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File 132159368021.png - (233.07KB , 494x501 , Th075marisa01.png )
7109 No. 7109 [Edit]
"'Sup, Tohno-chan?

Well, we've just finished watching Lucky Star in Budoukan on YouTube, and it was great, it was funny and yeah, worth the loading time. You might be asking why he didn't just download the Budoukan video or some sort of that. I suggested that to him. I said, "Hey man, why don't you just get it from the Internet? You know, torrent it."

And he was like, "I can't, too little space, Marisa. Besides, we have it here on YouTube, so we'll just watch it here." Damn. He has the space to store Carnival Phantasm, which is I think really crappy, and he can't download one video because he is out of space. It doesn't even have English subtitles. Pathetic. He has no money anyway, so he say he can't put another disk drive into the computer. It's called "disk drive", ain't it? Yeah.

But when he does have money, he buys us snacks, like chocolate. Us, as in me and his family. The reason he buys me food is because he thinks I can't eat flowers. Not too bad of a excuse, isn't it? But it's a wonder he doesn't get fat anymore.

So yeah, this guy here needs something for himself, like a legitimate job.

Speak up, girls."
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>> No. 7120 [Edit]
File 132163197345.jpg - (21.15KB , 503x383 , Kanako 50.jpg )
(Awesome idea!)

"...actually...there is something that bothers me.

Since Yasuo got this job, he always comes home late and is really tired...and the bit of time he has before we go sleeping he uses to sit on his computer or to relax togehter with me.
It is nice, but he always seems to be so tired, and i don´t want that he pushes himself...but everytime i tell him that he just smiles at me and says that it is okay.
I don´t want that he pushes himself, but i also wish that we could spend more time together...

Its not that i dislike his job! ...i just wish...

That we could be together all day."
>> No. 7121 [Edit]
File 132163373361.jpg - (301.97KB , 953x1294 , makoto1114.jpg )
"We just finished making our [email protected] post on his blog. Actually took a while because he tried not being biased because of me, haha... In the end, he mentioned me around 3-4 times, guess he couldn't help it.

Other than that, I worry for him so much these days. College is really tiring him and he keeps telling me that he might not make it another month. I keep assuring him that no matter what happens, I'll always be with him. I don't know how much longer he can last, but he's trying and I really appreciate that, because he says he's only trying so that he we can hopefully live our dream life together. I kind of cried hearing that.

Other than that, he just plays a really fun game called LoL to pass the time. Before he starts the match he always says, ' Watch me Makoto, I'm going to kick some ass ' , and more times than ever, he loses, making jokes about how he slipped. He never fails to make me laugh, he's so funny, hahahaha. Well, I like the LoL game, but I wish he would play [email protected] 2 a little bit more. He says ' I'll play it when I understand JP a little bit more, I don't want to pick the wrong choice, making your character angry... I can't stand making you angry on accident.. ' . This brings me back to the point where he is trying to hard in his classes huh..

That's pretty much everything that's been happening lately. He's trying to order a customized dollfie, one that looks like me. It's expensive, but I can't seem to stop him because he says that I'll like it. I actually can't really wait either... in honesty, I really love cute things and that doll looks so cute! Um.. so yeah, that's pretty much it."
>> No. 7124 [Edit]
File 132164354173.png - (971.06KB , 630x1040 , 9eca7bff8c1f1ab64bdbd3c82d0f164b.png )
"Well, he went to volunteer at the Salvation Army. Did some simple gardening for them, got back around noon, and told me he was thinking of me the entire time. But then he went straight to his computer and started fiddling around with some noises. He's apparently trying to learn to create music with that hunk of plastic, but I don't think it'll last long given his record of picking up hobbies then quickly dropping them due to difficulty. I hope this case is different, though; it would be interesting to see what he could come up with, and he promised he'd make a song for me when he became good at it...

"I know what you mean about the lack of money. He wants to save up and take me to a show of some sort in February (I'm being kept in the dark about it so it'll be a surprise). Walking with him through the neighborhood and sitting around while chatting are very enjoyable, however, so I don't mind.

"Also, sorry again for the little incident I caused a while back. Like I said, not a morning person, hehe."
>> No. 7125 [Edit]
File 132165473715.jpg - (9.96KB , 292x224 , 1249900143133.jpg )
My husbando is trying to make a Rorschach costume from a comic book, dunno much about it. I think it was called "The Watchmen." He looks kind of scary with a trench-coat and mask! But underneath it he's very kind.

