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File 144746125654.jpg - (485.61KB , 750x531 , b6b97204e4e03777de8234df8b470825aadcd854.jpg )
27897 No. 27897 [Edit]
Listen up retards. It's christmas time again you stupid faggots. We're slamming out some secret santa shit so get your fucking cunt asses in here and grab some motherfucking Christmas spirit. We giving some ugly neckbeards fags some stupid garbage, but it can't be more than $10 worth because you're all poor and worthless shits who don't deserve any better.

This gay ass faggy shit site is where we be joining an seeing which nerd get's stuck giving crusty old fap socks to who.
sign up there and cram it full of whatever stupid junk you want some fag to give you then wait till Christmas to be horribly disappointed.

p.s. fuck off and die.

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