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File 133498970982.png - (219.62KB , 1654x892 , Untitled-1.png )
14499 No. 14499 [Edit]
What style do you browse Tohno-chan in?
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>> No. 14500 [Edit]
I like a lot of the styles but I always stick with yotsuba v2 out of habit
>> No. 14501 [Edit]
Yotsuba V2
>> No. 14503 [Edit]
I've gotten very used to it.
>> No. 14505 [Edit]
Dark. It's simple and easy on the eyes.
>> No. 14506 [Edit]
I think we had thread for this on /fb/... however: Yotsuba v2 forever; but only because I keep my monitor's bright always very low. I like pseud0ch too, but somehiow I would feel a bit like a posseur if using it; or maybe I just don't take changes very well and like /tc/ to remain like when I first came.
>> No. 14509 [Edit]
File 133499467860.png - (133.50KB , 1000x1027 , green.png )
I like Easy Mode. Very simple, very green.
>> No. 14513 [Edit]
I use Dark as well, for the same reasons.
>> No. 14514 [Edit]
>> No. 14516 [Edit]

Score another one for Dark. I've been using it for so long I don't think I could ever go back, no matter how hard I tried.
>> No. 14517 [Edit]
File 133500835167.png - (11.41KB , 513x149 , this bagel is delicious.png )
vndb is nice too, my only complaint about it is that this happens whenever you hover the cursor over a post reference.
>> No. 14523 [Edit]
Yotsuba v2 but experimented with Bios for a while.
>> No. 14524 [Edit]
I like a lot of styles, but not using Yotsuba v2 just feels wrong.
>> No. 14525 [Edit]
At least you can pretend to be a hacker. Open up a gooey in visual basic.
>> No. 14526 [Edit]
>> No. 14527 [Edit]
I never really expected anyone to use Bios, short of for novelty purposes.
>> No. 14528 [Edit]
I used it for nostalgia, since there isn't a Win 3 BBS-looking style. I just remember watching Star Blazers on VHS with my uncle as he posted on those boards. You know, in 1998, because he was poor. wwwwwww
>> No. 14529 [Edit]
Yes, there is already a thread for this in /fb/.
Anyway, I use Kia Gold and pseud0ch almost exclusively. Mostly because I made one so I got used to it and asked Tohno to make the other so I feel obligated to use it, although it's a nice theme in its own right in my opinion.
Before that I used easy modo.
>> No. 14530 [Edit]
Oh Haruhi what did I do.
>> No. 14533 [Edit]

I'd probably use BIOS over Dark if the background was black. As it is I feel it would give me eye cancer within a week.

But man it does feel kind of nostalgic, although it reminds me of DOS more.
>> No. 14547 [Edit]
the default grey/blue thread
>> No. 14580 [Edit]
The one I requested a while ago. The dark one.

Easy on the eyes.
>> No. 23202 [Edit]
bump for new blood.

still faithful to Yotsuba v2 (though vndb is always tempting).
>> No. 23205 [Edit]
File 138413646555.png - (296.48KB , 1280x800 , Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 8_28_51 PM.png )
>> No. 23208 [Edit]
I like the Kino theme, because I like Kino a lot. Plus, green on dark colors is really nice.

I'd really like a Lain theme but I'm too lazy to write it myself so it's probably never going to happen.

vndb, Pandora, and Kia Gold are all nice too. I'd like the TTGL one if it didn't have the background but I guess it would defeat the purpose if it didn't.
>> No. 23222 [Edit]
fucking disgusting
>> No. 23255 [Edit]
Why howcome?
>> No. 23257 [Edit]
>I'd really like a Lain theme but I'm too lazy to write it myself so it's probably never going to happen.
Whelp there you go.
>> No. 23258 [Edit]
File 138489805380.jpg - (116.53KB , 1520x1080 , [Coalgirls]_Serial_Experiments_Lain_05_(1520x1080_.jpg )
Oh damn, thanks for that.
>> No. 23260 [Edit]
I love you Tohno.
>> No. 23262 [Edit]
File 138492257561.gif - (486.75KB , 450x343 , 1361837299973.gif )
you are so kakkōī
>> No. 23264 [Edit]
I love you Brono
>> No. 23266 [Edit]
File 138510177417.jpg - (607.10KB , 1200x1920 , 2013-11-21 22_26_47.jpg )
The lain theme is great, thank you. Using it for now.
>> No. 23267 [Edit]
File 138512333829.gif - (2.58KB , 32x32 , 7upspot.gif )
Awesome, all day every day
>> No. 23312 [Edit]
I use Yotsuba Classic.
>> No. 23475 [Edit]
File 138866117594.png - (212.33KB , 500x375 , Ahhho1_500.png )
The fuck there are "styles" you can change to?
>> No. 23477 [Edit]
I want you to get out of here right now
>> No. 23530 [Edit]
Why are you even tripping if you're this new to chans?

Anyway I use the K-ON theme because it looks nice

Anyway, I
>> No. 23888 [Edit]
Well, while you circle-9 chan guys are having fun, I've had to switch to Yotsuba Classic.
>> No. 23889 [Edit]
The two styles I like are vndb and dark
>> No. 23892 [Edit]
I have just used the default because it gives a retro feel to it, but I am also really liking Lain.
>> No. 25039 [Edit]
I like the paisley theme
>> No. 25096 [Edit]
I never see this colour scheme used anywhere, so it's fun to see it here.
>> No. 25100 [Edit]
Yotsuba V2, because there is no gurochan style.
>> No. 25102 [Edit]
I used dark since I can remember
>> No. 25122 [Edit]
>> No. 27557 [Edit]
Kia gold. It's a good combo of dark but not a black out and warm but not bright colors makes it easy on the eyes late at night.
>> No. 27558 [Edit]
I noticed there was a Lain theme and I was using that, which is nice because my waifu.

I think I'll switch to bios though because it's so harsh, it hurts so good and because the Lain theme's background doesn't tile properly on 1920x1080.

Thanks for bumping this old as hell thread.

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