He also thinking about getting a job instead of bumming money off his parents; this may be a good thing...
>> No. 7128 [Edit]
File 132166607187.jpg - (104.72KB , 500x886 , 19175360.jpg )
>> No. 7129 [Edit]
File 132167250040.jpg - (31.64KB , 640x480 , Sabrina Screenshot 109.jpg )
"It's been a while since he's been around here... Lately he's been very tired. He sleeps in all the time. His inner fire seems to be going out. I find it diffcult to be around him at times. I can't handle seeing him like this. He tells me he is fine but I've looked into his mind and I see he is worried about so many things. Things that are not in his control. I try my hardest to be there for him, to comfort him. When we're together he is so happy. Whenever I'm gone, he goes back to being sad. He has ambitions, he has dreams. I just wish there was a way for me to light that inner fire and help him in his goals. To relieve him of this sadness."
>> No. 7131 [Edit]
File 132170316834.jpg - (44.39KB , 956x537 , Lizlet L Chelsie 52.jpg )
"I just don't know why he isn't paying attention to me, sometimes outright ignoring me; he thinks more on the negative side of life and reads nothing more but bad news.

I feel like he is neglecting me and he cares more about what is happening in real life, particularly bad stuff rather than caring about me. I....I just don't know what to do...."
>> No. 7132 [Edit]
File 132171894012.png - (195.01KB , 700x900 , pas Tenshi browsing :jp:.png )
There's more to talk about than our husbandos, you know.
>> No. 7133 [Edit]
File 13217207154.jpg - (34.74KB , 480x360 , 6556onpu007.jpg )
"School's been tiring the poor guy out again lately, but that's mostly because of this big database project he's been working on. He tells me that if it weren't for the other group members, he would have been totally lost, but I know that either way, he would have been fine. He's also got a big paper to write for another class that he's not really started on yet, but he tells me that he'll be able to 'crank it out during Thanksgiving break no problem.' If he says he can do it, then I believe him.

Somehow, it feels like the two of us have been getting closer too. He's been listening to more music from my show, and has been catching up on the backlog of releases. A bit ironic, since he works on the fansub... But I can't blame him. After recording a new song and spending so many hours to get it just right, sometimes I can't listen to it for a little while either. I think him watching my show and seeing me and all of our friends together has been uplifting his spirits a lot lately. If he's happy, then I'm happy, and he tells me the same thing every night."
>> No. 7134 [Edit]
Get out of /hus/
>> No. 7135 [Edit]
File 132172552978.jpg - (153.91KB , 850x874 , sample-1e8c6a35399d06e4a2004495eda760ac.jpg )

"Yeah, going out is great. Better than watching the local television channels here because I can't understand a word. I remember when I walked with him to the local grocery to buy another snack. We talked while walking along the way, but I really hate the traffic here, the drivers were like driving their vehicles, not caring about the people who walk and cross the street. I mean, even the fairies flying on large groups in Gensokyo were considerate enough to leave a space for me to go through.

Can't blame them, though. These fancy automobiles and jeepneys are just following narrow roads. Too bad that the people of this country have their faith in a god I haven't seen yet, and it forbids them to us magic, so they can't just fly. Why is that god so strict? I mean, I went to one of their rituals once, and the priest in the sermon was like saying that the people need to follow the government as citizens and they need to follow their god as disciples. Catholicism, as they call this religion, seem to like large churches, rituals and hierarchies.

And oh, I don't mind the little incident back in the Mausoleum. I just think Reimu wants to hear your apologies."


"I asked him who is Rorschach. He said he's like Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero. I don't like Kiritsugu."


"Then ignore him and do your thing. Maybe he just needs some rest, lady."


"Yeah, like your masochism and my lesbianism. Seriously, Tenshi, blank check, talk about him right now, even once."
>> No. 7137 [Edit]
File 132172909981.jpg - (40.98KB , 310x212 , zuizou Tenshi_Flandre_Marisa rainbows 2.jpg )
Fine, but only because I have nothing better to do. And be quiet, witch, I'm not a masochist.

He's a hard worker; he goes off to the animation studio to work on homework at least twice a week and spends the whole day there, and when he gets back, he's too tired to go anywhere with me. I wish he could just relax, but if he does he'll simply fall further behind and it will make things even more difficult for both of us. Maybe this is the best situation, and I'm only being selfish. Oh well.
>> No. 7138 [Edit]
File 132172915444.png - (109.10KB , 261x237 , Madotsuki looks sad.png )
. . .
>> No. 7139 [Edit]
File 132174864437.jpg - (62.79KB , 1048x800 , Erica cute.jpg )
We had a good day today. I woke up to find that he was still asleep. He outslept me by twenty minutes, turning the score from 16-3 to 16-4. He still thinks he has a chance of winning by the end of the year. Ha!

