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File 135655589778.jpg - (85.84KB , 1280x720 , 9019468e01.jpg )
12928 No. 12928 [Edit]
This will be amazing.
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>> No. 12929 [Edit]
No, THIS will be amazing!
>> No. 12930 [Edit]
I've seen better
>> No. 12934 [Edit]
okay, how's

>> No. 12940 [Edit]
>> No. 13231 [Edit]
File 135776359447.jpg - (364.28KB , 1888x1056 , tamatron.jpg )
Tamako Market is out; it was more fun that what I expected!
>> No. 13232 [Edit]
What does that have to do with this?
>> No. 13234 [Edit]
File 135776468259.jpg - (174.77KB , 1393x1058 , midori.jpg )
It has a very fluid animation, especially for Kyoto Animation.
>> No. 13237 [Edit]
>> No. 13238 [Edit]
whats that, another season of k-on?
>> No. 13242 [Edit]
File 13577784349.gif - (760.25KB , 500x534 , anko munch.gif )
The girls are cute but I hate the bird and everything that comes with it
>> No. 13243 [Edit]
looks like it
>> No. 13246 [Edit]
File 135778775842.gif - (430.42KB , 570x320 , 1357770283368.gif )
>> No. 13264 [Edit]
wow that sucked, reminded me of something disney would make my seven year old niece watch oh, that sassy talking bird!. kyoani has become the unchallengeable champion commercially successful boring anime and they give the impression that they're aiming for exactly that title, perfect execution.
>> No. 13285 [Edit]
I liked it. Honestly, the bird WAS annoying as hell but the end sparked my curiosity enough to make me stay. The characters are always loveable and the guy whose love interest is Tamako makes me want to cheer him on even though kyoani can't do romance
>> No. 13295 [Edit]
File 135791076021.jpg - (320.73KB , 1280x960 , tamago market.jpg )
Tamago Market
>> No. 13325 [Edit]
>Has become
They've held that title since K-on.
Feel free to hate me.
>> No. 13367 [Edit]
I love Kyoani, but this is completely true. I don't think it's necessarily bad that they stick with boring, profitable ventures, but I can't help but think about how awesome it would be if they took their high budgets and production and did something really adventurous with it.

I've been interested to see how they'll handle this series, being their first original story and all. It might end up being okay if they focus on some more side characters besides that goddamn bird. Is the florist supposed to be a trap?
>> No. 13368 [Edit]
>how awesome it would be if they took their high budgets and production and did something really adventurous with it.

Didn't you watch Nichijou? They lost lots of money.

And it was a shame because Nichijou was a great show.
>> No. 13375 [Edit]
What was adventurous about Nichijou? The show was 26 episodes of exaggerated reactions to what were mostly ordinary and mundane events. I don't think they've done anything 'adventurous' since 2006.
>> No. 13384 [Edit]
They could have played it safe with another mundane series about the misadventures of apathetic-protagonist-kun and his harem of high school girls.
>> No. 13386 [Edit]
Yeah, good thing they instead made a mundane series about the misadventures of a harem of high school girls without the apathetic-protagonist-kun. to be honest, I can at least appreciate that they didn't use their now signature k-on art style on Nichijou. I've really grown tired of it.

I personally don't dislike Kyoto Animation, but while I'm also not crazy about the stuff they've made as of late, I don't see any reason for them to change. People like what they make so they keep making stuff they know people will like, Why change that? If you don't like Kyoto Animation or mundane series about the misadventures high school girls, just don't watch it. There's plenty of other anime and other studios out there.
>> No. 13387 [Edit]
Nichijou got old after 9 or 10 episodes, but it was anything but mundane.
>> No. 13389 [Edit]
What makes it any less mundane than something like Chuunibyou?
>> No. 13390 [Edit]
Full-on slapstick silliness, unusual and impossible characters and situations, no coming-of-age melodrama or romantic themes. Nichijou was an over-the-top slapstick comedy show, chuu2 was a melodramatic, coming-of-age romantic comedy. You may not have enjoyed Nichijou, you may have seen something like it before, but, by definition, it wasn't mundane.
>> No. 13391 [Edit]
>> No. 13416 [Edit]
I don't like the studio that produces this show, so here is a derailing post.
>> No. 13417 [Edit]
It's not derailing at all. We're not going to talk about episode 1 for an entire week. All of the discussion about the episode was finished; it's okay to talk about directors, studio, seiyuu, etc., too. Your comment is more likely to derail the thread than comments about who made the show we're supposed to be discussing.

