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File 137593723762.jpg - (77.54KB , 884x574 , sad.jpg )
22677 No. 22677 [Edit]
I know this is going to sound stupid, but what are some fun things to do to pass the time? The boredom is killing me. I've been so bored today I tried to buy some drugs on craiglist, got tricked into buying what turned out to be oregano, then read about some conspiracies on angelfire, trolled yahoo answers, and tried making my own onahole. Then I took a nap. Videogames and anime only occupy something like 5% of my free time.
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>> No. 22678 [Edit]
Akari is so cute!

Anyway, I dunno. Do you read manga? If not, then go to either mangaupdates or batoto and click on random manga titles that sound appealing to you, then read the description and the tags and see if it interests you, then read and see if you're gonna end up liking it.
>> No. 22679 [Edit]
File 137593897985.jpg - (105.55KB , 456x655 , 10578130.jpg )
Hoarding music. Reading (or watching, if you can find a not cringeworthy one) LPs. Video games if you can spare the effort. Comedy flicks.

I really can't think of much. I've been incredibly bored waiting on ARR to go into open beta.
>> No. 22680 [Edit]
File 137594352244.png - (673.63KB , 980x1196 , 1368917032488.png )
Grow your own weed and try to be dedicated, it can be really a time consuming activity, specially if you're going for indoor growing
>> No. 22684 [Edit]
There's a thread about this somewhere on /so/, the one where Popo posted a wall of text. I'm too lazy to look for it however. I doubt it's in the archive by now.
>> No. 22712 [Edit]
I'll save you any future trouble.
>> No. 22715 [Edit]
Are there any fun IRC channels?
>> No. 22716 [Edit]
no they all suck, especially #tohno-chan
>> No. 22722 [Edit]
>Videogames and anime only occupy something like 5% of my free time.

you don't belong on this site, go away
>> No. 22728 [Edit]

For all you know, the other 95% is manga and fapping. Don't be so quick to judge.
>> No. 24906 [Edit]
observe the quiet, peaceful ambiance of your room and sit there for hours in pure bliss

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