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File 130523029421.jpg - (140.97KB , 850x601 , cherry_blossoms-clannad-family-furukawa_nagisa-hat.jpg )
3893 No. 3893 [Edit]
Anyone else here sometimes fantasize about raising a family?
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>> No. 3894 [Edit]
No, I hate kids.
>> No. 3895 [Edit]
Yes. In the OP pic sense.

Teal families are just failed abortions. ;_;
>> No. 3897 [Edit]
I fantasize about being a high school math teacher.
Other than that, no.
>> No. 3898 [Edit]
I fantasize about being a cute 2D japanese schoolgirl in a loving family ;_;
>> No. 3901 [Edit]
Sometimes I imagine talking to a kid and giving him advice on things in life to try and make sure he doesn't end up learning at age 18 what he needed to know by age 16.

Other than that, no.
>> No. 3902 [Edit]
File 130523954981.jpg - (126.81KB , 490x700 , 1282053157964.jpg )
I always wanted to have a master who would teach me his life philosophy, so sometimes I fantasize about being a master to my own kid, if I had one.
>> No. 3903 [Edit]
Depends if the child is adopted. I love kids. I fucking hate babies.
>> No. 3905 [Edit]
Sometimes I do, but I'm afraid of my child turning out an axe-wielding psychopath.
>> No. 3906 [Edit]
File 130524186748.gif - (551.32KB , 219x360 , 1273971647018.gif )

I'm more afraid of my child turning out like me. Good job it'll never have a chance to happen.
>> No. 3907 [Edit]
Hey, look on the bright side. At least they won't get into drug use and gang activities. Many parents would do anything to have such a child.
>> No. 3908 [Edit]
on the contrary for me
I would no what not to do ahead of time
>> No. 3910 [Edit]
Never. I can't stand children and I don't want to be bound/obligated to one person for the rest of my life.
>> No. 3915 [Edit]
I don't want kids, but mai waifu does. Sometimes I imagine how I would handle that situation.
>> No. 3916 [Edit]
I don't really like families, but having a disciple (not particularly unlike having a child) sounds pretty nice. I'd be able to do what I've been wanting all my life: to help kids improve our world. If I got a job, I'd love to be a professor.
>> No. 3917 [Edit]
I do sometimes but only under the condition that this family was able to understand my points of views and act in a way that would make me happy. This is actually impossible since I cannot come to senses with people in general but, was it a hypothetical question, in where I could find a wife that was much like me and could raise a child that would not go much astray from its parent's roots, then yes, I would like to raise a family.
>> No. 3918 [Edit]
No, I'm asexual and absolutely hate kids.

I do think about having a pet though. Animals are easier to get along with than people because they aren't capable of talking.
>> No. 3920 [Edit]
I've always liked the idea of raising a kid, and a wife could be nice.
However I know that if I where to actually raise a kid they would turn into a little monster, and if it was a girl I'd need to watch her grow up from a cute little child to cock gargling whore, I dont think I could stand that.
>> No. 3923 [Edit]

This. I'd like a giant ass crab as a pet or something, but fuck children.
>> No. 3939 [Edit]
Part of me does. I want to do stuff like throw the ball or have a tea party a lot really. But I am totally unfit to be a parent. Not that it really matters. I won't happen even if I wanted it to.

I have a niece and nephew now so maybe I can live those simple dreams after all. I dunno, my sister doesn't seem to want anything to do with me anymore though. They may never be a part of my life. You know, that really hurts.
>> No. 3940 [Edit]
As I am now, I don't think that a family would be good at all.

Though, there are moments when I want a family. That's the part of me that yearns for a 'normal' life, and wants to be a teacher, or an office worker. I quickly try and smother those thoughts, though - Such goals aren't for people like me.

If I ever got over the mentality that all [real] women are soul-sucking whores, and accepted the impermanence of the real world, then yes, I think I could. However, until that day comes, my fantasy about a family life will remain just that.
>> No. 3942 [Edit]
I might get pressure into an arranged marriage at some point. If I don't find anyone by the time I'm 30 or so (and I won't) my family will start to meddle in my personal life because they're "worried about me." I've been able to keep that to a minimum so far. But even if I did get set up with someone, I have no idea how it could ever turn out well.
>> No. 3961 [Edit]

People still do arranged marriages like that?
>> No. 3964 [Edit]
File 130535226036.png - (213.26KB , 500x500 , tumblr_letvtluZbK1qcuhi6o1_500.png )
If i end up alone at an old age i may adopt, and i love the idea of having kids with mai waifu.
While i dont like kids i think it would be worth it to see them grow up.

