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File 131093758817.jpg - (268.42KB , 1600x1200 , AliceMargatroidMarisaKirisamePatchouliKnowledge01.jpg )
10250 No. 10250 [Edit]
What do you guys use to play touhou?
I was getting kinda pissed my keyboard is always on an horrible position and you can't rebind the keys in touhou, so I've bought a xbox controller just some days ago.
I've noticed it's more comfortable and accurate overall, but it kinda sucks whenever you need constant and/or too precise movement.
Reisen's and Meiling's spellcards have become incredibily difficult for me with the gamepad. Specially Rainbow Sign "Wind Chime of Colorful Rainbow".
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>> No. 10251 [Edit]
I always thought mastering the keyboard was one of Touhou's first and legitimate challenges. But I guess there are always options (vid related: jump to 0:38... shit bricks).
>> No. 10252 [Edit]
I use a Logitech gamepad. The d-pad is pretty shit but it's at least better than a keyboard in my opinion. When I get some money I want to buy a PS2 controller to USB adapter so I can hopefully play better.


Hm, Touhou with the mouse would probably be pretty good for precision, but my wrist would probably start hurting after a while.

Pic related: the controller I use.
>> No. 10253 [Edit]
File 131093977342.png - (173.41KB , 455x500 , 17361.png )
Derp, I fucked up the posting.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 2:59pm
>> No. 10254 [Edit]
File 131093987637.jpg - (460.37KB , 768x576 , 5fe84c48491b079797b29c719e87672823b67436.jpg )
I just use a 360 controller.

Works surprisingly well for me.
>> No. 10255 [Edit]
Same controller I use, can't play the games without it.
>> No. 10256 [Edit]
File 131094080042.jpg - (17.62KB , 300x300 , RETROLink_SNES_Super_USB_Game_Joypad_Joystick.jpg )
Relatedly: does the stick of that really recognizes 360°? because I used this one (see pic) for emulated console games, and the stick really just substitutes the pad (that is: 4 basic directions and -maybe- the 50-50 mix of two of them).

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 3:26pm
>> No. 10257 [Edit]
Don't all analog sticks work on the principle of 2 basic directions, horizontal and vertical, and a reader that determines at which point the slider is for each directions, which combines info from the two devices to pinpoint where the stick is?
>> No. 10258 [Edit]
dunno, lol. but I'm certain that N64 controller stick worked WAY better than this shit. also it doesn't recognize degrees of inclination from the neutral/normal, going straight to full sensitivity (as it'd happen with a cross pad).

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 3:30pm
>> No. 10259 [Edit]
I think it works like >>544 said. But some games/emulators only work with 8 directions. So if y position is above a certain threshold and x is below it's threshold then you'll be moving vertically, if x is above and y below you'll be moving horizontally and if both are above you'll be going diagonally 45º.
That seems to be the case with Touhou. It still confuses me that pulling the analog stick just slightly towards a diagonal will get me to go straight 45º.
>> No. 10260 [Edit]
File 131130265150.gif - (2.12KB , 64x64 , 076.gif )
KEYBOARD! HP Mini (netbook) keyboard. I have tried so many controllers and joysticks, but nothing matches the keyboard for me. I never have flow issues and I've beat a couple lunatic modes. And for Great fairy wars I use a special config for ease of freeze. (with PPJoy)

Maybe I just used a keyboard for too long before trying a joypad.
>> No. 10261 [Edit]
Nothing. ;_;
>> No. 10262 [Edit]
Original ps2 pad with random converter works nicely for me. Most of Touhou games for example though do not recognize the pad (apparently because the converter makes it act like joystick) and you have to use software like xpadder. Not a huge deal. Before I used sega saturn usb pad which was also great. Problem with that was fragile buttons which eventually got broken in 3 months and I changed to my current ps2 pad.

Either way I think some kind of pad is more suitable for these games, at least for me. Keyboard tends to feel kind of bulky.
>> No. 10263 [Edit]
File 133275544583.jpg - (50.38KB , 340x480 , a2a88b56faef8aefe1df3764fe8e7f08.jpg )
I use a HRAP V3 SA

I may mess with the boring stock artwork and parts.
>> No. 10264 [Edit]
Keyboard all the way. I've tried a couple of USB controllers, but they don't work nearly as well for me.
>> No. 10265 [Edit]
File 133631556953.png - (394.49KB , 1000x961 , 1333040636218.png )

I have always played with a keyboard for many arcade shooting games, the default scheme with the arrow keys and Z,X just feel the most natural to me.
I can't use an analog stick since I have problems with muscle movements and I tend to shake a lot, meaning I move in random directions when it comes to gamepads.

Do gamepads really get better focused input?
The ammount of people I hear saying that it does overwhelms the people that say it's worse.

Post edited on 21st May 2012, 5:14pm
>> No. 10266 [Edit]
In my experience, gamepads are significantly less effective for precise dodging. They do work better for diagonal movement as well as fast movement in general, though.
>> No. 10267 [Edit]
A couple days ago I was switching between keyboard and a controller out of boredom and decided to experiment - on I think the 8th game. I much prefer the keyboard for precision when it's with these games. The keyboard was a mechanical one so it was very easy. On the other hand the controller had a crappy d-pad so maybe it wasn't the best choice.
>> No. 10268 [Edit]
At first, I absolutely sucked using a keyboard, I got much better results using my ps3 gamepad.

After some time I switched back to keyboard for some reason, and found that I had much more precise moviments with it compared to the gamepad. So I decided to stick with the keyboard.

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