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File 131694530539.jpg - (947.46KB , 1036x1450 , e57a80c07d4379774bd7b279e945dcde.jpg )
10555 No. 10555 [Edit]
So you find yourself in front of a supreme magical creature, like a gennie or something, who for whatever reason offers you 3 wishes with no obligations.
any wishes with the only restriction being no wishing for the creation of a life (means no wishing for a waifu), and they assure you they aren't the type that pick apart the wording of your wish to screw you over with it in some ironic way, like many do.

So, what do you wish for?
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>> No. 10560 [Edit]
File 131694924890.jpg - (32.47KB , 604x339 , yoba堅狼ホロ.jpg )
I wish for infinite wishes.
>> No. 10561 [Edit]
I wish for a girl close to me to turn into my conception of what my waifu is, both mentally and physically.

Hey, I'm not creating life, merely MODIFYING it!
>> No. 10562 [Edit]
To have eternal happiness, regardless of my circumstances or actions.

I figure this might also make me immortal, but in a good way where I don't care if I'm stuck floating alone in a universe that has succumbed to heat death due to entropy.
>> No. 10563 [Edit]
I would wish to have amout of money that will be enough for me rest of my life, billion euros or such. Money is only thing that can make me happy. Or of course the stuff what I can buy with that money.
>> No. 10564 [Edit]
I want to be transported into a 2D dimension and transformed into an eternally youthful cute japanese 2D loli who has infinite amounts of money. I would also have a magic computer that allows me to contact this world, so I can upload NND videos of myself and confuse the shit out of people about how such high quality animation can be made so quickly
>> No. 10565 [Edit]
Do you have to use all your wishes at once?

I'd wish for immortality and save my remaining wishes.
>> No. 10566 [Edit]
>> No. 10661 [Edit]

then shit like alternate history where russia conquers iran + afghanistan in the past, back america fights and forms its' pown separt nation with strong ebonics as a national language, the US conquered allof Mexico and central america or the UK sattled it first, etc. Also the US stays out of WWI.

bsically fucking around with alternate history, and being rich as fuck. also improving the world. maybe i'd go all code geass in thie world,
>> No. 10662 [Edit]
Calm down. Not everything needs to interest you in particular.
>> No. 10668 [Edit]
I'd wish for my hair to sit more flatly.
>> No. 10673 [Edit]
Wish one would be perfect time travel.
The ability to travel thru time in all directions at will and take other people or objects with me.

Wish two wold be perfect memory.
Learn and memorizing anything by merely observing it. Memories can be recalled and dismissed at will.
So I can choose to forget bad memories but recall them if needed for some reason.

Wish three would be perfect transformation powers.
With this I mean that I could transform into anything I want even if it's not alive and still be sentient and sapient and no matter the form I take all my wishes would still have to be in effect.

These 3 wishes enable me to do anything I want.
>> No. 10688 [Edit]
1) no need for me to eat or drink
2) internal body temperature controlled by will
3) wherever I go there will be no noise produced by other humans or their tools, toys, and vehicles.

Then I'd just wander around the world's forests and take naps until I died. There's not much else I'd like to do in life.
>> No. 10690 [Edit]
I don't care if it means I'd be floating around in space after the the sun distroys earth or andromeda rips our galaxy a new one.
I'll have plenty of time to prepare and create a space station/craft that would allow me to live comfortably in eternal solitude after mankind is no more, as I drift aimlessly across the universe exploring the various galaxies and life forms that might be out there.
and by then, I might have been able to create a life life android modeled after my waifu to visit the stars side by side with.

Second wish, the ability to freely manipulate the flow of time around me.
I could easy bring myself to a position of absolute power on this planet and make it a nicer place to live single handily.
If I should ever make a mistake, I could simply rewind and fix it.
man kind kills itself off before I can help, I could just rewind and try harder.
With the ability to control time, I could easily become the richest person on the planet in five years.
The wealthy powers of the world would try to stop me, but because of wish one they couldn't do anything.
I could buy out every major corporation on the planet and shut the whole thing down, all while setting up a system of distribting goods to the people evenly, and rebuilding from the ground up, how everything works in the world.

as for the third, many of those genies tend to be under some sort of curse or cosmic imprisonment, if this was the case I'd wish for their freedom or whatever they want, as a form of gratitude.
>> No. 19697 [Edit]
1. The ability to control time
2. Teleportation
3. Invisibility (of course being able to choose when to use it)
>> No. 19698 [Edit]
1. Time travel. I can travel using my current body (to see the distant past or future; can also bring people/things with me), or travel to a point in my life into the body I had then (e.g. to relive my childhood). Altering history causes the timeline to split to avoid paradoxes, and I can travel between timelines. I'll always know which timeline is the "real", unaltered one so I can use it as a reference of sorts.