I just have a problem that i always fantasize about having him as some sort of pupil and teaching him how to be the antichrist.
>> No. 3966 [Edit]
I'd love to have a nephew, but not a kid of my own.
I couldn't possibly raise a kid 24/7, but I could give him/her advice about things I wish someone would have told me when I was a kid.
>> No. 3967 [Edit]
no. social responsibility in that manner is not good for me. I don't want to end up with my father, having to deal with 8-9 children by different women especially given relationSHIT aspects.

Roffle, I post on this site and could go into druggie mode whenever I move out, and there are brohnos here who smoke weed even while being shutin.

Also those same parents would probably bitch that their non-gangbanging/weed smoking son is a shutin and anti-social (or 'doesnt work' or 'doesnt listen' or some such shit). I know this due to dealing with limited stuff from my mother and grandmother, and how her boyfriend was aggressive about that.

Even then, or now I could've fallen into some sort of "gang" type shit - even if it's something like a Moped or bike urban tribe or graffiti artists.
>> No. 3970 [Edit]
Are you Arabic, or Japanese?

Yes, I know an Arab guy who goes to/from Saudi Arabia. He goes to college/uni in the USA and during summer returns to Saudi. When there his family pressures him, esp his parents I think. They've now gotten to the point of looking for girls to hook him up with and introducing them to him. It's funny how he talked about one time they got a nice young cute girl for him, and everytime she talked he had the urge to he didnt go through with marrying her. He had a 3DPD in the USA anyway, who he met off /b/, so that is probably part of the reason too. He's 27
>> No. 3978 [Edit]
part Arab part American. I was born and raised in America, but my Arab family, the side that I'm living with now, expects me to get married and be normal and all that stuff. It's not exactly arranged marriage, more like matchmaking done by family members on "my behalf". They won't bother if I find someone myself, but if I don't (and of course there's no "if" about it) then they will start trying to set me up. Probably similar to the Saudi custom you're talking about.
>> No. 3984 [Edit]
ahh, so. But the thing is I'm assuming they will likely end up hooking you up with an Arab Muslim girl for a wife. That doesn't seem too bad a deal for you, given the cultural influences. Aka 'she wont be a bitch to you' etc etc. Or am I wrong, I am not arab so...

Also you dont have to have children immediately after marrying whatever, you can wait 2-3 years to get used to her. Just hope she doesnt poke holes in your condome before
>> No. 4009 [Edit]
I'm a neurotic wreck who can just barely stand being around most other people for more than a few minutes, and that especially includes women. So no, it's not a good thing. But until I don't have to rely on my family for anything anymore, I have to play along with it.

And yeah, they will set me up with an Arab Muslim girl, but they can be bitches in their own way. Not to mention how they've taken to western "ideals" lately. Some women here combine the absolute worst aspects of the West and the East. Once I'm done with my studies and I have a little work experience in I might just move far away.
>> No. 4025 [Edit]
I'm familiar with the negative aspects of western females, but if you could elaborate on the eastern front it would be much appreciated.
>> No. 4031 [Edit]
Imagining myself raising a little girl helps me sleep at night.
>> No. 4035 [Edit]
huh. I'm not really an expert either, because I don't really have any friends here (surprise!) but from what I can tell, Arab girls can be demanding. Most of them still follow the traditional social structure in terms of marriage and kids and all that, but in the house they tend to hold a lot of power. Some of them, particularly the Lebanese, seem to be very into fashion and have a superficial streak that I can't stand (the same goes for the men, actually.) Combine that with some of the modern feminist ideals coming in from the West and, well. It's a shitty deal. Not like it matters, though.
>> No. 4038 [Edit]
I'm more or less terrified of children for a mutiple of reasons and I'm pretty much convinced I'll never have one of by own. At least a baby anyway

I have a young nephew, but I have no idea how to interact with him so I generally just avoid anything other then the passing hello or pat on the head. Its just really hard for me to even look at him, kids just mortify me
>> No. 4039 [Edit]
Sometimes I do, but then I remember they will grow up and go true puberty. I don't know how to deal with that.
If it's a girl, how will I keep her from becoming a whore.
If it's a boy, I would want him to be happy but I wouldn't want him to be a normal.

>feminist ideals
Why must feminists ruin everything good and pure in this world.
>> No. 4044 [Edit]

I feel the same way. Back in the day I felt that being a teacher might satitate this need of mine but I was just delusional and immature.


Sometimes I don't. And by sometimes I mean immeadiately after reading a chapter of Yotsubato!. But after thinking about it calmly for 3 minutes I don't feel that need at all. I could name at least 20 valid reasons against it.


