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File 130573677020.jpg - (146.54KB , 281x280 , 7567567.jpg )
10288 No. 10288 [Edit]
So, what has Tohno users done in Touhou recently? Which games do you find hard or easy? Which have you alredy cleared? Hardest bosses? Biggest problems? Let me hear it, Tohno.

I recently have been playing UFO an awful lot with Sanae A and I have been able to reach Shou with all possible lifes acquired from red ufos but I still manage to not be able to get to the fifth stage. Also have a big problem regarding the general first stages; I move too much since I do feel like there are less bullets and happen to die very soon. Probably only happens to me though
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>> No. 10289 [Edit]
I can't even beat cirno on easy mode. It's my greatest shame...
>> No. 10290 [Edit]
File 130574400826.png - (104.81KB , 624x528 , a54736b2945c76297e238ce4b41350f7.png )
I can't finish PCB and clear Yukuko on any level. I use up all my bombs or continues by the time I reach Youmu.

I cleared IN about a week ago with Reimu and Yukari on easy, but not within the time limit.
I found IN much easier than PCB.
>> No. 10291 [Edit]
I haven't played any Touhou games in forever. I have a Mac, and since I downloaded a newer version of Wine, they won't open for some reason.
>> No. 10292 [Edit]
Most people say IN is the easiest of the series. I can't stand the amount of bullets in IN and have problem with Marisa's and Reimu's fights, both are very hard. Even so, I find all other games, with exception of SA, easier then IN.

I've alredy cleared EoSD and PCB on normal, both with Marisa, but never really tried myself on the extra stages.
>> No. 10293 [Edit]
Marisa is fairly easy to beat, but Reimu... gawd dayum.
>> No. 10294 [Edit]
File 13057618816.png - (27.76KB , 639x479 , fffff.png )
I gave up on beating any hard modes besides PCB/IN for now and I'm trying to beat EX Alice.
>> No. 10295 [Edit]
Everyone always says IN is the easiest, yet it remains the only game I haven't 1cc'd on normal. I need to get back into playing for real though, as my skills are starting to rust. I used to be able to 1cc all the games on hard, but now I can barely manage normal.
>> No. 10296 [Edit]
Anyway IN sure is the easiest for me. You never die during stages thanks to projectiles clearing with enemies, you get tons of lives, and the time window for counter bombing is freaking huge.
>> No. 10297 [Edit]
I suck at all of them, but I'll keep trying to beat them.

I just played IN on normal and I only got as far as beating Marisa.
>> No. 10298 [Edit]
Yesterday I cleared PCB for the first time on easy using all my continues, and I got the bad ending.

The worst part of it was that I cleared it with Sakuya.
>> No. 10299 [Edit]
I am pretty satisfied currently with clearing PCB and IN on lunatic.
>> No. 10300 [Edit]
mountain of faith has the best difficulty for me
i gain a few extends and lose them all in the last spell of the last boss
>> No. 10301 [Edit]
File 130742930269.jpg - (52.34KB , 500x279 , tumblr_lhz6gkHX3x1qdqpqr.jpg )
I'm doing Ten Desires demo, trying to clear on lunatic. I totally have to switch from soul-grabbing to grazing when it comes to lunatic, but I think he didn't make the difficulty levels too far apart (at least not yet).
>> No. 10302 [Edit]
In PCB, I figured out Lunasa's opening spellcard. All I have to do is move right/left to dodge her bullets and not fly around like a nut. I feel rather good about myself for this accomplishment considering how terrible I am.

In PCB, you just simply have to outlast Yuyuko's Border of Life spellcard, correct?
>> No. 10303 [Edit]
File 131024222060.jpg - (142.77KB , 893x500 , 129364454773.jpg )
I just 1cc'd Imperishable Night on normal 2 days ago. I know it's not something great but I'm very proud of myself and thought I'd share.
I'll be attempting PCB now, as far as I can go now is Youmu.

