [Edit]
OK then, thread salvage I suppose. In the context of your waifu's source material:
1) Where would you put your waifu on an alignment chart?


2) Where do you think public opinion would put your waifu on said chart, if different?
>> No. 15668 [Edit]
Mine's about as good natured, kind, and caring as can be. I can't see any possible reason why anyone would think otherwise.
>> No. 15670 [Edit]
File 140149999989.jpg - (139.47KB , 550x550 , get away your peasant face from me (2).jpg )
Somewhere in between Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil.
She's extremely selfish and inconsiderate of others. The only times she ever does any good for others is when she feels she may benefit from it. She's manipulative and uses her good looks to get what she wants.
Most of this is all in my imagination but canonically speaking, she's a huge cunt as well. Totally narcissistic and entitled.
Despite all this, hundreds of fans speak of her as though she'd be a great friend and artwork depicts her as a fun loving moe blob. Like as though she's lawful good. Where they got the idea to portray a psychopath in such a way? I do not know.
>> No. 15671 [Edit]

I`d say lawful neutral would be the most accurate. Although she is an antagonist in her vn, she has a strong moral code and is fiercely loyal to her lord, who turned out to not be evil after all. Despite her love of fighting, she detests useless violence against the weak and is generally quite opposed to killing. She isn`t completely on the good end of the spectrum though, as she is admittedly quite capable of rather morally questionable acts.
I`m pretty sure most people would agree with that, it`s really the most logical choice.
>> No. 15672 [Edit]
I also forgot to put if you have a husbando, you can put them down too, not just waifus
>> No. 15673 [Edit]
I think that kinda goes without saying round here
>> No. 15674 [Edit]
File 140151517138.jpg - (159.91KB , 800x600 , 2014-05-30 22_39_31.jpg )
She's lawful good, and I think most people would see her that way.

Although she has killed many people, including noncombatants, it was all for the greater good and stability of her kingdom.
>> No. 15675 [Edit]
Hitler killed many people, including noncombatants, it was all for the greater good and stability of his country.
>> No. 15676 [Edit]
That was conquest. Arturia was defending her lands from invaders, and as a consequence had to funnel resources from villages to support her troops. Which would indirectly lead to innocent deaths. Defending your people against aggressors and systematically exterminating while you engage in empire-building are entirely different.
>> No. 15677 [Edit]
File 140151992696.png - (478.42KB , 606x900 , 5c38a728b0f0db54e48ba7a48fbecf4f.png )
I think True Neutral would be the most accurate for her, as someone that prefers to be left alone most of the time. As far as incidents go, she has both helped promote one (an act leaning slightly towards 'evil') and helped resolve a few (acts leaning slightly towards 'good'). Her motivations for getting involved were never moral-related and often revolved around research.
>> No. 15678 [Edit]
File 140152436565.png - (437.64KB , 764x1260 , Marco Neko 229.png )
Wow, I didn't think I'd have to give such extensive thought to such a simple question.
I'm going to have to go with Neutral Evil, for he spends the entire game only interested in procuring profit from the war surrounding him that decides the fate of the earth's populace. The only reason he is even in the company of the protagonists is because one of their party members owes him a great sum of money and because he wishes to sell them overpriced armor (that is implied to be stolen). He'd certainly be selling to the opposing faction if the opportunity arose without feeling any guilt despite their ultimate goal of global genocide.
>> No. 15697 [Edit]
File 140178259085.png - (76.60KB , 237x213 , untitled.png )
I would say shizuru would be neutral, she has a clam gentle side, but also a obsessive yandere die too

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