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File 140511870188.png - (158.88KB , 400x200 , haruhi3.png )
16037 No. 16037 [Edit]
Hi, everyone.
My name is Van Hohenheim. Not really, I'm using this alias to design myself as an individual with a certain problem.
I've had waifuism in my life for a very long time. But I seem to have a big problem...
I get 'bored' of my waifus. You heard me. I have a waifu, then I simply lose my interest in her, I then get another waifu, and the cycle repeats itself over and over.
What could I do? Am I not able to love?

(image not related, just something I did in photoshop)
>> No. 16038 [Edit]
You've never really been in love.
>> No. 16039 [Edit]
Then is that the problem? I have never been in love? What is love to you? I've felt an emotion I could call love, any human being would recognize it, or it would be affection.

So what is my problem exactly? I haven't found the right waifu? Usually I just have a waifu and simply 'love' her, I don't really do much. Maybe that is the problem?
>> No. 16040 [Edit]
Sorry if I'm too blunt or something, I don't wanna insult you or tell you that I know your feelings better than you do, I'm just saying what I guess.

I'd say you haven't found the right character yet. The kind of love you felt was probably more like a fatherly affection for the character and how you want to protect and cherish them with no 'real' burning romantic interest. Or as others may call it: moe.
If you never really did anything with the character together you probably never felt the urge to do so, right?
You will know when you found the right one.
>> No. 16041 [Edit]
you probably have some commitment problems. what's the longest you've stuck with someone?
A lot of people have trouble with their waifus after they've seen and read all the material available and nothing new ever comes out. it such cases it can be hard to hold an interest when you have little to go on. would you say that's applicable to you as well?
>> No. 16042 [Edit]
No offense taken at all man.
Alright. I am going to expose two cases:
I had this waifu and I loved her from the bottom of my heart, would really get mad when she got mad in anime and would feel pissed if someone pissed her off. I was wit her for around 2 weeks and it was what I'd describe as sweet love.

I am now with another waifu, and I love her too, but it's not the same thing at all. I am adapting myself to get accomodated to loving my waifu as a reality and on a daily basis. So far I've been with her for, what, 6 days or so and everything is going great. I am not really trying to express too much love.

The problem I have, excuse me, the problem I thought I have was that I would provide too much affection to my waifus. I wanted to be loyal and faithful, but I was never really able too.

Again I won't take what you tell me as an insult so go ahead and say whatever is on your mind.

With someone IRL? I have always been loyal to my family in real life, so it's definitely not a commitment problem.

Well, the material would suffice me with my current waifu.

what do
>> No. 16043 [Edit]
Isn't that just infatuation?

I agree with Elite, it's about finding the right one. I had a couple month period of infatuation over a character once and I was semi-convinced it was right, and once I lost interest in the series he was from I pretty much forgot about him.

Whereas, while I can't say I'm big on my husbando's series, it's not like my thoughts and feelings for him have lessened since I first fell for him.

Really the only advice I can give is have a period of time, a week or two, to step away from whatever series she's in and busy yourself in another series or something else. It's not a concrete test in anyway, but it could give you an indication on what sort of feelings you're having for her.

>I don't really do much.
It's less about what you do and more about why you do it.
>> No. 16044 [Edit]
How do I know that I found the right one? I take it that the only way would be to stick with her and see how it turns out? Or how should it really feel? I realize that my question is quite hard to answer since I'm basically asking you how your love towards your husbando feels like.
>> No. 16045 [Edit]
I wouldn't think irl would have anything to do with it. Can't really compare family and lovers..
>> No. 16046 [Edit]
I think that the question was asked to see if I could commit myself to something.
>> No. 16048 [Edit]
>2 weeks
>6 days

Pathetic. Those are just crushes. >>16038 is right.
>> No. 16049 [Edit]

I've had longer cases, I was simply giving the last 2 cases. Some of them lasted for months.
Then what is the real problem? Is it that I haven't found the right character yet? And how does one know when he finds the right character?

Your answers are appreciated.
>> No. 16050 [Edit]
It's impossible to explain, but when you really found her you know it.
>> No. 16051 [Edit]
Yeah, about that... I also thought that I had found the one as it was really sweet and unlike any other waifu I had.

So, EliteToaster... am I unable to love? Am I too childish to love? I'm not a child by the way, I'd rather not say how old I am but I am aged well above 20, but below 30.
>> No. 16052 [Edit]
The fuck do I know
>> No. 16057 [Edit]
Well, of course you wouldn't know anything if you didn't know me. But would you say that after reading this thread and especially me getting bored of my waifus, would you say that I just "didn't find the right one" or simply that "Yeah, that guy is too childish to have a waifu"
>> No. 16063 [Edit]
You didn't find the right one, definitely
>> No. 16080 [Edit]
>What could I do?
Stop being so shallow and calling "your waifu" every seasonal 2D girl you like.

Some perspective here:

About what is love and loving or feeling love:
>> No. 16089 [Edit]
I think there's a certain initial phase of a relationship where the hormones and bonding just runs its natural course. After that you might find it a bit more "boring" but if you really love her just keep it going. You should have reserved a space in your heart for her and it helps to share certain aspects of your identity with her. I wouldn't recommend blowing headcanon too far out of proportion though. This coming from someone who's had the same waifu for over two years now. I have considered before whether or not it was possible to really switch but in the end I just wouldn't/couldn't.

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