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File 135174243736.png - (34.29KB , 620x340 , secret-of-mana-spring.png )
18138 No. 18138 [Edit]
You know the drill you guys.
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>> No. 18139 [Edit]
I watched chuu2 and ate candy
>> No. 18140 [Edit]
Read a bit, installed a new OS on my laptop, had some tea. I guess I'll go to sleep now...
>> No. 18142 [Edit]
I listened to Thick As A Brick, rewatched Predator (the "digitally restored" release), ate candy, laughed at what.cd's halloween hijinks and promptly forgot I was pissed off at the niggers for not doing a sitewide freeleech.
>> No. 18143 [Edit]
I did >>18139 too.
>> No. 18144 [Edit]
I wanted to see the page where Itokin's mother drew the vagina before running off, so I started reading Boku to Issho and I've laughed out loud quite a few times. This manga is great.

I don't really feel like lighting myself on fire and doing stupid shit out of anger and sadness any more. Although I am still a little sad and angry, but that's something that comes and goes and has been going on for years now.
>> No. 18148 [Edit]
Woke up, found a massive amount of new music online I liked so I'm downloading all that now. It's some ambient/middle eastern style drum and instrumental music. It reminded me of music I hear in my head sometimes so it makes me feel at home. Later I'll get some pizza because I have a coupon. It'll be a good day in an otherwise shitty week.
>> No. 18149 [Edit]
Today i watched the latest episodes of the new Hidamari Sketch season, played some video games and browsed the internet. I'm thinking of picking up another current-season anime.
>> No. 18150 [Edit]
this reminds me, I still have dozens of files on soulseek idled because the sharer is never online, I already bitched about it in some other thread but Haruhidamn bitch ass punks grgrhhhrhbg this makes me so mad

if only I could find these songs somewhere else...

anyway, I tried to install Fallout New Vegas on my pc but we had a blackout today so I couldn't finish it. this always happens this time of the year.
>> No. 18152 [Edit]
Ate candy, played against some computer opponents in DoW II, fell asleep around 3am and got woken up while sleeping sometime in the early morning because of some loud faggots hanging out in front of my place.
>> No. 18157 [Edit]
I went to a bookstore and read a lot of books on New Age shit, kept laughing and took notes about what was the most hilarious shit.

After that I went to an art show in the evening. It was very interesting.
>> No. 18159 [Edit]
I bit my own tongue.
>> No. 18162 [Edit]
Went to the dentist. Was supposed to be getting my braces on today but I've been told I have to go have some surgery because the dentist who removed my teeth fucked up. Great.

Going to go into town to buy some things later, but I just want to sleep. I am so tired.

Nothing else interesting will happen to me today so I'm documenting this now.
>> No. 18164 [Edit]
I wish I was given braces when I was a child. My teeth look like a fucking quarry.
>> No. 18165 [Edit]
Visited the Graveyard with my father today. For the first time ever I seriously pondered the fact that in a ~few years time all that'll be left from me will be just another tombstone. Felt pretty surreal.
>> No. 18166 [Edit]
Woke up, worked a few hours, went to class, came home, ate some lunch, took a shower, and now I'm about to go nap for an hour or two. When I wake up, fakeneet-mode-engaged and nothing but anime for 10 hours.
>> No. 18167 [Edit]
You can have braces at any age, anon.
>> No. 18170 [Edit]
Not everyone has a tombstone, keep that in mind too.

Today I went to work, played with a Raspberry Pi and an Aurdino, had lunch with my twin and some other twins, then came back to my office and listened to some psych rock while I worked on some MacBooks. Those things are pains to work on.
>> No. 18171 [Edit]
File 13518882617.jpg - (105.62KB , 428x640 , 1351808806325.jpg )
For a True Otaku Hikikomori NEET Organization, you people sure work a lot.

Today I woke up, worried, wandered around in the cold until I felt like my face was frozen, and came home. Now having some tea and preparing for a night of anime or manga, still haven't decided which. I've been wanting a cigarette for the past few days for some reason. It's strange because I haven't smoked in a long long time and when I did it was very rarely.
>> No. 18172 [Edit]
I really don't think there are actually that many true NEETs around here.
>> No. 18174 [Edit]
Feeling kinda ill today. The back of my head hurts, and my asthma got bad again. I hope it doesn't lasts
>> No. 18175 [Edit]
Now that I'm a grown man I need to cough up ~6000USD for them.
>> No. 18176 [Edit]
You don't wanna see my teeth, they are terrible. Still strong but just look really bad. I got braces in when I was 16 or 17 from what I can remember. They were such a pain in the ass that I got them removed. Then they decided to put this weird plate in my mouth to stretch out my teeth a bit. I had that removed a couple days later because it was even more painful and got in the way of doing even more. Fuck them, if they want to do anymore to my teeth now besides a cleaning they can go fuck themselves and if they are going to try to force me they better be ready for a fight that will require the entire work force to hold me down because there is no way I'm letting them get anywhere near my teeth beyond cleaning them. They did more harm than good to my teeth. They are actually a little weaker and worse because of their experiments with me. I hate the dentist. Now they want to remove a couple of my teeth. I've seen how fucked up people get from having that done, they get so fucked up they can't even eat right and they mess up just once with those massive wounds the pain doctors leave in their mouths and they are in for an even worse experience. Those pain doctors can take a bunch of knives to the mouth because they sure love putting them in mine and everyone elses.
>> No. 18177 [Edit]
I had two teeth removed and it only hurts for a few hours after, and not at all during. You hardly know at all other than a little force being applied to your tooth. I don't see how people have such bad experiences with the dentist, other than about 5mm of the roots of one of those teeth still being in my mouth, I've had no problems.
>> No. 18178 [Edit]
My dentist is a little asian guy who always tries to talk to me about life, and I don't have one so it gets too awkward. Haven't seen him in like 6 years
>> No. 18179 [Edit]
I drank a bit and looked for jobs online.

Ended up laughing and acting like a goof when imagining myself doing various jobs that were posted (girls basketball coach; scientist; drill sergeant).

Fuck man, I'm bored of NEET'ing it up. I want drug money and money for vidya.
>> No. 18180 [Edit]
I will never get a job and I never want to get a job. I will live as a man-child for as long as I live!
>> No. 18182 [Edit]
DRUGS id about 800mg of DXM and then got a phone call fron my mom. grandma and mom were comibg by my apartment, okay cool i can totally ahndel this. so tget cinme over after i drink a bottle of orange delysk + powder + orange juice abdwe talk as it starts to kick in. i hang out in my grandmas house abd takk about politics and religion and girls and shit while i trip balls. then i fix her computer and keep trippin balls. a friend calls her so i go up into her puutcg black /ttic and vude in the corner and hallucinate while still trippin and playin g haydn's "creatuon" and we just kept talking about whateer and she drives me home and im in my pitch black apartment and call shinden9 on the telephone and
>> No. 18183 [Edit]
File 135191729233.jpg - (21.30KB , 275x325 , 275px-Georg_Friedrich_Händel.jpg )
>okay cool i can totally handel this
Did you handel it?
>> No. 18184 [Edit]
DRUGS I'm slowly coming back to the real world... but yeah, I think I made it. I remember me showing her my dry mouth -- "Grandma, check out how dry my mouth is! *sticks out tongue* What should I do?" and she gave me gum. Then I asked her if she seemed funny and she was like "No, why?" I swear old people must always be dexxin or something because she didn't act like I was odd at all.
>> No. 18185 [Edit]
Slept in then ran some errands in the morning, then read a bunch of manga all afternoon. Took some E later on. Spent the whole time playing Killzone 3 because the graphics kept mesmerizing me, but stopped after I got thinking about violence and war, then had a long conversation about morals and human sentiment with someone. Watched FLCL some afterwards because sleep is nothing but a notion now.
>> No. 18188 [Edit]
Woke up.
Played on the computer.
Went to the bank.
Came home.
Downloaded a few albums, listened to Happy End's "Kazemachi Roman" for the billionth time.
Sat around some more.
Wanted to finish K-On! but lacked motivation to do even that.
Going to bed right now.
>> No. 18189 [Edit]
Found myself in a four car pile up today. Managed to walk away without serious injuries, however I ache all over now. Both the front and back ends of my van are smashed up. Back window was shattered, radiator fluid was leaking profusely from the front, engine wouldn't start. It's probably totaled.

Managed to get a ride to the hospital after dealing with the police and the tow company to get checked out. Got some prescriptions for painkillers and muscle relaxers. Hopefully it'll help, but eh.

Got home, made some rice, and played FTL. Beat the boss, highlight of my day I guess.
>> No. 18191 [Edit]
Glad you are okay friend.
>> No. 18193 [Edit]
Bought a gift wrapper and a gift bow and used them for obvious purposes. Shopping at the statnioner's was rather stressful (I'm a NEET and I leave my home <10 times a year) so I can't say I'm satisfied with the gift wrapper I ended up buying. Should've bought a red gift bow, too. But what's done is done, I think I did a good job with the packaging at very least. If I had a camera I'd take a photo but, well, I don't have one. I guess I could take one with my laptop's built-in camera later but the quality will be terrible.
>> No. 18194 [Edit]
Turned on my somewhat broken (won't charge without serious contortions) laptop for the first time in six+ months. Dust came out of the fan outlet.
>> No. 18200 [Edit]
What did you buy?
>> No. 18210 [Edit]
Bought a Sansa Clip Zip and a bunch of tea. Later while I was at Walmart there was some guy screaming in the clothes section. I didn't see what he was doing but a few minutes later he was pinned down by the police and I managed to see him as they took him out. His face was all bloody and there was blood everywhere on the floor too. The blood was there before they pinned him down too. I wonder what he was doing. Seemed like a nice guy.
>> No. 18213 [Edit]
went out for coffee when the sun came up because i ran out of tea. spent most of the afternoon doing some preparations for a nice dinner i felt like making. tried to take it easy when that was done, but began to hallucinate real bad. to ignore it i played jrpgs and read a book until it subsided. got around to finally cooking and then finally settling down and had a fun talk about intentionality with someone. now researching some uses for these 'PICAXE' microcontrollers a person from IRC mailed me. they're so tiny and use BASIC as their main language so i can't wait to make something
>> No. 18216 [Edit]
Today was...really good, haha.

Like every other day, it could be better. But it was alright, and I'm not complaining.
>> No. 18217 [Edit]
I tried playing Tribes Ascend. I'm shit at it.
>> No. 18218 [Edit]
I added a blog to my site today. This is going to be one hell of a time getting the blog's style to match the rest of the site.
>> No. 18226 [Edit]
I tried doing some pushups today to counter the boredom but I couldn't even finish one set, I got dizzy as hell and my head started to hurt. I workout regularly and this never happened before

>> No. 18229 [Edit]
today i played some chess against a stranger, bought a nice black tea grown in kenya, looked around for a long distance moving company, did some shopping, read some william Haruhiwin, rebuilt some corrupted DB tables, then slacked off. really productive sunday i guess, but the DST change threw me off.


it's only shit if you're a shit programmer
>> No. 18232 [Edit]
File 135208407344.jpg - (419.31KB , 1877x946 , сканирование0007.jpg )
Today was my birthday. I sat in bed all day feeling sad, then ate some cake. Currently trying to get drunk on champagne, and I guess I'll try to catch up on some anime later tonight.
>> No. 18233 [Edit]
Happy Birthday.
>> No. 18234 [Edit]

Happy Birthday!
>> No. 18245 [Edit]
File 135210477724.jpg - (99.52KB , 694x800 , 1347780377740.jpg )
Did some DXM (I'd guess a high first plat). Thought about my waifu. Decided it was really messed up that I'd really...kind of change to be the inversion of what she'd what, rather than be the best person I could be. So I let go of her. I basically let the ghost in my head free from the prison that she was trapped in, and it felt really kind of liberating. Not the absence of a waifu, but the idea of not having to feel guilty for my lifestyle/choices. Wanting to change for your self is much healthier, and even funner, than wanting to change for someone else - Real or fake.

I also watched anime for the first time in...a long time. Too long, I'd say. Caught up on K, Shinsekai and Kyosogiga. I thought I'd be disappointed by the 9-minute episodes of Kyosogiga, but it's not that bad. The series is perfect, other than the short episodes, I'd say. K is still entertaining, and Shinsekai is still "kind-of-sad-Miyazaki-esque". I saved Jojo for last, and I'm going to watch that before I turn in, because it might make my dreams awesome and manly.

Looked for a job. Actually not really. Although I decided to actively *gasp* get out of the house and search during the week, that is. Which is good, I think. I honestly don't believe that internet applications are the way to go about finding one. I could use it to find which places are hiring, and then go from there, but I'm definitely not getting hired based on a Haruhi damn online application, haha. If for no other reason, then specifically because of my status. That is, being a drop-out with no references and no prior work experience.

But still! I'm a little hopeful now. It might just be the euphoric drug that I'm coming down from (and as a surprisingly high portion of this site knows, DXM even feels good on the downside), or the fact that life is a little brighter lately. I don't know. I'm also way chattier than I have been lately, haha.

Take another happy birthday from me~
>> No. 18247 [Edit]
Happy birthday!
>> No. 18248 [Edit]
File 135211728822.jpg - (70.64KB , 800x600 , photo.jpg )
As expected, the quality is plain shit. Oh well.


A CD. I used to buy a book every year but that's kinda boring, so this year I decided to go with CD. Today's the day~
>> No. 18249 [Edit]
Happy belated birthday!
>> No. 18250 [Edit]
I'm sorry that you and your waifu broke up.
>> No. 18254 [Edit]
Went to work. Came home. Now for a bit of DOTA2 after my lunch is done.
>> No. 18259 [Edit]
File 13521567908.jpg - (54.77KB , 352x500 , pazuzanu-cover-clowntown-by-david-tibet.jpg )
wandered around in the cold listening to iggy pop and sun ra and ornette coleman, then came home and drank a bottle of wine. i'm feeling quite well today.
>> No. 18260 [Edit]
I was also went for a cold walk today. I like the numbness it brings me. Today I felt that weird "so bored that it's painful and time feels like it's moving slower than normal" feeling. I hate when time feels like it moving slower because you just can't get your head out of the future even though it's just as empty as the day your currently going through. You also have no desire to buy anything but drugs and food because they're they some of the only things that brighten up your life anymore.

Besides that today I tried some new instant Asian noodles I got from Target. They were these kimchi noodles and they were surprisingly good. I'm going to pick up some more. During the week almost all I eat is instant Asian noodles in all their thousands of varieties and brands, they are a life saver. Thank you cheap Asian noodles.
>> No. 18264 [Edit]
Power blacked out for a bit today, after going off for like an hour yesterday. One of these days it's gonna do it while windows is updating or something and I'm gonna cry
>> No. 18267 [Edit]
I played Tetris for the first time in a long while. I almost want to write my own little clone of it, like I should've done years ago instead of wasting my programming skill on useless little scripts.
>> No. 18268 [Edit]
File 135217521229.jpg - (73.81KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mb6ftjxCGa1rptdvvo1_500.jpg )
Today I watched Steins;Gate and played Touhoumon. A lot. I think I got to episode 7. Touhoumon is hard, though. I'm playing the "Insane" version, so grinding is a necessity. I just wish the emulator I had had better fast-forward capabilities. I started with Marisa.

I'm trying to cut back on my internet time, but it keeps calling me back, luring me in with some kind of siren's song.

>No matter where you are, everybody is connected.

Also thinking about revisiting SEL. But I dunno. I always end up bored of it.
>> No. 18271 [Edit]
I'm trying to reset my sleep schedule by staying up for a long time. I've been awake for only 15 hours and I feel like I'm going to fall asleep at my desk soon.
>> No. 18272 [Edit]
It's great.
>> No. 18273 [Edit]
Make sure you don't mess up again.
>> No. 18274 [Edit]
Ive had tinnitis in my right ear the past two days. I keep hearing this low volume low-pitched rumble in my right ear, it randomly hums in and out all the time. Any ideas?
>> No. 18276 [Edit]
It's your waifu trying to talk to you from another dimension.
>> No. 18277 [Edit]
I don't think there is anything you can do but wait till it gets better on its own. Sometimes I'll get this high pitched, annoying ringing in my ear that feels like a there is a wall between my ears and the outside. It comes and goes randomly for very short amounts time, not enough for me to care.
>> No. 18279 [Edit]
File 135224718042.png - (798.90KB , 758x1290 , FFTWhiteMageFemale.png )
Broke my computer.

I'm writing this from my PS3 (my TV is really bad). The keyboard is really hard to get used to. I keep deleting what I wrote because of the Shift+Backspace shortcut.

Anyway. Ubuntu won't load. It just goes to the GNU Grub screen, and I can't get into Windows to do a chkdsk/re-install, because...I deleted it. Which was stupid. And...yeah. It sucks. I might need a new PC, because I can't even use the CD that I burned.

>> No. 18281 [Edit]

Try booting from a USB maybe?
>> No. 18283 [Edit]
File 13522521913.jpg - (59.34KB , 635x357 , 635.jpg )
I voted. It's fun pretending to be an engaged, responsible citizen once every couple of years. Now back to my cocoon.
>> No. 18284 [Edit]

Me too. Got to see the inside of my old elementary school again, it still looks like shit
>> No. 18287 [Edit]
My computer is so old is has a floppy disk drive. So, it doesn't support USB booting. I think I'm going to try PLoP tomorrow, but I believe you need two PC's or something for that, or at least a computer with an OS on it (formatted all of my partitions, now there's nothing on it - No Ubuntu, no Windows, no nothing).

I dunno. I'd just be better off buying a new computer.
>> No. 18288 [Edit]
my old computer still had a floppy drive. It was made in 04 and I needed the floppy right away to get the thing to work. Had to put a current BIOS onto the thing to make it boot. Later, when I bought a SATA hard drive, I needed it again to load the driver for Windows XP to even install.
That computer just bit the dust. I did overclock the fuck out if for years so no big deal. My brother wasn't too happy as I unloaded the thing on him two years ago.
>> No. 18289 [Edit]
Unless buying a new computer is really easy for you, you can still burn a CD of whatever you want on another computer (even at an internet cafe).
>> No. 18290 [Edit]
Noscript seems to be broken. This is dildos.
>> No. 18291 [Edit]
File 135228796531.gif - (805.05KB , 500x282 , skwisgaar.gif )
You is teh dildos.
>> No. 18296 [Edit]
Woke up around 3:30 PM to snow. Which was really nice. It made me feel good, but also a little worried (I have, er...pretty important plans this weekend, and awesomely enough, those same plans are going to be for every weekend for the next 3 weeks). Today was kind of shitty because I meant to get a lot done, but it's no big deal, because there's always tomorrow. I wanted to try applying to a bunch of shitty places - McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's, Target, Petco, and signing up for the GED test.

I ended up sitting on my back porch (freezing), smoking and listening to this song on loop for around 10 minutes. It was nice. Made me feel deep nostalgia.

Other than that, it was the same as last time. Touhoumon Insane and Steins;Gate.

My step-dad asked me what I'd like for my birthday (which is on the 26th). Couldn't come up with anything, so my mom spoke for me ("Clothes" she said). What a bitch. I want a laptop or at least a shitty little netbook. Maybe I should ask later...I don't want clothes at all.
>> No. 18301 [Edit]
bought a 32gb SDcard for my cellphone, no more puny 2gb for me, now I can finally cram it full of touhou arranges and bad hardcore music like I always wanted
>> No. 18306 [Edit]
File 135234941018.png - (3.46MB , 1300x1840 , 31272883.png )
Nothing really worth noting happened today, the whole day just went by surprisingly fast. I had some nice green tea and replied to some emails from the few people I keep in contact with, which took a while since I kept rereading them to make sure I didn't say anything stupid or worse. It's still early so I'll watch the latest 2 episodes of Chuunibyou, maybe start Girls und Panzer, and go to bed. Or stay up until 3 or 4 daydreaming and reading/researching, if I'm not sleepy.
>> No. 18308 [Edit]
Tonight I had a bunch of extra money on my Amazon account with nothing I really wanted. So now since all I ever want to buy from there is the occasional new pair of headphones, pack of energy drinks, and something else I'm just gonna buy a bunch of candy I can't easily get where I live and maybe other interestings foods too. I ended up getting a 4 pack of milk pocky, my favorite flavor I haven't had in so long since it isn't available around here anymore. Next up I saw green tea kit kats, which should probably be a mouthgasm also. After that I don't know, I'll just be searching around for tasty stuff. I'm actually excited over something for once, even if it just a bunch of stupid candy.
>> No. 18309 [Edit]
I worked then worked some more until I finally got caught up with everything. Relaxed for the rest of the evening in a big comfortable bed with a book and some animes.
>> No. 18316 [Edit]
Thinking about trading in some PS2 games to Gamestop, for money for...various fun substances.

But they only give store credit, right? And even then it's like, $0.50 per game.

I also hooked up my old PC (this one has a broken fan) and put a lot of old music on my MP3 Player - Capsule, 88KasyoJunrei, The Cabs and Weezer. I have these bitching-groovy headphones now, and I really liked revisiting old tunes with the awesome sound of some quality equipment. Also thinking of trying to fix the fan on it (we have a bunch of old computers, surely one works), but that'd just be a pain in the ass and then some, I think.

Post edited on 8th Nov 2012, 6:32pm
>> No. 18317 [Edit]
Putting them up on ebay would probably get you more money
>> No. 18318 [Edit]
I recently had two interviews. The most I've had so far. They could smell my autism a mile away. No responses. I want to die. Even if I get a job, what does it fucking matter? I'm completely unlikable, everyone else is too. We're all disgusting fucks in a disgusting world living disgusting lives. And it can be no other way. There is no hope. Nature is, at its core, a violent clusterfuck of hate. I hate it. I hate everything.
>> No. 18322 [Edit]
I hate everything, too.
>> No. 18323 [Edit]
I had an appointment with a social worker in order to fill applications for temporary disability pension, rehabilitation, and sickobucks. She was obese and had quite a bit of facial hair. Still, the forms got filled, and the verdict should pop in the mailbox in two months.
>> No. 18325 [Edit]
Today I felt various objects in my house. I think that the sense of touch is underestimated, probably because it's easy to forget about it.
>> No. 18326 [Edit]
Today was my birthday. 20 years down the drain.
I played some touhou, then went to a japanese restaurant with my parents, and spent the rest of the day listening to music and looking at pictures of my waifu, so it wasn't a bad day I guess

Post edited on 10th Nov 2012, 5:24am
>> No. 18327 [Edit]
I was just thinking about that last night, I was high but here are my thoughts anyways for anyone that cares. Nature is not naturally love and light alone. In order for there to be love it must be born through chaos, pain, and hate. Conflict is natural. Hate and pain is the seed that lies at that core of all humans that may or may not grow into something nicer not purely filled with hate anymore. Have you ever noticed that many people who lived purely through the energy they got from their hate and natural conflict to power through their pain from resistance against the norm usually turn out to be a little nicer than the average person who was normal from the start of life and had little conflict and pain directed towards them with no real reason to hate anything but whatever they grew up being taught to hate and reject never questioning anything about the world around them and living in shame for everything about themselves they've been conditioned to reject that is naturally there they won't embrace? Some of the others grew up to accept and find something beautiful in much more as well as stayed more true their selves. Many of them are also more capable of love without outside restriction, there is no care about outside influences between them and the love they have, it's pure no matter how hateful and twisted they may be all around their heart. They've grown into something better through negativity but don't forget those roots will always be there and everything always flows back to the source. All begins in hate and pain and all will end in the same for them, much more harsh but they got so much more out of life with it. It all makes sense now to me. We are the children of nature at it's purest.
>> No. 18329 [Edit]
18 times. 18 times I was forced to leave my room today. Anon can you do the dishes please. Anon can you take out the trash. Anon, can you go check the pipes, I'm trying to take a shower and the water is too cold. Anon please get the phone, I'm reading a book. I complied every single time, even when some of these were less than 5 minutes apart.