>> No. 13447 [Edit]
looks like shit to me
>> No. 13457 [Edit]
File 135829494667.gif - (2.00MB , 240x180 , 1357715353527.gif )
Does Kyoani have wizards working for them or something?

I hate kyoani, yet I feel obligated to watch their shows every time they put one out. I downloaded this, watched the OP, and started thinking; "Goddamn kyoani sucks, I can't believe they spent their money on this garbage, jesus christ they're still using that same k-on chipmunk sameface, stupid moe-shit, what the fuck kyoani".

Then I started watching it, and I started getting relaxed and enjoying it a lot.

Fuck you too kyoani, I'm supposed to hate you.
>> No. 13469 [Edit]
File 135838209633.gif - (959.62KB , 500x485 , tamako and kana bunny.gif )
>> No. 13474 [Edit]
KyoAni just aggravate me so much.

So much money and talent, yet they're producing the same old thing.

I'm not one of those people who throws out buzz words, and I don't hate SoL. It's just that I get so tired of the same character designs, personality and settings.

This is an original production, so it was their chance to make something interesting or innovative. We all know they have the prowess to produce exemplary animation, so it'd disappointing to see another SoL in the same vein as K-On.

I'll still watch this, as I do like SoL and the animation is above what other studios can produce. Just feels like a squandered opportunity. They've produced something which doesn't feel like it will stand out at all from other shows within the same genre, let alone amongst anime as a whole.
>> No. 13479 [Edit]
File 135847628715.jpg - (120.54KB , 1132x716 , 986543.jpg )
Here is me hoping they end up togheter.
>> No. 13480 [Edit]

Why should they fix what ain't broken?

And unless I'm missing something, that bird character-type alone was a rather strong change to the formula, and there's still plenty of time for them to throw in an actual plot that is more than an episodic or arc that ends with everything maintaining the status-quo.

While I'm not saying you are entirely wrong, I would like to say that you should give it at least another episode before passing judgement on Kyoani. It's not every season we get Madao as a main character, boldly defending his daughter's chastity from the hoodlum son of his direct business competitor while struggling to make ends meet and be a strong, upstanding, and virtuous father at the same time.
>> No. 13481 [Edit]
Just checked out the first ep, not bad.
I wonder why everyone couldn't just go back and give her the gifts, better late than never right?
>> No. 13482 [Edit]
Maybe it's one of those weird strict Japanese customs, where you can't give gifts after the date of the event.

Though I'm sure I've seen it happen in anime before...
>> No. 13484 [Edit]

but that would ruin the on-going joke.
>> No. 13562 [Edit]
File 135878445858.gif - (183.88KB , 406x228 , 1358779041413.gif )
>Point and laugh, everyone, she's a lesbian!
>> No. 13566 [Edit]
File 13587945237.png - (859.52KB , 1120x630 , tama 0.png )
Just caugth up with this. A bit strange but entertaining alright. Tamako is really sweet already (K-ON girls might ever remain as unbeatable, though). The bird? I guess it adds some spice on the series, but most of the time is rather annoying; they could have played the SoL card straight and sweep him out with no lose at all.
>> No. 13567 [Edit]
File 135879469113.jpg - (152.53KB , 1116x622 , dat ass.jpg )
I never thought there would come a time when I'd get aroused by these things.
>> No. 13568 [Edit]
File 135879499439.jpg - (379.05KB , 726x1032 , zatsudan.jpg )
These are beautiful.
>> No. 13610 [Edit]
File 135898176732.jpg - (121.70KB , 1273x713 , 456453245.jpg )
>> No. 13615 [Edit]
File 13589854363.png - (232.32KB , 720x400 , IMshot.png )
wow, you really opened the thread like that having not seen a even second of the first episode?
are you a kyoani staff member or just a fanboi?
>> No. 13616 [Edit]
Why do you care so much when someone makes a thread for a show in advance of it being aired/subbed? That's a really stupid thing to get huffy about
>> No. 13619 [Edit]
File 135898649652.jpg - (23.89KB , 400x226 , mini vlad.jpg )
Kyoani has a long history of getting their staff members (mainly unpaid interns, lol) to spam imageboards (and everywhere else they can think of) with promotional propaganda for their products. As a result, many internet veterans tend to be somewhat wary of the veracity of this type of behavior especially when it concerns the production company currently in question.
>> No. 13621 [Edit]
I noticed that with k-on on /a/ before the show aired. I found it very obnoxious and off putting.
>> No. 13623 [Edit]
I can't believe people can get excited about things before they happen. I'm so shocked by this recent development, I think my only outlet is to be as obnoxious as possible
>> No. 13632 [Edit]
man, this /tc/. no one gives a shit about us.
>> No. 13633 [Edit]
Yeah, I remember Kyoani getting caught that same thing on /a/ this before Nichijo came out. No fucking idea why, its not like anyone on 4chan is going to be paying to watch the show, they'll all watch it off of torrents. My only guess is that if something is popular on 4chan then Kyoani gets more money for licensing it to America.
>> No. 13634 [Edit]
I have no idea what the fuck you guys are talking about. How the hell do you identify an 'official KyoAni thread' on /a/?
>> No. 13635 [Edit]
no one said anything about 'official KyoAni thread' more like relentlessly spamming the board. From what I remember, the crap with K-on when way past the levels of just some people being exited about it. no one even talked that much about the k-on manga before hand anyway so I find it hard to believe people were really 'that' exited about it. of course to be fair, at the time people still loved kyoto animation. I believe they had after story which just came out and the massive disappointment of endless 8 had not yet hit.

