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File 140199227515.jpg - (411.09KB , 1600x900 , iori.jpg )
15712 No. 15712 [Edit]
Has anyone else come close to falling for someone, only to find out that they turn out to be a PMSing bitch?

I met Iori almost a year ago now. Before I had experienced love with a Waifu. I began to think fondly of her, until the extra Kokoro eps were released. Her character became unrealistically angsty, and I couldn't think of her as the same Iori chan that I used to know. I was definitely hurt. I didn't think I would consider anyone to be my waifu again.

Thank RNGesus that I met my Onodera<3, and found what love should really be like.

Has anyone had similar experiences to mine. How did you cope? Anyone try to get revenge after supporting a character that betrayed you?
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>> No. 15713 [Edit]
How the hell is it possible for your waifu to betray you
>> No. 15714 [Edit]
if you become attached to your waifu before all her cannon material is released she can change drastically

at least that's where i think the OP was going with that...

i used to think askuka from evangelion was cute until the show got dark and she became an empty shell. it was disappointing but it wasn't like what OP is talking about feeling betrayed
>> No. 15715 [Edit]
RNGesus is great. When mad bomber wins me games, it feels so good. When mad bomber loses me games, it hurts so good.
>> No. 15717 [Edit]
File 140207955538.jpg - (150.41KB , 622x694 , granberia dress.jpg )
I can sadly relate to characters changing in heartrending ways and the pain and feelings of betrayal that accompany it. It`s not exactly the same situation, as it isn`t something which can be blamed on her and she`s still my waifu and I`m determined to try and support her no matter what, but it is related to characters changing in their cannon. In case you aren`t familiar with the vn she`s from, here`s the gist of it: In the first two chapters of the vn which came out years ago, she`s presented as a strong, proud, noble knight which I came to love her for. For these past 3 years, I had seen her as being practically invincible. Then the last vn of the trilogy came out and was translated in december last year and with it a certain out of the blue revelation that was simply there to shoehorn in a h-scene: She got raped multiple times by a succubus with a big focus on it happening over 40 times. To say I was hurt would be an understatement. Although I never was angry at her in any way, I did feel betrayed. It seemed like everything I had ever thought of her was was a lie, I was crushed.
As to how I cope with it, as much as I`d like to honestly say that I`m completely over it and that I totally accept the facts as they are and i`m fine with it after so long, it would be a lie as I`m not landed there yet. I find myself mostly trying to avoid thinking of it currently, although her being almost universally called a slut now makes it quite difficult. When I try to rationalize it, I`m torn between two interpretations of it, which is either she suffers greatly from it or she doesn`t really mind it, which are both extremely painful to me for different reasons. But in the end, I remind myself that no matter what, she`ll always be my waifu as long as I love her and that nothing can change that.
>> No. 15718 [Edit]
File 140208683399.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , asuna.gif )
I felt the same way when watching Waifu Simulator. -ahem- Sorry, I meant Sword Art Online. Asuna seemed like a powerful female lead at first, which is a welcome change, but eventually she becomes an extremely dependent love object with nothing to contribute. It was nice to see her soft side at first but they took it too far, and ruined a potentially good character. I didn't really have to cope with the change, since I just lost interest in her.

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