Well the joke's on you, sister. I unplugged her ethernet cable when she wasn't watching and now she can't browse the shitbook. She actually called a technician to check out her computer and see if there's anything wrong with it.
>> No. 18330 [Edit]
That's pretty pathetic.
>> No. 18331 [Edit]
Washed my dishes, did laundry, and took out trash. Earlier this evening, I saw my dad and he bought me dinner. Now I'm watching Gamer Grumps.

A friend I made on /tc/ is high on drugs tonight. He's been calling me and talking really strangely and saying all kinds of goofy things on the IRC.
>> No. 18333 [Edit]
Why do people need to mention drugs every chance that they get? It's so fucking annoying and I hate them for thinking that it deserves a mention.
>> No. 18334 [Edit]
File 135252854246.jpg - (2.86MB , 2000x2985 , 1352275484221.jpg )
I wanted to ask a person to help me with something but I was too scared and too shy to ask. I hate myself. It wasn't even anything serious, but I couldn't bring myself to open my mouth despite knowing exactly what I wanted to say and having said it a million times in my head.

Other than that, I just drank lots of tea and listened to music. Wanted to watch some anime but now it's too late for me to focus on anything so I'll just lie in bed and daydream until I fall asleep and drea m properly.
>> No. 18337 [Edit]
Smoked old, shitty cigarettes. Had a nice dinner. Watched Steins;Gate some more (I'm at the groundhog day part; and it's really quite depressing). Regretted the past. Felt hope for the future.

Played Parasite Eve 2. I got quite far. I'm on the way to fight Tlalaos or whatever the fuck it's called. Bigmouth (or whatever the fuck it's called...) was really annoying. I ended up taking the lazy route and crushing the big bitch in the trash compactor. I really like these games. They've aged well, I think. And The 3rd Birthday wasn't bad at all. They're all challenging in their own way, and I like the notion of survival-horror games being hard (although 3rd Birthday can hardly be called survival-horror), instead of taking the post-PSx RE route and making sure you can win. It's a pain in the ass hunting enemies for BP, though.

Now I'm off to fap and watch Steins;Gate and fall asleep way too late. Might play Touhoumon Insane for a while, but that game is fucking silly. I'm still in Death Forest!
>> No. 18338 [Edit]
I finished replaying Yoshi's Island. I was going to try to 100% it, but the music is getting too annoying.
>> No. 18339 [Edit]
I thought about fear and how it relates to me. The thrill seeker in me wants to believe in the chance that I may be transported to an alternate plane where I am hunted down by vicious and horrific beings, and if they achieve that goal, I will be faced with a most gruesome death. The real, apathetic me isn't even scared of the most scariest jump screams, creepy pasta, or horror games. I just want to feel alive, and today taught me that only experiencing true horror can actually pump adrenaline in my veins. Perhaps one day I will be hunted down by a paranormal being, one thing is for sure though, I would probably have the funnest time of my life.
>> No. 18344 [Edit]
>pump adrenaline in my veins

It's possible to force your body to do so without external assistance, but I don't think that it'd be okay for a novice to use it so much. It can really destroy you from the inside.
>> No. 18345 [Edit]
I thought about what you asked this morning and came to the realization that if people mention drugs in the daily report thread, it's likely because someone used them today.
>> No. 18348 [Edit]
Well I spent the day at the doctor where she hypnotized me or something for my dissociative identity disorder. Both her and I got to learn a lot about my other identities...speaking "directly" to them...in a vague way (before all I could do was write to them in journals, and hope they write back). I learned a lot I didn't want to know but I think it will be beneficial. Some of it is awful, some of it is good. All of it was uncomfortable to hear; to imagine I'm doing things without any recollection is beyond stressful.

After I went home then tidied up the house and did more chores. I read some essays by a historian by the name of Michael Stürmer for a bit. After I took my medications, then watched Roboticks;Notes, JoJo, and Psycho-Pass - the latter of which is actually turning out to be really good. I don't really remember the rest of the evening after that - I imagine I "switched" and wasn't myself. Comfortably woke up in bed hugging a laptop for warmth.
>> No. 18349 [Edit]
I woke up very late, then slept for a few more hours. I went to the supermarket and then talked to an imaginary therapist for about an hour in the shower. I can't wait to be tired enough to sleep again.
>> No. 18352 [Edit]
File 135259338353.jpg - (181.81KB , 1046x845 , 1930s_williamrittase_thebigboy.jpg )
I woke up, masturbated, ate, watched a bunch of an old comedian's sketches, then messed around a bit with some terminal programs, which are really fun. Now I'll watch some anime and maybe keep reading Candide later. Fun book.
>> No. 18355 [Edit]
Any thoughts on Candide? I find it a bit overrated. For philosophical literature, it's neither very philosophical or literary.
>> No. 18356 [Edit]
I liked it and I thought it was a fun satire, not philosophical literature.
>> No. 18357 [Edit]
That's interesting, how do they do that? I wish I could somehow learn about my different identities and separately experience them by force. From analyzing my life and myself enough I have a good idea of what all of them are like. I believe I have 3 but there may be more. They all serve different purposes.
>> No. 18359 [Edit]
This. It is definitely not philosophical literature, and I have no idea how you came to think that.
>> No. 18360 [Edit]

Candide itself isn't that philosophical. It was a pure literary work, only touching on Leibniz's system of theodicy and optimism to draw parallels between how Candide and Pangloss view the world.

It's funny in an absurd way.
>> No. 18365 [Edit]

It was odd. When I was supposedly hypnotized, she was able to talk to the alters and learn a bit about them. One was open enough to talk, and we learned she's been around for a while (having memories of things that happened years ago). I was able to learn her age and some interests, but that's about it. The others were a bit vague and unresponsive but she hopes we can learn more the next time she sees me.

People keep saying saying "it's rubbish, DID isn't real, hypnosis is bullshit" - all I can say to that is then just what fuck do you consider it? Something is certainly wrong when you have multiple identities who, to an extent, go lead multiple lives. The proof is there. Though I guess listening to ramblings on the internet isn't really to be taken seriously anyway. However, I've at least met some nice people who have actual experience with it, and it's really helpful to learn how they are or were able to deal with it. It gives me some hope. Whatever it is...I'd love it if stopped.

Can't remember much of my day, besides sitting around the flat watching anime, reading, playing some chess against someone, having some nice talks with people on IRC and other mundane tasks. Cooked a nice fresh salmon and wild rice dinner that was delectable. I felt a bit sick after taking meds, then went to try and nap. But instead I must have switched identities and gone out as I found myself riding home on public transit around midnight...without any idea as to how or why. Oddly, I had a few PS3 games with me, so I guess I just went out to shop.
>> No. 18368 [Edit]
Beat Parasite Eve 2. Got the bad ending. Meh.

Now I'm listening to Foals, smoking and waiting for 2:00 to roll around, so I can go meet a friend. I'm really really hungry.
>> No. 18371 [Edit]
File 13526735955.jpg - (389.53KB , 800x1131 , 31266187.jpg )
Today was a waste of time, mostly. I was supposed to go play go downtown, but the subway stopped a few stops before mine since they had to repair something. I was going to try and catch a streetcar, but the whole street was closed because they were filming some movie. They said it would take a while, and since I was already late, I just got on the subway again and came back. I wasted $10, 2 bus tickets and 5 hours for nothing. Well, almost nothing, I managed to go buy something I had been meaning to buy for a while at least. Unlucky day though.
>> No. 18372 [Edit]
Finally watched the Strike Witches movie. It was wonderful to see the 501st again.
>> No. 18374 [Edit]
Bad day. Don't know what I'm going to do. Bored. Hungry. Not tired enough to sleep. Can't talk to anyone...Can't really do anything.

It sucks, guys.
>> No. 18375 [Edit]
I saw on some other site that CBS did an article about Hatsune Miku. They called her the world's fakest pop star. Lots of rage is in all of the comments.
>> No. 18376 [Edit]
Yeah, I heard too. The entire article wasn't really as bad as tabloid sites make it sound, overemphasizing that one indeed terribly poor initial comparison:


In any case, such reading was only to be expected from NORP journalists who also may have close to none musical education: they have no idea of what they're adressing, neither any proper parameter to judge vocaloid as anything but a threat to the petty standards they may wield...

But the entire affair is ludicrous, really; like if any 3DPD pop singer could perform at Miku's range and speed in real time (let alone matching her beauty), or interpret Offenbach or Schoenberg like she fairly does.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2012, 4:25am
>> No. 18377 [Edit]
But Miku is a synthetic instrument, not a sentient being. By that line of logic, you could say that a violin interpreted Sibelius, which is not only ludicrous but also devalues the person using the non-sentient, thoroughly dead tool.
>> No. 18379 [Edit]
Possible answer 1:
Just like dancers to choreographers, performers are (good or bad) functional tools for composers, indeed. Calling the orchestra a composer's palette is quite a common place. Nureyev himself was even compared with a Stradivarius once, for how the music effortlessly "flowed" through him.

Possible answer 2:
In a similar way than anime characters are not the acrylic paint over acetates that provide the substratum, the vocaloid program is a synthetic instrument indeed but not Miku. She is a virtual character which the fandom thoughts and feelings embody as a performer: she is treated as a sentient being because people choose to, by the means of an aesthetical experience (so there's no abuse or contradiction in my talking about her that way), and that precisely is the revolutionary appeal of vocaloid as it is now and which separates it from mere musical instruments or spelling machines. It might be a novel step not just in terms of musical affairs (close to Pierre Boulez's efforts at the IRCAM to get computers acknowledged as performers), but also in how we deal with feelings and interpersonal relantionships.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2012, 5:36am
>> No. 18390 [Edit]
Got drunk and listened to an 88KasyoJunrei song on loop for the better part of the hour. Still bored as I've been for the past few days, though.

This was quite hard to type, hahaa.
>> No. 18396 [Edit]
I caught the flu or something it's awful since it's so boring laying around.
>> No. 18418 [Edit]
I actually got the motivation to shave myself today, my whole body. I feel a lot more free and in a better mood tonight as enjoying things is easier without feeling like a hairy animal somehow. Amazing how just doing one simple thing to myself can change my mood so much. Might get back to stretching and watching anime at night soon. Even if I have to force myself to, I'll feel better about myself in the end.
>> No. 18426 [Edit]
Last night I went to bed at 3 and fapped. I woke up at 7 and fappped. Then I woke up at 9 and fapped again. Finally, I woke up at 2 and fapped once more. There were no other highlights during the rest of my day.
>> No. 18427 [Edit]
I did the same, except without all the masturbating. So, not the same at all I guess
>> No. 18428 [Edit]
Woke up, skipped some terribly boring classes since nearly everyone in them is away celebrating diwali anyway, listened to music to block out my family arguing, started thinking about things once it got silent, regretted thinking, got a really bad headache, and now I'm going to look for some Tylenol.

Post edited on 13th Nov 2012, 9:07pm
>> No. 18429 [Edit]
Today was good. Although I woke up at 4.

Smoked some more of those really old cigarettes. I hate them. Fapped to some Umemaro. Now I'm listening to Hum and getting ready for bed. But I'm not going to sleep until like...4 or 6.

Even though I have to wake up early in the morning to get anything done, I just...don't. It's such a shitty feeling.

/ot/ really has become my personal blog. I'm sorry I can't contribute anything else to this board.
>> No. 18431 [Edit]
File 135286986681.jpg - (456.43KB , 1280x865 , 31215591.jpg )
As a sort of worthless and unasked for update, I found some Tylenol, the headache is gone now, I made some green tea, found a bunch of nice websites and bookmarked them all, and read some articles and essays. It's nice to feel at least a little bit productive.
>> No. 18432 [Edit]
That's not sorry enough!
>> No. 18435 [Edit]
Went to class. I worked hard for an essay I thought was due today, but was really due Thursday. At least I don't have to worry about that anymore. Then I was invited to celebrate my big brother's birthday. I ate alot which I regret because I am slowly becoming fatter than I want to be.

Now I just watched Hidamari Sketch Honeycomb 6 and I'm crying my guts out. I'm sad. I really wish I was in a peaceful 2D environment where I was resided in the Hidamari Apartment with my inseparable friends. I'm contemplating on whether or not to ponder about the future of Hourou Musuko. I've pretty much attached myself to that manga and reading through it feels like I'm actually progressing in life along with those kids. Seeing them grow makes me kind of sad.
>> No. 18436 [Edit]
I found a grey hair in my beard earlier, shining like a diamond in the rough. I'm nowhere near old enough for this
>> No. 18449 [Edit]
I had white hairs in my head since I was 13 years old

I just finished the first season of Hidamari yesterday, as soon as the final ED rolled I started smiling in a way I didn't since I was a kid. But then it ended, and I felt kinda empty. At least I still have a lot of Hidamari to through.
>> No. 18450 [Edit]
I shaved my head and my crotch. The chrome dome truly is the most NEET hairstyle known to man.
>> No. 18451 [Edit]
I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, not totally bald but just above it like usual. I don't even know what it's like to have anything beyond very short hair, always the way it's been for me.
>> No. 18452 [Edit]
I haven't watched any anime in a long time because of an endless waterfall of depression and fuck ups in my life that lasted all the up to now. I started watching Yuru Yuri last night, I also haven't smiled like that in a long time, it was like I was in another world. And then I remembered why I loved anime so much.
>> No. 18458 [Edit]
I have a job interview for...Wendy's. Friday, at 1:00. Really nervous about it. I don't even think I'm going to be able to wake up for it, haha. My mom was really lenient about it. She said I could go if I ]want.

And I do want to. Really badly. I need money for a new computer and money for illicit substances and money for...most things that I want. So I'm going to at least try. That doesn't mean it's not going to be really awkward and weird for me, but still. Fuck it, man. A job is a job. It'll get me money, and that's all I need.
>> No. 18466 [Edit]
I finally installed a doorknob with a lock on my door.
>> No. 18473 [Edit]
My brother worked at Wendy's and said it was awful. He quit after a week. Apparently hygiene or teaching newcomers aren't quite their thing.
Good luck.
>> No. 18475 [Edit]
Really? I'm a non-american and one of my dirtiest dreams was to eat at Wendy's because they have those square burgers and all. Bummer, they don't make fast foods like they used to anymore.
>> No. 18476 [Edit]
I hope you get a better job, I really do. I hope you are rejected from there and you get a better job somewhere else. Don't be afraid of getting yourself out there.

Fast food is the worst for recovering NEETs. I worked at Dunkin Donuts for three weeks. My managers were a pregnant latina and a registered sex offender flip. I was told what hours I was going to be working the day before I was slated to work, nobody taught me how to use the fucking bumblefuck UI on the tap pad cash register, but they spent a fucking hour teaching me how to clean a bathroom (what?).

Half of the hours I logged were times I explicitly said I was not available. I asked for time off, they said they got the note and they would give it to me, but they didn't.

Oh! And they never told me where to get my paycheck the first time. They just fucking made me sign a paper (which apparently meant I already got the check), and told me they would give it to me later. Fucking... fuck. They literally tried to swindle me out of my paycheck and never gave me breaks until I told them my mother works HR and I could file a lawsuit with them, citing several laws they were breaking.

They didn't even know I quit until a week later, when I got an angry call and I told them I quit a week ago.

The place had dead flies wherever the customers didn't see. It was fucking awful.
>> No. 18479 [Edit]
and just now I used my old doorknob to replace another doorknob that's been broken for as long as I can remember. I'm doing things!
>> No. 18483 [Edit]
My mom got my hobbysearch package while I wasn't home and opened it. I want to blow my fucking brains out
>> No. 18484 [Edit]
isn't that illegal?
lol, no one actually cares
>> No. 18485 [Edit]
What was in it?
>> No. 18486 [Edit]
a certain lesbian teleporter in a swimsuit.

My mother went ballistic when she saw it and started screaming
>> No. 18487 [Edit]
How do you know if she did that if you weren't home?
>> No. 18488 [Edit]
my sister told me what happened when I got home. Both of them were very angry at me.
>> No. 18491 [Edit]
What fucking right do they have? Tell them it's your money and you property. As if they don't have secrets.

Also remind your mother you can get her on felony charges for opening a package not addressed to her. Very illegal. Basically the only line my family will never cross with me.
>> No. 18492 [Edit]
pretty sure not a single court on earth would care about someones mom opening their mail, even if it is technically illegal
>> No. 18493 [Edit]
Not technically illegal. It is entirely illegal and a federal offense. At the minimum it would be a few days in jail.

Anon, you can't let people walk all over you like that, especially when they are the ones fully in the wrong. I can't think of a single way your mother would be justified in what she did. at least tell her what she did was extremely illegal, and that nothing you did was anywhere being close to illegal.

Do you at least have the item in question in your possession now? What did they say to you? I'm sorry but this really, really posses me off that you would be treated like this.
>> No. 18494 [Edit]
>It is entirely illegal and a federal offense

they still aren't gonna care
>> No. 18495 [Edit]
Beg to differ.

When you tell the authorities about a felony, they are required to take action and take them into custody. Whether anon presses charges or not is a different story, perhaps you have a point there, but getting her accosted by the police will be a step in the "I have rights, and don't fuck with me of you do something illegal to me" direction.

Nobody should EVER let someone do something illegal to them and let them get away with it just because they think it might be "futile".
>> No. 18496 [Edit]
Dude, it's not gonna happen. Not a single link in the chain to jail is going to care enough that a mother opened her live-in son's mail to punish her for it.
>> No. 18497 [Edit]
Did you even read what I wro-

You know? Fuck it. You win. Anon should just kill himself. Whatever. Fuck him, fuck me for even attempting to defend him, fuck all of us for being some sort of onanist sinning commandment-infracting pedophiles. Let his mother be the Haruhi of her household, just fuck it all. Nobody needs rights. Anon should kill himself right the fuck now. We should all just fucking die, we're just cumbersome to the good of society. Just kill the NEETs and otaku and bomb Japan to oblivion, everything would be so much fuckIng better.
>> No. 18498 [Edit]
are you just now finding out the world is bullshit or something, you seem to be taking this pretty hard
>> No. 18499 [Edit]
>Nobody should EVER let someone do something illegal to them and let them get away with it just because they think it might be "futile".
I agree with you. Always if someone does something illegal to you and it causes harm for you, you should do something about it.

e: Okay maybe in some cases it isn't worth of it. Like your old rusty bike gets stolen and person who did it, is unknown, it is very unlikely that they will find the thief and loss isn't very major. But in most cases, yes.

Post edited on 15th Nov 2012, 11:38am
>> No. 18500 [Edit]
The repercussions of retaliation against people under the same roof probably aren't worth the nonexistent to minimal payoff.
>> No. 18501 [Edit]
My dad's friend's sister died and I might have to go to the funeral. I also gotta go to a talent show, whatever we do for thanksgiving, and whatever we do for my mom's birthday, so I'm gonna have a busy rest of the month!
>> No. 18503 [Edit]
please ban the retarded trolls picking on shinden, they contribute nothing to the site
>> No. 18504 [Edit]
>> No. 18505 [Edit]
I knew it
>> No. 18506 [Edit]
Damn it, I don't want to get into this...

This. Before trying to start something look at the people who you are trying to do the things to and think of the negatives that will come from it. If there is no gain, then it is nothing more than a waste of time, and if there is a loss, then it's better to avoid the situation that can cause the loss as much as possible.
>> No. 18507 [Edit]
This morning I went to my doctors. I arrived way too early so I had an interesting conversation about Christianity with someone in the waiting room. After that I went home and worked on packing things up for a move until a real bad headache stopped me from doing anything more. It still hasn't gone away.
>> No. 18508 [Edit]
File 135302769672.png - (96.21KB , 482x338 , 1350798903541.png )
Okay back on topic now.

I washed the floor and played some Age of Empires II. Haruhi damn I never knew it was so hard to control units. Can't even beat the AI on moderate. If anyone wants to play then hit me up in this thread.
>> No. 18509 [Edit]
I used to play this game a lot. I don't have it anymore though.

I liked to mess with the map editor and put hundreds of units from different factions near each other and watch the massacre that ensued.
>> No. 18510 [Edit]
I registered for my classes for next semester. This time of the year I'm always very nervous and anxious. Does anyone know of any non-harmful and little to no effort ways to relieve stress fast? I'm very close to starting up smoking again and I don't want to do that. I just want to relax..
>> No. 18512 [Edit]
I found out that I can listen to the police dispatch radio online. I can't understand their codes and stuff but it's still kinda interesting
>> No. 18514 [Edit]
Maybe you should take up ham radio as a hobby
>> No. 18529 [Edit]
Is there a site or something that lets you tune in to ham radio stations? That would be cool
>> No. 18530 [Edit]

You have to reg for an account there, but there are software-defined radios that allow you to listen to shortwave and ham stations from across the world, at different receiving locations, if you can figure out the interface.

Most ham stations are just people talking to each other and "working" (getting additional stations for various achievement lists) each other. If you had a shortwave radio yourself you could hear them yourself; shortwave radios go for as low as $20 and as high as several thousand dollars.
>> No. 18531 [Edit]
She gave it back after lecturing me. She says buying figures is a waste of money, and she doesn't trust me, so I'm sure she thinks I'm addicted and can't control myself.

She is partially right. Figs ARE a waste a money. They're just decoration. I can't really explain why I buy them, I'm just a big fan of the franchise. But, I'm an adult and I'm not going to spend all my money on it, there isn't that much merchandise from the series out there anyway. I just wish she could respect my decision and put some more trust in me but I guess that's a bit too much too ask considering I'm buying what are basically children's toys online
>> No. 18532 [Edit]
100% of what women buy at Pier 1 Imports are a waste of money. Glass vases, plastic fruit, baskets, hunks of coloured glass? These are all just frivolous.

Also shoes. How many shoes do people really need? Three pair, two if you live in a city.

Figs make you happy. Continue to collect them. Not enough people here do it.
>> No. 18537 [Edit]
I had a lot of shitty realizations today.

a. my "real" friends fucking suck.
b. I expect the world to revolve around me.
c. I used to eat to get the cigarette taste out of my mouth, now I smoke to get the taste of food out of my mouth.
d. life is silly, sad and stupid.
e. I have a desperate urge to stay connected to the internet because it's where I get the majority of my socializing done. My identity is all...here. Not where it belongs, because I'm a selfish, pathetic...child.

