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File 13121279077.jpg - (44.40KB , 274x264 , Mado-.jpg )
4374 No. 4374 [Edit]
So, /mai/, I come here with a question.
How will I know when I find my waifu, if I do?
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>> No. 4375 [Edit]
File 131213183054.jpg - (84.87KB , 395x500 , Negipa02card.jpg )
Find an anime character who you find the most adorable and cute.

It was rather easy for me, not only because of the nature of Negima with all the girls. Nodoka Miyazaki was a natural choice for me as a waifu.

You'll know who is the right one - believe me.
>> No. 4376 [Edit]
When just the sight of said character makes it feels like there's a million butterflies in your stomach flipping around and vomiting.
When you've noticed you've saved every image of said character you can, becuase you just want to see as much of them as you can.
when every word they say is music to your ears.
>> No. 4377 [Edit]
Finding waifu is similar with falling in love with three-dimensional girl. The only distinction is that you can not directly interact with her. When your understood that you love a 2D girl you can call her your waifu.
>> No. 4378 [Edit]
As cryptic and non helpful as it may be: You'll know when you know.

If possible, try to keep track of how you feel before viewing a character, and how you feel afterwards.
>> No. 4379 [Edit]
Who knows...

Maybe you'll notice a character someday, maybe you'll miss it. Maybe it'll all come easily (and perhaps go just as easily), maybe it'll be a long and complex process. Maybe it'll become an inflection point in your life, maybe it'll just be like anything else you've just been going through. Maybe it'll start tomorrow, maybe never... It all depends on what all this waifu thing end up meaning to you, and thus the way you regard -or disregard- it.

Post edited on 31st Jul 2011, 1:34pm
>> No. 4382 [Edit]
I've never fallen in love with a 3D girl, though.
>> No. 4383 [Edit]
Then look towards the movies/books for inspiration. Just don't be expecting to hear the Heavenly Host sing as bells ring and birds droop banners all over the place.
>> No. 4384 [Edit]
It's really not about which character you think is the most cute.
It doesn't have to be about physical attraction.
You know you have your waifu when you find a character that makes your heart flutter--a character that you feel actual love for and want to spend your life with.
>> No. 4400 [Edit]
It might sound pretentious but there's a parable about a student and a teacher. Basically the student asks his master if he's ready to leave yet everyday and the master answers 'no' each time. He knows that when the student will be ready he won't need to ask him for permission.

Basically, if you'll find a girl you love you won't have to ask us. You'll just know it.
>> No. 4491 [Edit]
If you mean, when do you know if you have found love...you know the second that you desire that person so much you are willing to kill and destroy worlds for her, even if in the end it amounts to nothing.

That raw want for her love, and to give her love to her back. That simplest of desires to know her, and to cuddle with her, and to talk to her. To ask her the simplest and the hardest questions.

When you want someone to always be by your side...that's love
>> No. 4597 [Edit]

Case closed, done and dusted.
>> No. 7459 [Edit]
File 132338132833.jpg - (1.00MB , 2500x1377 , vocaloid671ad5a276ae79fecb245aae50288eb8.jpg )
I felt it would be better to bump a thread (even someone else's) than make a new one...
How would one get a crush to blossom into full-blown waifudom? Infatuation is such a nice feeling, I really would like this to last, but I'm worried I'll wind up getting bored and letting it fall by the wayside.
>> No. 7461 [Edit]
Why should it matter what we think? Just do what you want.
>> No. 7462 [Edit]
I'm not worried about what you think, I'm asking advice from people who have gone through the same thing and presumably have gotten the result I'd like to get.
>> No. 7475 [Edit]
...You don't MAKE yourself fall in love.
>> No. 7478 [Edit]
I think if you need to force yourself then don't bother, wait for the right girl/time.
>> No. 7483 [Edit]
When you no longer have to ask yourself whether you love her as a waifu, that's when you know you've found a waifu. Cliché, I know, but true.
>> No. 7484 [Edit]
I will say this, right here right now: That character who made you worry about such a thing is your waifu. Congratulations, you have found her. This easy, this simple, this clean. Really, this is all there's to it. However that is only a "seed" of a waifu.
Love isn't something that you obtain, is something that you create. Think of the infatuation as a seed and love as a tree, then you'll notice that, even if the seed is strong it still needs to been taken care of to become full love. Like seeds, some will take more care, some will take less and some will grow even if you don't want to.
Now, she is the seed of your waifu, depending on your actions and your will she can either become your waifu and thus your fear would be baseless because it's impossible to get bored of something you love, or not become your waifu and then you just have to try again with the next character.
To put it simple: If you can love her then love her. If you can't love her then don't do it and find someone else which you can.
>> No. 7488 [Edit]

If you're worried about getting bored, it often does mean that you have a sense that you want this feeling to last a long time. Just do things that make you and her happy, and honestly, take it easy. If you love her everything follows. If it helps, don't see her as your waifu if you don't want to yet. Just love her and make her happy.
>> No. 7559 [Edit]
I got a waifu pretty recently, I'd been disappointed with 3D for a while.

Sometimes I still have the reflex of "I'm pathetic, 2D waifu is jus sad" but I'm starting to know better than to judge myself with other people's standards.

Do do y'all feel about yourselves concerning waifus?
>> No. 7567 [Edit]
I have been interested in this whole "waifu" (which by the way I think as a word it doesnt do justice to the term) concept for a long while.(And in "man falls in love with something fictional or that he created" for even longer).
Still no luck.
I got the closest some months ago but long story short she wasn't the one.

I am not the sort of person to get downed easily but it still kinda bothers. And I dont wanna rush things or claim any random cute girl as my waifu.(Not that I could, anyway.)

Oh well, someday my time will come.
>> No. 7568 [Edit]
>which by the way I think as a word it doesn't do justice to the term
yes, many here have expressed views of disliking for the word, and interest there in of changing it, but as of yet a more befitting word has yet to surface.
>> No. 7591 [Edit]

I just use "2d love"
>> No. 7847 [Edit]
When u have shed tear missing her.
>> No. 7867 [Edit]
How did you find yourself in situtation where you have been missing your waifu? My waifu is always with me if I want so.
>> No. 7908 [Edit]
I had been with my waifu sine I was a young child, I grew up with her. Back then she was with me and I can talk and have conversations with her and I had great imaginations. But as I grew older my imagination are getting worst. And now after years. I can no longer hear her when I call for her and not see her in my minds eye.
>> No. 7913 [Edit]
File 132562882243.jpg - (74.45KB , 1280x720 , [gg]_Dororon_Enma-kun_Meramera_-_06_[35107354]_mkv.jpg )
When you start having dreams about her. If you're one of those people who can't ever remember their dreams, I don't know--I guess if there's a character you can't stop thinking about and often go on 7 hour conquests for pictures of her on the internet (although, I think a lot of us probably do that with non-waifus, as well)?

I think that people try too hard to "find" a waifu these days (past few years). It isn't necessary for one to have a waifu to be abnormal with the rest of us.

As one said previously in the thread, you'll know when you know. If you never know, you don't have a waifu~ and that's perfectly fine

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