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File 143647412115.jpg - (66.41KB , 315x450 , 73886l.jpg )
23467 No. 23467 [Edit]
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>> No. 23468 [Edit]
I liked how most of the first ep was essentially a recap of the series so far under disguise. Seemed like people were dropping exposition left and right.
>> No. 23483 [Edit]
the 2nd ep was just fine, an excellent 22 minutes or so of top grade animated SoL morphia.
>> No. 23503 [Edit]
File 143699680541.jpg - (64.33KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 02 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
She's the best.
>> No. 23543 [Edit]
File 143746818466.png - (707.78KB , 1280x720 , anime screencap2015-07-21-01h41m40s119.png )
i can't believe u ppl like her
>> No. 23544 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I'd go that far. It's hard to 'like' someone who has something like five minutes of screen time across three seasons.
>> No. 23548 [Edit]
some people go nuts for her because she is "rare"
>> No. 23551 [Edit]
File 143753820131.jpg - (73.13KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I'm really surprised and glad to see some of the character relationships are actually going somewhere.
>> No. 23553 [Edit]
File 143753868020.jpg - (60.09KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 03 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
I wouldn't imagine that it would.
>> No. 23559 [Edit]
I'm not. Working!! was top quality SoLmoe focusing on cuteness and amusing incidents and thats why I like it. Relationship drama is boring and furthermore its slight stressful too and I prefer to take it easy.
>> No. 23560 [Edit]
Plus relationship drama in TV anime is worthless because its not like its going to lead to the characters having sex while you get to watch. At least if you're watching /h/ you know that there is a possibility that the characters might hook up, but the appeal of relationshit in TV anime escapes me entirely.
>> No. 23561 [Edit]
I get what you're saying and I agree. I'd prefer it without any relationship bs at all, but that's the path they decided to take and I much rather see them go all the way with it rather than leave things half baked like far too many anime do.
>> No. 23643 [Edit]
File 143815320182.jpg - (73.59KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 04 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yoooooooooooooooooou.
This is why the Japanese are slowly going extinct.
>> No. 23646 [Edit]
Japan has over 120,000,000 population, and their island is 72% mountains. They are over-populated right now.
>> No. 23647 [Edit]

Leave the idiot alone. he just wants to write shit on the internet.
>> No. 23652 [Edit]
Is it just me or does her head look really deformed here, like there's something off about it but I can't place my finger on what it is?
>> No. 23653 [Edit]
I think that's just the perspective.
>> No. 23693 [Edit]
File 143874678630.jpg - (102.53KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Working!!! - 05 [720p][30E59038]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
lol what the fuck?
>> No. 23704 [Edit]

I have to agree pretty much. Servant x Service - original work by the same mangaka as Working - was nice intially but then it started to focus on boring, insipid relationshit drama and it got old really really fast. It's a bit of a shame she seemingly made the same mistake with Working. There's Takanashi x Inami which still hasn't gotten resolved, too.

Shame, I was really looking forward to this. It's not bad of course and it's still fairly enjoyable overall but I liked the first two seasons a lot and this one just isn't as good as those two (even though everything looked really well for the first two eps!).

In other news the scene transitions are still as masterful as they were in the first two seasons. Working always did a wonderful job at that.

But I don't really like the new ED. I'm one of those four people who actually prefered EDs over OPs in the first two seasons. This one is just bland and lacks a punch (shold've left it to Inami I guess).
>> No. 23709 [Edit]
File 14388041215.jpg - (87.49KB , 1280x720 , and hes standing in front of you idiot.jpg )
I almost dropped this show at this moment. I really don't know how much more of this 'comical misunderstanding' bullshit I can take. They aren't even trying when they have someone show up to a arranged meeting with the person they happen to like while wearing a fucking paper bag over their head. Who comes up with this shit? Sure they eventually took that bag off her head but still they're dragging this crap out way too much. This kinda stuff isn't funny, cute, or romantic it's fucking annoying and makes the characters look like they all have brain damage. If pedo guy and domestic abuse cunt like each other than just have em fuck already or something god, dragging it out like this is painful to watch. This show would be a hundred times better without any of this relationship crap forced into it. Takes it from being a fun sol work place comedy to a god awful cringe worthy romcom.
>> No. 23719 [Edit]
File 143889355412.jpg - (34.72KB , 380x423 , Yamada.jpg )
The manga was completed a while back already. This season is probably the last that wraps up the relationship between them all to end the story. You can't have good things continue on forever, however much you might want it to.