Britannian weather is weird. Today was a randomly sunny and warm-ish day in the middle of November. We saw a secondary schooler (high-schooler for you Liberions) fly off his mountain bike in the woods; we were smoking and had to stifle our laughter not to give away our position. Considering the way he flew off, that's easier said than done.... Now we're spending the freezing evening indoors, cosy and snuggled up in front of our Playstation.

In short, I love his days off.
>> No. 7140 [Edit]
File 132175162280.jpg - (527.62KB , 800x1000 , 706a384622378a5b43f47981882feace.jpg )
"Perhaps you two should try spending the day with just each other? We did this and it was very refreshing.

"Well what do you suggest? This topic is sufficiently broad to allow for lengthy and enjoyable conversations.

"This brought a smile to my face. How nice

"We don't have that big a problem with traffic. It only seems to be an annoyance when there's a local football game or when the leaves change in autumn. I don't understand what's so great about changing leaves. What, do the leaves not change where they are? These modern times can be just baffling to me.

"My problem with Christianity is not with the religion itself but rather the 'followers' of it. Even I know that they are supposed to be selfless and separate from the world, but apparently this isn't common knowledge amongst the masses that claim to adhere to the faith. Honestly... this is the cause of my husbando's grief and anger."
>> No. 7153 [Edit]
File 13218089523.jpg - (255.11KB , 590x832 , 3df14b551de3364a33d5178517388c96.jpg )

>"Even I know that they are supposed to be selfless and separate from the world, but apparently this isn't common knowledge amongst the masses that claim to adhere to the faith."

"Yeah, but the main problem is, humanity is a rational animal. Rational, yes. Animal, also yes. I mean, humans have, as established in economics, "unlimited wants for limited resources". They want food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, social contact, work, philosophy and many more. They also want variety. It's naturally hard for them to be selfless and unworldly. The human body has a lot of needs, including psychological needs. Asking them to follow rules in an absolute manner is boring them to death. I think that's where Christianity went wrong. It did not acknowledge the human nature. What Christianity needs is to focus on humanity, I think, not on a god's demands.

But I'm just talking as a external observer on her first impressions on an unfamiliar religion. My man knows more of Christianity, you know? And I have yet to read the Bible.

Also, I'm really thinking of turning into Hermeticism just for the sake of incorporating Christian elements into my magic. I might make a new spell card out of it. Ha ha."
>> No. 7156 [Edit]
File 132182689364.png - (351.16KB , 706x1000 , 5d8a9302caecf7fc2f1c0b2829bf7887.png )
"It's just insincere, though, to say you follow a doctrine you do not. I agree completely, except on the animal part. Humans are greater than animals: just look at all they have accomplished. History is the record of man surpassing himself time and again. Especially in modern times, man is closer to the gods than ever before. They deserve better than to be treated as untrained dogs or as rather intelligent monkeys. Humans also seem to be working on a scientific way to free themselves from death. Another case where magic would have helped immensely but the harder way is chosen. Then again, the harder way stopped them from consuming toxic mercury ores... dammit, Seiga!
>> No. 7158 [Edit]
File 132183610386.jpg - (1.44MB , 1920x1200 , Tenshi Jewish scriptures.jpg )
The only faith anyone should follow is worshiping Hinanawi Tenshi, in my humble opinion.
>> No. 7159 [Edit]
File 132183789428.jpg - (481.12KB , 601x850 , c220dd4e674e98266953bea233df46c9.jpg )
"You seem to have misspelled Taoism in your post."
>> No. 7164 [Edit]
File 13218494989.jpg - (11.72KB , 296x278 , Liz peeking.jpg )

"But I just can't ignore him... I love him and I just want to be at his side but he views with suspicion...and contempt"


"Even if we spend a day together, he views me with suspicion; he had read somewhere that someone also happen to like me and considered as their waifu that he feels that I might abandon him. I fear that he might replace me with someone where he can have a more stable relationship..."
>> No. 7188 [Edit]
File 132186262073.jpg - (213.69KB , 1024x1448 , Marisa_Kirisame_by_jenesis00.jpg )

>History is the record of man surpassing himself time and again. Especially in modern times, man is closer to the gods than ever before.