2. FPS-style console. The console always understands what I type into it; no "unknown command" errors. Time stops with the console out, so I can use it to think. I can use it to toggle cheats (Haruhimode, noclip, invisible, etc), alter the properties of objects, and spawn things. As per the rules, I can't spawn living things, but I'll still find a way to be with my waifu.

3. I guess I'll do like >>10690 did and wish for the genie's freedom, just as thanks.

There's so much to do now. So many scenarios to study, ranging from what my life would be like if I took different classes in school to what the world would be like if we never discovered oil. And if I don't like how something turns out, I can just come right back home and think up another scenario.
>> No. 19699 [Edit]
2)eternal youth
3)be put in a perpetual and permanent state of bliss.
>> No. 19700 [Edit]
I wouldn't wish for power to change the world drastically. Because, as shitty as the world is, I'm pretty dumb, so I would undoubtedly make it worse via unforeseen consequences.

My wishes would be geared to be able to change my identity at will.
1. The ability to modify all data on me at will. This includes personal memories and such. I would erase myself from the memories of everyone I've ever let down or hurt. For instance, I could erase from my parents' memory the fact that they had a piece of shit for a son. Also, bank money is just data on an individual.
2. The ability to change my physical body at will. I would finally be a cute little girl! This also includes, when I get tired of being a little girl, I will be able to just say okay now my body doesn't work, and then die.
3. Sure, free the genie.
>> No. 19701 [Edit]
This hits the nail right on the head for me to. There is nothing I want more.
>> No. 19702 [Edit]
>> No. 19716 [Edit]
I have only one wish. Making my fantasies become reality.Something like warping reality.
>> No. 19728 [Edit]
I've been thinking about this for the entire day and I think what might be the most fun is this:

⒈ Super powers. I don't feel like detailing them, but I wouldn't make myself overly powerful and would have the ability to die from an enemy attack or from myself, however I'll make it hard as hell for that to happen and I'll have as much with my ability as I want.

⒉ I want to have the knowledge/ability to make any kind of weapon that I want or to create new kinds which can destroy not only this planet, but this galaxy, or just the next galaxy or something. I'll make all sorts of weapons, indestructible weapons, elemental weapons, living weapons, weapons that only exist in the imagination.

⒊ I guess that I'd also free the genie, but I'll let them have some/all of their power since being powerless is the worst and there is a lot of scum on this planet.
>> No. 19729 [Edit]
I've been thinking about this for the entire day and I think what might be the most fun is this:

⒈ Super powers. I don't feel like detailing them, but I wouldn't make myself overly powerful and would have the ability to die from an enemy attack or from myself, however I'll make it hard as hell for that to happen and I'll have as much with my ability as I want.

⒉ I want to have the knowledge/ability to make any kind of weapon that I want or to create new kinds which can destroy not only this planet, but this galaxy, or just the next galaxy or something. I'll make all sorts of weapons, indestructible weapons, elemental weapons, living weapons, weapons that only exist in the imagination.

⒊ I guess that I'd also free the genie, but I'll let them have some/all of their power since being powerless is the worst and there is a lot of scum on this planet.
>> No. 19732 [Edit]
>I want to know the truth, if there's any to be found. I want to know what all this is really about, if such an answer can be given beyond cultural (fictional) constructs. I want real sense, to be able to judge and drive my own existence accordingly, whatever it may entail. I want truthful knowledge for this wandering deceiving existence to finally end and go outside, once again, to meet not just another bunch of illusions but the actual world. If there's no such thing, I want this poor excuse for a story to end already. TLDR I just want out of this cave, to head onto the light, or to turn back into nothing...

I could say something like that. But in all honestly, and kind of relatedly, I think I just want to finally meet my father; I want to know where I come from, to begin to know who the hell I am. You may think that's really petty (as I do) and that I don't really need a genius for that; but what do you know?

What do we all know?
>> No. 19793 [Edit]
1. Immortality, resistant against aging, disease, injury etc.

2. Millions of dollars. Money is necessary for the enjoyment of life, and if I'm going to be immortal, I need enough money to be able to live off interest.

3. Ability to summon any 2D character I want and to have them love and desire me.

If I had 4 wishes I'd ask for super strength as well, but that's just me being greedy.
>> No. 19795 [Edit]
With my wish I'd be able to make you the suit from Gantz along with the armor, so you don't have to worry about a forth wish.

