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File 135627937668.png - (962.87KB , 1024x576 , [email protected] )
12864 No. 12864 [Edit]
How do you guys deal with Christmas and other holidays?
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>> No. 12865 [Edit]
File 135628147326.png - (9.92KB , 600x800 , 339348.png )
Make general pleasantries with family/people I can't avoid, and soon quickly return to my private life.
>> No. 12867 [Edit]
light a fireplace
bought gifts in november so meh
>> No. 12869 [Edit]
Same here, burn through the holidays. I'm out all year long, nothing changes here.

Besides that I try my best to get along with my family I'm forced to be with for a couple days starting tomorrow night. It's hard to not want to rip their heads off sometimes though with the things they say and do. Very judgemental and rude. I take a lot of heat for just being me around them and that with the very little they actually do know about me. They do nothing but make fun of you and fuck with you for not being a part of their hivemind. If they actually knew a lot about me I can imagine them hanging me.
>> No. 12872 [Edit]
My family is selfish and greedy, so since my mother doesn't have anything to give anybody we're going to stay at the house and stay here to do nothing. I don't have to do anything for anybody or see the rest of the "family".
>> No. 12873 [Edit]
I don't have people to share them with or remind me so I never know when one's coming up.
>> No. 12874 [Edit]
In the case of Christmas, I just have to endure it throughout the night and then I return to my usual life as soon as possible.
>> No. 12876 [Edit]
I can't stand being guilt tripped into buying things for people when money is so hard for me to come by, and it can be so tuff to figure out what to get my parents. With my dad it's the old case of "what do you get the guy who has everything?" my mom on the other hand can be really pissy and complains a lot about not wanting so much junk. I almost want to call her a minimalist, She loves tossing out stuff (even when they're not her's).
I for one don't want any of the few things they usually get me, there's not really much that can be bought locally that I'd want. Whenever they do get me something, it's usually junk that might seem nice but I've got no use for, like a portable dvd player (I can just use my laptop, and I've got very few dvds anyway becuase I download everything) or ugly Ford Driver cloths, What the hell do I want nigger sneakers for or t-shirts made to look used and 'trashed'? I'd rather they not get me anything so I wont have to get them anything, just like on our birthdays.
>> No. 12877 [Edit]
I need to go to my grandmother's house at 13:00 in the rain. My sleep schedule is totally fucked — I went to bed at 10:00 and woke up at 20:30. I will only have three hours of sleep, and I'm going to have to sit in a chair surrounded by people I don't like for almost three hours. I haven't seen any of them since last Christmas, so I'm expecting the obligatory "what have you done this year?" to which I have no answer besides "nothing". I didn't buy any gifts or anything, but I don't think anyone expects anything from me, and likewise I expect nothing from them.
>> No. 12878 [Edit]
I enjoy Christmas. And most other holidays are pretty easy to just ignore.
>> No. 12879 [Edit]
File 135646683537.gif - (5.71KB , 100x98 , 2835.gif )
>nigger sneakers


Deal with random shit.
>> No. 12882 [Edit]
I'm lucky enough to be blessed with friendly, unassuming relatives. I genuinely enjoy spending an evening with them here and there (with the exception of one awful cousin who was probably too busy ordering her daughters around to grace us with her presence this holiday season) and can generally bullshit my way through the "So what are you up to?"s without outright lying in a way that might bite me in the ass later.

Or maybe I just have a soft spot for smiling old women who give me money.
>> No. 12883 [Edit]
It's worse dealing with my drunk father and neurotic mom than with my relatives on holidays
>> No. 12885 [Edit]
I was more or less boxed into going out with normals.
It was horrible, as expected. I'm planning to stay for some extended period of time in my room to make up for what I just went through.
>> No. 12890 [Edit]
I got a theremin from my mom, as well as a gift card to mises.org and a few other things today.

She told me that she didn't want me to give her anything and now I feel guilty because I, well, didn't. I didn't expect her to get me much if anything, so I figured we'd just be even.

>> No. 12903 [Edit]
I just realized that my aunt's husband was saying nice things to me in order so that the chances of me killing his son go down because he thinks that I'm a potential serial killer.
>> No. 12905 [Edit]

>my aunt's husband

Also known as your uncle
>> No. 12906 [Edit]
Some people only use aunt and uncle for a blood relation, with 'aunt husband' 'uncles wife' if not. I guess it's a matter of preference, you know what the fuck they mean either way.
>> No. 12907 [Edit]
There is the fact that >>12906 mentioned, but there's also the fact that that piece of shit beat my aunt when I was younger and most likely beats both his son and "wife" (she filed for divorce a long while ago) to this day.

So no, I don't consider him to be an "uncle" of mine. I didn't type in 'ex' because I didn't feel the need to type in any unnecessary details.
>> No. 12915 [Edit]
Too many threads open. Tired. Sorry. Edited the reply to be on topic.

I send myself a Christmas card every year, and try to avoid the family.

Post edited on 31st Dec 2012, 11:27pm
>> No. 12943 [Edit]
why the fuck is he afraid of you KILLING his son if hes such a piece of shit abuser? Afraid that you'll kill his release (literally)....?

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