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File 144661092498.png - (1.19MB , 1024x700 , oreimo-kirino-yes-1024x700.png )
19067 No. 19067 [Edit]
it's going to be our one year anniversary in December. i plan to take my life then. i won't live without her anymore. i don't know what awaits after death, but i'm going to end it with a smile on my face, and hope to see her if i awake.
>> No. 19068 [Edit]
And what if you don't?
>> No. 19069 [Edit]
Trust me, as someone who has almost killed himself several times, it's really not worth it. Even if you could be with her, that wouldn't solve all of your problems. Suicide especially won't solve a thing either. Plus, one year is nothing in the grand scheme of things. You never know what could happen in the future.

There's honestly nothing anyone here can say to make you feel better. All we really can do is let you know you're not alone, and that there are others here going through the same thing. You might try to reach out to someone, whether someone you know in person or even on here. We're all in this together.
>> No. 19070 [Edit]
anon #1: well then i won't be able to regret it will I? anon #2: even if i wasn't so in-love with her, i've been dead set on suicide for years now. knowing that no matter what i do in this world, i can't be with her, just makes it seem all the more pointless. moreover, if you've never killed yourself, how can you say if i'd be worth it or not?
>> No. 19071 [Edit]
thanks anyway, anon #2. i know you mean well.
>> No. 19072 [Edit]
I know what you're going through, Anon. I had the same death wish for years. Even now I still often feel depressed and helpless knowing I can never do anything for her, but I'm glad I didn't kill myself. Things can get better. It's okay to ask for help. You're not alone.

I'm not really good with words, but I guess the main point is that suicide is a permanent solution to what could be a temporary problem. Imagine if she was in your position. Would you want her to kill herself? How would she feel if she knew you would do it? Thinking of that helped me quite a bit. Hope things get better for you, Anon.
>> No. 19073 [Edit]
What I meant is that if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, then you will just throw away your single chance of living your life together with her. It is a shittiest possible option, but you either will be united with her in the afterlife (best case scenario), you cry at nights that you will never be with her, but at least you sort of can commit your life to her and have all the fun options - dakis, pictures, your own imagination, etc (worse scenario than the first one). Finally, you kill your self and that is it. Nihil. You dumped your one and only chance in the garbage (together with a quite shitty but nevertheless an opportunity to sort of spend your life "together").

And considering that you was set in killing yourself anyway, looks to me like you are looking for an excuse.
>> No. 19074 [Edit]
yeah, like i said, it's more than just missing her. i think this was always the end result of my life anyhow. i've no qualms with it though. i don't see death itself as inherently negative. it comes to all of us after all. of course it's going to destroy my family, but i can either lie to myself until they all die off, which could take decades, hating every day along the way, or can go ahead and take this leap of faith. as far as "wasting my life" whether i'm right or not isn't an important factor, since i don't consider this existence to be worth jack-diddley-dick, and NEVER have. the never part is important because the lifelovers always claim these feelings to be due a temporary lapse in judgement based on external factors and undesirable circumstances.(or a fictional brain disease, but don't even get me started on that) the only other problem would be winding up with brain damage, but in the end, all that can be done is to "do your best and hope for success" excuse though... hmm, i love her more than anything else in the world. she is the main source of happiness in my life, even though it hurts that i can never properly be with her in this world, but i think that even if she were here, i would be this way, but i could never imagine leaving her. so yes, while i do wish i could be with her(like with anyone else), ultimately, i just don't belong here.
>> No. 19075 [Edit]
sorry that my first post was so misleading
>> No. 19076 [Edit]
i just meant that i was exited to (possibly) be able to see her soon. i just chose our anniversary because, it's so close,it's special to me, and December just happens to be my favorite month of the year.
>> No. 19077 [Edit]
Make sure to kill yourself in a way that makes a huge mess just to stick it to the man
>> No. 19078 [Edit]
hehe maybe i'll tie a chain around my neck, the other end to a tree, get in my car, and hit the gas!
>> No. 19079 [Edit]
make sure to film it.
>> No. 19080 [Edit]
there was a guy in the bronx who did that a few years ago
>> No. 19081 [Edit]
thats nothing. i once read about this elderly man who was going forcefully evicted from his home, cut his head off using a chainsaw. wish i could find the article. :/
>> No. 19082 [Edit]
>i've been dead set on suicide for years now
This is how you know someone isn't really going to kill themselves.
>> No. 19083 [Edit]
Remember to donate to TC before you go.
>> No. 19084 [Edit]
>This is how you know someone isn't really going to kill themselves. how about you hang yourself with my cock?
>> No. 19085 [Edit]
this world will be so dead and poisoned soon that all the sane people will be killing everyone they care about before leaving themselves. have fun on your sinking ship!
>> No. 19086 [Edit]
>moreover, if you've never killed yourself, how can you say if i'd be worth it or not?
Are you retarded? Suicide/death isn't worth shit. It can't be because it most likely ends your existence, and there isn't a you anymore for which anything could be worth anything.