Weapon is a broad term, so I could make endless amount of things even if it doesn't fit under the categorization of what a weapon is.
>> No. 19839 [Edit]
File 135710925228.jpg - (32.43KB , 150x300 , arcueid ara ara.jpg )
1. Immortality
2. A bunch of super awesome superpowers from videogames. Ability to use magic, teleport, read minds, create homunculus spies, etc. Basically like that one girl from that one manga with all the powers. Maybe not to the stupid extreme level, that would be boring.
3. My own country. Preferably somewhere mountainous with an average climate, like Andorra or a chunk of Switzerland.

That would be enough for me to inhabit/build a castle and have a Harem. I'll keep changing my name to the one of my "son", so that I keep inheriting my own throne. Then I'll just mess around doing whatever I want?
>> No. 19893 [Edit]
1. The ability to become a never-aging, immortal, beautiful, young, and elegant girl.

2. The ability to mind control people at will.

3. I would wish that because I transformed into the perfect girl, that I would exist as an entity separate from another me (if I didn't have access to wishes, thus being what I was prior to gaining wishes). I would also have access to what the separate me is thinking.

That last one doesn't count in your restriction right?.. I would just want to know what it'd feel like if I looked at myself in a different dimension and I had the power to make that me , happy. Shit I don't think it even makes sense to me right now.
>> No. 19896 [Edit]
1- To become handsome and athletic
2- Some magic/danmaku skills
3- Teleportation to Gensokyo

If I can't make waifu, I go to waifu.
>> No. 19897 [Edit]
>>If I can't make waifu, I go to waifu.

"If the mountain will not go to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain."

Ans I know that isn't in the Qu'ran OR Hadiths anywhere....
>> No. 19982 [Edit]
If I can't wish for my waifu to be real then I'll just wish to be able to bring her to life myself. Other than that I guess immortality and infinite money.
>> No. 19984 [Edit]
1) Invulnerability
2) Ability to spawn currency of any kind at will
3) Ability to teleport between Gensokyo and "this world" at will
>> No. 20377 [Edit]
1) Eternal life/youth whatever you want to call it until I choose to let myself die
2) Ability to teleport anywhere at will (so I don't get stuck under an earthquake for eternity, and I'm just lazy)
3) Ability to make the most relevant currency for the current situation come from my hand
>> No. 20379 [Edit]
1. I wish I had the ability to spawn my waifu in real life in her 2D form. Hey, maybe the genie can't create life, but there's no reason I can't.

2. I want to win big on the lottery; hundreds of millions of dollars.

3. I wish for the ability to decide the outcomes of elections. Just to be able to say, like, "Bob will win in 2016", and then have Bob win because I said so.
>> No. 20437 [Edit]
1. Perfect immortality (I don't age, I don't get sick, I can't be hurt/killed, etc.).

2. The ability to control time.

3. Shapeshifting. I can become whatever I want, be it a little girl or some eldritch abomination.

The possibilities are endless. I would have fun for all eternity!
>> No. 20502 [Edit]
I would like to change mine.

1. The ability to "teleport" between her world and mine at will with no consequence to the real-world timeline. While I am in her world, no one will notice my absence in the "real" world; I effectively will have never been born.

2. I want the ability to say something as fact and have the world change to suit my statement. Like, if I said "the US has 30 states", the US would suddenly have only 30 states. If I said "I can fly", I would suddenly be able to fly. This could circumvent a possible problem with scenario 1, in which Minami would hate me. I could simply say "I am in a very affectionate, loving relationship with my waifu Minami Iwasaki". Problem solved.

3. I want infinity billion dollars.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2013, 4:20am
>> No. 20549 [Edit]
1. like someone else said perfect immortality of whatever I age I choose.

2. perfect mind control. I can make anyone do whatever I tell them to and erase the memories. I would be able to get whatever I want and no one would even have a clue because even the people that question me would just have their mind wiped of the current situation and go back to what they were doing before.

3. The ability to manipulate weather to the maximum extent instantly. Everything would be what I want it to be all of the time. No more cold, no more ruined days
>> No. 20551 [Edit]
1. Have the ability to warp reality to suit my own purposes.

2. Travel between different dimensions.

3. Become ageless/immortal.
>> No. 20622 [Edit]
One trillion dollars
>> No. 20633 [Edit]
1. XX billion dollars
2. Enjoy perfect health until I die
3. Some super power... Time stop or Invisibility/Intangibility seem the best choices...