Post edited on 9th Jul 2011, 1:12pm
>> No. 10304 [Edit]
File 131044783722.png - (2.36MB , 1136x1639 , 001.png )
I enjoy all the games. However, I am terrible at them. I've been into Touhou since 2007, yet I've never 1cc'd any game. I can beat them (on normal) but 1cc just seems to be beyond me. I end up watching the best endings on youtube like a scrub.

I've read all the canon stuff and I must say, my recent favorite character is Ibara Kasen. Easily one of the most attractive characters so far.


I guess some people do have it worse, assuming you are serious.
>> No. 10305 [Edit]
I would have beaten Ex Alice on my first try if it weren't for the background that makes me go blind.
>> No. 10306 [Edit]

I want an imouto for some reason now. ;_;
>> No. 10307 [Edit]
Got past Meiling's Wind Chime normal losing only one life and using no bombs. I even did the same in hard mode.

Yeah, I suck.
>> No. 10308 [Edit]
I could never get past Meiling. Her supple legs always distracted me.
>> No. 10309 [Edit]
Don't even mention her legs man. I bet she ended up stuck in Gensokyo because back in China those things were, rightfully, considered to be interfering with public order, so they ostracized her.
>> No. 10310 [Edit]
I've done it /foe/. For some 4 times now I've gone past Wind Chime Normal without losing a life nor bombing.
To compensate for that, I'm now losing lives to every other pattern out of pure distraction.
>> No. 10311 [Edit]
Tried to get past Cirno in EoSD. Still can't, I suck at Touhou.
>> No. 10312 [Edit]
This summer I've 1cc'd EoSD, PCB, MoF and 10D on hard as well as IN on lunatic.
>> No. 10313 [Edit]
I've been working on SA recently, playing as Reimu A, normal difficulty. I'm fairly confident with stages 1-4 but I have no idea what I should be doing in stage 5 and I've never even reached stage 6. Are there any kind Tohnos out there who could give me some advice on those stages or even upload a replay or two?
>> No. 10314 [Edit]
>I have no idea what I should be doing in stage 5
Bomb. Everything.
>> No. 10315 [Edit]
I'm horrible at touhou. I've been playing Imperishable Night on easy and I can't seem to get past Reisen. It's mostly the zigzag bullet pattern that gets me first then the huge shift when all the bullets disappear from the screen. I will have 4 or 5 deaths available and use them all up and a continue getting through her and then it always says it's 5AM and I failed. Just going to keep plugging away in the vain hopes that I'll finally get better.
>> No. 10316 [Edit]
What team do you prefer to use? Border and Netherworld are, in my opinion, the "easiest" to use, but whatever you prefer I could make a Stage 5 reply that might help you out.

Got up to stage 5 of UFO Normal as Marisa A. Master Spark EVERYTHING. My weakness is not sparking and crashing directly into bullets while going for UFOs.
>> No. 10317 [Edit]
I've tried all of the teams but I've found myself gravitating to Boundary team. The homing bullets is the main reason for it, find the ability to hit 2 things at teh same time will still being able to move about a great advantage.
>> No. 10318 [Edit]
File 131540784851.jpg - (200.67KB , 800x2613 , stage5jpg.jpg )
Here's a sendspace link with a bunch of replays I made: One of Stage 5 (I deathbombed once since I'm an idiot), and the rest of Reisen's spellcards getting timed out. If you have replays of your own, you'll need to rename these (or move your own replays out of the replay folder for a bit, however you feel like handling it).

