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File 134743829775.png - (931.15KB , 1869x1400 , Kanojo_c01_026-027.png )
10391 No. 10391 [Edit]
Ever heard of someone making their own waifu? Well to be honest, given the drawing skills of most Westerners our designed would probably look like crap. However, the idea of making your own perfect girl using your imagination is one that long precedes the introduction of Japanese visual media itself.

Image source is Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu.
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>> No. 10392 [Edit]
Yes I've heard once a person who made his own "waifu" for himself and he had been few years with her. He had drawn pictures of her but he didn't want to post pictures (for obvious reasons).

Sharing waifu and all negative stuff of your waifu will always be some sort problems for us so I am kinda jealous to people who have their own unique character as waifu.
>> No. 10393 [Edit]
Sometimes I wish I had the creativity to do this.

It's possible to do, and there isn't anything really wrong with it at first glance. In a way, it's better than having a waifu that someone else made. In a way, it's worse - Feels slightly less "natural".
>> No. 10394 [Edit]
File 134744233675.jpg - (377.27KB , 823x993 , world's most beautiful girl.jpg )
The Pygmalion's dream of building one's own fair lady, as an ad hoc consort battleship, it's probably as old as civilization and love themselves. However, and to quote a certain terrible someone, you don't need to build a "sweetheart from the ground-up" for her to be the right one for you and you alone; because, from the very moment you met the character of your waifu, it did became biased, reconstructed and thus unique throughout your personal interpretation; in other words: granted her source is entirely fictional, she exists exclusively into your private inner/conceptual world (together with your beliefs concerning the way she does), thus rendering her pretty much inaccessible and unrepeatable for anyone else. In fact, no artist or man that I have knowledge of ever creates from nothing (as a god would), but rather as a demiurge: a craftsman; a man who, by repeating past acts of creation and/or giving pre-existing things new functions, keeps the world he lives in working.
>> No. 10395 [Edit]
I've never told anyone but for a while before my waifu I experimented with this. after I grew sick of 3D women, I tried creating my own girlfriend, even tried sending emails to myself while deluding myself into thinking I was having conversations with someone else, it was a hard and complicated time for me. I think of it more like a girfliendo(?) than as a waifu since I wasn't very serious about it, and It didn't last long at all, just a few days I think maybe a week. I found my waifu not long after that, the relationship with her grew over the years and she turned out to be everything I never knew I always wanted. it was like the creators knew me better than I knew myself. I soon after came to realize the self-made character was just what I myself would want to be like, were I a girl, and not actually my idea partner. so I started using that character as an avatar of sorts online, sometimes drawing that character and my waifu together to stand in for myself. I thought about drawing myself with my waifu but that just seems creepy...
>> No. 10396 [Edit]
File 134745569953.jpg - (249.40KB , 1024x768 , 1338791473114.jpg )
Heh, it's funny because my waifu was created by Rozen along with her sisters precisely for this very reason.
That aside I think that creating a waifu from the scratch isn't that good of idea. Most people would end up seeing this creation as a daughter more than a waifu, it would be similar but it wouldn't be the same. That is because of the effort that you created it with to fit your tastes.
At least I prefer to find and be found by the one I love. I don't think that making one is wrong, but I think that if you don't create your own character you can take forever just to explore the personality of your waifu.
>> No. 10400 [Edit]
I did something like this when I was little. It's pathetic really. I used to daydream about imaginary planets and write down all their characteristics. Kinda like sonic fans and their recolored hedgehogs. When I was 11 or 12 I got really obsessed with one of these planets and even came up with all these little details; rivers, mountains, islands, seasons, weather, cultures, religions, cities, technologies, species of plants, I even made up my own primitive language for it. I kept "visiting" it to cope with my failures even after I started highschool, and kept taking and adding stuff from it (I made a huge overhaul in 2005 and retconned nearly every part of it's imaginary history) but as I grew older and found other sources of entertainment I stopped visiting it and nearly forgot about it completely. It all came back to me and hit me like a rock in the face when my dad tried to throw away some of my old notebooks and I didn't let him; I said I wanted to check them out first. When I read all those papers I wrote about it, all those little maps, I couldn't help but feel incredibly stupid. How could I be so dumb and spend so much time and effort on something so retarded? The worst part is that I feel very attached to it because I invested a lot of energy into it, and if a stranger were to take a look at it and tell me how much it sucks, it would devastate me. So I can't even post it online.
>> No. 10402 [Edit]
Maybe it was naive but I don't think it was pathetic, at all. Rather, if driven appropriately, I think it's a fair way to develop a future interest on narrative subjects. I also drew and wrote stories on notebooks myself, when I was kid, about a redheaded hero (80's barbarian look), saviour of sexy girls and his planet before he finally immolated himself (cause I had a precocious taste for romantic/tragic suicide, I don't know why); only, in my case, it was me who quickly found that shameful and threw all into the garbage, together with the rest of the drawings... and I didn't become a writer, but I so very much cherish my own inner world once again, that there's no time I remember those notebooks not wishing that I hadn't throw them away. Granted, I wouldn't show them to anybody; but keeping those references as a shortcut to my child's honesty, that is something that I'd like to have back.
>> No. 10405 [Edit]

What you need to do is get to writing a nice series of stories about your worlds. It seems like you have a great capacity of imagination. Put it to use, in my opinion. Some of the world's best storytellers and writers created whole worlds of which they only published a minimum amount.
>> No. 10407 [Edit]
I can't, I don't have the necessary skills. Even if I could write engaging stories, they wouldn't be enough. For starters, I'd need to learn how to paint or draw. There's just no other way to bring those landscapes to life. I downloaded a copy of "fun with a pencil" on impulse, read parts of it, and realized that I'm not going to get anywhere in less than a decade without professional training. I have a long track record of half assing things so I'm hoping to lose interest in this before I do something horrendously embarrassing and regret it forever.
>> No. 10450 [Edit]
>Maybe it was naive but I don't think it was pathetic, at all. Rather, if driven appropriately, I think it's a fair way to develop a future interest on narrative subjects.
Absolutely. When I read >10400, the first thing that came to mind was me imagining that my favorite author, Jack Vance, probably started out much the same way as a child.

>Even if I could write engaging stories, they wouldn't be enough.
Bullshit. Many of the world's most enduring, beloved, and especially respected works of fiction are entirely written word. I apologize, because I'm sure you didn't post here looking for criticism or motivation, but still.

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