Yamada still the best part of the show.
>> No. 23720 [Edit]
If people hate it so much then why do studios keep making it
>> No. 23721 [Edit]
They simply don't care about foreign audience
>> No. 23727 [Edit]
File 143908289649.gif - (308.94KB , 640x360 , 1439074898142.gif )
>> No. 23742 [Edit]
File 143928629452.jpg - (75.85KB , 1280x720 , [FFF] Working!!! - 05 [720p][30E59038]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 23746 [Edit]
File 143935717253.jpg - (75.79KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 06 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Well that was unexpected. Thought they'd never meet.
>> No. 23803 [Edit]
File 143995660937.jpg - (84.45KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 07 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Everything has to come to an end eventually I guess.
Do you think she'll at least let her keep working there part time? I imagine she must have missed a ton of school.
>> No. 23805 [Edit]
>she must have missed a ton of school.
who cares
she's just some dumb broad and when the time is right for her she'll spread her legs for some unsuspecting loser & get pregnant (probably using the old "i'm on the pill" trick) and be taken care of financially for the rest of eternity as a result.
>> No. 23806 [Edit]
I would do that if I were a hot girl. Beats having to choose between work and suicide.
>> No. 23844 [Edit]
File 144057517787.jpg - (62.88KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 08 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
They've been leading up to this moment for three seasons now haven't they?
They sure did glaze right over it..
>> No. 23849 [Edit]
File 144061641754.jpg - (89.75KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 08 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Bask in the greatness of Yamada, the one and only true savior of this anime.
>> No. 23858 [Edit]
File 144067430227.jpg - (79.76KB , 1280x720 , 30.jpg )

>The manga was completed a while back already. This season is probably the last that wraps up the relationship between them all to end the story.

Oh, I realize that. That's precisely why I said Inami/Takanashi part of the deal has to be resolved.

Everything gets wrapped up. It's only natural as the first two seasons did nothing but pile up loose ends but frankly I don't really care. I just wanted more of the same.

Yamada's reason for leaving home should've simply been 'Kirio ate my nattou'. That's it. No family circumstances drama.
>> No. 23859 [Edit]
File 144067452879.jpg - (79.79KB , 1280x720 , 31.jpg )
It's kinda amusing how everything seems to be worse in S3. The content is less fun, it looks more QUALITY, even the OP/ED is worse than previous seasons.

At the same time there's a silver lining to that. When good shows end on a false note (or a couple) it makes it easier to let them go. I've been a pretty big fan of Working since S1 so after that one I was looking forward to S2 and then S3. Now that it ends and S3 didn't live up to the standards of S1/S2 it feels like it won't leave as big a gaping hole.
>> No. 23893 [Edit]
File 144117169690.jpg - (66.03KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 09 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
Why does Poplar feel like such a side character this season?
>> No. 23898 [Edit]

Because she represents this series' comedy SoL parts and not its relationshit drama parts.
>> No. 23912 [Edit]
File 144135802928.jpg - (64.65KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 09 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
It's a little sad that Poplar doesn't have a partner. She's gonna be alone at the end of the series.
>> No. 23921 [Edit]
sadly this rings true.
i guess i'll have to drop this which really surprises me because the first two season were so top quality.
too bad NTs in the industry had to ruin it with their bullshit
>> No. 23937 [Edit]
File 144176971955.jpg - (57.09KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 10 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
and the award for worst mother of the year goes to...
>> No. 23965 [Edit]
File 144212200933.jpg - (328.15KB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2015-09-13-07h25m19s084.jpg )
What is Souma referring to here? I've never seen him bothering Yamada.
>> No. 23970 [Edit]
Just an episode ago he seriously told her to go home even though she was against it. It's referring to that.
>> No. 24055 [Edit]
A one hour special final episode. Didnt see that one coming.
>> No. 24412 [Edit]
When's Working!!!! ?

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