I'm depressed today.
>> No. 18542 [Edit]
I had a lucid dream this morning. I've never had one before and I wasn't trying, so it was a great surprise. My awakening into lucidity went as so:

Sitting in the back of a limo with a man and a woman. The man begins to threaten me and at that precise moment I somehow realise that not only am I dreaming but I have complete control over everything. The woman pulls out a shotgun and makes ready to fire, but I reach out and bend the barrel back to face her, announcing "I am immortal", and making the gun fire, blasting her back against the seat. As I say that, a certain song begins playing in the background, so the entire thing plays out to Queen's "Princes of the Universe." I then float away through the roof of the car and spend the rest of the dream having the single greatest experience of my life.

Now, I want to do nothing but sleep. Well, actually I suppose nothing's changed there. It was also my birthday yesterday, so I consider the dream a late birthday present from my subconscious.
>> No. 18545 [Edit]
It's getting pretty cold in my house as temperatures really drop now. Soon I'm going to ask my father to remove the air conditioner from the window in my room since it is now like having a partially open window with cold air blowing in all day and night. I never use it much, even when it comes to Summer time. I've kinda gotten use to how cold my room is but it's really making it hard for me to feel even slightly comfortable and I'm a hyperactive insomniac as it is so I'm very sensitive to cold. But you know what? I think it is my hyperactivity that is keeping me slightly comfortable, always feel the need to be moving my body. Sometimes when I'm feeling any kind of extreme stimulus it's like I want to leave my body. Music in a sober state will also sometimes cause me to lose my mind, it's like my body is moving on it's own in a musical seizure that would only be acceptable at a speedcore party where the audience is mostly just as insane as it is. I've also started hallucinating more lately too, I'm getting worse mentally starting to lose more control but somehow letting go of even more of my humanity feels better. I think this is would be the definition of comfortably numb if it weren't for the constant pain cold causes me. Not yet a senseless animal but not completely human either.

I had a lucid dream too. All I remember is a cousin of mine playing some really weird version of Minecraft I never seen before. Then I was sitting in a place with grandfather as he got mad at me for getting mad at him and he said he would rip my cat's teeth out. This made me very angry, upset, and afraid. (I definitely have some deep seated hate for my grandfather in the back of mind because there has been a lot of conflict between us in dreams lately) Then it shifted to the outside where someone was throwing a computer into the ocean for some reason. Then I was on a ferris wheel with the all main characters of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni and I don't know why, I haven't even thought about that anime in forever. There was an air of worry as it started then it started going faster and faster. We all died in some very horrible way and then I woke up.
>> No. 18547 [Edit]
I had to eat at McDonald's due to lack of options. My breakfast had consisted of nothing but tea, so I was starving. I ordered a large big Mac meal. Apparently "large" nowadays means 3 times as big as medium. The whole thing was enough for 2 or 3 people. Does anyone really eat all that on their own? I ended up throwing half of it out.
>> No. 18551 [Edit]
yes they do. That, and more. It's sickening.

especially when their body size is five times that of a normal person.
>> No. 18552 [Edit]
On my way down the stairs, I suddenly saw something floating in front of me. It turned out to be a little spider hanging from a web. I would have walked into it had I continued or not turned on the light at the bottom earlier. I got rid of it by throwing a scrunched up piece of paper, which is still sitting on the floor, as I'm too scared to pick up anything spider-ridden. I'm all itchy now after thinking of how many spiders I've unknowingly walked into.
>> No. 18553 [Edit]

We've recently moved into a new house, and while I'm happy because my new room has a lock on the door and it's a lot bigger, it's also a lot colder. And there is a vent in the wall, that I don't think we're supposed to cover. Spiders keep coming out of it. Every day or so there'll be a new, large spider somewhere in my room, sometimes I'll catch them in the act of sneaking through the vent.

Ugh. I imagine in a few months I'll have completely got over my aversion to spiders because of this, but it's still unpleasant.
>> No. 18554 [Edit]

You can't put a grille on it?
>> No. 18555 [Edit]
>there is a vent in the wall, that I don't think we're supposed to cover
why not and who's stopping you?
>> No. 18556 [Edit]

I was told this but I've forgotten.
>> No. 18557 [Edit]
A grille should be totally fine
>> No. 18559 [Edit]
>Also shoes. How many shoes do people really need?
Obviously one for every outfit.
I've got like a hundred pairs and it'll never be enough.
>> No. 18562 [Edit]
women do not belong here
>> No. 18565 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure that person is making a joke.
>> No. 18567 [Edit]
I agree

You'd think so...
>> No. 18568 [Edit]
socks > bare feet > shoes
>> No. 18569 [Edit]
Today I was supposed to take a plane somewhere to take care of a few things. Had a huge anxiety attack and more, so I backed out. Kind of disappointed and ended up wasting a good 200~ dollars, but it can't be helped - and my presence wasn't entirely required, anyway.
>> No. 18570 [Edit]
That's a bummer. I've never been on a plane, but they look so cramped and close on TV that I dunno if I could ever do it without family as a buffer between me and the strangers
>> No. 18571 [Edit]
I called someone at my college to inquire about course repetition. Turns out I have to do some really weird and complicated procedure like changing my course grade to... retake.. the class.. Which I don't understand at all. Anyway, I played Dark Souls: PTD for around 5 hours and then played Jet Set Radio for the remainder of the day.
>> No. 18574 [Edit]
I personally prefer slippers over all of those choices.
>> No. 18575 [Edit]
I have been on a couple of 737's. They are cramped. If you have to, pay extra to not sit bitch. The middle seat is the worst. The window seat is cool as you get a view, and the aisle seat is convenient if you gotta hit the tiny little bathroom.

I lucked out so much the last flight I was on. I was assigned a middle seat, but no one showed up for the window seat. Took that seat and got lots of room because of it.

As far as motion and whatnot, it is actually smoother than riding a bus.
>> No. 18581 [Edit]
I don't even know where my life is going anymore.
>> No. 18582 [Edit]
Neither do i
>> No. 18583 [Edit]

I do, but I'm not tellin'
>> No. 18584 [Edit]
Guitar's little E snapped so I decided to change the whole set of strings(hadn't done so in some 8~10 months). Haruhi, I had forgotten how fucking annoying changing strings is.
And now it feels like a completely different instrument.
>> No. 18585 [Edit]
I've been feeling really strange today - zoning out a lot, staring at nothing and noticing strange things in my vision. I just stayed in bed trying to read an essay, but I kept getting distracted and having to reread certain parts so I gave up after 4 pages. I think I'll watch a movie tonight. Lazy day.
>> No. 18588 [Edit]
Today was as bad as every other day...I'm in a funk and I can't seem to get myself out of it. I'm sick of seeing my days stretch endlessly into nothingness. I hate the lack of fulfillment in my life. I can't stand it anymore. It's just so boring and depressing and monotonous...
>> No. 18592 [Edit]

I'm gonna try to pick up some Twinkies at Wal-Mart. I'll keep them until they're worth something and build Tohnohouse with that money.
>> No. 18593 [Edit]
Why do you not IRC any more?
>> No. 18594 [Edit]
Lazy day. Lazy week. Hell, lazy decade.
>> No. 18595 [Edit]
Well, my PC broke, and I don't have anymore that work in the house.
So until I get a new computer, I'm basically confined to Tohno-chan on my PSP and reading to occupy my time.

I didn't think anyone really cared or noticed. That kind of brightened my night.
>> No. 18598 [Edit]

I started using this site and I have no idea what I'm doing
>> No. 18602 [Edit]
Lazy life
>> No. 18603 [Edit]
You should build one.
>> No. 18608 [Edit]
I would like to play AoE2 with you if you are still interested. Though I am a bit busy for the beginning of the week.
>> No. 18611 [Edit]
File 13532861659.png - (629.28KB , 704x304 , shot0003.png )
Went downtown, played some go and lost but had a fun game, then wandered around a bit but it was cold so I caught the subway back. Very frustrating but somewhat enjoyable ride. I started feeling very sleepy as I returned so now I'm just wrapped in a blanket in bed relaxing. Going to make some nice green tea and watch anime later.
>> No. 18612 [Edit]
Ran a little bit, did some martial arts training, and made a huge omelet breakfast at 3 PM.
I've been doing absolutely nothing since then. I hate how at certain times of the day I get more apathetic than usual, and completely deny the notion of doing something interesting.
I just browsed 4chan and various other websites for several hours straight. It's not even fun. ;_;
>> No. 18620 [Edit]
I woke up early feeling great, even though I didn't sleep too long. Took it easy all day, mostly reading. I went through some sections of Being and Time (Heidegger) to explicate some ideas I had on Dasein that I wanted to share with someone who was just beginning with the work. Got distracted playing some MMO for an hour or two and managed to go up 2 levels and get a bunch of awesome armor. Unfortunately got dragged out to a restaurant when I was questing, so I lost interest and have been reading the rest of the evening.
>> No. 18621 [Edit]
It's nice that people notice I'm gone. That never happened in "the real" or online.

Today I woke up to blurred vision. And now I'm listening to Unwound, and not doing much else.

>I don't feel strange
>I don't feel anything
>> No. 18625 [Edit]
Power keeps flickering, so it seems I am a NEET for the day.
>> No. 18628 [Edit]
My computer BSOD'd with Memory Management. It kept BSOD'ing so I got really nervous because I'm broke and I know I can't afford replacements. Anyway, I ran it in safe mode and got it to disk check somehow. It seems fine now but I'm really scared if that happens again, so I've been running multiple virus scans, although It just be hardware... I may need to reseat everything and blow away some dust or something.
>> No. 18629 [Edit]
luckily memory problems are the easiest and cheapest hardware problem to fix
>> No. 18630 [Edit]
Can't you check the memory through BIOS?
>> No. 18636 [Edit]

Really? Tell me how so. I know almost nothing about computers. I built the one I'm using now, but only through advice did I actually get it to work.

Well, that did cross my mind as I was trying to fix it, but I wouldn't know how to use that information to help fix the problem. Again, I'm really shitty with hardware. Like, I can probably troubleshoot anything software-related like viruses and shit, but actual hardware damage or machine failure, I'm clueless and scared.
>> No. 18639 [Edit]
Well with memory these days you just gotta plug it in and it works usually, and it's cheap. The only issue that could happen is if you are an idiot and open up your computer and work on it on carpet while wearing a sweater or something
>> No. 18640 [Edit]
I had to go to a grade school talent show and it was awful. Most of the acts were girls singing/dancing horribly to songs that didn't have the vocals removed, so all you heard was an unholy mash of bad singing and professional bad singing, and the same songs kept coming up again and and a again. The other acts were typically stupid skits based on reality shows or other nonsense. Even though it was all awful, those kids had more courage than I ever had (or ever will) to go up on stage like that
>> No. 18641 [Edit]
A battery in my flashlight leaked. It still works since the leak didn't make it anywhere aside from covering the leaking battery and slightly touching the other.

Nothing else noteworthy or even slightly interesting happened to me today.
>> No. 18642 [Edit]

I hope I'm not that stupid.

Anyway... today I had the usual school routine. The only thing different was that I wanted something really scary to happen. I don't know, after watching people play Siren and Amnesia, I would really like to know how I would react to a survival horror environment. Hopefully if I am ever pit into one, due to paranormal reasons, it doesn't involve complex puzzle solving and backtracking and shit like that. I also didn't eat for the whole day. Amazing.
>> No. 18658 [Edit]
I was sleeping peacefully, but it was not meant to be. A wake-up call manifested itself in the form of an extreme excrement from beyond the Rim, smearing a stain on the wall and soiling the sheets I just changed. Truly a monstrous shit not of this world, its rancidness mutilated the evening air with uncontrollably rancid might, making itself known across the land and heralding the arrival of dark things.

>> No. 18660 [Edit]
>Hopefully [...] it doesn't involve complex puzzle solving and backtracking and shit like that
Real life has such poor design. I can't even count how many times I've backtracked.
>> No. 18663 [Edit]
(Thank you)

Today I messed up posting and listened to music. Woke up late, too.
>> No. 18664 [Edit]
Today I finished up some work I had to complete. Glad to say it is - more or less - all done. The rest of the day I spent reading the a few essays by Julius Evola I have been putting off, as well as drinking and baking a cake.
>> No. 18667 [Edit]
Today marks the start of my one week thanksgiving break from classes. To be honest, I have no idea what to do, other than eating my brains out and regretting it later.

I can't wait for the eventual black Friday steam sales. I've really been wanting Recettear for quite a while now and I hope it's on sale!
>> No. 18685 [Edit]
I woke up feeling like shit. Emotionally and physically. The state of my life is starting to really get to me. And I have...no clue how to change it or anything. I thought that the notion of suicide would forever be confined to the Haruhiless hours of the late night. But here I am, thinking of it just before noon...

Life feels like such a chore. But dying does, too. It makes me feel like Kanzaki from GTO, without the intelligence. So irritating. I really feel trapped...
>> No. 18689 [Edit]
I know the feeling. Sometimes caffeine can help me feel better, but usually not.
>> No. 18690 [Edit]
Shit is just getting worse for me too. Something happened that is now putting me on the edge of just ending it all but deep down I know I can't do anything with myself here after I die so what would be the point? The only that would do is send me straight to hell. I hate everything, I'm living on day to day pleasures, nothing more. I know what I want but there's literally nothing I can do. I'm so sick of my life. Everyone I care about even online is either dropping like flies or making me even more suicidal. I'm a caged animal.
>> No. 18691 [Edit]
What happened?
>> No. 18694 [Edit]
Today I went to a psychiatrist appointment, then another doctors appointment. After that, I packed more things since I'm moving. I hope, by the end of the month at the latest, it will all be done and over with. Moving is awful, but at least I'll get rid of a lot of junk I don't need this way. Plus, I won't be living in a big city anymore which is a welcome change - though I'm a 2-3 hour drive from Vancouver/Seattle/Portland if I ever got bored.

Rest of the day I spent buying philosophy books I don't really require - at least 250 dollars worth after my spree was over. But, with online retailers having Christmas sales I could not refuse. The mailman is going to hate me. Later on I drank a bunch of gin and chatted on IRC to some Tohno-channers and watched a whole bunch of anime.
>> No. 18696 [Edit]
You seem to have an Internet connection and a functional PC. What can't you do?
>> No. 18700 [Edit]
File 135360460683.jpg - (307.36KB , 806x1200 , yotsuba full.jpg )
It's thanksgiving. Time to wait for my stupid family to come over and talk about stupid things while I try to eat enough food that I hate so I don't seem weird
>> No. 18701 [Edit]
Happy Thanksgiving
>> No. 18702 [Edit]
My family is literally sitting next to me. I just told my er, grandfather that I was playing a game...Why do I lie?

Anyway, I could give you guys a play-by-play of my Thanksgiving, but that's unnecessary. I feel weird. My house is too small. And my aunt keeps looking at me weird...This is honestly painful.

...Happy holidays, folks.
>> No. 18703 [Edit]
I'd rather stay home and eat a pizza, then fap and eventually fall asleep, but I need to go to my aunt's for turkey day.
>> No. 18704 [Edit]
Happy hikikomori thanksgiving, folks.

Share a meal with your waifu and give thanks you're not a Ford Driver. I certainly am.
>> No. 18706 [Edit]
I tried cooking my own turkey and it turned out undercooked.

I really do suck at cooking.
>> No. 18707 [Edit]
I ate turducken. The meat tasted okay but whatever it was stuffed with tasted like sweat
>> No. 18711 [Edit]
I feel so out of place when there are those big american celebrations going on
>> No. 18713 [Edit]

Thanksgiving is the most bullshit holiday ever, you're not missing much
>> No. 18718 [Edit]
I really hate how people don't think about that.

To counter it I think we should all post about holidays that don't apply to most of TC's geographic locations, so everyone can feel equally left out. We should also be super douchey about it and talk like everyone else knows exactly what is going on.
>> No. 18720 [Edit]
All you do is stuff your face with food and try to be friendly with your family, even though none of you really get along. Basically it is Christmas without the gift giving nonsense. Scratch that, any holiday really.

If you are retarded, you then go get in line outside of whatever store to try and get a deal on stupid things you don't need.
>> No. 18724 [Edit]
Oh it was terrible, I hated it all. I feel and look like shit right now. My family is a bunch of assholes with a superiority complex that like to do nothing but subtly make fun of me and think it's hilarious when I get pissed at them. Like they know a lot about me just from often being around me so much so they'll just constantly drop offensive comments that no one else but me would get and they think they're so fucking clever. I also ate too much and it was like a friday on thursday night. Just moderately drunk right now and I think that's the only thing that kept me from exploding on them. We also have so much left over that will just rot in the fridge until it gets thrown away that it's stupid, people over buy on everything.
>> No. 18743 [Edit]
Apparently, the agency thingy I applied to for retardbux wants to do a psych eval in order to decide my fate. I guess that's the "final boss" of this endeavour, so to speak. I'm pretty confident in my act, but I haven't done it to a shrink in years, so I sure hope it'll work.
>> No. 18744 [Edit]
Eh, and it seems that I rolled a female shrink for this one! That's fortunate.
>> No. 18746 [Edit]
I don't understand why people put so much effort to pretend that they are crazy. It would be easier just to get a job.
>> No. 18748 [Edit]
No it wouldn't especially if your not exactly mentally unstable enough to outwardly appear it but still too broken to get one since it really shows through in interviews and such. I'm not really sure myself if I have a mentally stable look in any way to me in the eyes of a normal but what I described is most likely the case for me. I can't even get a job stocking shelves in a store.
>> No. 18750 [Edit]
It's not that I want to participate in it, it's just that everyone talks about it and I have no idea what's going on.
>> No. 18752 [Edit]
Doctors decide are you "mentally unstable" for work or not, not you. Pretending to be crazy is just stupid.
>> No. 18753 [Edit]
Getting a job definitely wouldn't be easier. You'd need to do n hours of work per week whereas if my application is accepted, I'll be doing around 1 hour of work per week during an application process and 0 hours of work per week while the bucks are flowing in.

Also, some diseases and conditions are more likely to qualify you for various social support bucks than others, and these highly vary across different countries and systems. Even if you are a legit case, it's quite possible that a forged case would get you better results in the system than a legit one.

I also don't have an immediate need for money, so failed expenditures can be afforded. Even if this application is rejected, there are other kinds of free money out there that are still viable targets. I still have some 6k€ in my bank account from previous expenditures when I was underage, and my mother currently pays for everything.

And for the doctors part, some of them may feel empathy for your plight, which is great. Their decisions which have a large factor on your success are influenced by your actions. Due to psychology being a steaming pile of shit of a science, shrinks are by far one of the weakest links in the chain and fooling them is very low-effort compared to other expenditures.

Post edited on 23rd Nov 2012, 10:56am
>> No. 18754 [Edit]
>get a job
get out
>> No. 18755 [Edit]
When using words "endeavour" and "final boss" on applying retardbux it implies it takes a lot of effort. Putting more effort to avoid working than actually working is silly.
>> No. 18758 [Edit]
>Due to psychology being a steaming pile of shit of a science, shrinks are by far one of the weakest links in the chain and fooling them is very low-effort compared to other expenditures.

Not really, it's just that when you lie about a broken leg, an x-ray will show you to be a big fat liar.

There is no way for the shrink to really know, at most he can just eye you up and then morally weigh how much of a cut he'll get from the pills his prescription for you net him vs. whether you actually need it (even in the case where he can see right through you).
>> No. 18759 [Edit]
In my country, doctors don't get a cut for prescribing medication (as far as I know). For psychology's failings as a science, see http://www.arachnoid.com/psychology/
>> No. 18760 [Edit]
I have done nothing for the past few days. Stuck in a very apathetic and lethargic mood, no motivation to do anything. I feel like life is going by and I am just watching from far away. It would be depressing, but I do not even have the willpower to feel that way.
>> No. 18761 [Edit]
Depersonalization sure is a bitch huh
>> No. 18763 [Edit]
try working 8 hours of manual labor or in a hot and dangerous fast food kitchen for five days a week for a year, then quit and try pretending your crazy for a hour once every few weeks.
Then try talking about which one takes more 'effort'.
becuase clearly you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about as is.
>> No. 18766 [Edit]
I seriously can't stand this shit anymore it's just too pitiful and funny goodbye RIP in pieces.
>> No. 18767 [Edit]
Report if you manage to hold and come back anyhow. Thanks.
>> No. 18769 [Edit]
Went out today, with the friend.

I got a double breasted Royal Navy coat for a good deal. Played Arcana Hearts on his new 50" HDTV, then went home and decided not to use dxm tonight.
>> No. 18783 [Edit]
(accidentally) fucked up my PSP's screen more than it was already. It makes me feel so bad, because it has so much value to me now, and I ruined it...

Other than that, today was okay. Ate some leftovers, looked up conspiracy theories, watched bad TV.
>> No. 18786 [Edit]
If you have CFW you can use a program called RemoteJoy to display it on your monitor.

Barring that you can use a homebrew plugin called FuSa to display it on a TV using composite cables. (Component cables exist and you don't need homebrew to display it on your HDTV.)
>> No. 18788 [Edit]
Left work 3 hours early, been drinking gin since then.
Listening to trance, I guess I'll be off to bed in a few minutes
ps. it was 2:06 AM here when I posted this

Post edited on 24th Nov 2012, 4:06pm
>> No. 18789 [Edit]
Had no internet for half of the day because it was raining and the net serivce I use is a piece of shit, so I spent the day staring at the pc screen trying to figure out what to do.
>> No. 18791 [Edit]
I spent the whole day planning what I should do for tomorrow, but I bet I won't feel like doing anything at all.
>> No. 18793 [Edit]
I feel beyond shit right now, most of the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone now. I feel like I ate a bowling ball this weekend. I hope this coming week and for weeks after I'll actually be able to live normally without some stupid festivity fucking me up for a while.
>> No. 18798 [Edit]
It was my birthday today. I'm now the most pathetic adult in existence.

Brightside being, I can buy DXM and cigarettes now. Yay drugs...

I feel sad today. I thought, a month ago, that I'd be out of this lifestyle before this day. Now it feels more hopeless than ever. I'm really irritated with myself for letting my life get this bad.

But I want to change. Desperately. So there's hope in my life. Small. But that shit is there.