>However I know that if I where to actually raise a kid they would turn into a little monster, and if it was a girl I'd need to watch her grow up from a cute little child to cock gargling whore, I dont think I could stand that.

Second. That would probably be my biggest fear, even more so than losing my independence or being a bad parent. If my child would grow up to be a normalfag... Damn, that would hurt a lot.


Again, second. I hate kids almost as much as I hate sex. Fictional children might look cute but real children aren't anything like that.
>> No. 4048 [Edit]
same here, my brother married a 3DPD, so soon he will probably have a kid and I just know that they'll want to invite me to do normalfag stuff with them. I have no idea how to be around little kids & kids are just generally annoying.
>> No. 4056 [Edit]
>Fictional children might look cute but real children aren't anything like that.
What makes you say that?
>> No. 4061 [Edit]
>Fictional children might look cute but real children aren't anything like that.
Most of the kids I know are absolutely adorable the only annoying children are those with shitty parents.
Regretfully this means that most children are annoying.
>> No. 4062 [Edit]
File 130562963082.jpg - (90.20KB , 638x647 , hardcore cp XXX.jpg )
do you live in 2D world where kids aren't mean, rude, disgusting, and cruel?
>> No. 4063 [Edit]

My experiences with them. Had to babysit my cousin's child over Easter weekend a little so it's still fresh in my memory.


>Most of the kids I know are absolutely adorable

You are free to believe whatever you want to and I sure won't try to change your opinion. Doesn't change the fact that I find pretty much all of them obnoxious. The difference between fictional children and real ones might be even bigger than between 2D imuotos and the real thing.
>> No. 4068 [Edit]
Experiences may vary. I had to babysit my younger cousins a while back, and they were all fairly well behaved. Certainly, they had their moments, but for the most part they were pretty sweet, especially when alone. I suppose it all boils down to upbringing, and their temperaments.
>> No. 4070 [Edit]
My many, many younger cousins run the gamut from well-behaved to vicious little shits. It depends on personality and upbringing, but some kids are all right to deal with.
>> No. 4071 [Edit]
I agree. My brothers, sisters and cousins, we have basically the same upbringing. I think we are all well-behaved and educated and so we were as kids when we used to play together. We didn't run around screaming and destroying everything we could get on our hands, for the stereotype. We were creative and competitive, we loved each other. Thus I like to believe children are fundamentally the product of their environment and education.

You see a lot of deviant kids on the streets but that's because they stand out more than the other ones. Bad parenting will result in bad children most of the time. I remember having one very shy and cute girl in my first elementary class who would never speak, she never said a single word for the entire year, only nodded with her head. I later found out her mother was also very reserved like that, and cute and shy.
>> No. 4123 [Edit]
Being around my baby niece has released chemicals in my brain that make me want to find a wife, impregnate her and raise and nurture our baby.
>> No. 4151 [Edit]
I get this urge sometimes, mostly because I've always been "good with kids". Was always told to babysit the younger kids at family events, often handled children during volunteer work while I was in HS, and kind of just learned how to deal with kids. But I hate younger boys with a passion, and cute little girls make me nervous because them saying one misunderstood thing to their parents or another adult can completely fuck you for life.

I've reserved to adopt mai waifus canon daughters as my own. It really does help kill that parenting urge when I look at cute pictures of Vivio or Caro. I even went so far to get dakimakuras of them so I could cuddle with them. Haven't though about impregnating a girl or raising my own child since.
>> No. 4154 [Edit]
File 130585430023.jpg - (35.07KB , 600x450 , mini_nagisa1-600x450.jpg )
Surprisingly enough, a few years ago I became good with kids too, boys and girls all the same (guess I still am, if my current homunculus Pedobear keeps in control). But I always knew that I was in charge of them just for a little while, to (carefully) play around and teach them a couple things, but never having to be really/fully responsable of them and their lives for the rest of my own. So, while I could enjoy their eventual company, I knew for sure that it'd be simply NUTS to even frame the idea of having kids of my own (also, I was very close to that happening in my teens... needless to say, that shit-scared me for life, to say the least).

That said, I remember an article about a guy who named her daughter Kana after the eroge character; later, her wife found out and it became an uberscandal. I was, of course, a defendor of him: Kana is an outstanding and admirable character, for many reasons beyond being simply an incestuous teen from an adult game. After that, I started thinking, even thought I know I shall never have them, what names would I like to give to my entirely hypotetical children and, after considering many options, I decided for the next two:

- Andrei, if a boy... because it's very sonorous, close to άνδρας -man,male- and in honour to Tarkovsky.
- Nagisa, if a girl... because it sounds beautiful and feminine, and other several complex and intimate reasons regarding the simbolic value of shores, sand, glass and its wonders (I even wrote a whole essay about this one).

