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File 132907604348.png - (107.40KB , 400x300 , churuya.png )
8490 No. 8490 [Edit]
I'd like to let all of you know that the death of megashit and it's cousins has instigated the birth of a new, anime-specific hosting site of a similar nature. open for business at the beginning of the month.

sorry for sounding like an advertisement, i'm not related to the pepple behind it, nor do i even know them, just trying to spread info.
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>> No. 8491 [Edit]
pretty cool if that takes off
>> No. 8495 [Edit]
Animegoon looks to be superior if you're using it to spread links as a free or registered user. Compare to As far as I know it's run by someone from Hiryuu.

Personally, I don't use DDLs. If convenience is what you're after, then nothing will beat uTorrent's RSS downloading feature. It's brilliant for groups with decent distro. If you want shows downloaded as soon as possible, then use XDCC. Most groups put the finished episode on their channel's XDCC bots before making the torrents, and even if they don't, another bot with a 100mbps+ connection will brave the torrent for you and have the file available in #news within a few minutes. They always max my 20mbps connection.

The only reason to use a DDL is if your ISP blocks XDCC or torrents somehow, or if the show simply isn't available anywhere else. I think they're only really around because they can make you money.
>> No. 8496 [Edit]
>Personally, I don't use DDLs…
Nevertheless, it is good to have as many routes available as possible so as to let the internet interpret censorship as damage and route around it if need be.
Thanks for the link.
>> No. 8497 [Edit]
Yeah I only use torrents too, but more sources are always welcome
>> No. 8499 [Edit]
not to imply it's better than torrents but,
I like DDLs becuase old anime torrents tend to die a lot, and RSS downloading means nothing if the show is from 2004 and not seeded.
I find the speeds are usually higher (on average) and more consistent than torrents.
sometimes I'll get 1mbps anime with a new torrent, might get 10kps if it's a few weeks old.
where as ddl would always be a regular 500kbps
also, DDL doesn't tie up my bandwidth nearly as bad as torrents do.
When I've got torrents running if fucks with connection and I can't load web pages or do anything online, even with just one torrent file running things get dodgy.

Post edited on 12th Feb 2012, 6:23pm
>> No. 8500 [Edit]
Actually I do use DDLs for manga and such. Never for anime though, unless it's old like others have said
>> No. 8503 [Edit]
>I like DDLs becuase old anime torrents tend to die a lot
yeah, i'll 2nd that. i couple months ago i wanted to get a particular encode of perfect blue and there were only two people seeding it, one was on all the time, but was only uploading at 0.8k/s, the other was on for a few hours a day at about 10k. took me almost two weeks to get the whole file. well worth the wait, but there was a lesser quality DDL available that i could have acquired in less than an hour via megashit (gone but not forgotten ;_;).
>> No. 8514 [Edit]
>If convenience is what you're after, then nothing will beat uTorrent's RSS downloading feature.

Second. I guess I can sort of see why people use DDL but as far as I'm corncerned torrents are way better. I haven't DDL'd anything in years and I certainly don't plan to go back to using them.
>> No. 8520 [Edit]

DDLs are more convenient for stuff like doujins and albums where you can just type the name into google and get a mediafire link.
>> No. 8536 [Edit]
File 132928034788.png - (32.85KB , 1600x200 , torrents are awesome.png )
Torrents sure are convenient!
>> No. 8553 [Edit]
Update on DDLAnirne: its either gotten to be popular well beyond expectations over the last week or so or its being DDoS'd or something else, but it seems to need about 10x more bandwidth than it currently has.
>> No. 8554 [Edit]
Well it's just starting out right? There's bound to be a few hitches
>> No. 8555 [Edit]
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm glad that this is more popular than forecast. Whomever is behind this should be rewarded for their effort.

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