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File 136071785512.png - (341.95KB , 853x480 , shot-2013-02-09-01h23m01s73.png )
20603 No. 20603 [Edit]
I screencap stuff from anime because I don't know how to put words on images myself, so I wait until someone says something I want to have as words on an image and save that screenshot for future use.
>> No. 20606 [Edit]
Please don't ever learn because adding words to an image makes it worse and lowers the quality of the image itself by adding unnecessary commentary.

It's uncouth material for lesser beings.
>> No. 20607 [Edit]
I wonder why people here get so anal about image macros, but don't have any problem with screencaps with subs.
>> No. 20608 [Edit]

Those are both entirely different things
>> No. 20609 [Edit]
how so? they're both images someone slapped some text onto.
>> No. 20610 [Edit]

One is a picture with a shitty meme someone put on it, one is a picture with what the characters are saying put on it. Does this really need to be explained to you?
>> No. 20611 [Edit]
yes, please explain in more detail.

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