Yay, hope~
>> No. 18801 [Edit]
Happy birthday! What so you were 17 going on 18? I always thought you were a little older. Well either way for me I have no ID so no matter how old I am I can't buy anything, I'm 20. At least your a little younger still so be happy about that. But I thought the same things you did and nothing changed for me. If you're still in school, then depending on what you want you have a small amount of hope left. I'd take going back in time and just reliving my mid to later teens than anything I'm going through now unless anything changes for me for the better.
>> No. 18804 [Edit]
My mother was talking on her phone with somebody and when I walked into the living room she told me to get out. Now I'm paranoid
>> No. 18805 [Edit]
You're going to be institutionalized.
>> No. 18806 [Edit]
>> No. 18807 [Edit]
I hope you enjoyed the rest of your birthday, bro. I have no comfort or inspiration to offer, but I'm rooting for you.
>> No. 18811 [Edit]
I'm more paranoid of my mother having a stupid mood swing and going mental on me which eventually leads to me just being thrown out.
>> No. 18814 [Edit]
File 13540525145.jpg - (470.73KB , 1280x720 , ohfuck.jpg )
Got out of bed, turned on my PC and it was fucking noisy as hell. That happens sometimes on particularly cold mornings, and is usually fixed by letting it run for a bit, turning it off then turning it back on a few times.
No luck this time though, it's still fucking doing it. Tried cleaning all the dust out and it still won't shut the fuck up, temperatures are all fine, too.
This shit is going to drive me insane. All I can do is turn up the volume of my music to full and pretend it's not happening.
>> No. 18815 [Edit]
Haven't you identified the offending fan and replaced it already?
>> No. 18816 [Edit]
No, because I don't know shit about hardware.
I can't even tell which fan it is because all 3 are so close together.

Post edited on 27th Nov 2012, 2:19pm
>> No. 18817 [Edit]
That's what happened before my computer died. I hope you have better luck~

Yesterday I went over to a friend's. He's basically my only friend. We discussed waifus and how bad 3D girls are, actually. He's on his way to becoming a truNEET, too. Kind of makes me sad, because he deserves better than that...

Then again, don't we all...?
>> No. 18818 [Edit]
Okay, tried stopping a few fans and listening closely and it's coming from a big box in the top back corner of my PC. Is that the power supply? How easy is it to replace? Do I have to replace the whole supply or just the fan?
>> No. 18819 [Edit]
It probably is, and it would be easier to replace the whole supply. Also, if your power supply is fucking up it could fuck up the rest of your computer, so you probably shouldn't use it any more until you get a replacement
>> No. 18821 [Edit]
Alright, thanks.
>> No. 18822 [Edit]
There is a bomb in your computer! If it goes below 50 MPH it will explode!
>> No. 18824 [Edit]
I just found out, much to my surprise, that there is a showing of the first two Madoka movies at a small theater in the flyover city where I reside. I want to go just because the opportunity to do or see things that actually interest me in the city almost never comes, but at the same time it seems like it might be a bad idea. I'm so out of touch with the fandom I don't know what to expect; will it be full of obnoxious young people that were narutards but a couple of years ago, or will it be awkward but well-behaved twenty- and thirty-something neckbeards? If we get the third movie here I'll go without question, but I don't know if I want to pay twenty-two dollars for a potentially uncomfortable four-hour recap episode.
>> No. 18827 [Edit]
I've been hearing loud bangs outside and every time my power would flicker. I think I'm gonna die
>> No. 18828 [Edit]
seeing as all the fans of that series are annoying faggots, yeah I think it's a safe bet most people there would be obnoxious young people that were narutards. but go anyway, you'll fit right in!

Post edited on 27th Nov 2012, 6:19pm
>> No. 18829 [Edit]
maybe a little rude, but you're probably right. most of the people who would attend an anime movie screening are probably not the kind of people you wanna sit around for 4 hours
>> No. 18830 [Edit]
I ordered a 765 hoodie today... more like a cotton parka(?). I just realized how troubling picking a size for me is. I'm somewhere between an American medium or a large, so I would assume a Japanese size would run small... so I just pussied out and bought a medium instead of a guaranteed fit me large. Who knows, maybe the medium will be incredibly snug?..

I hope I'm right.
>> No. 18831 [Edit]
dude Japanese clothes run like a whole size smaller
>> No. 18835 [Edit]

I should've ordered a large then...
The sizes I thought didn't have much of a difference.
Size: M (Length 68m, Width 50cm)
Size: L (Length 71m, Width 53cm)

I'm a pretty short guy, so I thought a medium would be fine for me, since I don't want the hoodie to go below or near the pockets of normal jeans.
>> No. 18838 [Edit]
File 135408772493.png - (174.97KB , 306x255 , kittens sleep.png )
I've been watching this livestream of kittens all day


It makes me want a cat, but I'd probably be awful at taking care of it
>> No. 18839 [Edit]
I been watching that stream a bit also. its really blowing up, I see it posted everywhere.
>> No. 18842 [Edit]
Today I listened to music, read Watamote, and learned the true power of critical thinking.
>> No. 18843 [Edit]
File 135409743653.jpg - (100.11KB , 484x618 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Are you me? I'm about to order a couple korean fashion jackets at eBay, too. I'm pretty short and thin as well, so I'm also ordering medium size. Wish both of us luck with this.
>> No. 18844 [Edit]
>learned the true power of critical thinking

So what is it?
>> No. 18846 [Edit]
I think those would look terrible in real life
>> No. 18847 [Edit]
I move on Sunday. Fuck.
>> No. 18848 [Edit]
File 135411695987.jpg - (14.26KB , 640x480 , 56161.jpg )
Cats are really easy to take care of.
just feed them and scoop their litter box. Sometimes they will want to be petted

Kittens are bit more of a challenge as they like to play all the time.
>> No. 18852 [Edit]
I quess it is easy for people without moral. For me all sort of lying, acting and pretending is really exhausting. It is much more effort than normal work.

And I have my personal reasons to hate people people who pretend to be crazy to get pension. It makes it harder to get for people who really need it. Like my mother who has been trying to get pension because she had breast cancer removed four years ago and now she can barely use her left arm anymore. Still she works while people who have little depression get pension.
>> No. 18855 [Edit]

preparing for halloween a little early aren't we
>> No. 18856 [Edit]
I bought my christmas present for myself (using parent money, which has been what I've done every christmas since 2006), a 370 dollar laptop. My dad is gonna get mad, not because of the price but because he doesn't want me to have one. He got mad when I got a new doorknob a few weeks ago and that was only 15 bucks, and I offered to pay for it
>> No. 18861 [Edit]
I tried going to a class but I quickly left 30 minutes after it started. I spent the rest of my day under my blanket.
>> No. 18862 [Edit]
I bought myself something for Christmas, too. However it was with my own money. The games I bought with my retard monies because I thought that I had more than enough to cover for it all.
>> No. 18864 [Edit]
Shit. It's almost the end of the semester but I really feel like I don't want to do anything anymore. I should be doing an essay proposal right now but I have that extremely "fuck I'm tired and I don't want to do it" feeling in my gut. I'll probably rush it later...
>> No. 18883 [Edit]
Read a bunch of personality disorders in the new DSM-5. I think I have most of them but I still wont seek help, which is a pretty bad symptom in itself.
>> No. 18889 [Edit]
I need to get a heater in my room, it's gotten so cold in here that trying to sleep is a uncomfortable game that lasts all night and results in horrible half awake nightmares. It's uncomfortable just sitting here.
>> No. 18890 [Edit]
I'm about to fail my second class due to being unable to do a presentation due to social anxiety. Fuck teachers who think these kinds of things are acceptable.
>> No. 18891 [Edit]
Its totally reasonble to have an oral presentation as part of the course. Verbal communication is an important skill. Don't blame your teachers for your own problems.
>> No. 18892 [Edit]
Today, I spent...an unhealthy amount of time listening tn Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, smoking, and watching the CW.

I think my favorite song by her is Tsukematsukeru. It's about her brand of false eyelashes...Or Candy Candy. I really love the chorus for that one ("sweetie, sweetie, garus love~, chewing chewing chewing chewing chewing cutie cutie")

Tomorrow, I plan on buying some DXM and giving the 2nd plateau a shot. I've been looking forward to it all week...I need more fulfilling things in my life.
>> No. 18894 [Edit]
If you're in university have you gone to counseling services? They may force some kind of accommodation.
>> No. 18899 [Edit]
I'm looking into Lojban. Not sure how I feel about it. I'm interested in how it might open up the thought process and what I will notice about language in general, but it feels odd to read it and listen to it. I'm kind of dragging myself through the learning process now (day two).
>> No. 18900 [Edit]
Still trying to find something to fill the void left by a few things. Been pretty down lately, more than normal anyway, and not having much to do doesn't help.

Also, that bleeding I mentioned in the other thread seems to finally be healing up to 100%. Hadn't really had any problems with it in a bit, but it still hurt from time to time. Hasn't in a while. One good thing, it seems.
>> No. 18901 [Edit]
I got a laptop. Now I can post from the toilet
( ´∀`)

>> No. 18903 [Edit]

Lojban is a lot of fun, but IMO it's not very... musical. I suppose that has to do with it being developed by linguists and programmers rather than writers and translators, like most conlangs. It's also nice if you want something that's not yet another generic Esperanto knock-off.

The attitudinals are a blast, too. Just try finding an elegant way to express ".a'ocu'i ro'a ro'u" in English.
>> No. 18905 [Edit]
everyone in the secret channel but me is getting high on cough syrup tonight :-(
>> No. 18906 [Edit]
If it makes you feel better my dose went straight to afterglow.
>> No. 18909 [Edit]
Today I said some awkward goodbyes to people since I'm moving. Then spent the rest of the night in some unintentional pseudo-pillow fort on my bed, writing about the transmogrification of post-modernism, reading about architecture and painfully downloading anime over stolen wi-fi.
>> No. 18912 [Edit]
my phone rang for a really long time but I couldnt think of a single person I want to talk to (except my boss but she only calls my mobile) so I just picked up the receiver and put it back down.
>> No. 18914 [Edit]
Drank too much, head about to explode. Update: I found my whiskey bottle, but the beer cans are gone. There is also a plate missing from my desk. Someone was in here while I was passed out.

Post edited on 1st Dec 2012, 1:32pm
>> No. 18916 [Edit]
Last night was one of the funnest of my life, and I didn't even really do anything. I got to the second plat, like I planned. But I think I might have slid into the 3rd on inertia or whatever, because I had double vision and dream-like moments.

[drugs]A few of my favorites were watching a blonde woman with a fake moustache talk to me. A forest that was grey instead of green (I honestly think I was seeing my brain when that came up). A massive tree radiating orange and red light with a heart in it, and kanji (or some kind of foreign letters) floating above it. That last one made me feel really...secure for some reason.

I had Lilliputian hallucinations to the extreme. These carried on until the visions were gone, too. For those of you who don't know, Lilliputian hallucinations are basically your brain not recognizing size. I was looking at a screen for a long portion of the trip, and the screen changed size sporadically. It was a very pleasurable feeling for some reason. I felt euphoric looking in at the very small or very big letters on the screen. It was so fascinating. It reminded me of a set of recurring dreams I had as a child.

I saw myself get up and robowalk through the living room from the 3rd person. My mother had come down and was talking to me. I just mumbled "PSP...PS3...Nothing..." and robowalked up the stairs and collapsed into my bed. She didn't mention anything about it today, so I'm assuming she thinks I was sleepwalking (which I kind of was - I was not in control of my body, and I think it only left the scene due to some primal self-preservation instinct). It was such a ridiculous moment. I didn't think it made you really walk like a robot. But I was acting like a kid who doesn't know how to do the dance but still tries anyway.

I went outside at one point. It was like, 25 degrees, but I didn't feel the cold. I thought a patch of snow was the cute stray that comes around every once in a while and petted it for much longer than I should have.

My hallway was really small whenever I went through it. Or rather, it felt really really small. I also remember telling everyone "Whenever I close my eyes I see the evil Kyary looking at me" or something. I honestly have no clue what I mean by that, but it's some funny shit. I also er, said some things on the IRC that might have seemed unlike me, and I'm sorry for that, if there's a need to be sorry. If not, cool.

My breathing improved in a really weird way. I wasn't expecting to be able to breathe so clearly on it. There was a marked difference.

I wanted to dance, but in between point a and point b, music just...lost all interest to me. Which was a shame. But I got it back after I got past the weird-vibes moment that I had. The weird moments were just realizations that time is an eternal now, and the numbers on a clock are man-made constructs. It made me feel very...restricted for some reason.

Anyway. Awesome trip. Definitely doing that again in 2 weeks~

A-anyway. Today I woke up really hungry and I'm now looking for some food to eat. Probably going to watch bad tv and/or read while eating it. Also going to smoke a lot of cigarettes, even though I'm trying to quit (again).
>> No. 18917 [Edit]
Got a new phone as a free upgrade since I was way overdue for one. Got myself a HTC One X. It's a nice model but I'm fucking terrified of getting mugged or losing it since I don't any warranty for it yet.
>> No. 18918 [Edit]
drank too much again

then i woke up and drank more

this isn't fun
>> No. 18919 [Edit]
then why keep drinking?
>> No. 18926 [Edit]
Model UN is in like 5-6 days. Thursday this week. This will be interesting. Funnily enough it's right by this hotel I got kicked out from a few months ago.

The staff never responded to my registrations for staff. I'm just going up there dressed in 'formal wear' to see what happens. heh.
>> No. 18927 [Edit]
Speaking of this, has anyone here staffed Model UN?
>> No. 18928 [Edit]
I think I'm sick. My throat is all funny and liquids don't taste the same. I'm always sick near vacations.... December huh...
>> No. 18972 [Edit]
I accidentally wore off one of my callouses doing garden works and it fucking hurts.
>> No. 18986 [Edit]
I bought something. Accidentally clicked the add to cart button twice, I was too much of a coward to cancel (I don't want to get blacklisted) so I paid anyway. I wish I was dead
>> No. 19002 [Edit]

I can't breathe
>> No. 19003 [Edit]
good shit mayne
>> No. 19004 [Edit]
That is very weird. I find it weird that "Interesting" gets filtered into "horny-ass".
>> No. 19005 [Edit]
the fuck.....

I remember that page. Isn't there a version for 1337speak and imspeak?
>> No. 19015 [Edit]
Spent the last two nights at a friend's - basically my only one. We watched shitty movies and listened to music. Also watched Ouran. And I have 2 mediocre Magic decks now (Black/White and Artifact) which is cool, I guess. It was a nice time. I didn't want to go back home to my utterly boring, lonely, painfully cyclic life.

It was like a vacation from a life that some would contemptuously and ignorantly call a vacation...
>> No. 19016 [Edit]
Got back from my Kanji class.

Finals are in a week but I'm not stressing as I should be. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
>> No. 19017 [Edit]
good thing
>> No. 19018 [Edit]
My system disk died, so I'm using a mint Linux livecd for a while.
It's a bit annoying when something/someone accidentally shuts down the computer and I have to reconfigure/reinstall everything to my liking, but somewhat relaxing too.
>> No. 19021 [Edit]
I called my phone today because I lost it.

I heard my voice on the answering machine. My shy voice sounds like a girl's.

No wonder everyone I talk to on the phone thinks I am my mother. And even though I have a beard, all the male cashiers call me "buddy" and "little guy."

Nobody will ever take me seriously. (´;ω;`)
>> No. 19028 [Edit]
File 13547737607.png - (331.99KB , 700x700 , 399c9a3519662da0c279f7f0ca26740c.png )
Depending on how I speak my voice sounds pretty manly or nerdy.
>> No. 19029 [Edit]
At at least you don't have a speech impediment that makes you repeat the first word you say 2-3 times, forget simple words or sometimes mix up noun placement in your sentence.
>> No. 19030 [Edit]
I'm a complete scatterbrain. I don't really have a stuttering problem, but what sounds great in my head always comes out as word salad, or doesn't come out at all (either the words get stuck in my throat, or I think I've said it, but I've actually only thought it).
>> No. 19032 [Edit]
Speaking of which, I really have that groany kind of voice that many teenage white girls have. You know the kind, that sarcastic tone of voice where they slur certain bits at a low amplitude.
>> No. 19034 [Edit]
Same here. When I speak to people I know I am very masculine, but when speaking quietly I am feminine as fuck. I think it comes from spending my entire developmental stage with a butch lesbian who still keeps a fake feminine persona for formal situations.

I have a barely discernible lisp that I have covered for fourteen years. My S sounds more like the German double S at this point.

Some linguists call that "Vocal fry". I call it "boner killer" or "rage inducer".
>> No. 19037 [Edit]
File 135482220875.png - (772.11KB , 824x1064 , 6411ef56c514dab9d4768f2269d1f178.png )
Sometimes I stutter as well. It's odd, but I think that it occurs after long periods of not talking to other people. It still occurs every once in a while.

I also have this problem. Like, halfway through saying something I thought up or something that I felt on sharing an opinion on, I forget (literally forget) what I was about to say or have a very difficult time trying to reach for words that can end my sentence close to what it was that I was trying to say. It's really annoying and why I try to speak as little as possible unless what I need to say is something that has to be said.
>> No. 19038 [Edit]
File 135482647020.png - (1.46MB , 1200x1300 , 6593151.png )
This morning, when I was in the shower, I had the longest, most detail-specific deja vu I've ever had in my life. I started to panic because I could see everything happening before it happened, and had to hold back the vomit twice. Shit was weird.
>> No. 19039 [Edit]
>I think that it occurs after long periods of not talking to other people. It still occurs every once in a while.
sounds about right, I didn't use to have this problem.
>> No. 19040 [Edit]
Today, I Google stopped working unless I turned on cookies. This happens in Seamonkey, but not IE.
>> No. 19041 [Edit]
I *noticed* Google stopped [...]
>> No. 19053 [Edit]
I get that very often, sometimes it's accompanied shortly after with my vision going static like and gray while I feel a weird disconnection from my body. Like I can still move my body and walk around but I can't feel it there. The strongest time it happened my body felt stretched out and distorted and I was just surrounded with all this black haze covering everything and no sound which lasted for around 5-6 seconds. There are many times when I feel like I have lived this life before. I didn't want to leave it so I just lived it in this time period over and over and over again shaping it to the way I want it to be a little more each time. And there are times where time periods intersect.
>> No. 19057 [Edit]
File 135486176395.jpg - (342.57KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-12-07_00001.jpg )
I get what you mean with the whole disconnection thing. Ever since this morning, it's been continuing to hit me. Fragments of memories of doing the exact same thing popping up over and over. Is it a brain glitch? Did I dream this? The "memories" have this surreal dreamlike quality to them, but I've been checking if I'm awake all day long.

I had to stop SR3 co-op with a buddy just a few minutes ago, because we did something that I remember doing down to every detail, including the Steam conversation of "Oh fuck, I need to go, I think I'm going to puke."

Where the hell are these memories coming from? Is it my brain syncing up with a parallel universe "me" or what? I don't believe I like this world enough to put myself through it over and over.

Oh christ, now I have a splitting headache.
>> No. 19062 [Edit]
You can hit reload after typing something in or just search from the address bar.
>> No. 19064 [Edit]
I tried to help my dad buy my mom a christmas present online, but I couldn't find the exact thing he was talking about because it didn't exist. found the thing he was PROBABLY talking about, but that wasn't good enough so he started yelling at me and I told him to fuck off. Trying to do anything with him results in him shouting at me and I'm sick of it
>> No. 19065 [Edit]
Ah, thanks, the location bar works. I didn't notice, as I had the location bar set to Wikipedia.
>> No. 19066 [Edit]
The fact that they are not just like regular memories of like what you did yesterday and they are accompanied with a feeling of you being in a dream of what is happening proves there is something much more to it to me than just being a brain glitch. There is no way for periods of time that long I would fluently remember going through exact motions and conditions whilst feeling like I'm dreaming (it's an exact feeling of being in a lucid dream) that it was just a simple screw up in my head. I'll just have to wait till I die and see. I would go back and do this life again being the same general person. It's this or nothing.
>> No. 19067 [Edit]
Well, on the bright side, if I train myself to not react with panic and nausea, this'll help a ton with lucid dreaming, considering it causes me to question reality every 20 seconds or so.
>> No. 19069 [Edit]
Although, I can only view the first page of results, and refreshing doesn't help.
>> No. 19070 [Edit]
Fixed my computer today. It was just a simple matter of putting a new OS on. Still runs like shit though, haha. But now I can catch up with the anime I was following. I added a desk to my room, so now I'm not sitting on the floor anymore, like a person in a 3rd world country. The chair is uncomfortable, though. I think I prefer the floor...

Also started playing Dragon Warrior III. It's good so far, although I have no idea what's going on.
>> No. 19071 [Edit]
I've been assigned the position of Computer fixing pro by my sister and now I have to fix this girl's laptop while she waits in my living room. The problem is that it's slow, so maybe I can somehow fix this without too much trouble or having to go through a ton of technical things like installing a new OS when this has Windows 8 and I don't have a way of reinstalling that.

I am largely ignorant on these things, damn it! ;_;

Hopefully CCleaner can help me out in some way with this.
>> No. 19072 [Edit]
Skipped the night trying to save some data from my soon-to-be-dead disk, putting the other disks' partitions in order and correctly install linux so it takes over the MBR.
Considering just leaving a Windows installation in place for games and migrate to linux for everything else when I get everything back in order.
>> No. 19077 [Edit]
Model UN staffing idea fell through....apparently staff got REALLY filled up quickly. Also, someone tried mugging me on the bus today (I grabbed the phone back before they bolted out).
>> No. 19086 [Edit]
I just bought this mouse a few months ago and I already need a new one again because the back button on it is fucking up. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
>> No. 19088 [Edit]
spotted on ebay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/130815563403

>My old school organizer I used back in High School

>I used mostly pencil so they can be rubbed out
>One friend wrote her address in pen so the winning bidder can prank her or just liquid paper her out

Post edited on 8th Dec 2012, 4:53pm
>> No. 19089 [Edit]
That's weird out of everything that has ever went wrong with my computer I have never had a mouse break on me. What I'm using right now is probably a few years old and my keyboard is even older.
>> No. 19107 [Edit]
Been trying to solve a Rubik's cube for several weeks. Sometimes, I spend all day and get nowhere. I know there are algorithms you can follow to solve it, but I expect anyone who isn't fucking retarded like me would have solved it by now.
>> No. 19109 [Edit]
Solving a Rubiks cube has little to do with intelligence and is mostly about following the algorithms. You can try to make your own algorithms but that too is very hard.
>> No. 19120 [Edit]
Actually solving it without using algorithms or directions would require a good deal of spatial intelligence. There's another method called f2l, which teaches how to solve it intuitively, rather than memorizing algorithms.
>> No. 19121 [Edit]
I think the problem a lot of people have with Rubik's cubes, is focusing to much on getting one side into a full color without taking into consideration it's actually a 3D puzzle and you need to think about each peace and where it goes in relation to each side. Instead of trying to getting a any block of a specific color into a specific side, you should maybe focus more on the individual peaces instead, try to figure out how to get it into it's spot but while also taking into account how the movements will effect other blocks.
>> No. 19157 [Edit]
Somebody give me breakfast!
>> No. 19158 [Edit]
File 135526536594.jpg - (195.82KB , 920x661 , bunny toast.jpg )
>> No. 19161 [Edit]
That rabbit looks delicious, thank you.
>> No. 19238 [Edit]
Went to two bookstores to check for volumes of Story of Civilization but they apparently stopped producing it around here.
>> No. 19271 [Edit]
I decided to finally start learning C#. To teach myself the basics (or what I feel are the basics), I made a program that uses the Windows "findstr" command to search through files in a directory and display all matching lines in a neat little table.

