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File 132977243154.gif - (7.15KB , 249x178 , regist_charctor.gif )
8610 No. 8610 [Edit]
Madhouse Studios has been assigned as the animation studio for shorts based on The Peanuts comic strip.
Madhouse has already created a animated short with Peanuts characters released "somewhere in Tokyo" and users have been told to look around the web.
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>> No. 8611 [Edit]
Hmm... I'll watch it. Peanuts are great.
>> No. 8612 [Edit]
>> No. 8614 [Edit]
File 132978475591.jpg - (123.07KB , 574x360 , maedax-woodstock.jpg )
Well, I have nice childhood memories about it.
>> No. 8618 [Edit]
I like Snoopy and all but more as a comic strip.
>> No. 8620 [Edit]
I'm not sure how I feel about this. I guess it'll be interesting to say the least.
>> No. 8622 [Edit]
File 132987308366.jpg - (125.19KB , 1001x561 , caminoRL.jpg )
I screencapped this from TWGOK shortly before dropping it
>> No. 8623 [Edit]
Does Madhouse really like working on American things, or are they the only one America turn to when need the animated?
>> No. 8624 [Edit]
When I saw that, it just made me the happiest dude alive. I loved Peanuts as a kid. Charlie Brown's Christmas always made me cry. They have a certain level of innocence, and it was nice to have that reference come completely from left field.

I think it's more the latter than the former - I'm not 100% sure, didn't even Google it, but it struck me as a little odd that they're pretty much the single studio doing American adaptations. I'd guess at the latter because I imagine they'd have to pay for the rights if they didn't have some kind of hook-up overseas, you know? But I'm just talking right out of my ass and have no knowledge about this whatsoever.

But a Peanuts anime. That's really awesome. I'm extremely curious as to how they're going to execute it.
>> No. 8626 [Edit]
From the videos featured on, it looks like they're going to be done in the same old style they've always been.
>> No. 8629 [Edit]
I'm surprised those vids don't have Japanese subs or something.

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