I'd wish for perfect obedient sex slaves but I guess that counts as creation of life.

Somewhat simplistic wishes but I have no need for eternal life or flying around like Superman... I'm content enough spending the rest of my life in front of the computer without the disgusting pressure of responsibility, having to work, or whatnot.

That's why money is the most important wish.
>> No. 20635 [Edit]
File 13608242878.jpg - (65.01KB , 799x598 , 1221499549387.jpg )

loli android sexbot with voice recognition, a USB 3.0 port to hook her up to my computer, which allows her personality, voice pitch, etc. to be customized and changed at will with little effort. capable of learning basic and mundanely simple tasks such as laundry, dishes, cleaning, back massages, other stuff.

electricity is cheaper than food, so why bother wishing it alive in the first place?
>> No. 20636 [Edit]
Unlimited drugs
Unlimited money
For Region 4 to start producing actual anime BOX sets again instead of those stupid fucking fatpack lunch boxes and spindle cases. Seriously why would anybody want to fork over 80 dollars for a thinpack DVD case and nothing else?
>> No. 20654 [Edit]
I would like to try out a just world for a while.
A magical fantasy world where if you work hard you get rewarded and where people don't judge you as worthless as soon as look at you.

Just get a region free DVD player or mod a hueg
>> No. 20659 [Edit]
I have a region free DVD player but as it is now I can't afford a decent enough TV to get a great picture off of anything imported. I'm still working with those boxy huge TVs with RGB cable inputs. Maybe someday, though. Maybe someday.
>> No. 20671 [Edit]
>Just get a region free DVD player or mod a hueg
its not like region 1 is getting proper boxes these days either.

if youre talking about interlacing, I had the same problem with import DVDs. what about using your computer monitor?

ontopic edit:
Maybe this is a dumb point to bring up but for people wishing for a large sum of money, have you considered how difficult it would be to spend large amounts without attracting suspicion? I would wish for a winning lottery ticket or advance knowledge of lottery numbers.

Also if youre going to wish for time manipulation, have you considered putting a limit on it? Otherwise it would end up like playing an emulated game with save states; you would be tempted to use your power all the time.

Post edited on 16th Feb 2013, 2:54am
>> No. 20678 [Edit]
1) waifu real + loving me unconditionally forever
2) grillion dollars
3) something about living longer than usual but being able to die when they want, like having a code word that will end it that you only know
>> No. 20680 [Edit]
File 136113850895.jpg - (226.65KB , 1220x686 , zombies.jpg )
>loving me unconditionally forever
Wouldn't it be kind of sad to know that she'd only do it because you demanded it, like a zombie that was forced/brainwashed into it? Could you call "real" to such custom made doll?
>> No. 20681 [Edit]
>it would end up like playing an emulated game with save states
That's the point.

I would also use that power for funny stuff like rewriting history or travelling to the future. If I fuck up I'll just rewind my actions.
>> No. 20684 [Edit]

Post edited on 17th Feb 2013, 8:59pm
>> No. 20826 [Edit]
File 136160770779.jpg - (383.67KB , 3100x2885 , SuwakoShaving.jpg )
Numbered in terms of importance.

1. I'd wish to have immediate knowledge at my verbal request. If I'm reading and don't know a word, I can tell myself the definition. If I was wondering about the meaning of a sports term, I'd have it. To look at an artist's technique and know what he did to do it. This would give me the ability to educate myself on any little thing that I wished. I'd never use it to answer the big questions. I'd just enjoy my life.

2. To have a secret library that I can go to at any time. It is my perfect memory, well organized, but only made up of things I find noteworthy. A secret library only I can get to. I can go there for an hour, come back, and not a minute has passed. Not quite immortality, but I'd probably spend enough time in there to be aged hundreds of years if I had it. I'd have perfect memory of my imaginary worlds as I imagine them inside their own encyclopedias. I could go autismal and create a shit ton of fictional worlds in high detail. I'd open up a book containing everything I know about knitting long after I've forgotten it. I can study whatever I want.

3. Hyper piracy with no risk. Latest animu? Finished downloading the moment I wanted to watch it. Same for books. The only thing I'd be doing is keeping a list of things I want, and I'd be able to get them the moment I looked at it.

I'd be happy making even minimum wage with this. It basically gives me anything I could possibly want.
>> No. 20896 [Edit]
Reincarnation as a sentient being with memories of my past lives for eternity.

To meet my waifu in this lifetime and any subsequent lifetimes.

To find profound happiness in every single one of my lifetimes.

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