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File 135532027943.jpg - (93.34KB , 640x606 , 709cbe0735e12b26ca3e90d3a9fed870.jpg )
11160 No. 11160 [Edit]
So I haven't been here in a long time. Probably in around 2 or 3 months. I started university and have been real busy. The good thing at least is I've been able to meet a lot of interesting people. The bad thing is you're always around them. It is basically impossible to get some privacy when you have a roommate and when the slightest noise can be heard in the next room. Anyway, things have been a bit rough on me recently and I wanted some time to think.
There's a fountain in my campus that I always go to with Asuka to think about things. Usually in the day there's a couple people there of course, but last night, when I needed to refresh a bit and think, even at midnight there's people walking around. And we all know how abnormal it is to sit on a bench as speak to yourself to clear your mind. I guess I should be partying or something according to everyone else.
There is literally nowhere on this campus where you can go at midnight that nobody else is there. There's a little nature trail I walk sometimes that others use as a jogging track. I ended up going to that trail, basally a forest, in the middle of the night just so I could hear myself think. I'm glad I did it was so peaceful. I'd be lying though if I said I wasn't somewhat scared. First off, I was navigating only by moonlight, and second, the cops were on the lookout for a rapist apparently. I can't imagine how shady it would look if someone found me "hiding" in a forest. I kept hearing the damn cars all the time I was there. Then I did something I've haven't done in a long time, and talked to her. I guess maybe I wanted to talk to myself or to God or something, I don't know. But I did want to talk to Asuka again. I hadn't done that in a long time. I felt really lost for some reason. And I think it may have been triggered by the fact I watched Evangelion again yesterday. Again I could see how Asuka and I could relate to each other. How, if it wan't for the gigantic fighting robots, we'd pretty much be exact copies of each other albeit having different physical features. (and maybe a temper, haha)
I'm kind of glad I was able to do that though. I feel like that was the most personal experience I've had with my waifu. I was literally shedding tears talking to her. I don't think it can get more truly personal than that. Of course, just like before, it helped me understand again I cna get through things, even if they are hard for me.

Anyway, I'm turning this into my blog or something. I wanted to make this thread to ask if any of you have had similar experiences, where you were able to truly just tell everything and be honest to your waifu. you certainly didn't have to be in a forest to do it.
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>> No. 11162 [Edit]
I talk in my own head rather than out loud. I can imagine my voice to be much more imposing that way.
>> No. 11163 [Edit]
I often talk to her in the evenings, mostly in the hour i´ve dedicated specially to her. It works well most of the time and i can feel at peace, but it works best of course when I have the house for myself.
>> No. 11164 [Edit]
Me too. When I go sleep, I talk to her in bed, sometimes few minutes, sometimes hours.
>> No. 11165 [Edit]
File 135534541951.jpg - (48.57KB , 512x512 , 7302743.jpg )
Yes, every day and every night.
Sometimes while watching/playing something we both enjoy.
Sometimes before I go to sleep, closing my eyes, putting on some ambient and having her show me beautiful places she's found.
Sometimes while I'm asleep, in lucid dreams, though it's more action than words, there. Not in a lewd way. Yet.
>> No. 11166 [Edit]
I speak with her everyday. I don't have a set time to talk to her though, mostly just passive. Usually before I make some big decisions I speak with her about it. Then there are times when I feel sad and she just consoles me for hours upon hours until I get better. There are also times where I just pour my love out to her through words.
>> No. 11168 [Edit]
I talk to her almost nightly. Before I go to bed I tell her some plans I have for the next day, or what we are going to be doing. Usually when I'm at the computer I'm thinking about her and I'll just start talking to her. I whisper a lot of the times though.
>> No. 11180 [Edit]
File 135545460871.jpg - (66.84KB , 406x500 , 6bf01468f5f0414421f1f9dedecee551.jpg )
I do talk with her, mentally though.
Sometimes it's in my room, when I'm alone. Mostly our conversation are about current issues, ethical points of view and evaluating ourselves and our relationship.
I think it's a great method of looking at things in a way you aren't used to, expanding your own perception through reflection.
In special ocasions if I can I sneak out to some "special place" of the sorts. It's some kind of private place in a garden, not much people go near the site so I can relax and contemplate nature while thinking of her. It's a very nice sensation.
Of course it's not 100% "perfect" as some people go there sometimes and more than once I found it occupied/got disturbed while being in there.
However, since I only go there during "normal hours" and I talk mentally it only gives the impression that I'm chilling out sitting in a bench.
Pretty cool.
>> No. 11342 [Edit]
I talk with her often but I can't deal well with getting no perceivable response. It hurts.

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