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File 136347162634.jpg - (67.34KB , 625x1280 , l345.jpg )
12118 No. 12118 [Edit]
Does it make you angry or upset if you stumble upon lewd photos or h-manga about your waifu, featuring her haing sex with women or men who aren't you or doing really lewd, out of character things?
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>> No. 12119 [Edit]
Well it irks me a little, and I don't particularly like it nor actively search for it, but its not like when I look at it my whole world comes crumbling down.
>> No. 12120 [Edit]
It depends on the content. If it is vanilla or a picture of just her doing something h, I'm okay with it, I do read those occasionally. But if it is something like rape or gangbang, I'll try to pretend it doesn't even exist and move on. Even if those disgust me, there's nothing I could do by being angry about it.
>> No. 12122 [Edit]
This is like the n-th time a thread about this is made.
>> No. 12125 [Edit]
I've never seen something like that, though it would probably make me mad.
>> No. 12126 [Edit]
File 136355885437.jpg - (164.74KB , 512x512 , 14737447.jpg )
Nah. It's just fan art, no biggie.
>> No. 12127 [Edit]
File 136356043443.jpg - (396.80KB , 1000x856 , Tomo181.jpg )
I'm used to it since that is a majority of her fan art. Though there is a lot of that which I find adorable, cute or to me, sexy. Though I generally tend to ignore it. If I somehow stumble upon it I say something along the lines of "Really? That makes no sense." then move along.
>> No. 12128 [Edit]
File 136356371991.png - (2.45MB , 1500x2121 , my empress.png )
I like stuff like this, but what I don't like I just ignore.

Post edited on 17th Mar 2013, 5:03pm
>> No. 12129 [Edit]
File 136356487825.jpg - (42.35KB , 640x362 , kuro-kagami-black-purple-hair-maid-running-smiling.jpg )
A little- mainly because I think Kuro is too young to be engaging in sexual activities.
>> No. 12131 [Edit]
Depends. My loved one is a sexual being in canon so it doesn't bother me in general, but some characters and situations make me angry because I can't imagine it happening or if it's a a bad situation for anybody involved. So really most things beyond vanilla sex bother me, actually. That said I don't get mad for days or anything, although it may annoy me for more than a few minutes.

Makes me wonder, though. Does anyone here have a waifu who is confirmed not a virgin and was not raped, and they have issues with her having vanilla, in-character sex in fanart/doujin? Or even the canon, and she's enjoying herself...? Because seeing that makes me happy (it doesn't always turn me on) and sometimes I wonder if I'm the odd one out in this case.
>> No. 12136 [Edit]
Not I.
>> No. 12138 [Edit]
My reaction is more "meh". I just ignore it and go on my way.
>> No. 12523 [Edit]
I don't go actively hunting for it so I rarely ever encounter it, but if I did it would depend on the content. I pretend the vanilla ones don't exist and just pretend like they're no big deal. If it's shit like rape and non-vanilla stuff, I shut/avert my eyes and try to exit out of that tab ASAP. That kind of shit makes me cringe highly when it comes to my waifu.
>> No. 12530 [Edit]
I get jealous of anything consensual, even if it's just cute romantic stuff. My mind ends up translating some of them (because some of those pairings are simply strange) into ex-partners. It makes sense that he has them but I don't want to see them in detail. They're always too plausible for me, if that makes sense.

As for rape or anything on that side I just dismiss it. Tasteful nudes, anything where he's alone or has an ambiguous second partner are fine by me because they're pretty innocent (the ones I've kept are anyway).
>> No. 12991 [Edit]
It depends on the material. Regular ol' lewd fanart doesn't bother me, I'll just ignore it. There was one doujin I recently discovered, in which she had sex with another man. At first I was upset, but I changed me mind. It was just vanilla sex, and very sweet. Plus, the man had no name or anything, so I can easily imagine it's me.

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