Exactly because you think there's a possibility of afterlife, you shouldn't do it. It's a gamble, and whatever the odds are, you should only bet your life on something, if you like the thought of your complete eradication.
Also if you believe in the possibility of afterlife you shouldn't forget about its different variations. There's no reason to assume that meeting your waifu in the afterlife is somehow more likely than going to the middle ring of the seventh circle of hell. Not to mention samsara and the other shit.

Like others have said, if you do love her, you should try to stay alive because it's probably the only way to love her.

He's right though. Either you're dead set on suicide and do it right away or you're "dead set on suicide for years". I'm not saying that he won't do it but it's less likely with posts like that.
Being dead set on suicide isn't easy and this is one of the first things a suicidal person learns.
>> No. 19093 [Edit]

A bit late, but I wanted to give my opinion on this. Honestly, even if you think that actually it's the best option, it's probably not.

My point of view may be wrong because I personnaly think that afterlife doesn't exist. You live, you die, and you disappear, that's all. If I'm right, then taking your life would be completly pointless as you'll never be able to be with her anymore. Even if, as you say, you "won't be able to regret it", I think it's a bad way of seing things.

Anyway, let's suppose that afterlife do exist. What told you that you'll be able to see her? I mean, maybe she doesn't exist even in this afterlife (after all, she's only, and sadly, a creation from the human mind - wait before killing me for those words please). And even if she do exist, what told you that she'll be as you think?

Maybe I've been a bit too far, but that's just some thoughs. As I said, it's completly not worth it wasting your life on some gamble like that. Hey, maybe in the future we will be able to meet our waifus thanks to virtual reality, who knows?

And I don't think she would like you to kill yourself for her. She would probably prefer to see you continuing your life, trying to make it better than giving up so easily.
>> No. 19106 [Edit]
Just passing by to remember you to never overthink about suicide if you actually want to do it, I mean life after death, your loved ones grief and other implications, nothing of that will matter when you stop breathing. Doing that will only provide the comfort of knowing you can end it without ever actually trying it. Just let your life get worse until it becomes truly unlivable (you dont even need to move a finger, time will take care of that), when you feel ready you'll find out its easier than you think if youre serious about it.

>won't solve a thing
For some, life is a permanent problem.
>> No. 19404 [Edit]
Be with her? I mean c'mon what's your theology man, anime heaven? Nah, actually kill yourself if you believe that, people who legit believe that you'll see your waifu in.. wherever shouldn't live because of how fucking stupid that is. Fuck, its not as if I believe beloved Waifu Lieutenent Kitsurubami went from the animation studio straight to Valhalla

Post edited on 16th Jan 2016, 2:54am
>> No. 19417 [Edit]

We are all going to hell anyway.
>> No. 19418 [Edit]
Yeah, seriously man. Lol, they're like, what, crushingly lonely and depressed? Fucking beta faggots. How could they believe something so fucking stupid? Who cares if their life is hell to them and they're suicidal, and it gives them some sense of comfort or relief, only a fucking loser faggot would believe something like that, they really should kill themselves lol
>> No. 19419 [Edit]
The only thing that's stupid here, is how you're surprised a suicidal person is taking solace with someone close to them.
>> No. 19420 [Edit]

>> No. 19421 [Edit]
Says the guy who practically said told OP to 'an hero for being such a faggot'
>> No. 19422 [Edit]

I didn't said that wth, the only post ITT that is mine is the "we are all going to hell" one!

I would never say such things to anyone, I am much more prone to bash myself than anyone else.
>> No. 19423 [Edit]
Oh. Oh, no, wait, sorry, I see, you were saying 'GO BACK TO 4CHAN' for that kinda 'LOL AN HERO FAGGOT' response to OP.
That second post wasnt serious, though, it was calling the first poster a scumbag who should really be the one to kill themself. The japanese is a 2ch meme where a phrase meaning 'You can go' has a character replaced with the one for 'die'.

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