It does seem odd that they would care about English boards, but /a/ is still pretty huge. might be Japanese otaku visiting the board, and while Americans don't buy dvds, they do still buy merchandise.
>> No. 13636 [Edit]
That's such a giant leap to think that a horrendously shitty image board being flooded is actually just the handywork of KyoAni. And then just acting like that's certainly what happened, with no doubt in your mind.

>It does seem odd that they would care about English boards, but /a/ is still pretty huge. might be Japanese otaku visiting the board, and while Americans don't buy dvds, they do still buy merchandise.
It wasn't KyoAni, dude. What evidence do you have to suggest that it actually was them?
>> No. 13639 [Edit]
File 135901416518.jpg - (67.11KB , 320x512 , comnopixelgameztamhd-1-0.jpg )
somewhat surprised at how insistent they are about drawing the bird's anus at every possibly opportunity.
especially considering that an IRL bird of this type keeps itself covered up except when it is actually making use of the hole in question.
rare case where 2d is more disgusting than 3d.
>> No. 13647 [Edit]
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed
>> No. 13706 [Edit]
File 135926221934.gif - (0.96MB , 245x245 , Asagiri Shiori.gif )
<---- Goooood. This was so disarming...

I hadn't notice. Honestly, I'm amazed you did repair on a birds anus, with all those super cute girls around.
>> No. 13713 [Edit]
>Honestly, I'm amazed you did repair on a birds anus

>> No. 13714 [Edit]

Adventurous and creative doesn't pay the bills.
>> No. 13716 [Edit]
ITT: little bitches complaining about a studio not making the type of anime they like.
>> No. 13717 [Edit]
Shut the hell up and stop shitposting.
>> No. 13718 [Edit]
Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black...
>> No. 13720 [Edit]
I wish this thread could have been about Tamako Market. Sometimes I wonder why I bother anymore
>> No. 13723 [Edit]
Why you bother with what? See >>13417
>> No. 13753 [Edit]
File 135959072573.jpg - (113.50KB , 1280x720 , smile.jpg )
Imouto overdose
>> No. 13757 [Edit]
File 135962845330.png - (1.04MB , 1280x720 , uguu.png )
this show and several others like it this season are a perfect example of what miyazaki predicted for the future of anime all those years ago.
utterly forgettable and completely unentertaining.
anime certainly has changed from the days less than 20 years ago when it was mainly a sci-fi genre.
i guess pedos have more disposable income than nerds do.

see you, space cowboy
>> No. 13758 [Edit]
I'm tired of all the moe shit. I'm fine with slice of life, but the vast majority is moe shit. I at least I have Nichibros to rewatch.

Post edited on 31st Jan 2013, 3:07am
>> No. 13759 [Edit]
>> No. 13761 [Edit]
I didn't mean it like that. I watch a few of them, but there's not much of a difference between them. Most of it is pretty much the same shit. Now that I look at it that post did came out a bit a wrong.

Post edited on 31st Jan 2013, 4:03am
>> No. 13762 [Edit]
No, I agree with you completely. I was just trying to be an idiot.

