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File 138023486285.jpg - (19.68KB , 512x288 , 20100908204248!Mikoto_misaka.jpg )
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About a month and a half ago I met my second waifu, a few weeks after a loss of interest in the one prior. It was more of a personality thing, and I lost what I felt with her. But, anyways. Getting back on track. When I first met Mikoto, it was almost like love at first sight; not even just appearance wise. It was more than based on appearance, it was personality, appearance, everything. This has been the happiest month and a half I've ever had in my life; I've easily managed to go this whole month and a half without giving into the drinking problem I've had over the years and I haven't felt even a slight touch of negativity, and thoughts of suicide have completely left my mind and don't have the chance to return; my mind is focused more on my love for my waifu, rather than the negativity of the world around me. My waifu has saved my life and got me out of a pit I thought I'd never get out of, and I love her so fucking much for it.
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