I had been using the command itself to search through old IRC logs, but now I no longer have to go through the process of opening up the command prompt, moving to the folder with my logs, and typing up the command to search through them (sometimes having to redirect the output to a file if it's too large). Now I can just run my little program.
>> No. 19276 [Edit]
File 135561572611.jpg - (129.74KB , 1200x1600 , ancient_armor.jpg )
Life is still painful and annoying, even more so with vacations.


Good luck learning it, I hope you can succeed in your endeavours.
>> No. 19280 [Edit]
File 13556325729.jpg - (71.47KB , 499x513 , Bioshock_2_boxart.jpg )
Bought Bioshock 2 for PC since I never got around to playing the sequel.
I was really excited to play it for some reason but playing it sends my GPU and CPU temperatures skyrocketing so I'd rather not, now. Even on medium. Which is weird, and stupid, because I can play The Witcher 2 on medium-high with temperatures not exceeding the "safe" temperatures.
Was this game coded by fucking gorillas or what?
>> No. 19281 [Edit]
I drank a glass of milk today and it made my aching teeth feel better. Maybe it's the calcium.
>> No. 19282 [Edit]
Finished watching Jinrui wa. Probably the best anime I've watched this year, might give the printed material(manga or LN? Or both?) when I'm a bit more confident in my japanese.
>> No. 19285 [Edit]
I watched the 2nd Berserk movie, but it had Chinese subs and was censored. I took the subs off and.. to my surprise I could actually understand most if not everything they were saying. I'm kind of happy my Japanese has improved.
>> No. 19288 [Edit]
Backing up my hard drive today to an external. I feel fine and it's no different than any other Sunday except that my nose is being so annoying right now. It's all stuffed up, not even that runny. I just can't even breathe through it well or smell anything and this has been like this for the past few days.
>> No. 19290 [Edit]
I started porting my log-searcher program to Java because I heard that language is more popular than C#.

Then my mom found out about the shooting that happened the other day, learned that the guy who did it was all quiet, shy, "smart," and stuff like that, and got worried that I might snap like he did because I match those traits. That's one personal thing I hate about shootings, people always jump on the quiet ones for it.
>> No. 19291 [Edit]
I got the results of my country's version of Finals. Overall I got 77.55/100. I was aiming for 80, so I'm pretty disappointed.

I apparently had an average of A in my exams but a C average in my course work. I wish I'd tried harder.

I said it wouldn't get to me if I failed but I'm pretty depressed. I'll probably sit around and jack off or something.
>> No. 19292 [Edit]
No one here will shut up about it, people constantly need the TV blasting because they can't stand going 2 minutes without getting their daily dose of fear and tragedy.
>> No. 19293 [Edit]
File 135570095415.png - (26.44KB , 1000x1000 , jenteogskygger.png )
Woke up late, played some WiiU and then watched Porco Rosso.
I was thinking of drawing, but since I'd been drinking rather heavily yesterday, I couldn't. Not because my head was hurting or anything, but because my arms were hurting real bad. I've never a headache or gotten sick after drinking, it's only my arms that start aching. I don't know if I should be worried about that or what.
I did draw this thing just now though. But my arms are starting to hurt, so I'm going to bed.
>> No. 19296 [Edit]
Hey now, lets keep that sort of nastiness towards other people out of Tohno-chan.
>> No. 19299 [Edit]
I was under the impression I was allowed to post worthless posts on Tohno-Chan's daily report thread, I'm very gomenasai

Take it easy okay.
>> No. 19300 [Edit]
Nah dude I'm sorry, I was too hard on you there. but you gotta admit, it's not the end of the world right?
>> No. 19301 [Edit]
He never said it was the end of the world, you cocksucker. He was gently venting on the internet about something shitty that happened.
>> No. 19302 [Edit]
Don't get your panties in a bunch, faggot.
>> No. 19303 [Edit]

Take it easy with the insults, guys.
>> No. 19304 [Edit]
File 135573395296.jpg - (9.65KB , 301x155 , SHITJUSGOTREAL.jpg )
Even a sick kid hunting rats in a third world country has little to complain about compared to a kid in the same situation who cant move and is starving to death.

Therefore nobody should complain about anything ever.
>> No. 19305 [Edit]
Seeing my dad go through chemo is really tough on the whole family. First world problems.
>> No. 19307 [Edit]
It's alright man, I'm not going to kill myself over this or anything. It just sucks when you work hard and think you tried your best, only for it to turn around you know? You begin to think "Oh, if only I had worked that BIT harder." It's just a shitty thing to have happen.
>> No. 19308 [Edit]
Parents keep bringing up fulltime work at every opportunity when I'm already at least working parttime. If I don't do this in babysteps, I'll go insane. It would be weeks from now, maybe even months, before I can work up the courage to apply for fulltime. Fuck.

My parents are generally pretty lenient. No prying, shouting matches, no threats to kick me out. Should I just tell them to not bug me about it for a while or just passively ignore it?
>> No. 19310 [Edit]
What are you running? I just had some kind of disk error and am gearing up to change to crunchbang
>> No. 19311 [Edit]
Maybe you could try explaining training progressively to them, and how taking it easy will get you better results in the long run and that rushing for results without patience like a moron will only set you back.
>> No. 19313 [Edit]
What type of job do you have now?
>> No. 19316 [Edit]
Was out driving. Saw two eyes reflecting red at a crazy height, I stopped and saw it was a moose and her calf. Kawaii as fuck.
>> No. 19317 [Edit]
That's a good idea. I just graduated from college Saturday, and they insist that "someone with your degree should be making more than what you make now," but I've been working this job since mid October. I'm only just now about 80% adjusted to it since my schedule just changed. I might mention how it's taken time to get adjusted to working.

It's some lame "marketing" job but it's really just one of those "not-real totally fake" jobs with a fancy title. It's just a form of data entry. It's pretty easy at least.
>> No. 19321 [Edit]
I'm gonna eat pudding for the first time in a long time later, wish me luck friends
>> No. 19322 [Edit]
Um, good luck?
>> No. 19395 [Edit]
How was it?
>> No. 19396 [Edit]
It was pretty good!
>> No. 19406 [Edit]
File 135593657365.jpg - (328.20KB , 1600x1024 , serial_experiments_lain_cable_mobile_phone_smartph.jpg )
Been looking at single-board computers. I've got nothing to do and I'd like to experiment a bit, maybe try to make a portable little quasi-smartphone. The Raspberry Pi has lots of general support and users more talented than me to learn from, but it's old and the A10 boards have double the performance and lots of built-in features, like Wi-Fi.

More research needs to be done.
>> No. 19416 [Edit]
Been rewatching the retsupurae Dead to Rights: Redemption videos. I miss them being this funny.

You have the right to remain SILENT
>> No. 19417 [Edit]
Some indian-sounding survey guy has been calling my house all day looking for me, even after my mom lied and said I didn't live here. I think I'm being hunted
>> No. 19427 [Edit]
Dead to rights
>> No. 19431 [Edit]
I still watch their stuff and listen to that new Retsutalk thing they have going. I always look forward to their videos every week, they aren't as good as they used to be though like you said. A lot of their older RP's made me laugh so hard.

That once happened to me with my cellphone, always from some random looking number or just RESTRICTED. If the number is not someone who is already in my contacts I don't answer it anymore. I also had this weird time where a number came from a strange number after having a weird dream where someone said they couldn't contact me so some other guy took a cellphone out of his pocket and called. I got the call IRL, but there was nothing but quiet static sounds on the other end. Still creeps me out to this day.
>> No. 19435 [Edit]
On a bus on the internet on ketamine on acid
>> No. 19462 [Edit]
File 135605849346.jpg - (255.87KB , 1650x1050 , 1355931389577.jpg )
Couldn't figure out how to turn off the alarm from an alarm clock in my room so I decided to open it, cut the wires that connected the battery to the sound making thing and close it back. I felt like a rocket scientist neurosurgeon disarming a bomb when cutting the two red wires.
>> No. 19482 [Edit]
I did nothing, as usual. I've been feeling desperately restless lately, so maybe there's hope.

Post edited on 21st Dec 2012, 2:28am
>> No. 19483 [Edit]
I want a dragon slayer and I want to fight demons, damn it!

I want to be the shounen protagonist!
>> No. 19485 [Edit]
Done with school, turns out the stress from finals intensified my illness and that was the reason why I couldn't sleep. Now I can, but my sleeping schedule is so fucked up I still can't sleep regularly. Waiting for my grades is horrible and the entire next semester and how much fun I can have next year will depend on the grades for this semester... and I know I didn't do as well as I wanted to.
>> No. 19499 [Edit]
A wet little girl wearing a swimsuit entered my house today, started walking around until she ended up seeing me and noticing she had entered the wrong house. She must be the new neighbours daugther, thouhg I honestly question how new and aloof you have to be to enter the wrong house and take more than one second to notice.
>> No. 19500 [Edit]

she was a burglar
>> No. 19501 [Edit]
I initially thought so too and this remains a possibility inside my head. I told all of my family to make sure to lock the doors from now on.
>> No. 19524 [Edit]
Sounds like the start of a horrible doujin.
>> No. 19532 [Edit]
Where do you live? I wish it was that warm here now. Walked in fucking teens weather.
>> No. 19534 [Edit]
Damn, that sucks. Even this 40's Fahrenheit weather is making my hands numb enough that my typing is slowing and less accurate. Need some gloves or something.
>> No. 19535 [Edit]
I live in the southern hemisphere so it is currently considerably hot in here due to summer. Living at an apartment where alot of people go to the pool thsi time of the year is suffering, they leave the entire damn place wet.
>> No. 19552 [Edit]
I made an account on Project Euler to practice my programming and see how far I can get.

I completed the first 7 problems already. I stopped for today, but I have an idea as to what I'll do for the 8th one.
>> No. 19561 [Edit]
I started working on it again the last few days and I finally did it! I don't really know how I solved it. Just kept dicking around while trying not to fuck up the progress I had made. Those last 2-4 pieces can go fuck themselves. Although, I do admit that a few years ago, I knew a dude who knew the puzzle pretty well, and I think I recall him saying that one method is to do the corners first, which is what I did. That way made some sense, because I don't see any way to move corners without moving sides, but the opposite doesn't apply.
>> No. 19565 [Edit]
If you actually found the algorithms on your own without any input from guides or whatever, you're not as much of a 'fucking retard' as you might think you are.
>> No. 19574 [Edit]
File 135641991150.jpg - (71.73KB , 629x478 , 13734769235.jpg )
Today was a surprinsingly and depressingly uneventful day. I guess now it is time to get up and carry on.
>> No. 19575 [Edit]
File 135642298166.jpg - (37.39KB , 600x337 , 37429-kiri_komori2_super.jpg )
Several family came to the house today to say merry christmas. Amongst them, one of my older cousins who works overseas but came to let us meet her 3DPD whom he seems to be pretty serious about. However, he got this idea of showing her our entire house, so he asked my permision to show her my room (which pretty much NOBODY outside the family has ever enter at, and not even he himself had seen in several years). I was going to say no; but, since he's always been very kind to me and would never do anything to ashame me, I realized he was maybe trying to tell her someting like: "this is my family; this also a very dear part of me and my world; please acknowledge it" -so I did let them in...

I think both of them were more shocked than they let themselves show. But I didn't lose face at any moment, so I guess it's ok.

Post edited on 25th Dec 2012, 12:19am
>> No. 19578 [Edit]
Today I wasn't expecting anything, but unfortunately I forgot that my aunt had left on a trip to her country, so my other aunt came here because her kid felt bored as did her and her husband. The neighbor's kids came to my house and played with my "Nintendo" they enjoyed themselves although it seems like the girl liked me or something because she was a little annoying and clingy and weird. She even stated that I "was her big present". I can't handle compliments, that made me turn red and rush to the bathroom as I tried to calm myself about such a weird and embarrassing comment.

How does a child find an ugly NEET loser with yellow teeth attractive? Why do children find me attractive period?! I don't want any 3DPD and I don't want to get vanned.

That's not even the tip of the iceberg as my aunt's husband said that I was a "genius" and I should "get noticed". I'm a fucking retard and I know this. I don't want to "get noticed", I want to stay in my room, fap, read manga/doujins, play video games, and die.
>> No. 19579 [Edit]
What's so shocking about your room?
>> No. 19583 [Edit]
provocative anime figurines and other collectibles (dakimakura); dried insects and fur pelts; undone laundry and mess all around (used kleenex on the flour around over filled trash can); smell of sweat and stuff... The room of a self abandoned/absorbed shut-in.
>> No. 19584 [Edit]
>How does a child find an ugly NEET loser with yellow teeth attractive?

Beats me. But some of them do, yeah (been there). And we may be lolicon but, indeed, it's not like we're gonna do anything with any 3D at all, so don't spank yourself too much about it.
>> No. 19587 [Edit]
File 135644141721.png - (1.89MB , 967x1361 , 58c022040f95203eca50dfff378aaa0f.png )
Merry Christmas.
>> No. 19590 [Edit]
File 135645356780.jpg - (501.04KB , 834x1146 , 1356444356914.jpg )
merry christmas ticks
>> No. 19597 [Edit]
That's cute, lolis are awesome

-some- people might not like 3D, but others are okay with it
>> No. 19598 [Edit]
If you like 3D kids then keep it to yourself. Or, preferably, get out.
>> No. 19600 [Edit]
We're not ALL lolicon. But hopefully we're all otaku.
>> No. 19601 [Edit]
I have as much a right to demand that of you.
>> No. 19602 [Edit]
No, you really don't.
>> No. 19603 [Edit]
really? Prove it.
>> No. 19604 [Edit]
I'm not that guy but this puts me of when people are condemned for simply being a pedophile, as if the other group has some sort of moral high-ground that demands it.
>> No. 19606 [Edit]
It's not a matter of morality, it's a matter of legality. last thing anyone here wants is for the site to be shut down.
>> No. 19608 [Edit]
Its not even pedophilia, its about liking 3D.
>> No. 19609 [Edit]
yeah, and if someone likes 3D, they should keep it to themselves or gtfo.
>> No. 19612 [Edit]
Pedophilia is not illegal in any country as far as I know, but ok.
>> No. 19614 [Edit]
I just noticed I got a text from an unknown number claiming to be from my mother, stating that she was staying at a friend's place and that I should message that number when I've unlocked the door.

Apparently, she had forgotten her keys and the spare keys, rang the doorbell, knocked on my window, and called me in an attempt to get me to open the door for her. Admittedly she probably isn't much of a knocker, but I wonder how the hell I managed to miss it.
>> No. 19618 [Edit]
especially given this website claims to be for social outcasts.....and The US and Europe tend to consider "pedophiles" to be social outcasts....

12chan was never shut down due to that, and remember what they had?
>> No. 19619 [Edit]

Deal with it
>> No. 19621 [Edit]
File 135656470783.jpg - (35.04KB , 600x570 , 1356559608881.jpg )
I actually sort of miss seeing these silly old memes.
>> No. 19622 [Edit]
I wouldn't say I miss them, but I do miss the days where they weren't irritating as shit and posted everywhere all the time
>> No. 19623 [Edit]
I'm not >>19621, but I know what you mean.
>> No. 19624 [Edit]
File 135657090440.jpg - (21.18KB , 240x180 , Underwater_ray_romano.jpg )
Hm but don't you miss the memes themselves? People rarely even use them anymore.
>> No. 19625 [Edit]
I think people outside of TC still use them a lot, people here just have a log sized stick up their ass about them is all.
>> No. 19626 [Edit]
Not at all.
>> No. 19629 [Edit]
personally I miss the feeling of imageboards being this new and exotic thing.
>> No. 19633 [Edit]
they use em a lot
>> No. 19637 [Edit]
It's the family christmas meetup and my brother's 3DPD slut can't keep her talons off of him. Dammit, woman, he's mine, not yours!
>> No. 19649 [Edit]
I got a new pc chair for christmas and the padding on the seat is almost flat. Is this normal? I'm not a fatass, I'm underweight. This sucks.

I took my dog for a walk today, it was nice. I got some new gloves too so my hands weren't freezing holding the leash.
>> No. 19656 [Edit]
You should see the chair I have in my room. It must be over 10 years old. The smooth leather like covering on the seat area is completely torn off in some places as well holes of foam padding gone. It's actually comfortable for me since I usually sit on it with no legs touching the floor. Just cross legged or one leg kneeling and another up to my chest.
>> No. 19658 [Edit]
I went out and bought a graphics tablet with my Christmas money. I wandered around the store for nearly half an hour because I couldn't find what I was looking for, and I was too afraid to ask because I felt that people would think I was looking for a tablet computer, since the section for them took up a good quarter of the store. Eventually I found out that they were over near the video games, rather than the computer section where I thought to look.

Now I can finally practice drawing without leaving behind bad drawings that would get me laughed at.
>> No. 19659 [Edit]
Okay, so I'm probably not retarded, but I still think that most people could have finished faster - I spent a ludicrous number of hours on it.
But mostly, my main hobby is self-pity. Nothing to see here, move along.
>> No. 19675 [Edit]
I was watching the first episode of walking dead with my parents, and my dad asked why rick was so scared and confused about zombies at the hospital when he had already shot a little girl zombie. This question surprised me a little and I tried to explain that the earlier scene was actually something that happens later, but he didn't seem to understand.
>> No. 19679 [Edit]
Finally set up my new sound system in my room completely. Too bad I can't test it well and adjust some settings to make it sound as good as possible at the moment because my ears are still ringing pretty bad from a ear shattering loud concert on wednesday night. I've had worse at all day music fests but damn is it 10 times more annoying when you actually have something audio related to do that requires precision.
>> No. 19682 [Edit]
I built my first computer,
feels good since I had this dreaded feeling the entire time that I was going to fuck it up, like I did when I was a kid.
>> No. 19683 [Edit]
File 135673602651.jpg - (64.19KB , 230x343 , Pi.jpg )
You mean you choose and bought all the parts (from the motherboard to peripherals) and put them together, or you did some major engineering there?
>> No. 19684 [Edit]
the former
>> No. 19685 [Edit]
Are you asking if he designed his own motherboard and videocard boards using purchased components?
Are you asking if he manufactured the boards himself, or sent the schematics to an ICB fabrication company?
Are you asking if he designed and manufactured all the components (the ICs and the analog circuit elements (resistors, caps, inductors, transformers, etc)) as well? And also, did he manufacture all the things like connectors and cables?
Is he designing the software to design the computer?
Did he design the computer that software runs on? Did he manufacture it?
And are you asking if he purchased the CPU, or also designed it? Or if he has the multimillion dollar facilities and business connections required to manufacture a modern CPU?
Is he building that facility by himself?
Is he acquiring the silicon and other raw materials by himself?
Is he making the raw materials out of energy?
Is he creating that energy?

Basically, what I'm saying is, to make an apple pie, you must first invent the universe. And you know what he meant by "built a computer."
>> No. 19686 [Edit]
I wanted to know if he was into something beyond our average level of customization indeed, not to look down on any of his efforts but because I got curious.
>> No. 19687 [Edit]
In that case, I apologize for my cynical assumption.
>> No. 19688 [Edit]
Really late response, but you probably had an epileptic seizure that failed to reach other parts of your brain. I used to get that all the time when I was a kid. I'd also feel nauseous when they were happening and have olfactory hallucinations during them. Once it was over, I'd feel really tired and fall asleep.

Luckily, I grew out of all of that.
>> No. 19689 [Edit]
How interesting. They stopped after two days, just when I started to... almost enjoy them. I kind of miss it, actually.
>> No. 19690 [Edit]
I've been having some minor hallucinations lately, no idea why. I don't mind them though, it makes things a little less boring for me
>> No. 19703 [Edit]
My throat feels like shit today but I managed to avoid it actually hurting by drinking and spitting endlessly all morning. My inner upper lip is still swollen in an area along with the little piece connecting it to my gums from when I got punched in the face Wednesday night and it hurts when pressure is applied at all and is really annoying. Anyone have anything I can do to help this get better faster?
>> No. 19705 [Edit]
"FEVER!!!~" Pata pata pata pon!

How in the fuck do you mess this game up? The people who messed this game up need to be, like, kicked right in the dicks.

Anyway, I've got a fever and the flu. My body hurts and right now using my eyes too much causes me to get a headache.
>> No. 19742 [Edit]
I downloaded and played Fairy Fighting. I fapped to things in that game I never imagined I'd get off to. The game is very difficult as well.
>> No. 19751 [Edit]
Chloraseptic spray for the sore on your lip, same thing for your throat. You could take small shots of whiskey to sooth your throat, as well.

Acetaminophen will help with the throat pain, but if it persists you should go see a doctor to get some antibiotics.
>> No. 19796 [Edit]
File 135695832216.png - (22.31KB , 500x500 , f32801d7d5b8d2a738bddb6271dd40ae.png )
Parents made me help clean out the garage car hole and I found some old consoles and games. Spent the day playing Pikmin on my Gamecube.

2012 couldn't have ended better
>> No. 19798 [Edit]

That sounds fun. I thought about hooking my old consoles up and playing them, but I'd probably get bored quick and regret wasting the time
>> No. 19800 [Edit]
I play older games I used to play when I was very young in an NES emulator and I also play a bunch of arcade games I used to enjoy in MAME. I have fun beating my high scores from time to time.
>> No. 19833 [Edit]
I've been trying to set up TCP/IP under MS-DOS. I failed with the motherboard's inbuilt adapter, so I will perhaps install that spare RT8139 based card I have, because that one does have official drivers.
>> No. 19835 [Edit]
I tried setting up TCP/IP through DOS in a VM once, to see if I can get Windows 3.1 online.

I never got it to work (gave me a "not enough memory" error, even when loading the drivers in high memory), but it made me grateful for how easy it is to connect to the internet now.
>> No. 19836 [Edit]
I embarrassed myself on the phone when ringing to check if my washing machine is coming today. Must remember to breathe when speaking, it's going to be a long day.
>> No. 19874 [Edit]
Spent most of the day looking at PSU reviews and how those monsters work. Also found out the spare one I'm using at the moment has chinese capacitors only and a bunch of conductor wires where the capacitors and inductors of the last filtering stage should be. Scary shit.
>> No. 19876 [Edit]
I still haven't received my vacation hours check for a job I quit nearly 5 months ago. I followed up at least twice and I still haven't gotten the check, now I feel like I'm just pestering them and I'm desperate, but I am. I have no clue what to do since I already checked on it twice...
>> No. 19881 [Edit]
I was taking a walk at around 2:30 am, and some dude asked if I needed a ride. Of course, I said no. It was really weird.
>> No. 19882 [Edit]
Whats the matter, don't like getting raped and killed?
>> No. 19884 [Edit]
Dickings were inbound. I know the code.
>> No. 19924 [Edit]
I learned that my NEETdom of over 2.5 years will be ending in two weeks. Feels weird. Think I'll stop posting on this board after it happens out of respect for its culture.
>> No. 19931 [Edit]
The second appointment of my sickobux psych eval is tomorrow. I nailed the first appointment last week, the doctor was already willing to prescribe me shite if I hadn't rejected the prospect. With the momentum from the succesful first appointment this one should be smooth sailing. I don't know exactly how many appointments there are in an evaluation like this, but I should be set for at least a couple of months of sickobux once I clear it.

