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File 137317555132.png - (1.39MB , 1280x720 , realplayer-2013-07-06-22h23m04s10.png )
22345 No. 22345 [Edit]
why is japan so fucking awesome?
>> No. 22346 [Edit]
How so?
>> No. 22347 [Edit]
Why do you hate America?

Post edited on 6th Jul 2013, 10:50pm
>> No. 22348 [Edit]
grandpa I just like- oh wait, this isn't a family outing!
>> No. 22349 [Edit]
i dont know op but i hope you find the answers you seek
>> No. 22350 [Edit]
What's good about it?
>> No. 22353 [Edit]
it is a question for the ages, indeed
>> No. 22361 [Edit]
Because your only exposure to it is through cartoons that portray it in an overly idealized and aesthetically appealing way
>> No. 22371 [Edit]
its the bidet toilets.
i want one of those so bad, preferably one that plays the bartender OP or super driver.
it sucks to be a renter.
i might shell out to have one put in anyway…
>> No. 22389 [Edit]
You can get a addon that replaces your toilet seat that has all the functions. There should be a place that imports them in your country.
>> No. 22485 [Edit]
It's because they don't sacrifice quality and they don't believe in equality.
>> No. 22488 [Edit]
how deep and edgy.
you must be pretty hardcore.
>> No. 22491 [Edit]
I bet you eat fast food
>> No. 22503 [Edit]
Lived there once. Wouldn't live there again.

Still would like to visit every once in a while.
>> No. 22505 [Edit]
Why? What was bad about living there?
>> No. 22519 [Edit]
>why is Japan so awesome
I disagree. Consider this:
>Both the migration change of Japanese population and that of foreign population were negative. The migration change of foreign population was negative for four years in a row.
from http://www.stat.go.jp/english/data/jinsui/2012np/index.htm
>> No. 22520 [Edit]
Haruhidamnit. I thought you might have been gone for good this time.

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