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File 145216202826.png - (428.18KB , 1152x846 , 1442849385875.png )
28208 No. 28208 [Edit]
So anime studios have been adapting manga for ages, it must be successful or something,
and now it seems the West has caught on, with all these comic book film adaptations.

I can't help but feel the Japanese are just ahead of the Americans.
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>> No. 28209 [Edit]

>> No. 28211 [Edit]
File 145224590656.jpg - (16.18KB , 240x106 , 12999999999999.jpg )
>> No. 28212 [Edit]
I wasn't talking about adaptations in general.
>> No. 28213 [Edit]
Film adaptions of English-language comic books emerged in the 1940s, while adaptions of comic strips as were serialized in newspapers began even before the preceding turn of the century.
>> No. 28214 [Edit]
Oh yeah, Garfield and that white puppy thing.
>> No. 28215 [Edit]
Seriously? Jim Davis was a small child in the 1940s.
>> No. 28216 [Edit]
Also, how are comic book films similar to animated adaptions of manga? And Western comic books have been adapted into cartoons & live-action tv series since the 1940s.
>> No. 28217 [Edit]
Longer than that. There was a series of Krazy Kat cartoons around WWI.
>> No. 28218 [Edit]
As said before, the earliest live action adaptations of comic strips date to 1898(!); Krazy Kat was adapted as an animation around World War I, with 1916 being the first. Since comic books came after newspaper strips their adaptations into film came later as well, with still popular protagonists like Batman and notably Superman, since unlike Batman this was an actual comic adaptation and not a film utilizing a character from a comic, debuting in the early 1940s.
>> No. 28220 [Edit]
Since you obiously can't read, why don't you fuck off back to /pol/.

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