The picture is also something equally stupid I made since why the hell not.
>> No. 10319 [Edit]
thanks man.
>> No. 10320 [Edit]
your advice got me to the final fight but I died again. gonna keep trying, thanks bro.
>> No. 10321 [Edit]
I'm glad it helped. I'm actually tempted to make similar replay packs for every stage now, actually. It was oddly fun to do.
>> No. 10322 [Edit]
File 131753402632.png - (322.56KB , 384x450 , fuckyouzun.png )
>> No. 10323 [Edit]
>> No. 10324 [Edit]
File 132848280851.jpg - (491.87KB , 1200x848 , 0a5fe29f51a75ccb5014a03527371c82.jpg )
Attempted to 1CC Imperishable Night, fought Kaguya for the first time, and ultimately failed. Currently coming down from one hell of an adrenaline high
>> No. 10325 [Edit]
I'm trying to 1cc PCB on normal with SakuyaA

I get to the Prismrivers without dying but I lose some lives agaist them and the next two bosses. Usually I get to Yuyuko's death card but then I just die.
>> No. 10326 [Edit]
I've 1CC'd for the first time. It was the seventh. I feel so accomplished.
>> No. 10327 [Edit]
File 135664941074.jpg - (177.96KB , 558x800 , 6864b5b6bd70e50bebacfc4fd43ea2a1.jpg )
I've yet to 1cc any game because I am set on playing them all in order and I haven't yet managed EoSD. I can only get just past Cirno before losing one life.
>> No. 10328 [Edit]
Just got back into playing the games. Got one of those extra-patterns in IN that require a number of time orbs to challenge for the first time(excluding the impossible requests), Wriggle's.
Keine is still a big barrier no matter how many lives I have when I reach her.
>> No. 10329 [Edit]
I've 1ccd hard on EOSD, PCB and I think IN? As well as Lotus Land Story Hard. I've been trying hard mode on Subterranean Animism and got to Okuu again before dying at her first spellcard.

Also using ReimuB because of her bomb+auto collect and the fight against Satori is too fun.

Like her first mimic spellcard just throwing danmaku at you, that's what I find is fun and what danmaku is partly about. Just dodge it.
>> No. 10330 [Edit]
Err, also cleared hard mode on TD...
>> No. 10331 [Edit]
I finally 1cc'd UFO on Hard a few days ago. Byakuren is by far and away the most difficult boss in the series for me, and Shou's curvy lasers always manage to eat a few lives too. Also, I'm pretty sure that I've died more times from suicidal attempts at grabbing UFOs than I have from boss spellcards.
>> No. 10332 [Edit]
File 136879482087.jpg - (58.60KB , 500x699 , 1368645630050.jpg )
I've been getting much better lately (I still suck by most peoples standards though) but it is still incredibly hard. On Imperishable night, easy I can pretty much beat the game, normal I get stuck around stage 5, hard I usually get to stage 4, and lunatic well only like stage 2 or 3. My biggest problem on IN, which is the game I am concentrated the most on right now, is stage 4. This is where all my lives normally get wasted away on normal difficulty. For example, there is this one part where a bunch of youkai show up out of nowhere and bombard you with their bullets, and if you don't kill a bunch of them fast they corner you either in the top left or right corner of the screen until you die. So far I have found no way to escape this so I have stuck with simply trying to kill them all before they even have a chance to do this. Or another problem is Reimu (I prefer playing as Marisa) her retarded spell card where the bullets follow you wherever you go, I can't figure this one out either.

But to be honest I think this is just something that will eventually come to me. When I first started playing Touhou I never thought I would even get this far, so practice really does make perfect in the Gensokyo world. I guess I have Marisa to look up to. Ah yeah, and MoF and UFO are much, much harder for some reason. Normal on MoF and I can only get to like stage 3-4 or something. PCB and IN and even EoSD are much easier for me, I think the number of starting lives has something to do with that. I think I should give it another year and I should be able to almost complete the game on hard, and then another year and so on.
>> No. 10333 [Edit]
I agree that IN stage 4 is abnormally hard; it's even harder than stage 5 in my opinion. Regarding the large fairies during the stage, you have the right idea with just killing them as soon as they appear. It's a lot easier if you can memorise when and where they come. If you do get cornered, you're probably best off just bombing.

Here's a replay of the spellcard you mentioned; hope it helps.
>> No. 10334 [Edit]
If you know you always have problems at that one spot, and it's not a practice run, there's no shame in bombing it. A bomb loss is better than a life loss. Outside of real runs though, don't bomb things you're bad at or you'll never get better!

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