Why is your NEET career ending, exactly? Can't it be avoided?
>> No. 19933 [Edit]
It's not really saying much when they try to push pills on you, it's their solution for everything.
>> No. 19935 [Edit]
She explicitly stated that she thought I was qualified for sickobux and empathized with my plight so much as to tear up a bit. I'd say that's good enough.
>> No. 19936 [Edit]
That's better.
>> No. 19937 [Edit]
Employment. I don't think I'm cut out for being a NEET for life, have a hard time thinking about it, so since this came through I'm going to give it a shot. No intention of becoming normal, but they probably assimilate you in a lot of important respects just by being in EET and in constant interaction with normals.
>> No. 19940 [Edit]
People used to make jokes about getting Pokemon game X or Y, but now it's a reality and you literally have to choose between either X or Y.

The newest Pokemon games are called X/Y
>> No. 19941 [Edit]
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLF9_geQCAE
>> No. 19946 [Edit]
Oh man! I shouldn't have read that! Warning, guys: huge spoiler here.
>> No. 19961 [Edit]
Oh sorry!

I'll be sure to use more spoilers in the future.
>> No. 19962 [Edit]
File 135775307388.jpg - (11.07KB , 781x253 , neet_logo.jpg )
I cleared the sickobux psych eval! The agency will take a month or three to spin their paperwork, but I'm set to receive the bux until October.

A disability psych eval usually takes three appointments, but I managed to talk it down to just two. Overall, it went very smoothly. Haruhi bless welfare society.
>> No. 19979 [Edit]
Watched a movie, a guy jumped under a subway train in it. I see that a lot in movies I guess. How I wish we had subway in my city, too, somehow it sounds like it would work. It's quick and you don't need to prepare anything... Life really is unfair, isn't it? Can't even jump of a tall building here (not like I'd to that either way I guess).
>> No. 19985 [Edit]
Today I built new computer. This was my first time building computer by myself and it was exciting. Everything worked on first boot. Whoo!
>> No. 19988 [Edit]
Congrats, most first timers get at least one (usually non-damaging and easily remedied) freakout.
>> No. 19989 [Edit]
File 13578883876.jpg - (40.61KB , 519x319 , shityourpants.jpg )
lol... I remembered when I installed SUSE, hated it, tried to get rid of it à la caveman (blowing out the partition), and thought the PC wouldn't boot for me ever again.
>> No. 19995 [Edit]
Haha I didn't even know that was possible.
>> No. 20054 [Edit]
File 135805648344.png - (52.42KB , 320x240 , SLUS_005_68_13012013_183332_0083.png )
Today I remembered why I had been avoiding playing Monster Rancher since I was a kid.
>> No. 20067 [Edit]
File 135811214676.png - (726.07KB , 1280x720 , animua ja kaljoo.png )
Feeling awful for no apparent reason
Usually I fuck something up and feel bad about it, but now it just started randomly
pic related, but i guess i'll just go cry myself to sleep instead
ps. it's 11.22pm where i live
>> No. 20068 [Edit]
I'm trying to get into system programming. I managed to initialize the 1024×768×8bit video mode and write text. Unfortunately, the BIOS' text scrolling routine is awfully slow, and takes about a second to execute.
>> No. 20071 [Edit]
I always feel horrible on sundays because I tend to get really stressed out and depressed and then I start snacking all day long on and off. When I told myself the night before I would just have a coffee and sandwich from dunkin donuts. I'll try harder to control myself from now on though. But I'm doing things now online that are making my happy which is making my mood even weirder because it can shift between miserable and a very hyper active happy in seconds. Just another emotional roller coaster ride for me today. Better to be empty and miserable only in the moment than make my body feel worse in the long run.
>> No. 20072 [Edit]
I feel horrible if I don't eat a subtantial breakfast in a timely manner.
>> No. 20078 [Edit]
I just puked all over the fucking sink. I hate this.
>> No. 20085 [Edit]
Today I ended up eating a sandwich, and had a lot of fun while doing so.

Little things, little changes like that, make a lot of things seem so much more fun and easy.

Also tried to watch Jojo's episode 5 in order to get caught up. I made it Barone's...third? appearance before I burst into peals of laughter.
>> No. 20099 [Edit]
I went to the hospital and got intravenous medication, I feel better now
>> No. 20111 [Edit]
File 135840437738.jpg - (84.64KB , 1920x1080 , X8vVo.jpg )
>> No. 20151 [Edit]
If we got any paranormal interested anons here this may spark your interest. Last night I had the money in my account with nothing I else I needed so I bought this from Amazon. ---> http://nazr.in/3jX I heard a lot of good things and seen some promising videos of it working well. I can hook up headphones to it as well as connect it to my speakers. I hope I can get something out of this.
>> No. 20152 [Edit]
You know ghosts aren't real, right?
>> No. 20154 [Edit]

“ We know that these spirits like to cuss at us with the "F" bomb and tell us to "get out". ”

That's hilarious. Reminds me of 7chan.
>> No. 20155 [Edit]
File 135863853410.png - (2.16MB , 1250x1500 , 43bef31da876bbd61fedd26c8f71ad98.png )
daily report 2: self-diagnosed (lel) borderine personality disorder
everything just clicks in too well, every fucking symptom
and it scares me like hell
>> No. 20156 [Edit]
This Seiga looks like she has the downs
>> No. 20163 [Edit]
I want to go to bed because I have nothing to do, but I'm not tired enough. I seem to be passing the days by looking forward to meals then staring at the clock hoping time will pass more quickly.
>> No. 20165 [Edit]
And that's exactly what makes ghost hunting a valueless pseudoscience. Stay classy.
>> No. 20186 [Edit]
I watched anime, ate a salad and pushed away the last person who talked to me, online or offline.
>> No. 20188 [Edit]
Looked at job listings. I know I need the money but I don't have the courage to send an application, even though I could probably get it...
>> No. 20189 [Edit]
My mother told me about about a three-day course about the fundamentals of photography that is going start soon, and I kinda want to go since it's a subject that I have interest in, but I don't know if I can take it.
>> No. 20191 [Edit]
I've seen more than enough proof in the videos of it I've seen with clear, extremely specific responses to questions. This person on youtube Huff Paranormal has a lot of good ones. If some of those videos aren't enough proof for you I don't know what is but whatever I'm not gonna argue with you. I'm pretty excited to give it a try, it'll give me something to do and things to talk to.
>> No. 20192 [Edit]
You know ghost videos are pretty easy to fake right?
>> No. 20195 [Edit]
File 135874147516.jpg - (138.50KB , 806x652 , cap.jpg )
First time catching this reference, it made me chuckle. I usually skip everything related to Takuga.
>> No. 20196 [Edit]

Because she's the only important commander with short hair and "boyish", Ryouma is one of my favorites. Wish there were more like that in the Rance universe.
>> No. 20241 [Edit]
Last few weeks I've had an almost unending headache. Taking two kinds of painkillers and it's still staying. Though it does go away for an hour or so every now and then. Wonder what it could be?
>> No. 20243 [Edit]
it might be a tumor
>> No. 20244 [Edit]

And it might be space aliens shooting headache beams into >>20241's brain. What's the point of random speculation like this?
>> No. 20246 [Edit]
I think it was a joke about what happens when you google symptoms eg. headache and receive out of proportion bullshit eg. cancer/aids/diabetes
>> No. 20249 [Edit]
its a joke from the movie Kindergarten Cop, I guess most of you are too young to remember it
>> No. 20250 [Edit]
I was gonna respond with "ehts not ah toumah!" but whatever.
>> No. 20251 [Edit]
>And it might be space aliens shooting headache beams into >>20241's brain

yes, they are called cosmic rays
>> No. 20252 [Edit]
File 135914923683.png - (621.36KB , 1135x1219 , s - 1347153 - 1girl :d ahoge barefoot bat_wings bl.png )
Got all the basic stuff "working" on my danbooru downloader script.
Now I gotta download all the stuff I missed and organize it all.
>> No. 20253 [Edit]
I ended up not going to the movies since the movie had already started and the next showing was to be at 10:10 or something like that and that was going to make us stay there until midnight, which we just couldn't do.

My mother decided to go to this pizza restaurant called portofino (or something like that) with food. We ordered a Hawaiian style pizza since the other stuff had onions and stuff that I didn't like. The pizza was delicious.

…That is all.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2013, 8:02pm
>> No. 20282 [Edit]
Today I was assigned to a group and well, I just realized how unfair it is. You, the person who wants to get shit done and works hard is tasked with something hopelessly impossible. If you do good, it is expected, no praise given. If you do bad, then holy fuck will the Armageddon come down to you. Compare that to that people who don't try at all. If they do good, holy fuck it's like heaven and everyone says they're the best. If they do bad, well, who cares-- it's to be expected. And in the end, you, has done the most, is given as much if not less than everyone else, who did not contribute at all. And then you disappear until they need you again.

I'm suffering.
>> No. 20289 [Edit]
Spent most of the day cleaning up my hard drives and then throwing files around as I reformatted everything to ext4. Computers make it so easy to accumulate junk.
Then the rest of the day went setting up my system again. Gave up on Windows and I'm now dual booting Mint and Crunchbang.
>> No. 20290 [Edit]
Are you a teenager?
>> No. 20292 [Edit]

Are you a mahou shoujo?
>> No. 20293 [Edit]

>> No. 20294 [Edit]
I watched the movie Mama at the movie theaters. It was dumb.

The end.
>> No. 20306 [Edit]
I saw this movie called Haunted House last weekend, it was perhaps the one of the stupidest movies I ever watched and don't know why my cousin and uncle thought it was a good idea instead of something enjoyable.
>> No. 20320 [Edit]
I threw a pack of smokes into a river. Only the second one I got since this year started but I'm sick of it. It's unhealthy, a waste of money, and I hate the smell it leaves on my clothes. The cheap high isn't worth it.

Post edited on 30th Jan 2013, 11:45am
>> No. 20325 [Edit]
Tried to lean how to emulate psp games on jpcsp. I quit because it's pointless to try and learn since know one can explain to me what the fuck an iso file is. I might as well just learn moonrunes.
>> No. 20326 [Edit]
It's a disk image. It's just a file that basically contains everything for each sector of a disk, and you can burn it to a CD and get an actual CD (like the ones you get when you buy a game or some software) instead of it just being a storage device like a USB pen or something. What you probably are trying to do though is mount one, which you can do using software like DAEMON Tools or whatever it's called. Mounting an ISO image with that is the same as inserting a CD containing that same ISO image, just without having to waste a CD.
>> No. 20327 [Edit]
My problem is that I don't have it or that I can't find it. I read a few instructions that said I needed to convert the folder of the game into an iso. Everything I've read that mentions doing that just gets weird about it like it's a heavily guard secret, and just says to google it which I did and didn't really find anything too helpful. Is daemon tools the program I need? Or is there more to doing this than that?
>> No. 20328 [Edit]
I managed to not cry while masturbating today.
>> No. 20329 [Edit]
A quick google search tells me that this might do it (http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm): just install and right click the folder you need to convert to ISO, it should have a "Create ISO image file" option there.
Whether you'll need DAEMON tools or not, I'm not sure. I think you probably won't, the emulator itself should be able to read the ISOs.
>> No. 20330 [Edit]
Why not just download an ISO of the game you're trying to emulate from pspiso or something?
>> No. 20331 [Edit]
File 135961325337.png - (36.24KB , 479x179 , fuck.png )
That turned it into an iso file, but the file doesn't seem to work. I did find an iso file though of the japanese version of the same game on one of my external hard drives. It runs that fine, so I'm assuming there's a problem with that converter.

Because I'm new to this shit and I have almost no idea what the fuck I'm doing. I don't see any downloads on that site. It just looks like a forum to me, unless I have to join or some shit.
>> No. 20332 [Edit]
Not sure if TC has any rules about posting links to filesharing sites but here is a link to a US ISO of Fate Extra.
You may need an account to find the PSP games section on PSPISO, you definitely need one to search.
>> No. 20333 [Edit]
Well I guess I'll try that link. I took a look at pspiso's faq and it says they don't have downloads on the site and you're supposed to register and make a thread asking someone for it so fuck that. If I have anymore problems with this shit I think I'll probably just give up on trying it again. Every few months or so I try to get it to work, get a little bit closer and then just quit. There's too much shit that goes into this for me to figure it out. I should probably just stay away from stuff like this altogether I guess.

Post edited on 30th Jan 2013, 11:27pm
>> No. 20342 [Edit]
If I could draw, I'd draw a picture of Ika Musume playing Ikachan. I think that she'd like this.
>> No. 20343 [Edit]
ticks icks cks ks s
t ti tic tick ticks
ti ck st ic ks ti c
ki tc it kc st ks i
>> No. 20357 [Edit]
File 135976464140.jpg - (646.41KB , 1500x853 , 2a6a0ce235733dd7595a7ec003fea1b1.jpg )
I found 700+ MB of worthless files and now I have space for more H pictures!
>> No. 20359 [Edit]

One time I found out all my deus ex saves were taking up like 5 gigs and it made me feel like an idiot
>> No. 20360 [Edit]
Yes, Deus Ex saves were ridiculously large. Every time I completed a mission I accumulated some 700MB worth of saves and had to delete everything.
>> No. 20361 [Edit]
My father retired: Now he will be here all day every day like me and my mom. We're a family of NEETs now
>> No. 20362 [Edit]
Just wait until he starts losing his mind from being so bored without work to do. You're in for it, young man. Pick up a rag and some windex and get to work!
>> No. 20363 [Edit]
At least you guys have something in common now!
>> No. 20365 [Edit]
>Just wait until he starts losing his mind

I'm fairly certain both of my parents are in the early stages of alzheimer's or something so this wouldn't be a surprise.
>> No. 20366 [Edit]
I've had a terrible migraine all day. I can barely see straight or think properly. Fuck my life.
>> No. 20367 [Edit]
That's happened to me before. It's a terrible feeling.

Go a local drug store and ask the pharmacist what you should take, or just get off-the-shelf migraine relief pills. For some things, they have the better stuff behind the counter that they'll get for you if you ask and don't seem shady. I know it's like that with pseudoephedrine, I think it's like that with other stuff, too. If the headache is between the eyes, boil some water and breathe the steam--pseudoephedrine and ibuprofen should help a bit, too.
>> No. 20368 [Edit]
I get migraines all the time. I've had them ever since I was little. Today though it's been worse than usual. There isn't anything that will treat the pain for mine when they get this bad. Usual though I just take a few advils and it takes the edge off.
>> No. 20369 [Edit]
I used to get headaches all of the time and it turned out that I had a deviated septum and got surgery to fix it. I hardly ever get headaches anymore.

I mostly got headaches behind and between the eyes, though, which is characteristic of a "sinus headache." If you're getting it near the temples, I think that's called a "tension headache," which is what I consider a migraine. At any rate, it's miserable and I feel for you, man.

Breathing steam and taking advil was what I usually did to help it. It felt like I could forget I was even alive for a few moments when I'd close my eyes and just breathe the hot steam in through my nose.
>> No. 20370 [Edit]
Well migraines and headaches are too different things, so dealing with them is sometimes different. What seems to work best for me when it gets this bad is cigarettes and coffee, but all those do is take the edge off for a little bit. It's calming down now, but I'll probably have it again tomorrow when I wake up.
>> No. 20412 [Edit]
I've been invited for an interview tomorrow to work as as an admin manager for this studio. Nervous as hell though and I don't even know if I'm really cut out for this kind of thing.
>> No. 20481 [Edit]
I've been playing the Etrian Odyssey demo and so far I've been playing for 4 hours (I think). I almost got killed by a baboon with an afro, but I managed to get away.

I will be damned if I finish this demo without killing that damned, dirty ape. My cute assassin will have her revenge.
>> No. 20500 [Edit]
I've been playing the Etrian Odyssey IV for 14 hours and 33 minutes. My head hurts and I don't want to go back to reality, but I finished a ton of stuff.

I want to go back and get lost in a video game.
>> No. 20520 [Edit]
I've been playing EO4 too. I'm a big fan of the series so I'm super happy that the demo is as good as it is.

Can't wait for the full game.
>> No. 20527 [Edit]
Today I cleaned my keyboard. There was more hair lost inside it than on my head.
>> No. 20528 [Edit]
Just got done shoveling the entire drive way after that snow storm nemo and holy shit there is a lot of it, everywhere at the moment is currently closed. Warm weather can not come soon enough so I don't need to worry about nature taking a shit on me. I don't even know if mail delivery is going to be on time for a while and that may or may not put me off ordering something I want online till all this snow is gone and I know for sure there won't be anymore of it coming. time will tell but time is moving slower than a snail right now.
>> No. 20529 [Edit]
I'm having a problem with pixiv's search where it does one of a few things after searching or refreshing

1. It tells me there are no results
2. It only shows 3 results
3. It shows results, but none from the last 12 hours or so
4. It shows the most recent results, as it should

What the fuck? This has to be a problem on their end, right?
>> No. 20530 [Edit]
I'm ashamed to admit, but this is my first time playing EO. As you probably can tell, I fell in love with the game through the demo. I will be buying it day one to try and make my team better from the mistakes I made with the skill trees.

I really thought that Leg Snipe was going to be useful in the beginning and neglected to touch Arm Snipe with my sniper. ;_;
>> No. 20531 [Edit]
I'm being depressed over something that probably really isn't that big of a deal.
>> No. 20532 [Edit]

Same, this >>20529
>> No. 20533 [Edit]
Well since there is a much bigger annoying problem right now outside due to snow everything that is a mild inconvenience is making me infuriated. I was downloading something and it was half way done and the people I'm downloading it from both go offline. I think the word vomit that just exploded out of my mouth could be the lyrics to some brutal death metal songs.

Post edited on 9th Feb 2013, 3:04pm
>> No. 20534 [Edit]
Be at ease
>> No. 20536 [Edit]
I've had some issues on it today too. It seemed like some images would disappear.
>> No. 20537 [Edit]
If you refresh the page they should come back (may take a few tries), if you are having the same problems as me anyway
>> No. 20538 [Edit]
I am trying to take it easy.
>> No. 20539 [Edit]
Yeah I noticed that. Sometimes when I did that other images would disappear instead though.
>> No. 20540 [Edit]

It seemed like whatever was wrong with it was fixed for me earlier but now it's back to fucking up every other time I go there.
>> No. 20544 [Edit]
Woke up at 12pm after drinking around 3 litres of white wine the night before. Hangover was inspired. Sat myself in bed watching Seinfeld until I felt well enough to pull myself away from the critically acclaimed television masterpiece.

Anything that isn't beer sucks. But beer is expensive. I wish Australia would legalise weed so I could hate myself in peace and quiet without having to associate with people I don't enjoy. Having regular access to it would probably inspire me to live a healthier life. Alcohol is poison.
>> No. 20545 [Edit]
I got a day pass from the hospital (I've been stuck there for a month now) and got real drunk and watched anime all night.
>> No. 20546 [Edit]
I woke up with a migraine and feel kid of nauseous. I would like to go back to sleep, but once I'm awake I stay awake.
>> No. 20547 [Edit]
I wish it was too but I would probably bake it into some tasty treats because I wouldn't be able to smoke in the house. I hate alcohol too but occasionally get drunk anyways which almost always ends with me laying on the floor overtaken with depression shoving food into my mouth while listening to glitch or ambient music until I crawl into bed to sleep. I don't have any access to any good relaxing drugs that I can do in secret. I'm so desperate that I get high on my own endorphin releases using ghost pepper based hot sauces tiny sips at a time, after I hit the peak I just drink milk till all I have is the high and I'm set for the night. A feeling of being calm, disconnected from my body somewhat, and like being in a living dream where the world doesn't feel real. Music feels more real though and my thoughts are more clear.
>> No. 20553 [Edit]
Beer is very cheap. The only thing that beats beer is cheap hobo wine.

I wonder how long I will be able fool my family to the fact that I want to be alive. I want to die soon. But I promised to my waifu I wouldn't kill myself so soon.
It's a good thing that alcohol is poison because one day it will kill me.
>> No. 20554 [Edit]
My left eyelid has been twitching for the past few days. I have no idea why.
>> No. 20555 [Edit]

I had this same exact problem a few months ago. It went away on it's own eventually
>> No. 20556 [Edit]
Yeah I'm sure it will go away, but every now and them it gets bad enough that I barely see out of it.
>> No. 20557 [Edit]
So did I. It was unpleasant but it went away on its own. I wonder if it was a sign of something more serious or just irrelevant bullshit
>> No. 20558 [Edit]
Having panic attacks too often...
>> No. 20559 [Edit]
My dad is gonna start going to the gym, and hes gonna make me go with him. I'm hoping I can get into a girly trappy shape ( ´∀`)
>> No. 20561 [Edit]

I've since signed up for my fitness center at college and I've been working out regularly for 3 weeks now. I wish to lose weight because I've seriously been inactive for my entire highschool life, so for 4 years I've lost the slim/fit figure that i had before. I'm not fat right now, but I sure am hopeful that my trips to the fitness center give me back that figure, although I'm certainly doubtful of it.
>> No. 20581 [Edit]
File 136067699139.jpg - (44.00KB , 460x345 , Full-Metal-Panic-23-Field-of-Giants_mkv_snapshot_1.jpg )
Wrote a script today. I'm actually very pleased with myself. All of those months watching British panel shows have worn off on me. I aim to make an ongoing Youtube series wherein I, and another person if I ever find one, review films that don't exist. Basically I come up with an absolutely absurd premise for a film, then I write a review of it as if it actually exists. I talk at length about the film's themes, symbolism and motifs, all of which are completely ridiculous. This first one, The Disgruntled Chemist, is hard to sum up because the humour is very dry. I call it "The first feature film to be shot in black and white" and later on talk about the accruing use of red in the black and white film symbolising the growing disdain the Chemist shows for the world. Later I talk about never having being "gruntled" though having been "DISgruntled". I like making myself laugh with silly stuff like this. If I had the skills I would shoot a scene of the protagonist in black and white walking past an intersection with traffic lights and a bunch of cars not knowing what to do.

The one I'm working on tomorrow will involve a documentary about a man who is always obscured by some nearby object whenever he is in shot of a camera. I would include descriptions of harrowing scenes such as the man being obscured by a child's balloons at a birthday party, stuff like that. I think this idea could work. I plan on writing a lot more with a friend. I'm lucky I have him around, he's the only one who gets my sense of humour.

If I ever make it on TV or gain a following on Youtube the thing I'm most looking forward to is including low key anime and video game references in my work.
>> No. 20588 [Edit]
Wrote some python to stop my computer from going into standby when I'm streaming stuff from it.
>> No. 20599 [Edit]
I found out my favorite comedian has a new show currently airing. Made my boring day better
>> No. 20605 [Edit]
𝔗𝔬𝔡𝔞𝔶 ℑ 𝔱𝔯𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔡 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔦𝔵𝔱𝔢𝔢𝔫-𝔥𝔲𝔫𝔡𝔯𝔢𝔡𝔰.

𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔣𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔩𝔢𝔣𝔱 𝔪𝔢 𝔴𝔞𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤, 𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔴𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔥𝔢𝔰 𝔴𝔢𝔯𝔢 𝔣𝔬𝔲𝔩. ℌ𝔬𝔴𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯, ℑ 𝔪𝔞𝔡𝔢 𝔤𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔱𝔦𝔪𝔢 𝔴𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔠𝔯𝔦𝔭𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔢𝔰 𝔞𝔰 ℑ 𝔰𝔞𝔱 𝔦𝔫 𝔰𝔮𝔲𝔞𝔩𝔬𝔯 𝔦𝔫 𝔪𝔶 𝔠𝔢𝔩𝔩 𝔴𝔯𝔦𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔬𝔣 𝔣𝔞𝔦𝔯𝔢 𝔪𝔞𝔦𝔡𝔢𝔫𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔰𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔩𝔰.
>> No. 20615 [Edit]
i can't believe I'm going to be stuck with my whirring, broken graphics card for weeks now. Well guess I'm not playing much games till it gets fixed.
>> No. 20634 [Edit]
I've spent the day watching Arkada Anime Reviews on Youtube. I really like his stuff, he seems to know what he's talking about, he has a great presence and the writing is top notch. I'm glad to have finally found an anime reviewer that isn't a stiff board talking about his favourite shows as if he were doing a presentation for his class.
>> No. 20640 [Edit]
I really can't wait till the game Earth Defense Force 2025 is released. I loved 2017 on xbox 360 but don't have a 360 anymore and have a ps3 now which it will be released on. No confirmed release date but most likely it'll come out this Summer and at the latest Fall. I sure hope not Fall, I want a fun Summer game to play.
>> No. 20642 [Edit]
File 136088517119.jpg - (70.75KB , 317x1024 , 1284537887051.jpg )
Ha, this is the first thing that came to mind when I read this.
>> No. 20645 [Edit]
My insomnia has kept me awake for almost 40 hours now. I still probably won't go to sleep for another 7 or 10.
>> No. 20646 [Edit]
There were times when I was a kid when I couldn't sleep, no matter how hard I tried. This was before I had a computer in my room, so all I could do is play warioware on my DS and hope I could pass the time until my body decided it had enough and pass out. I 100%ed warioware, and when I hear sounds from it it reminds me of those nights
>> No. 20649 [Edit]
Spent the night up watching anime. Was finishing up with Diebuster when some folks started shouting outside about threatening to kill each other.

Turns out someone was stabbed down the hall from my apartment. I'm scared as hell.
>> No. 20650 [Edit]
Art is shit.
>> No. 20651 [Edit]
I pulled a muscle in my leg getting out of bed from taking a nap.

I love art.
>> No. 20652 [Edit]
>getting out of bed

A classic mistake
>> No. 20653 [Edit]
Shit I thought I had it bad with the drug addicts hiding down the side of my house to ambush the dealer and the feral dog but no one's been stabbed where I am.
>> No. 20655 [Edit]
File 136097606673.jpg - (144.32KB , 820x1018 , awinner.jpg )
I finally, FINALLY, won rogue.
And now, I will never play again. Because, seriously, fuck this game.

The version I was playing is here: http://rogue.rogueforge.net/rogue-5-4/
Also, this version has a glitch. Monsters are supposed to have +4 to hit when you're asleep, but they don't initialize the flag which keeps track of this, so everything has +4 to hit you until the first time you wake up. Sleep includes: fainting from no food, scrolls of sleep, being frozen by ice monsters, sleep traps, and trying to take a haste potion while hasted (you "pass out from exhaustion").

I got insanely lucky drops (which is the only way to win this Haruhi-forsaken game). I got two magic rooms early on which gave me great equipment. I had +3 plate mail (which was ruined on the way back up by the aquators (rust monsters)). I had a two handed sword enchanted twice. I had THREE scrolls of scare monster, which are basically an auto-win for an entire floor (you stand on it and nothing can touch you). They enabled me to essentially turn certain death into a grind-fest. I had TWO wands of polymorph and FOUR scrolls of monster confusion which are auto-wins versus single monsters. Also, I got 2 or 3 strength potions.

And I STILL almost lost, several times. And then I accidentally went down a floor instead of going back up after getting the Amulet. That was almost catastrophic.
>> No. 20670 [Edit]
congrats bro!
>> No. 20676 [Edit]
>> No. 20682 [Edit]
So that's what the ending screen looks like. Wow.
>> No. 20683 [Edit]
Went and walked around the university I'm going to this year, for course approval.
It was a crash course in map-reading. Exercise, too. Going from sitting at the PC for the last... 12 weeks or so to walking in circles and often uphill for 3 hours straight.
I also ended up on the 9th floor of a building when I was meant to be on the 2nd. It was neat being so high up, though. Even if I did have to stick my arms in the closing elevator doors just in time to get back down before it shut.
>> No. 20687 [Edit]
I find foot fetishes obnoxious. They act so high and might and think everyone wants to see their shit while convinced there's isn't the smelly and ugly "low hanging fruit" it is, and acting like it's somehow 'better' than other more popular forms of fetishism.
>> No. 20689 [Edit]
They're pretty obnoxious, yeah. I'd rank fetishist obnoxiousness in subjects I'm not into as follows (from least obnoxious to most obnoxious):

Bestiality < Guro < Scat < Bara < Furry < Foot < Yaoi < Pony < Yuri

Generally, it'd seem like "harder" fetishes that are virtually always NSFW and often looked down upon are quite civil about their stuff, while "softer" stuff that is commonly presented in SFW just can't keep their shit to themselves.
>> No. 20690 [Edit]
>"softer" stuff that is commonly presented in SFW just can't keep their shit to themselves.
While I agree with the sentiment, I feel the need to point out my own fetish is as soft and safe for work as can be, but I never like talking about it.
>> No. 20691 [Edit]
I always see people saying this, yet my experience tells otherwise. Guro and bara, specially, seems like a bunchy of annoying edgy shitheads to me.

Fetishes discussions tend to be obnoxious. I find that talking about fetishes is the shittiest form of communication one can have on the internet, but I have brain problems so you are free to disregard what I'm saying
>> No. 20692 [Edit]
It's just that it can be a common and SFW fetish so you see it more often. I kind of like it but for me it's the opposite and a more rare version of it. I like arms and hands, more specifically gloves and a certain type at that like satin. I also like certain outfits. My fetish is embarrassingly uncommon and after digging around the internet the only porn of it that touches upon it exactly is some very obscure and specific, Japanese stuff. I don't think I want to even talk about how I satisfy myself. I feel like the only person on the planet that has it.
>> No. 20693 [Edit]
>My fetish is embarrassingly uncommon
I doubt it's less common than mine, There's pretty much nothing out there specifically for mine in Japanese media. in my years on imageboards, I've only ever seen one other person with it. if/when mine shows up in anything, it's just there as some any random item in the background would be and it's given the same level of attention. for that matter, many other wise skilled artists can't draw it for shit so they crop it out of images it should be in, or strategically place items in the foreground to hide it. No one ever points this out becuase no on gives a shit about it anyway. Because of this I've learned to be very humble about it, and take what I can get.
>> No. 20694 [Edit]
File 136124591426.jpg - (82.99KB , 341x341 , haii.jpg )
I backed up all my stuff onto my external and laptop. Now if I somehow fuck up dusting out my computer tomorrow all my cute girl pictures will be safe! ( ´・ω・)
>> No. 20695 [Edit]
I got tired today.
>> No. 20696 [Edit]
Today I realized that I really, really want to kill myself but I don't have the real means.

What is the most effective way with household objects?
>> No. 20697 [Edit]
File 136125093589.jpg - (88.53KB , 512x512 , cirno candy.jpg )

eat a bunch of candy and die of diabetes
>> No. 20698 [Edit]
If you want to go out with style and don't mind poor effectiveness, pain, and other potential inconveniences, the options are numerous. I recommend arranging your apartment to be assumed empty for a month or so, and tying yourself to a sturdy base for a slow dehydration, or starvation if you prefer that.
>> No. 20700 [Edit]
I have a strong desire for death and only death at any time that I am not in front of my computer watching the lovable antics of 3 - 6 cute anime girls.
This has persisted for months.
Am I ready, senpai?
>> No. 20701 [Edit]
No, you're not. You don't have permission to die until your job is done. Get on it and work to earn your right to die, you putrid ham-fisted sack of poop.
>> No. 20712 [Edit]

Well I couldn't dust it out after all because my dad's friend said he might come over at some unspecified time, which in my world means "the instant I open my computer" so I'm not falling into that trap. Maybe tomorrow
>> No. 20713 [Edit]

and right after I post this another one of my dad's friends calls and says he "might" come over, and some of my mom's friends will be over any minute. On the one day I set aside to clean, a Haruhidamn conga line of people are coming over. It's amazing.
>> No. 20720 [Edit]
I finished K-On! without realizing it was the end of the season. Fun show, cute, will definitely check out K-On!!.
>> No. 20729 [Edit]
Wow, you're watching it long after it ended. Why only watch the first season now?
>> No. 20754 [Edit]
I just woke up from a nap. I was lying in bed a few minutes ago and I randomly started hearing the drum intro to Foetus' "Today I Started Slogging Again", sounding like it was being played from, like, an iPhone speaker. Normally I would just wonder what was going on with that, but for some reason, I got, like, extremely afraid. Dunno why. Like, the most scared that I've ever been of anything ever. That was really odd.

I always wanted to watch it, but I went through a really long period when I couldn't even motivate myself to watch anime and I would just literally sit and do nothing the entire day. I now can at least motivate myself to watch videos of cute animated girls, which keeps me from wishing for death too much.

Post edited on 20th Feb 2013, 7:39pm
>> No. 20794 [Edit]
Today was my birthday.

>> No. 20795 [Edit]
Happy birthday, man.
>> No. 20797 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 20798 [Edit]
Got any plans?
>> No. 20799 [Edit]
Ate some cake. Relatives I forgot existed sent me some money in the mail so I went to buy one of those Visa Vanilla gift card things so I could buy a fig or something but then
>Due to changes in applicable law, gift cards purchased after March 31, 2012 may not be used for international transactions or purchases. Please use gift cards for domestic U.S. transactions or purchases only.
so I decided that I wasted my money.
>> No. 20800 [Edit]
If you ask me, the money would have been wasted if spent on a fig that only you see and that you'll forget exists after a month of owning it.

Just spend your money on something practical. Upgrade your computer hardware or buy a game on Steam, or something. If you wait until spring, Steam will have another one of those huge sales, I think.
>> No. 20803 [Edit]
>the money would have been wasted if spent on a fig that only you see and that you'll forget exists after a month of owning it.
A fig that can be resold for close to or more than it's value after it's out of print.
>Just spend your money on something practical. Upgrade your computer hardware or buy a game on Steam
Are you serious? both of those lose their value drastically in time, especially videogames that start at $60 but find themselves being sold for $10 after only a year or two.
>and that you'll forget exists after a month of owning it.
How does this not apply to a game you might play once or twice then never touch again, and can't resell after you're board with it becuase you didn't buy anything tangible?
>> No. 20805 [Edit]
File 136150191986.jpg - (35.98KB , 1024x576 , Rin-Tohsaka-fate-stay-night-heroes-16678543-1024-5.jpg )
Woke up after finishing the last of my alcohol yesterday, 6 day bender, very messy. Cleaned my room, had Mum take me to the hospital so I could get some serious help, sang a song of love and curled into a ball and cried a little.

I had such a great rapport with the hospital staff, it was a thing of beauty. I was the funniest I've ever been, I was switched on and my mind was blazing with intensity.

I told the staff everything and they sent me home. Today I got a phone call from the mental health services who wanted me to answer a few questions about myself and my behaviours so they could form a proper diagnosis during a few meetings over the weekend. The long and short of it is, apparently, Narcissistic Personality Disorder on top of Bi-Polar 2, maybe ADD and definitely Depression. I'd been diagnosed Bi-Polar before, but I was pretty surprised it took them this long to figure NPD. I'm the most narcissistic person I know.

I've decided to stop drinking for good. I'm going to improve my diet and save my money instead of spending it all at once as well. Once I reach 1000 dollars I'm going to treat myself to a hard PC copy of Fate/Stay Night and a delicious biscuit.

I hate myself so fucking much.
>> No. 20807 [Edit]
Decoration vs. usefulness. Would you rather upgrade your folding metal chair to a couch, or buy a painting for the wall?

>especially videogames that start at $60 but find themselves being sold for $10 after only a year or two.
I didn't say buy a brand new video game, he could buy some $10 ones, if he wanted. And just because it gets cheaper to purchase a game over time doesn't mean that owning it doesn't provide hours and hours and hours of entertainment. Are you arguing that everything you buy, no matter how much use and entertainment you get out of it, unless it manages to go up in monetary value after its original purchase, is a waste of money?

>becuase you didn't buy anything tangible
Arguing that something has to be tangible in order for it to be valuable would have to mean that insurance is a worthless investment. Insurance is as tangible as a computer game.
>> No. 20808 [Edit]
I reinstalled Debian but I can't get the fan working properly so now my lap is burning.

it's a hard knock life
>> No. 20812 [Edit]
yes, in my opinion if you lose money on something that is or becomes worthless from a monitory standpoint and you can never get a return on it, it's wasted money. you can enjoy a old tin can you buy for $20, but that doesn't make it any less of a waste of money.

I must say, I really dislike the way you disreguard figures as if they have 0 entertainment value and aren't in the slightest bit enjoyable. do you really think otaku would spend thousands of dollars collecting them if they didn't like it? You can't just ignore people who have fun 'hotgluing' their figures, striping off clothing, or just playing with them as toys.
Besides that, for me at least figures are comforting, they're pleasant to have around and I 'enjoy' collecting them, unboxing them, photographing them, or making displays and accessorizes for them. Just as many serious collectors in any field might say, they're like my children in a way. so I'd appreciate it if you didn't just write them off as wasted money as I'm sure you wouldn't like for videogames.

and yeah, I'd prefer to have a work of art I could resell if things got bad, compared to a couch which would slowly fall apart over the years as many do. but if it was a well made sturdy couch I'd get more than a few good years out of, maybe I'd go for that.

Besides, the guy could buy $50 worth of videogames and be done with it, I other the other hand could buy a $50 figure, then torrent the game and have both.

and Insurance IS a worthless investment most of the time. It's practically gambling, and just like gambling, it rarely pays off. I must have spent more than the value of my car on insurance for it in the time I've owned it.
>> No. 20814 [Edit]
i'm sorry i started this ;_;
>> No. 20815 [Edit]
My first post in this miniature discussion was really just to make >>20799 feel a little bit less bad about the visa card thing he's stuck with now. I wasn't trying to knock your fig collection, tohno.
>> No. 20816 [Edit]
>yes, in my opinion if you lose money on something that is or becomes worthless from a monitory standpoint and you can never get a return on it, it's wasted money. you can enjoy a old tin can you buy for $20, but that doesn't make it any less of a waste of money.
so you never pay for a service? money itself isnt even "worth" anything, its only value is in what people are willing to exchange for it.
>> No. 20817 [Edit]
I try to avoid it.
>> No. 20818 [Edit]
I accidentally threw one of my socks behind my bed while moving blankets and I'm too afraid to reach back there and get it
>> No. 20819 [Edit]
I lost my Superior Bolt because I accidentally pressed the wrong button and lost my best unit to some strong zombie thing that jumped on him twice with it's axe. At the time I was thinking that: 'as long as I don't mess up, I'll be able to leave with my money and this pretty cool sounding spell', but I fucked up and lost everything. I couldn't stop it and watched as it all destroyed itself because of a mistake.

Why does this keep happening to me?!
>> No. 20823 [Edit]
I finally had enough money saved up to by a car. I love cars even though I hardly ever leave my room, and after years of saving I can actually drive around and tune it up and all that fun stuff.

It's a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Renegade, in green with a tan hardtop. It's in fantastic condition, the old lady I bought it from had no idea how much it was worth so I got it at least $5000 cheaper than it would go at a regular second hand dealership. Less than 200,000km on the clock in 16 years, serviced every 6 months with the records to prove it, it hasn't been jacked up or had any other dickhead modification, and looks really cool. Might load it up with stuff and go on an adventure for a few days with Saber.

After 5 long years of having a full license I can go nowhere in style.
>> No. 20827 [Edit]

I want to poo on your car of choice but I do applaud the fact that you've attained a substantial dream of yours. Good job.
>> No. 20829 [Edit]
File 136165519222.jpg - (2.96MB , 1875x2500 , fire hydrant thing.jpg )
Around 2:30 am some Nissan that was running from the police knocked over the fire hydrant in front of our house and left a trail of busted car parts on our sidewalk/driveway.
>> No. 20830 [Edit]
it was an assassination attempt
>> No. 20831 [Edit]
You might want to lay low for a while, Tohno. I think they've been monitoring your wifi activity to determine that you are, in fact Tohno Minagi is Mai Waifu. This doesn't look good.
>> No. 20832 [Edit]
You can never trust Nissans. Damn shady cars.
>> No. 20833 [Edit]
File 13616684136.png - (58.42KB , 400x342 , 1338692140317.png )
>> No. 20834 [Edit]
One of those emblems was among the debris
>> No. 20835 [Edit]
Did you take it?
>> No. 20836 [Edit]

henderson, nevada?
>> No. 20837 [Edit]
was gonna but my mom told me not to, might still be there though.

>> No. 20840 [Edit]
I was playing Ace Combat: AH today and I realize that despite being a big Ace Combat fan, I know little to nothing about actual planes. I'd like to learn about them but I have no clue where to start.
>> No. 20841 [Edit]
I've been on the verge of a migraine for the past hour or so now. I can feel it coming, it feels like it will be a pretty bad one. I wish they would just go away.
>> No. 20842 [Edit]
Just try to keep the painkillers in your system (take them again as soon as you can, every day. Usually it's 4 hours between doses with 4 doses a day max). Works much better than just taking them when you think you'll need them.
It may shave a few years off your kidneys, but oh well.

Post edited on 24th Feb 2013, 11:49pm
>> No. 20843 [Edit]
I'm out of them. I think I'll probably just lay down until I can get more.
>> No. 20850 [Edit]
File 136189319247.png - (681.70KB , 1024x715 , friday_by_trapfanatic-d5wa012.png )
I woke up at 3 AM, couldn't get back to sleep for a while, drew an accurate depiction of what transpired, went back to sleep, and posted on tohno-chan about it.

>> No. 20853 [Edit]
I killed a large wasp at 3:00AM today due to my habit of browsing at night with the window opened. It was surprising that I had to hit it several times for it to actually die.
>> No. 20854 [Edit]
It doesn't surprise me, I don't think I've ever had a wasp die after hitting it just once.

I was out dumpstering this morning, and one of the was completely covered in a flock of starlings. All of them dispersed as I approached, save for one that had become entangled in a garbage bag. The birds had poked dozens of small holes in the bag to get to the food inside, and this one bird was so badly tangled it couldn't even move. It remained surprisingly calm as I untangled it, then started flipping out when it was almost loose, but I was still able to free it pretty easily. It was pretty neat, as I love birds, but of course am rarely able to have any close interactions with them.
>> No. 20856 [Edit]
Woke up at 7:30 AM from weird ass dreams, fell asleep, woke back up at 9:30. Had some breakfast, watched Dokidoki Precure 4 and an episode of Gokaiger, had lunch, and currently it is 4:30 PM. Much of the rest of the day was spent playing and beating Donkey Kong Country.

Dad wants me to work on my resume and send it off to companies. Should I, or should I just go play some other game?
>> No. 20860 [Edit]
I always very weird, disturbing dreams when I wake up earlier like I did today. Can't remember them much after I get up though besides tiny details but I think I'm better off not remembering them.

Well since I woke up so early today is one of those days where time feels like it's moving at a snails pace. Then I usually end specifically trying to watch long videos on youtube to pass time and the later it gets the slower it seems.
>> No. 20862 [Edit]
A shame it's so hard to find enough enjoyable videos to last you the day.
This might not appeal to you, but I found these yesterday and I've really been enjoying them.
>> No. 20863 [Edit]
Sure, Do it. I doubt you'll get any response as I haven't.
>> No. 20878 [Edit]
The pension agency finally finished wanking over its documents and confirmed my retardbux for a 8-month period.
>> No. 20881 [Edit]
Was so eager for a fap that the first load went out as soon as I touched the thing. The second wasn't really that aggressive but left a bruise in the base and two wounds on the top of the foreskin anyway.
>> No. 20882 [Edit]
File 136217094445.jpg - (603.68KB , 1280x720 , One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2_2013_02-01-13_044.jpg )
I'm sort of surprised that Nami's character model ended up being so sexy for the next Pirate Warriors game.
>> No. 20889 [Edit]
That does happen to me sometimes if I haven't fapped in a long time. Use some lube don't be so aggressive, take it easy and slow, and you'll have the best orgasms and huge loads.
>> No. 20890 [Edit]
Yesterday my father bitched at me about driving and job even though I won't ever do the first one because I'll be a threat to everyone around me and the second because no one will ever accept me anywhere which I learned after now 2 years of constantly trying but they still remain delusional. There is some good news though, I'll finally be getting a photo ID through getting a drivers permit. So happy I'll be able to soon have just that much more freedom to buy whatever I want.
>> No. 20893 [Edit]
I gave up today.
>> No. 20894 [Edit]
Toady I realized that no matter how uncomfortable you feel when watching Romance SoL, you'll never have the right place to talk about it.
>> No. 20895 [Edit]
I gave up weeks ago.
>> No. 20898 [Edit]
Found some of my old sketchbooks that I would doodle in when I was in high school. Pretty embarrassing to look at how terrible I was at drawing back then. There's even attempts at writing poetry, the kind that you might expect from an angsty teenager who liked heavy metal a lot. Thank Haruhi I never used Livejournal.
>> No. 20900 [Edit]
I am eating my first ramen ever right now.
Oriental flavor, Maruchan.
Pretty damn good, actually.
>> No. 20901 [Edit]
You got the best brand, next time get the best flavor. Chicken flavor master race!
>> No. 20902 [Edit]
Roasted Chicken is better, but I'm not sure if they make that any more.
>> No. 20905 [Edit]
My favorite is the spicy chicken or spicy beef cups. The broth in those is so good.

They even come with some dehydrated veggies!
>> No. 20913 [Edit]
I'd try those, but I don't have much of a tolerance for spicy stuff.
>> No. 20914 [Edit]
File 136258327795.jpg - (111.12KB , 400x351 , 4621-01.jpg )
Gotta love these things. I eat them all the time. They also come in terriyaki beef flavor.
>> No. 20935 [Edit]
Moved house, only got the internet back today. It's been 9 days. I've had to live watching TV. I never realised how much I rely on the internet. Without all of the games, porn and anime ever made at my disposal I have no reason to live.
>> No. 20938 [Edit]
My shitty internet box thing stopped working for a few hours. It was terrible. I was frightened and didn't know what to do.

