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File 133512405584.jpg - (191.37KB , 600x800 , 1335037936735.jpg )
6530 No. 6530 [Edit]
Check this out, it's a nice little RPG maker game that's somewhat similar to Yume Nikki. It's a lot more linear, but still very enjoyable.
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>> No. 6531 [Edit]
Also use these to run it in fullscreen:
Place them both in your game folder, run afm_game_starter.exe.
>> No. 6532 [Edit]
I'm only a little ways in, but I'm really enjoying this.
Only thing I don't like is the puzzles. I hate puzzles in exploration games like these, completely breaks the flow for me.
>> No. 6538 [Edit]
I am liking this one. It is really creepy. It may have simple graphics, but it has made me jump a few times.

Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 6540 [Edit]
I'm stuck in the crayon world. I found a room with a pattern of different objects in the area. So I went and looked at those objects in that order, but nothing happens.
>> No. 6541 [Edit]
Nevermind, found something I could interact with that I missed.
>> No. 6542 [Edit]
So how many endings does this game have?

I got the one with Garry and Ib remembering each other.

When Mary asks who you'd leave behind if only two of you could escape, do you get a different ending, with Mary, if you say Garry?
>> No. 6544 [Edit]
I got two endings, one in which you don't make it out of the art gallery, and one in which you alone make it out, and Mary is now your sister.

I don't remember what I answered at the choice you mentioned, but I remember that I told Garry to give up his rose in return for mine, and then the two endings were for whether or not you jump into the painting at the end.
>> No. 6554 [Edit]
File 13354387297.jpg - (661.98KB , 1400x902 , 26792003.jpg )
I wonder if there's an ending in which you sacrifice yourself?
I felt kind of bad for Mary, even if she was crazy, she had good reason to be. But I just couldn't bring myself to be mean to/part with Garry, he was just too kind and... cute.

Also, check out what I found tonight.
>> No. 6557 [Edit]
Very nice find, I really enjoyed this one. It's too bad that it wasn't longer though.

I didn't see every ending; was that weird blue monster with the red eyes ever explained? It seemed to become a recurring presence later on. Also, I never let that thing fully come out of the painting when you're using Garry in the locked room, did anyone see what happens?
>> No. 6558 [Edit]
Are you talking about the blue dolls? I think they're there to show the effect that the world was taking on Ib and Garry. When you first enter that room as a group, you don't see the dolls, you see bunny rabbits. Mary and Ib think they're cute, but Garry is freaking out and wondering how anybody could think they were cute. In a bookshelf in the same room, there is a book talking about falling into insanity, experiencing hallucinations and not realizing that they're hallucinations. Ib had just entered the world and Mary was born in it, so neither of them saw anything strange, whereas Garry had apparently been there for god knows how long so it must've driven him pretty crazy. When you enter the room as Garry alone, you see the dolls and he acts like they were what he had seen all along, he doesn't remark about any rabbits transforming or anything. Later in the game, you see the blue dolls while Ib is in the party too, after she's gone through even more traumatic experiences.

This is mostly just a guess, but I think it was heavily implied. I thought it was a really nice touch.
>> No. 6565 [Edit]
I never thought about it like that, but it seems accurate.

Looking back on it, it does seem like Garry saw the dolls as creepy the entire time. I was just wondering if the dolls themselves were meant to represent a certain character or work of art. After all, it wasn't just the dolls- you can also see it painted along with Ib, Garry, and Mary in that one crayon room. And it did show up (as a large, living creature) behind that bookshelf randomly, albeit briefly, when you're using Garry alone. I found that pretty damn creepy too.
>> No. 6612 [Edit]
I got the ending where You jump through the gallery painting and return to the human world, but no one else seems to recall the event, and gary doesn't recall either, but instead leaves saying that he doesn't want to say anything to trouble you.

I have to say I was a little skeptical of this game at first, but I'm actually quite blown away by it. Thank you for sharing this neat game.
>> No. 6800 [Edit] I'm kind of stuck in that room, someone help?
Also I'm having a lot of fun with the game, thank's for sharing.

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