"Yes. But the problem is this:


Take a look at that website, Miss Miko. That's the amount of money the country of United States of America spent in total for their wars, it is increasing every second and that's just one country. How about the rest of the Outside World? And if you take a look at world history topics, you will see the countless wars that had already happened, such as the Dual World Wars and the most recent, The War on Terror. And my hasubando's a military wannabe too. Have you seen the various guns, explosives and siege engines the outsiders have invented? Have you seen the body count of a single modern battle? And did you know these inventions are, unlike Danmaku, capable of taking many lives?

My point here is, you will see at history that the outsiders are using all their money, all their scientific knowledge and all their resources just to kill each other. They are so close to gods when it comes to their capabilities, yet so close to animals when it comes to dealing with each other.

It's like watching a couple of gods battling in a no-holds-barred spell card fight for a land deed. Horrifying."
>> No. 7192 [Edit]

"But I just can't ignore him... I love him and I just want to be at his side but he views with suspicion...and contempt"


"Even if we spend a day together, he views me with suspicion; he had read somewhere that someone also happen to like me and considered as their waifu that he feels that I might abandon him. I fear that he might replace me with someone where he can have a more stable relationship... as he has 2-4 more with him"
>> No. 7194 [Edit]
File 132189217383.jpg - (148.73KB , 500x540 , 4dc8c72059aeecb48c918f1f2433f929.jpg )

>I fear that he might replace me with someone where he can have a more stable relationship... as he has 2-4 more with him

"Silly girl, there's your problem. Your man has a harem. You can't outright say you want the other girls out of your relationship, so assume dominance over them. Earn their respect, seriously."
>> No. 7196 [Edit]
File 132190585749.png - (235.73KB , 657x720 , kurisu_posting_on_TC.png )
"We've been talking some very intelligent stuff lately. My husbando has read some books of theory of relativity and now he doesn't talk anything else. I don't mind it but he is a rookie and I need to teach him all the time. He thinks he is smart now that he has read few books. He is still light years away from me!

So my lovely husbando is having birthday soon. How should I surprise him? He is hard working and caring person, and I want to reward him because I think he really deserves it!"
>> No. 7200 [Edit]
File 132191331584.jpg - (23.11KB , 503x383 , Kanako 8.jpg )
"I know where are you coming from, Yasuo tries sometimes to act all suave but ends up falling on his nose.
I have been thinking to give him a prayer-chain or where they called prayer beads? You know these chains with wooden pearls that buddhist monks have, i thought it would be funny since he sometimes acts like he has some serious religous duty towards me, he might get the joke behind that gift.
I know that he will carry it with him, no matter what, thats like he is...
Well, i don´t know your husbando, but maybe he too will enjoy something that he can always carry with him and that reminds him of you...just an idea though."
>> No. 7201 [Edit]
File 132191613321.jpg - (140.99KB , 850x850 , sample-d316f4aac373c9afaea3a56033e01c88.jpg )
Wow... that's an impressive number. I had no idea that much money was going into war. My husbando was gaping at it. It's rather depressing to think all of that is constantly being dumped into fueling the fires of hell on earth... But that does not change my statements. Imagine if that gigantic sum was being put towards, oh I don't know, ending world hunger. That's a classic problem. Think of all the people that would be provided with an actual meal! Or if all those soldiers, instead of joining the war effort, joined a humanitarian effort. The man power that would be at disposal to improve living conditions! The more capabilities and power you have, the more ways you can abuse your control. The outside world would probably already be a utopia if leaders only sought to create and preserve harmony, but they seem to have more potential than they know what to do with. Even the gods err, you know.

"Well sounds like the situation is out of your control. If he refuses to see you as anything other than a traitor, throw up your hands and accept what comes. We only have control over ourselves. You know you will always be faithful to him, whether he accepts that or not. Sometimes the best course of action is non-action.

"Maybe you should take a break from tutoring him. You've mistaken a measure of distance as a measure of time. And I know exactly what you mean. Hahah, when my husbando reads a complicated book he feels so proud of himself! It's adorable really. Though the poor guy often does not understand as much as he thought he did.

"As for gift ideas, I'm not sure. If he's always hard at work, maybe he would like a slow day to appreciate doing nothing? You could give it that touch of sentimental value that will make him look back on the day fondly. And have sweets, sweets make everything better. You can't go wrong with pastries."
>> No. 7207 [Edit]
File 132194994767.jpg - (365.82KB , 2100x1350 , PunkMarisa.jpg )

>The more capabilities and power you have, the more ways you can abuse your control.