I've been in that position many times before. I've once had to go a couple of months with only television at my grandmother's house when I last moved. No internet is suffering.
>> No. 20943 [Edit]
This fucking sucks, but after a bit I start getting more creative/focused (getting into game TA and making music or doing other shit that's pure time sink). It's hard to handle. Back when I had dial-up there were periods that I couldn't be on the net and I had a guy that logged IRC rooms for me so I could read when I got back. It sucked, but I'm less productive now with the allure of the internet always an alt+tab away. Not sure how I feel as a whole.
>> No. 20953 [Edit]
I have so much shit stockpiled I WANT the net to die actually os i can finish reorganizing my stuff

weed instead of cigs bro
>> No. 20957 [Edit]
File 136272516333.jpg - (274.98KB , 1024x738 , 1a489b2e4154417888d3b9313361bab353fdf402.jpg )
I lost internet for a few days last summer and started reading a text book .pdf. I thought to myself that I'd have to keep reading it after the internet was back, since I was enjoying it.

I haven't touched it since.
>> No. 20958 [Edit]
After another canceled appointment (a DEADLY week long case of the fucking sniffles?) I decided I'd get off the anti-depressants myself. Tapering, of course. I feel much better, for some reason. I might be a bit more irritable, but I could just be having a bad day.
>> No. 20966 [Edit]
Yesterday I read a book cover to cover without moving once.
>> No. 20971 [Edit]
Snow was almost all melted and life was good. Then all of sudden out of nowhere last night up till a little while ago nature took another massive shit on New England. Fuck this shit, I hate Winter. I'm claustrophobic snowed in and seasonal depression gets very bad. I can at least type and do things now, most of the morning was spent pacing around eating too much food cursing to myself and swaying between sadness and anger, couldn't focus enough to do much. Can't wait for warmer weather, this killing me.
>> No. 20972 [Edit]
File 136277647835.gif - (202.90KB , 755x601 , e3f6fe0aee95b2b31d70e4158f0d2103.gif )
I found this on Gel while I was fapping.


It's very...strange.

I'm not sure if this is late or if this is still considered as "new" as I don't follow news all that much. Also, 3DPD warning. It's the fat old guy in this picture.
>> No. 20973 [Edit]
File 136277987260.png - (236.39KB , 320x480 , mjcvtdvtgN1qchs6ho1_400.png )
>> No. 20974 [Edit]
We thought there might be something wrong with my mother's kidneys, but she just has some cysts on one which is apparently really common and not a big deal at all. That's one thing I can stop worrying about, 98 things left to go!
>> No. 20975 [Edit]
Yeah, pretty sure it's new. I saw it on HuffingtonPost earlier today. Pretty silly.
>> No. 20978 [Edit]
I don't have it anywhere near as bad as you when it comes to psyche and winter, but I definitely feel you on the snow. Fuck snow and ice. Just when it looks like the concrete ice is about to diminish, nature pulls a nope for all it's worth, for as long as possible, every year.

You can judge by the date of the vid. It was posted earlier here in the vip quality videos thread. Funny as shit, anyway.
>> No. 20981 [Edit]
I woke up this morning and coughed up a dark green clump of junk
>> No. 20982 [Edit]
I found a very nice japanese fusion-rock-ish music album sitting in the depths of my hard drive, only titled ARAGON. My constant googling yielded absolutely nothing.

I'm having a hard time feeling after relapsing back into prozac. It's not too much of an issue because I didn't use to feel a lot either, but the excessive sleep is killing whatever productivity I had left.
>> No. 20983 [Edit]
My whole day consisted of me stumbling onto Skyrim porn mods and playing Skyrim the entire day because of that. I wish I could just teleport around easily because traveling to quest locations just take forever...
>> No. 20984 [Edit]
The game already has a quick travel function for visited places. Personally I liked exploring
>> No. 20985 [Edit]
Gimmie some links to those porn mods please
>> No. 20986 [Edit]

Loverslab and Nexusmods were the places I got them. Look for Animated Prostitution and SexAddict. Don't forget the CBBS body mods if you haven't already gotten those.


Well, I like exploring too, but when these early quests are telling me to go behind the giant mountain in the middle of the map, and to go back, and then to go to the top of it without any clear idea how you're supposed to get there... It gets kind of annoying. At least I have some eye-candy to look at while I'm journeying.
>> No. 20990 [Edit]
>> No. 20991 [Edit]
probably not gonna start getting into skyrim again just yet, but i'll keep these in mind if I do. thanks
>> No. 20993 [Edit]
I got drunk last night & went to a bar. I know this sounds Ford Drivergy for some reason but most of the time I was drinking at some dudes' place while watching the MAtrix. aka no 3DPD. Im about to go to some St. Patrick's Day Parade....
>> No. 20995 [Edit]
You're welcome. some guy i know mentioned 'theres mods where little girls get turned on' & i laughed/looked that shit up even thought i dont play skyrim.

theres a REALLY CUTE loli mod i found on that forum. think it was called nymphet something somethign or something else
>> No. 20997 [Edit]
Today I spilled my dropped my drink at Dunkin Donuts and it was embarrassing as fuck and I felt like such a retard. Then they gave me the wrong bread for my ham and cheese sandwich that I usually get. That new Irish cream flavor they have is pretty good in a latte though, I recommend giving it a try.
>> No. 20999 [Edit]
Started using/learning emacs, mostly because of Org/Remember mode. The idea of coding in a lisp dialect just puts me off completely, though.
>> No. 21002 [Edit]
I just realised Thad McMichael probably browsed Tohno chan. He's in the MAL group. Maybe the mention of Kotonoha in the waifu thread was by him.
>> No. 21003 [Edit]
Watched the first four Kara no Kyoukai films. My motivation to watch anime is returning ever so slowly now that I'm beginning to understand how much good stuff I've neglected in favour of trash.

KnK would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for the lack of clearly laid out character motivations. I feel like they skip over details that would otherwise take twenty seconds of dialogue for no reason. Maybe I'm slow after all.
>> No. 21004 [Edit]
Last I night I decided at some point I'm going to get some LED rope lights for my room to make it look nicer. These one's ---> http://nazr.in/3S6 They should look nice at night for ambient lighting and not be so bright that it would be obnoxious. They will be behind my computer desk and the blue glow should spread around the room lightly.
>> No. 21005 [Edit]
>> No. 21007 [Edit]
That always bothered me about KnK as well. The characters are kind of thoughtless, aside from maybe Shiki, and that's only because she's the main character.

They look fantastic, though, and that's all that really matters to me.
>> No. 21033 [Edit]
Got a driver's licence today, not sure if I will actually ever drive a car.
>> No. 21047 [Edit]
Sometimes I notice girls looking at my direction through the corners of my eyes, and I can't help but wonder if they're looking at me because I look weird or because they're checking me out. Despite being a loser otaku I don't really look like one- or at least I don't think I do.
>> No. 21052 [Edit]
Mom decides it would be cool to use the old webcam I didn't even know we still had:
"Does it still work? Where do I plug it?"
I show her how.
"Is it working already?"
"I don't think so, the manufacturer's drivers may be needed."
"Do you have those things?"
"I don't even know if they have drivers for Linux."
"What do you know?"
"Why did you install that Linux program if you don't know how to do anything on it?"
>> No. 21059 [Edit]
I somehow got a bruise on the left side of my forehead. I am not sure how or why I have it and it greatly confuses me. I haven't even left my room much much less left the house.

I don't think that I've had any lapses in time, and my room is more or less sealed tight with iron bars barring the window and two sorts of locks locking the door.

I've got nothing, so I'll just blame it on ghosts or something.
>> No. 21064 [Edit]
File 13634107754.jpg - (295.85KB , 960x960 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Today I discovered my favorite band had released a new album some time this year so I gave it a listen.

Wow, this is depressing. Every album I've heard of theirs has gotten more negative in mood with each release. Magnified was somewhat carefree, Fantastic Planet shifted between hopefulness/hopelessness back and forth a lot, then this new album, Perfect Isolation came along. No vocals except for a little black metal-ish screaming in the background in one or two tracks, and every single track is incredibly melancholy.

Spoilered the album art because it may be a little too 3D for some of you folks.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2013, 10:14pm
>> No. 21065 [Edit]
I don't like to listen to much depressing music, some things by Type O Negative are about as negative as it gets for me and I don't even listen to them much at all, most of the other negative music I have is more on the angry side then sad because mostly all I feel is rage, jealousy, and desire. Lately I've been listening to a lot of liquid drum and bass. That can always put me in a better mood. I listen to all sorts of things but totally depressing music isn't one them because it would almost always make me feel even worse with no benefits.
>> No. 21070 [Edit]
I worked on a model kit for a bit and cleaned my room thoroughly, in hopes of seeing if I had space to get a desktop (or at least a desk to put said desktop on).

I also found the first Roller Coaster Tycoon while I was at it. Spent a good hour or so screwing with different ways of mass murdering my park guests. Really fun stuff, but mostly for a short burst. Makes you feel like Light Yagami on crack.
>> No. 21071 [Edit]
File 136347033847.jpg - (92.40KB , 1024x820 , 000-eluvium-life_through_bombardment-7lp-2009-fron.jpg )
I do enjoy depressing music, because it's like a good soundtrack to a film. Eluvium, Devics, Worrytrain, all amazing. Trying to listen to upbeat music all the time doesn't work, for me. Makes me feel worse. It can go well with video games or trips, though.
>> No. 21074 [Edit]
I know what your saying, I can enjoy it from that perspective now that you mention it that way. "Like in a film" I do have some movie soundtracks on my pc. I like ambient orchestral songs. I picked up an interest in that sort of music from a weird combination of glitch music and my interest in a very nice modern theater I go to occasionally. I heard some music from the Xerrox series by an artist called Alva Noto and he used cinematic orchestral samples very well in some tracks. Take a look at this track by him -----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgxYOOLLLFE Of course youtube can't replicate the quality sound it's meant have well but you get the picture. It got me thinking about that sort of orchestral music in a whole new way. I see it from a perspective that it's more than just dramatic entertainment but what going on behind the scenes of that entertainment is something much more complex. Infinite networks and technology behind the scenes working together to present it, it's like a whole silent world constantly going on behind the scenes of life altogether. When thinking like this, it gave meaning to much more than just film music though. Everything really and other things too. A hidden interconnected data world constantly going on in the background of everyday life.
>> No. 21075 [Edit]
I'm going to be improving my room a bit soon but there isn't much cleaning to be done. I'm going to make it look nicer with some blue LED rope lights I ordered online. They're going to behind my desk and the lighting should nicely and gently spread to the rest of my room. I remember Roller Coaster Tycoon too, I had so much fun with that game a long time ago. Probably wouldn't play it again today though if I still had it.
>> No. 21076 [Edit]
File 136349508083.jpg - (7.44KB , 500x442 , 21XS-F9ZMZL.jpg )
Oh yes, I like Alva Noto, too, though I've only heard this album he did with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Good stuff. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean, but maybe something similar. Like when every element of what's going on syncs up perfectly.
>> No. 21077 [Edit]
I really liked that album also but my favorite from them both is Insen. I have the whole Virus series on CD, would be nice if I get them on vinyl.
>> No. 21080 [Edit]
I was talking to my mother earlier about something and halfway through what I was saying I noticed she wasn't looking at me, so I stopped talking mid sentence and she didn't react at all. I literally only exist in this house as something that uses resources and takes up space
>> No. 21082 [Edit]
I should've googled more, I only relied on last.fm
It was actually an entirely different artist. Still an amazing album, though.
>> No. 21088 [Edit]
I went to the Social Security office to apply for autism bux.

Man, fuck that place. The waiting room was like the DMV on a bad day. Just replace the old people with crying babies and loud as fuck, occasionally Spanish background noise. I forgot how bad I suck at dealing with crowds and came pretty close to just flat out snapping from sheer sensory overload.

Incidentally, the appointment itself seemed really easy by comparison.
>> No. 21090 [Edit]
Yeah I love how their setup completely conflicts with some people's problems. I asked them once if I could call me on my cellphone or something while I wait outside but they wouldn't. Sometimes I think I'd like to sue them for not being handicapped accessible.
>> No. 21093 [Edit]
File 136365890857.jpg - (13.93KB , 235x205 , 346346234234.jpg )
I enrolled myself today for a cram school in hopes of getting into college by the end of the year. The upcoming pain is enough to demoralize me but I'll attempt to go through with it. Wish me luck, Tohno-chan.
>> No. 21094 [Edit]
Good luck.

Tell us all about it when you're done your first day.
>> No. 21095 [Edit]
For a second there I thought someone contributed to the old grid draw project on /cr/.
>> No. 21096 [Edit]
I got sick of dealing with their shit. They said I was supposed to call some guy in the afternoon for a phone meeting. I don't see why I need to call him, or why I can't meet with him in person. He never answered the phone either. I left a message and he never called me back.

Good luck.
>> No. 21097 [Edit]
'autism bux' isn't as easy to get as some people like to make it out to be. It's a bitch to get becuase of all the people taking advantage of the system, so they don't want to make it easy for anyone.
>> No. 21098 [Edit]
It wasn't them thinking that there's nothing wrong with me, it's that they weren't doing they were supposed to do.
>> No. 21105 [Edit]
I want to try to do that, I mean I have nothing to lose and I really am mentally incapable of doing much with my life on my own along with other so it's not like I even have to lie much to them. I would stay there just to get it over with but crying babies do drive me insane. I can't listen to that shit, there's just something about the way screaming, crying babies and very small children sound that drive my head over the edge. I could deal with the background noise of people though as long as it isn't too much.

Post edited on 19th Mar 2013, 7:47am
>> No. 21109 [Edit]
The first day was shit by the way. I already feel like giving up but I guess I'll try to carry on for the sake of it.
Also, I'll try to help with /cr/ project now that you've mentioned it, if I end up having some time for it.
Thank you very much for the best wishes, guys. It means alot.
>> No. 21111 [Edit]
File 136375253810.jpg - (74.24KB , 220x220 , glowmaskthumb.jpg )
Thought of buying one of these, today. But they don't ship internationally. Fuck.
>> No. 21128 [Edit]
I just want to die.
>> No. 21132 [Edit]
they want me to start working
i just want to sleep
>> No. 21145 [Edit]
My light bulb burned out and I replaced it with one of those florescent spiral bulb things. The light it gives off is slightly different, I hope it doesn't wind up giving me a headache or something
>> No. 21146 [Edit]
File 13638978629.jpg - (90.40KB , 568x482 , 956_cFL.jpg )
>> No. 21147 [Edit]
Good thing I switched to LEDs
>> No. 21149 [Edit]

Dees is a crank.
>> No. 21151 [Edit]
File 136391405041.jpg - (70.87KB , 512x384 , derp.jpg )
"Electromagnetic radiation" is a synonym for "light"
>> No. 21153 [Edit]
File 136391512962.jpg - (48.04KB , 640x362 , laugh.jpg )
Yeah, I know the image is hogwash. I just wanted to scare >>21145
>> No. 21155 [Edit]
I abhor Domino's Pizza, but I'd buy one if they pulled some shit like that here in the USA.
>> No. 21156 [Edit]
File 136392934953.jpg - (99.46KB , 400x597 , brposter.jpg )
An indie theater I just found out about was doing a showing of Battle Royale. I went and drank hot chocolate.
Was weird seeing old people watch the anime trailers, and then a japanese movie, not dubbed.
I didn't/couldn't talk to anyone and felt so Haruhidamned awkward.
They raffled off the poster and I didn't win.
OH MY Haruhi
I'd eat them everyday
>> No. 21159 [Edit]
Dominos Pizza is disgusting, I don't know why people get pizza from there when even the most average local take out place like every other one of the million take out places everywhere can make pizza better. Even Pizza Hut looks like the best pizza in the world compared to Dominoes.
>> No. 21160 [Edit]
I never understood why people think Dominos is disgusting. All of the ones where I live are great.
>> No. 21165 [Edit]
File 136402233315.jpg - (35.95KB , 480x335 , CC-pizza-hut.jpg )
Pizza Slut
>> No. 21169 [Edit]
I'm gonna eat some pizza tomorrow or the next day. Where should I get my pizza?

Domino's? Pizza Hut? Little Caesar's?

Little Caesar's is decent. I'm not sure about the other two as I haven't tried them in a while.
>> No. 21170 [Edit]
If you ask me, Little Caesar's is the worst out there. their pizzas are so dry and stale it's like eating week old bread covered in low quality cheese. even the stuff they use to keep the pizza from sticking to the pan feels like eating sand.
>> No. 21171 [Edit]
Alright, they're crossed out.

Any more suggestions? Aside from the ones that I've mentioned, there are two more pizzerias where I live (I think). One is called Mama Mia, they serve pretty good pizzas that can be pretty big, although they are still affordable. The second is a pizzaria called Portofino, which is really good, but very expensive, which is why they're not really an option.

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2013, 3:03pm
>> No. 21174 [Edit]
File 136408610346.gif - (490.85KB , 480x299 , pizza tiem.gif )
Finished up a crappy video, threw it up on youtube, worked on some music, slept in the middle of the day a lot.

My laptop's been acting up in a bunch of odd little ways. Like the trackpad will randomly stop working and I'll have to go grab a mouse to reset it, it dies again, rinse, repeat. And when it does work, it won't recognize that tapclick is turned off, and that shit's really sensitive, so it'll click somewhere else when i reach my palms over it to type. It'll randomly BSOD on me when I unplug my preamp after recording, not to mention the shitty casing falling apart on me. Seriously, the roof of one of the corners comes about halfway off whenever I lift it a certain way.

Never again, HP.

Also, I kinda have a craving for pizza now. Which is weird since I just had dinner. Though it makes sense considering I unintentionally skipped 2 meals today.
>> No. 21175 [Edit]
Well if you're near small pizza places, see if they sell by the slice and maybe try one from each to compare. Lot of people believe small pizza places tend to be better than the big guys.
>> No. 21176 [Edit]
I used to live near a pizza place called Mama Mia's I doubt it's the same place, but I'd go with that anyway. Usually when they have a name like that they're good.
>> No. 21177 [Edit]
File 136409481216.jpg - (1.00MB , 1000x1414 , 98848ba6c9a28e7ef075fa680cef01c8.jpg )
Had too much to dink last night and ended up ordering a dakimakura and a few other embarrassing things I don't really have the disposable income for.
Looks like I'll be pinching pennies and skipping meals for the next week.
>> No. 21178 [Edit]
Maybe you should cut back on the drinking?
>> No. 21181 [Edit]
I don't really live in the city, so I don't think that there are many places like that around here. Maybe a few, but I can't remember any. Then again, I hardly go outside.

Mama Mia's it is.

Thank you guys for helping me out with this.
>> No. 21182 [Edit]
File 136412696458.png - (662.29KB , 1000x1000 , idol_175643.png )
yeah, it's an expensive vice/hobby.

Decided I am not going to restock my supply when I run out and see how that goes for a month.
>> No. 21185 [Edit]
I have done absolutely nothing today and I can't think of anything to do. I haven't done anything the past few days either.
>> No. 21186 [Edit]
My mother found a bong in our backyard that I hadn't used in months. I stopped eating a sandwich over two months ago, but she won't buy it. This would all be groovin' magic if she wasn't using it as an excuse to get out of taking me to practice driving each weekend, so no license any time soon, no job, no moving out. She's very hostile around me, making me feel smaller than ever before. I'm starting to have very violent urges towards her.

My entire household is poisonous. There's me, unemployed bi polar drunk, my sister, strange, sad, friendless high school girl who cries in her bedroom every second night, and my Mother, a total mental collapse waiting to happen.

Any week now I'm expecting to walk into her bedroom and find her corpse. I can't imagine how much of a failure she must feel she is. Everybody in my house is a failure.
>> No. 21187 [Edit]
What is she not buying? And what's that got to do with that particular sandwich? Why hadn't you thrown it in the garbage already? And what does that all have to do with a bong?
>> No. 21188 [Edit]
>practice driving
Just play a bunch of driving simulators.
>> No. 21189 [Edit]
Sandwich is a slang term for weed.

Can't you get to driving practice by any other means?
>> No. 21190 [Edit]
>Sandwich is a slang term for weed.

This is a big boy website, you don't need to act like you are talking around an elderly person. especially using weird slang terms that I have never ever heard in my life from anyone

Post edited on 24th Mar 2013, 12:50pm
>> No. 21191 [Edit]
Oh, that explains everything.
She wouldn't buy saying it's for tobacco or something else either?
>> No. 21192 [Edit]
'To buy something' is an idiom which means 'to believe that something is true.' In this case, >>21186-san is saying that his mother refuses to believe that he has stopped using marijuana.
>> No. 21193 [Edit]
Yes, I'm aware of that one, it was what I meant in my own post. It just wasn't clear whether his mother knew that he did marijuana or was just speculating on what use he had for a bong.
>> No. 21195 [Edit]
It's a TC wordfilter.

Absolutely not. Unfortunately my Mother isn't nearly as stupid as she looks.

>Can't you get to driving practice by any other means?

In my country, the way it works is you do 5 or so hours with an instructor, who shows you the ropes over 5 weeks plus some revision, then you're sent off to do 75 hours of supervised driving with full license owners, typically your parents because they're the easiest to get a hold of and they're most willing to trust you with their cars. The problem I'm faced with now, around 20 hours short of my goal, is having no one willing to have me drive their car with them in the passenger seat for an hour or so each day/night so I can get the hours I need to gain a license. No friends, and now no family. It's a bother.

I've applied successfully to have my employment agency provide some lessons to bump my hours but that's only good for 5 or so hours, after which I have to pay 60 dollars for an hour, money I don't even come close to earning. I might if I'd gotten the job I wanted but for that I need a license, so I either wait another year + during which time I starve spending my food money, my ONLY money, on lessons to get the 15 hours I'll still need, or I get a job I don't want, which is looking more and more to be the outcome of this little venture.
>> No. 21197 [Edit]
My mum went out over the weekend, leaving me in charge of feeding the dog and letting it out. My mum usually does that before she leaves for work, after she returns home from work, and before she heads to bed. Those three events are usually at 07:00, 18:00, and 23:00 respectively. I forced myself out of bed to stick to this schedule—and I did so flawlessly—and it still fucking pissed on the floor twice. I was even half an hour early one time and it still pissed on the floor. Not only did I have to clean up stinking dog piss twice, but I have the feeling my mum thinks I neglected it. Maybe it did it out of loneliness or because it felt the sheer hatred radiating from me. I truly fucking hate it. It barks at fucking nothing all Haruhidamn day. It gets hair everywhere. It swipes the cat's food if you so much as turn your back for a few seconds. It's been taught since it was a puppy to stay the fuck off the chairs but I still hear it jumping off them every time I walk down the stairs. I've never laid a hand on it but I sometimes think about how satisfying it would be to just fucking strangle it.
>> No. 21200 [Edit]
File 136417800461.jpg - (55.57KB , 720x960 , 480948_10200757739447505_553990797_n.jpg )
This is Russian Impy Stout.

It's pretty much molasses. Sticking a flashlight in it will completely block out any light.

I liked it a lot.
>> No. 21201 [Edit]
Oh my Haruhi do you live in New Hampshire too? I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that picture, I thought there was no way others from out here in the sticks would be browsing /tc/.
>> No.