I'm sorry I called you a dubmass.
>> No. 13763 [Edit]
No that's fine. I'm pretty tired so I'm a bit out of it.
>> No. 13764 [Edit]

The only difference is back then it was bland forgettable space operas and super robot shows with the occasional gem, and now it's bland forgettable slice of life with cute girls with the occasional gem.
>> No. 13767 [Edit]
File 135967631698.png - (384.89KB , 707x487 , chitanda.png )
isn't the MC from this show pretty much the exact same girl as from hyouka except for an eye color change?
>> No. 13812 [Edit]

I'd say she's pretty much the same as every girl from post-2010 KyoAni, bar Nichijou, except for a hairstyle/color and eye color change.
>> No. 13917 [Edit]
File 13603569179.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , lego bird.png )
I'm starting to really dig this show.
>> No. 13918 [Edit]
That part actually reminded me of you.
>> No. 13948 [Edit]
File 136072646456.jpg - (56.56KB , 1097x618 , none.jpg )
So what's her deal? was she cock blocking Mochizou becuase she's into him? or does she maybe want Tamako for herself? I was getting some yuri vibes when they were out in the ocean.
>> No. 13960 [Edit]
I hope the little brown girl in the next episode sticks around
>> No. 13962 [Edit]
File 136082552075.jpg - (83.48KB , 640x480 , shot0003 copy.jpg )
You mean Kaolla Su?
Yeah, I can fap to that.
>> No. 13970 [Edit]
File 136088455653.jpg - (32.68KB , 1280x720 , [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_06_[356821EB]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )

>> No. 14019 [Edit]
File 136117072634.jpg - (49.59KB , 720x400 , [Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_03.jpg )
Not quite sure how serious you're being, but it's been pretty obvious that she's into Tamako since episode 2. It's not just me either: >>13479, >>13562

Ever since her hilarious class introduction I've been wishing Kanna would get more screen time. It was nice to see more of her in the last episode, but it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped for.
>> No. 14020 [Edit]
I've never really thought about it before, but I love right angles too!
>> No. 14021 [Edit]
Right angles, wrong angles, and a distinct lack of angles are all great.
>> No. 14048 [Edit]
File 136140995534.jpg - (89.82KB , 812x1321 , 1361403628582.jpg )
I really want to play around with her hair hoop.
>> No. 14050 [Edit]
short hair brown loli with red dot earrings and a boyish voice. I finally found a reason to wake up in the morning
>> No. 14051 [Edit]
>> No. 14139 [Edit]
This show has gotten far more enjoyable for me than it was during the first couple of episodes.

The bird's attitude is now out of the picture and the semi-episodic nature that is still vibrant is enjoyable.
Animation and quality are still strong.
>> No. 14140 [Edit]
Am I the only one here who doesn't hate the bird?
>> No. 14143 [Edit]
>> No. 14183 [Edit]
File 136200264284.jpg - (65.60KB , 1280x720 , kana snicker.jpg )
I could listen to her say Mistah all day
>> No. 14198 [Edit]
The bird is great!
>> No. 14207 [Edit]
I was so sure her seiyuu would have been same as Minami Chiaki's seiyuu. It was really shock, when I found it wasn't same.
>> No. 14340 [Edit]
File 13626468594.png - (890.97KB , 1280x720 , TamagoMarket08-2013-02-28-10h11m49s197.png )
This would probably make a pretty good fleshlight
>> No. 14512 [Edit]
File 136364359221.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0262.png )
If it wasn't for the eye color, there would be no way of knowing she was Tamako's mom. most of the girls have the same face thanks to k-on's art style.
>> No. 14513 [Edit]

She's also got the same mole and her scenes in flashbacks depict her with Tamako's dad. It's really not hard to figure out
>> No. 14514 [Edit]
Is mole placement genetic?
>> No. 14515 [Edit]
It can be, yeah
>> No. 14518 [Edit]
But it's obvious she's Tamako's mother since she has got the mole.
>> No. 14526 [Edit]
I thought that was Choi from the thumbnail, which would be a massive and ridiculous spoiler.
>> No. 14529 [Edit]
File 136371871020.jpg - (1.15MB , 2000x1869 , 136363750745.jpg )
>> No. 14530 [Edit]
That shitty bird needs to die.
>> No. 14537 [Edit]
I don't really mind the bird all that much, he does seem a little shoe-horned in though.
>> No. 14539 [Edit]
The bird's carrying the show, he's simply fabulous.
>> No. 14541 [Edit]
Maybe the bird is just a slut.
>> No. 14701 [Edit]
File 136485141468.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , mio.png )
Glasses are moe.

...why would you give a girl a box of flowers and not even look at it's contents first?

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