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19155 No. 19155 [Edit]
I just finished reading a manga and feel heavily depressed suddenly. I have depressions anyway, but they are pretty bad now. It was a very lighthearted manga overall, but I think that was the reason why I ended up more depressed instead being happy. The characters where all bros without being shounen-tier cheesy, they all had fun and while reading it I felt like I was with them. After the manga ended I just realised how shitty the real world ist. It was like I got kicked out of the 2d world an get thrown to the cold, harsh reality again. I shouldn't even be complaining, I have two good friends and a family that still supports me even though im a NEET currently. I still feel like shit every day, I really don't want to be part of the society, I don't want to live just to go to work and pretend I like all the people I meet there. Even when I have fun with my very few friends I always think it's all meaningless because eventually I end up alone anyway.

I had a very very good friend a year ago. We were friends for well over 5 years, we did everything together and I really felt happy when I was together with him. I should mention here that were both guys, so im talking about a "bro" here. No homo I really "accepted" him (I always had a hard time to fully trust people) and he felt like a part of my life. Well, someday he started to work again (were were both around 25 at that time) and he met a few people there. That was the time were he began to change to the worse. Someday he said I was a "bad influence" to him and he even kicked me out of his friend list in steam a bit later. I think that left a scar somehow and just proved that you cant trust people. I guess this is also one of the reasons why that manga really let me feel like shit right now. I hate this world but at the same time just want to be happy with a few good friends, joking around and be there for each other. It's just that people in this world aren't so perfect and stereotypical. They change over time, which is something I didnt do over all these 5 years. He did though, and now im alone.

Damn, that feels and reads like shit a 14 year old would write, but thats how I feel right now somehow. Sorry for that wall of text, /so/, but I think it is fitting since im lonely and all. Sometimes I just want to fall asleep and never wake up. All my days are basically in front of my monitor, wishing for good friends but at the same time being unable to trust people in this world and always comparing them to characters from some manga just to realize they are pretty boring. Guess you could compare me Shoya Ishida out of koe no katachi in that regard. So instead I flee to the 2d world, immersing me to the point I think im part of it just to end up in the real world again and being even more depressed. Damn.

Well, I don't know what to write anymore, but at least I feel a bit better now after writing all that out. I don't even expect someone to read all that stuff. I wish everyone here a good day (or evening).
>> No. 19157 [Edit]
I am bipolar so I can somewhat relate to your depression. You sound like me about a month ago. Most friends are bullshit really. I would recommend going to work if you can. At the least, it will make you value your alone time more. That's what worked for me, although now I sound like a normalfag (I assure you I am not). I wish you luck regardless.
>> No. 19169 [Edit]
>I think that left a scar somehow
Don't worry, OP, you probably had that scar from long ago.
But I guess we all just dream of some sort of Cat Street or Yurumates or some Love Hina-like house for brothers without any form of superiority feeling in between us. I just want to drink sake and make potato soup in a garden, lie around on the floor reading manga, work hard for something that doesn't even matter because it still matters for some reason. Even with friends it would be impossible to put that much trust into them; would they really want to make the mansion dream come true? Because people change although the whole point is to uphold a kind of "good natured" status quo (I think that women are the worst of possible disrupters in a brotherhood, but even dislike is a factor to consider).
>> No. 19172 [Edit]
I dont know if that would work, when I was a trainee I was even more stressed than I am now. I really hate to have dutys. But I know that I wouldn't be able to survive like that as soon as I don't get money anymore. So maybe I should give it at try to not being a hassle for my parents anymore.

>I just want to drink sake and make potato soup in a garden, lie around on the floor reading manga, work hard for something that doesn't even matter because it still matters for some reason.

Something like that is what I wish as well. Just a harmonic life, a few good friends and something to work for. But in reality its all shit, people who backstab you, dont acknowledge your work and overall mostly, if not only selfish assholes.
>> No. 19180 [Edit]
Ahh, the old comparing-3d-fags-to-interesting-and-loyal-2d.
I am guilty of that as well.
>> No. 19531 [Edit]
>he even kicked me out of his friend list in steam
People in their 20s actually behave like this?
>> No. 19532 [Edit]
People change over time, either sooner or later they will change and there's literally nothing you can do about it, I experienced this many times, enough not to care for friendship anymore.

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