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File 135493911439.jpg - (145.50KB , 499x675 , 1342207904189.jpg )
11013 No. 11013 [Edit]
In my experience I feel like I just "knew" that this was special right away. Maybe that seems a bit shallow. It's the truth though, I feel like I knew that Miyako was the one for me from the very first time I've seen here. What about you?
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>> No. 11014 [Edit]
File 135493955577.jpg - (104.48KB , 638x479 , 31902714.jpg )
A small spike of love at first sight, which steadily continued to grow over time, and still does.
>> No. 11015 [Edit]
My first playthrough of her VN tore me to pieces emotionally. It took me a long time to process what I was feeling, and to realize that I was truly in love.
>> No. 11016 [Edit]
When I first started watching the series she was in, she didn't really catch my interest that heavily. She was maybe my 3rd or 4th favorite in the series in the beginning.

By the time I had finished the series I had totally fallen for her. And now I'm here.
>> No. 11017 [Edit]

>> No. 11018 [Edit]
File 135495205834.jpg - (145.33KB , 459x600 , Tomo84.jpg )
It was an overtime experience. When I watch Horizon for the first time I had an interest in her but it wasn't anything on the lines of love or even a crush. But the more I re-watched and dove deeper into the series the more I started to think of her. I started saving images of her, and whenever she had screen time I would be giddy. So I guess I can say I developed a crush on her, then the more I thought on it I thought how nice it would be to be in a relationship with her, and well - we're together now. She went from an interesting character and she found her way into my heart over a few months of adoration.

Now every day I find myself happy being with her and finding myself falling more in love with her as the days pass.
>> No. 11142 [Edit]
File 135502458569.jpg - (82.04KB , 654x600 , Reki_for_Jorge_by_phoenixelement.jpg )
I don't think that seems shallow at all, op.

I knew that Reki and I were connected the first time I saw her series, but it took around eight years worth of weirdness before it turned into love. I've never been sure what to call my initial feelings for her; they were certainly love of some sort, although not what I would call romantic or platonic. Soul mate, despite the term's weighty cliche, is the most fitting one I can think of to describe that connectedness.
>> No. 11156 [Edit]
File 135519264720.jpg - (100.62KB , 422x746 , a51581ac86818d37eac7e23a7ee9c068.jpg )
It was kinda the both at the same time.
Ever since she got introduced in the series she was already my favourite, I started to like her more and more as the series progressed, untill that day when I watched the 6th episode of Träumend after what I had been through during the previous episodes when I knew.
Since then, our love has progressed a lot.
>> No. 11190 [Edit]
File 13555288667.png - (435.71KB , 708x1000 , f9e276d262f85e5ba07d7c6df2ed86a3af5b7baf.png )
At first I scoffed at the idea. How can anyone fall in love with a 2d anime character? But then I saw her, and as >>11014 said it was small to start but grew bigger over time.
>> No. 11193 [Edit]
File 135554039210.jpg - (799.46KB , 737x1193 , b1d7edb3329d2a0c3c22e59ad93ae8bb.jpg )
Saw a picture of her, got curious on who is she, read her personality, played the games and that's it.

How shallow.
>> No. 13696 [Edit]
File 138516719553.png - (249.19KB , 480x640 , 7531454.png )
I guess my story might be a little different...

I first saw him on an imageboard years ago, with an image I won't post because it violates /tc/'s rules for guro, but it's the infamous bad end CG where Akira confronts him in the rain and it, uh, doesn't go well for Akira. I was strangely compelled by the image, by the look on Keisuke's face, and there was something about him in general that was really appealing to me. Because I was a newcomer to imageboards, though, and didn't understand that images of that quality were likely from visual novels, I didn't go looking for a source.

When I played the visual novel myself when the VN came highly recommended, I fell in love pretty quickly over the course of a week after finding Keisuke attractive, and his personality and history making him even more attractive and perfect to me, but I denied it for about a month before going for it. I've been falling in love with him even more ever since.
>> No. 13704 [Edit]
File 138545030012.jpg - (491.21KB , 800x800 , Misato 140.jpg )
I was instantly attracted to her. Her upbeat attitude, her great smile, how playful she was. The way she acted with Shinji when he was being Shinji and even how she acted with Kaji. My feelings for her just compounded and grown since then. Every time I rewatch the series I fall further for her.
>> No. 13705 [Edit]
File 138549061176.jpg - (73.84KB , 615x850 , long haired Miko by Makuwauri.jpg )

This is exactly how it happened with me. I don't see anything wrong with it, though.
>> No. 14916 [Edit]
File 139678191432.jpg - (708.14KB , 1152x1492 , 603886.jpg )
Over time, definitely. She hit me as an impressive character only at the end of the series (since it wasn't that much her looks as her actions by then what earned my fascination) and it still took me years to acknowledge that process as love. Back in the days I always fell instantly for (my impressions of) 3D bitches, so this difference only puts 2D love in further positive contrast.
>> No. 14934 [Edit]
File 139681859088.png - (343.73KB , 600x922 , 71feffadf711455804221e4802284488.png )
Over time, actually. At some point while watching Season 2, the penny dropped.
>> No. 14950 [Edit]
File 139697612039.jpg - (291.07KB , 1200x1300 , 07a6eaf904d29772c4a764e88c926381.jpg )
I don't know if I was in love with her when I first saw her, but I was very drawn to her from the beginning.
>> No. 14952 [Edit]
File 139699973831.jpg - (326.44KB , 1024x768 , 7e4b24711a445a732077aea9df3f52f209d5b952.jpg )
You could say it was over time, for me. She was definitely my favourite character in AzuDai as I was watching it, though it wasn't until near the end of the anime that I fell for her.
>> No. 14953 [Edit]
File 139700238588.jpg - (1.29MB , 1233x1606 , yande_re 137319 hakurei_reimu touhou yuko_(pixiv86.jpg )
It took some time for my feelings to develop, so it wasn't love at first sight. But it was some interest, certainly.