Post edited on 19th May 2011, 6:29pm
>> No. 4160 [Edit]
>Nagisa, ... (I even wrote a whole essay about this one).
I think I remember this. You never posted the essay, but you mentioned some of the reasoning.
>> No. 4167 [Edit]
Yeah... might post it entirely, someday, if I ever manage to discipline myself enough to translate it decently.
>> No. 4171 [Edit]
>kana little sister
>> No. 4179 [Edit]
I had to raise my sister, so no. It's a lot of work.
>> No. 4196 [Edit]
I fantasize about raising a family with my waifu. I imagine hearing the great news; and then buying baby related things and working full time to support ourselves in the future. I would then imagine waiting outside the hospital room or being by her side while the magic happens and holding her hand tightly. Then as the years pass by we'd be happily raising our kid to be a good person; hopefully we'd move to a place devoid of media or something.

I only fantasize because I know it will never happen, and I like to divulge in those kind of things.
>> No. 4478 [Edit]
Same here, right down to all those little details you mentioned. It's a fluffy, perfect scenario I often think about, but it's unfortunately all too idealistic. Our waifus don't exist in this world, and raising a family is usually very difficult and painful in reality. I just want to live happily ever after like the character's in OP's pic.
>> No. 4482 [Edit]
No. This world and all of its inhabitants are trash. The only family I could ever truly accept would be a daughter/son I had raised from birth, by myself. Not only is this ridiculously impossible, but it imposes certain danger upon me. I am dearly afraid I would molest any daughter I ever had, or groom her into it.

So, summarily, I am a terrible person who will not allow himself this thing. I'll die alone, and that's pretty cool too.
>> No. 4483 [Edit]
>I just want to live happily ever after like the character's in OP's pic.
>> No. 4497 [Edit]
Okay, disregarding some of the horrible alternate scenarios that occured
>> No. 6979 [Edit]
You're pretty much spot on, it all comes down to environment/upbringing.
A few years back I spent a while working at a school in a class of ~5 year olds as a sort of assistant. It was in a rather bad area with, in my opinion, awful parents. Most children when playing would run around swearing and pretend they were in GTA and try to kill the 'pigs'(these are 5 year olds remember).
However there was one really cute girl in the class who never spoke to anyone and seemed quite lonely. Honestly, she seemed so out of place in this school. After I had been there for only a short period she started to always stand or sit down next to me. Then, during breaks or whenever we had to go somewhere she would always hold my hand - it was one of the nicest and warmest feelings imaginable. On a couple of occasions during a break time she came over to me and sort of snuggled on my lap. It had to be the cutest thing I ever have, and ever will experience (although I got really worried what the teacher or other kids might think/say if they saw us).
Her parents looked pretty normal to me, or perhaps abnormal in that place. I just feared that being in that environment all day may make her change - I sure hope it doesn't, but I guess I'll never know.

On topic though, if I could have a child like that then it would be a thing of fantasies, however it obviously would never happen.
>> No. 6980 [Edit]
It's one of my favorite fantasies but at the same time I hate it knowing it will never come true.
It's especially hard seeing other people that take their wife and kids for granted.
>> No. 7016 [Edit]

That's adorable as fuck man.
>> No. 7017 [Edit]
I dawwwww'd
>> No. 7032 [Edit]
I hate kids, for the most part.

But a few years back, I was visiting my family in California. One of my uncles has quite a few children and one of their daughters, who was maybe 9 at the time and was pretty much on her path to being a friggin' child prodigy, would always stand near me, hold my hand, talk to me (I was usually pretty quiet) and hug me. I... kind of liked that feel.
>> No. 7072 [Edit]
Never. I'm going to get vasectomy done to me as soon as possible (legal age for it is 30 here).
I'm never going to earn enough money to offer any kind of decent living standards.
I was born in to a poor family and I don't wish it on any human being, love and care don't mean shit in the long run, they'll just make you even weaker and unprepared for this sick and twisted world.
There really should be some kind of a limit of steady income that you must have in order to be allowed to have kids.

I've disowned my parents for that very reason.
>> No. 7078 [Edit]

Haruhi damn it you guys quit making me want an imouto even more than I already do.
>> No. 7079 [Edit]
I-I can be your imouto...
>> No. 7081 [Edit]
File 131587582745.jpg - (74.07KB , 570x800 , People's Fair girl.jpg )
So is this thread about cute little girls now?