"Exactly. Maybe that's the reason why the Outside World is killing itself slowly each passing day, because it has become so powerful. And we all know that power and, by extension, knowledge could easily corrupt people. The outsiders had too much time with on their hands, too much knowledge waiting to be put into use and too much wants and needs, eventually unquenchable and unending. If the leaders only knew to serve their fellowmen like themselves, then the Outside World will become utopia. But no, leaders and people with power are humans too, capable of doing good things but also harmful things. Maybe that's the reason why utopia could never exist, because it is not of human nature to be absolutely good. What it needs right now is balance, that's the closest thing humans could have as their utopia.

And to change the topic, he created some sort of punk-like poster for me, as posted. The attempt is really lacking and pathetic, but it's also cute, see? I've always had a liking for punk rock, especially from the band Dead Kennedys. Other than that, I like Creedence Clearwater Revival's songs. I feel like these bands' songs are close to my personality."


"I can't think of any good gift right now but either food or jewelry. Seriously, if I was to give my man a gift, it would be an iron ring. Aside from that iron is really cheap, I want to tell him to be strong yet malleable like iron. Whatever decorations he like on the ring will be his own accord.

Also, food because you can't eat flowers. Ha ha."
>> No. 7217 [Edit]
File 132203393571.jpg - (68.14KB , 1006x594 , Lizlet L Chelsie 60.jpg )

I guess I could do that, I just hope he notices that I really love him and only him alone. The other girls are very nice to me they know that of his harem, he loves me the most.

I just want him to see me as someone that has no intention of leaving and be at his side all the time.


But I still care for him, I don't want to lose him and I can also see that for all the negative things he thinks about me, he really doesn't want to lose me to others even if he has a harem, he just can't express what he feels and thinks properly.

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2011, 11:54pm
>> No. 7222 [Edit]
File 132216908732.png - (71.73KB , 410x506 , Kurisu-407.png )
Very nice suggestions.. just not for him. I bet he wouldn't like stuff like that. Expect sweets, everyone likes sweets, right? I quess we just spend sunday eating cake.
>> No. 7499 [Edit]
File 132360147024.jpg - (3.46MB , 4320x3240 , IMG_0130.jpg )
"So, me and my husbando went out for lunch today. It's kinda rare for him to take me somewhere fancy, because he's still a student and has no job. However, he managed to score some gift certificates from his cousin earlier this week and asked me if I wanted to go.

It was a nice place, a restaurant at a hotel. Not the best place we've been to but it was still pretty good. As usual he got WAY too much food at his first raid on the buffet, and didn't go for seconds because he was so full.

He did get dessert however..."

Post edited on 11th Dec 2011, 3:06am
>> No. 7501 [Edit]
File 132363245257.jpg - (15.01KB , 350x197 , negimaSL08.jpg )
That's nice. :3

What kind of cellphone is that? It has Japanese on it, so I am sort of curious. How do you find a phone with Japanese? Please tell.

Pic is Nodoka Miyazaki - mai waifu <3
>> No. 7506 [Edit]
File 132368552954.jpg - (3.70MB , 4320x3240 , IMG_0125.jpg )
It's a Casio W41CA. I got it back in 2007 from my uncle when I visited Tokyo.

If you want a Japanese phone you'll have to get one from Japan itself. However most Japanese phones are locked to one network and can't be unlocked (except GSM phones that are sold outside of Japan as well, like iPhones).

My phone doesn't see too much use as a phone anymore... it serves as an alarm clock, calculator and camera. And a digital picture frame of course.
>> No. 7558 [Edit]
Thanks for that info~
>> No. 8403 [Edit]
File 13288980826.jpg - (21.25KB , 264x322 , Lizlet L Chelsie.jpg )
"Day after day, he just seems to busy reading things in his computer that interests him and gives little time for me, it's like he purposely neglecting me. I understand that he will be busy with his job soon and I know that he loves me as he have said it to me and I felt that he really meant it but still, I feel that he is distancing himself from me on purpose, he even rarely talks to me recently..."
>> No. 8404 [Edit]
File 132889960380.jpg - (114.82KB , 446x620 , 03.jpg )
He's the most dense of them all; he doesn't understand anything or anyone... and he's FAR too old not to do so...

I'm getting really sick of this.

Post edited on 10th Feb 2012, 12:56pm

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