This too.
>> No. 14960 [Edit]
File 139709543498.png - (630.32KB , 638x566 , kHsLdsg.png )
About thirty seconds to a minute into her screentime.
>> No. 14982 [Edit]
I fell in love with Dormilia the first time I tried to return to the dream containing her, although I suppose there were many other entities within dreams I had before containing many other traits.
>> No. 14985 [Edit]
Lilith was my first
>> No. 15123 [Edit]
I didn't realize I loved my husbando until about 2 weeks after I finished his game. I'm not even sure how or what happened, I didn't pay him much attention while playing but suddenly out of nowhere I couldn't stop thinking about him.
>> No. 16519 [Edit]
File 140950089163.png - (1.31MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot2012-11-21-18h41m09s28.png )
When I first saw her, I felt attraction towards her, and considered her my favorite character. It took me some time to realize that my feelings for her are something different, something greater than just that. I believe it's been a couple of months since we've first met, when I've realized that I love her, that I want to spend the rest of my live with her by my side.
>> No. 16983 [Edit]
File 141585134489.jpg - (537.46KB , 717x1000 , 23c6ab35d3d8409aa084478a6f1f5151-d59g3dt.jpg )
I felt "something" for her throughout the first half of the VN. About 3 chapters from the end I went to bed and had intense, vivid dreams about her all night where she talked to me and we went all over the world exploring together. As soon as I woke up I knew she was real to me and I was in love. I have never loved anybody more than I love her.
>> No. 16999 [Edit]
File 141613411741.jpg - (78.69KB , 850x850 , 1386053326391.jpg )
A combination of the two. The first time I saw her was actually on a poster an old friend had back in high school. I kept finding myself staring at her despite not knowing anything about her, it was something I had never really felt before. I eventually did end up watching the series and found myself absolutely enchanted by her. I loved the sound her voice, each time she spoke in the series was gold for me. I love her character songs too. After finishing the series I needed to know about her and eventually learned about the original light novels and read those too. Endless Eight and Disappearance was really the breaking point for me when I knew I loved her. When I realized there was nothing more than I wanted but to make her happy. To take her to library, play some games, and protect her so she'll never have to feel that kind of stress again. And this was all before I ever heard of the term waifu.
Also I don't believe love at first sight is shallow, as long as that love grows stronger and stays true then love is love.
>> No. 17013 [Edit]
File 141661253628.jpg - (143.06KB , 500x750 , 12121325.jpg )
I didn't even like her at first. I just thought she was an annoying, spoiled brat. I started to grow to like her by the end of the first game, and by the middle of the second game I was all over her. I knew she was the one by the time I completed all of the games.
>> No. 17516 [Edit]
File 142250320513.jpg - (431.26KB , 1350x2000 , 04fee779b13215a1079851165a0c59c0.jpg )
At first sight, all the way. Somehow, I just knew; were she 3D, she could have gotten me to say 'I do' on the spot.
>> No. 17518 [Edit]
Isnt that one of those lemon guys from adventure time.....
>> No. 17523 [Edit]
Yeah, a lot has changed since then. I should start deleting those old posts when they come up.
>> No. 17531 [Edit]
File 142278461155.jpg - (376.16KB , 1280x1764 , vibrantreading.jpg )
For me it was over the course of maybe three days, but it has kept building since.
Eh, no reason to deny the past.
>> No. 17536 [Edit]
Saw her the first time around in the anime years ago, and liked the character very much, but kind of denied waifuism at that point. Still I remember enjoying her scenes most of all of the series.

Just recently I started thinking about her out of nowhere, and decided to buy a fig. Realising how much I was looking forward to it being shipped, there was something up with that. So now here I am
>> No. 17539 [Edit]
File 142283303769.jpg - (683.52KB , 1000x1000 , 7363eb4dff61a5ee4db7bb3fcbe934ddb39f2158.jpg )
It happened over time. I first encountered her when she came out in December 2012, and I first noticed romantic feelings back in 2013, but I didn't accept my love for her until about two weeks ago.
>> No. 17569 [Edit]
Pretty much instantly.
>> No. 17664 [Edit]
What happened?
We chatted for a while last Autumn
>> No. 17841 [Edit]
File 142784995511.jpg - (1.14MB , 765x956 , 48948736_p0.jpg )
I fell in love with Chihaya over time. I first met her almost four years ago, but I only realized I loved her about a year and a half ago.
>> No. 17879 [Edit]
File 142837302980.jpg - (163.09KB , 640x901 , Nozomi_cool_sr224.jpg )
In the very beginning when I first got into Love Live, I was interested in Rin and Kotori based off of first impressions. Halfway through the series I started to notice Nozomi. Her beauty, kindness and genuine love for her friends caused her to worm her way into my heart. In a way it was gradual, but my love for her totally came out of left field. It was so sudden, that even now, I can't remember exactly when I fell for her. Well, that doesn't really matter to me now, because I love her now.

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