A couple months ago I was sitting down for lunch at a big fair, and a little girl - I'd say about age 7 - walked over to my table. She was holding a branch covered in leaves, and she was pretended to dust everything in sight with it. The little girl dusted my face, and her mom told her that was inconsiderate and she should get my permission first. She politely asked, "May I please dust your face?" I laughed and said that's perfectly fine, so she did. She kept dusting things for another few minutes, and then the girl's mom took her hand and told her it was time to go. As the girl was being dragged away, she was still leaning back to dust the ground behind her as she walked.
>> No. 7085 [Edit]
it was poison ivy leaves
>> No. 7087 [Edit]
File 131587739199.jpg - (13.85KB , 170x164 , Cirno oh no.jpg )
>> No. 8025 [Edit]
File 132183346025.jpg - (223.70KB , 800x1148 , usagi-drop-2393221o.jpg )
Lately, I've been fantasizing a lot about having and rising a wonderful beautiful daughter... but for the exact wrong reasons.
>> No. 8103 [Edit]
As someone who lived in the ghetto and could have been that person, I dawwwwwed. except I am male.
>> No. 8106 [Edit]
File 132227317490.jpg - (329.90KB , 800x680 , 1318799277817.jpg )
I want to have a cute daughter that I can show Touhou flashes to while she's young and we can laugh at them together.

I'm a shallow and terrible person full of regrets and self loathing, though. If she wasn't cute, I might be disappointed. I realized that maybe I'll just still love her anyways and won't care about that kind of thing because she'll be mine and she'll be beautiful to me, and I guess I'm okay with that now, but sometimes I hear my friends talk and sometimes they've repeated things I've said in the past and I hear it and can't help but think it sounds stupid. So I keep imagining if I were to have a child that they'd be the direct result of what I am always projecting, and I can't stand to see that, let alone ruin my only daughter with that. Maybe this type of feeling will pass, too, and I'll be more secure with myself in the future.
>> No. 8233 [Edit]
I think most people with children see them as beautiful and brilliant. I'm sure you would feel the same.

I grew up wanting to get married and have a normal family. Well, that didn't work out for me but I've seen that the perfect nuclear family is pretty rare. Your family could consist of internet bros or just an uncle, or just you and a child and it's still as much of a family as long as the bonds are strong.
>> No. 8239 [Edit]
Give me a decent wife and a well behaved son and I'd be a very happy family man. Don't want a bitchy wife or a bratty kid.
>> No. 8247 [Edit]
I don't mean to offend, but I don't think you would care about your daughter. It sounds to me like you just want her as this new object of interest. An interest based on something as shallow as appearances. This is why you will mentally toss her aside after you get bored with her.
>> No. 8304 [Edit]
This is very... puzzling.
I sometimes dream about having a little sister that I could cuddle with, to take care of her. Dream about something unrealistic such as sister-complex, that I couldn't have - I never had a sister and even if I had she would probably treat me as human trash currently.
Sometimes I imagine myself tracking her every movement, doing everything she wants, caring for her and loving her purely.
Is this something like a "new object of interest"? If yes, I just leveled up as a human trash once again.
>> No. 8306 [Edit]

I think the biggest question is would you still care for her as much if she was 'ugly' (whatever that constitutes in your opinion)? What if she was crippled in some way?
>> No. 8308 [Edit]
File 132354025885.jpg - (60.72KB , 800x450 , usagidrop03-1.jpg )
I think the biggest question is: would you still have liked Usagi Drop if Rin wasn't such a lovely?
>> No. 8313 [Edit]
To be honest, It wouldn't really matter how she looks like.
I tried to imagine as many things as I could, for example, if after some time she would get her leg amputated - I would still love her and take care of her the same way.
It's much more about about her behavior, I don't think that I could love and care for
someone that doesn't want that love and care I might give.
This is just thinking, it's impossible to happen and I don't know how I would act in such a situation.
>> No. 10226 [Edit]
For sure.
>> No. 10265 [Edit]
After reading Clannad, yes. However, of course, there will never be a Nagisa out there for me ;_;
>> No. 10268 [Edit]
No, I hate slutty brats running amok in my room. It happens about once a week, they don't understand how much much the figs are worth and that I don't want them jumping on the dakimakuras of my waifu. And they don't care. And they always go on like "penis, penis, you had sex with my mother" and such shit. She already tried out sex. And they will be even sluttier when they grow older (7 years old now). How could I want to raise a family?
>> No. 10269 [Edit]
what the
>> No. 10277 [Edit]
I would not want children, they annoy me.

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