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File 136701610813.jpg - (145.77KB , 600x962 , 31597738.jpg )
12478 No. 12478 [Edit]
Say you were to be transferred to the world your waifu is in, both loving each other deeply, forever.

How would you spend each day?
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>> No. 12479 [Edit]
File 136701699865.jpg - (345.14KB , 800x600 , 1328839586225.jpg )
Probably in a small, unkempt house in the middle of the woods, doing nothing but enjoying each others company and hunting woodland critters to live off of.

This is assuming I'm stricken with the appropriate affliction, of course.
>> No. 12481 [Edit]
File 136702834836.jpg - (530.99KB , 900x570 , 100000000280.jpg )
Probably reading/researching magic with her most of the time, sometimes doing chores to earn my keep at the mansion where she lives. I would ask her to teach me magic, too, which I'm sure would be a very time-consuming process.
>> No. 12482 [Edit]
File 136702950945.jpg - (119.15KB , 578x800 , 1358373225923.jpg )
We'd spend a lot of time playing eroge and enjoying hobbies that we share in common. Because she doesn't live in a fantastical world, I'd try to really just take it easy when we spend time at home with her. Of course, I'd also try to take her out anywhere she wanted to go or somewhere I think would be enjoyable for the both of us. Just being involved in her life is enough activity for me, but I'd try to make my presence enjoyable for her as much as possible.
>> No. 12483 [Edit]
File 136703003079.png - (164.93KB , 595x841 , 35160578.png )
And for my own eventual fate.
Cuddling, exploring, experimenting. Time will lose all meaning, and it will be magnificent.
>> No. 12484 [Edit]
File 136703243670.jpg - (37.09KB , 600x489 , 21128508_p4.jpg )
Let's assume the war is over and/or he never joined Igura.

I really like pretty much everything about his good end and find the living situation described therein ideal. I would even be happy working manual labor with him if it means that we spend more time together. At this point in our relationship, I think it's ideal to just be together, not necessarily knowing what's ahead for us but enjoying every moment that we have in each other's company.

"Forever" is a bit of an intangible concept for me, but it's something I wish I could believe in or understand. Being with him makes me want to believe it. I think that's the way I would want to live my life if I was physically with him, being okay with whatever comes our way, knowing that he will always be by my side.
>> No. 12491 [Edit]
File 136705564944.jpg - (341.79KB , 800x1200 , 1365977340412.jpg )
I'd wake up every morning with her in my arms. It would still probably be quite some time before she herself would wake up, but if I couldn't get back to sleep I would be more than content to lay there for hours holding her close, basking in the radiance of the morning sun reflecting off her skin. I wouldn't dare disturb such beauty.

I'd help her prepare in the morning, making sure to address her respectfully, and keeping vigilance so that she doesn't misplace any important articles of clothing. I would escort her to the dining hall for breakfast, hopefully being allowed to eat with her and enjoy each other's company before the day got underway. Given her occupation we'd probably have to separate for some time, so I would volunteer and help do whatever needs to be done around the base. She has her own duties to attend to, so I wouldn't be too clingy at this part of the day, but i'd take every opportunity to assist her if need be. I want to help the best I can, to validate my place in her heart to the best of my ability.

I would probably be worried sick every time there was an alert and she got sortied... but she's the best of the best, and my faith in her is strong. I'd be on the runway every time she returned, to embrace her and stare into her smiling face.

As things wound down at night, I'd love to just be able to relax with her around the base, attending to her needs to loosen up the stress of the day. She's a very easygoing person, but I imagine everything still builds on you after awhile. We'd eat, talk, find entertaining things to do, maybe play a prank on Barkhorn if things got too quiet.

Every once in awhile, we'd sneak off to the shoreline or the garden and lay side by side under the night sky, by ourselves. Usually we'd just retreat to her room, enjoy the privacy and let the day draw to a close. Invariably, the day would end with us fast asleep, in each other's arms.

Hopefully one day the world would return to peace, and we could rebuild Karlsland together. It would be a tremendous undertaking, but I know that nothing would make her happier.

When all is said and done, we'd get a comfy home in southern Karlsland, where she grew up, and spend the rest of eternity together - visiting old friends, exploring the new world, and often just enjoying the quiet life.

I myself never really desired to have children, but if she wanted them I would be absolutely honored and delighted to father them. She might seem a bit childish on the surface, but I have no doubt in my mind that Erica would be a perfect mother if she wanted to be one. She would be playful, caring, and understand a child's mindset perfectly. I would shape myself up to be the best father I could be. Children are entirely her decision.

Through it all, I don't think anything could ever contest with the pure magical sensation of witnessing her bright, beaming, carefree, smiling face every morning.
>> No. 12492 [Edit]
File 136705732149.jpg - (785.46KB , 1280x748 , EoE.jpg )
like this.
>> No. 12493 [Edit]
File 136705785563.jpg - (213.87KB , 1024x576 , EVANGELION --Epilogue--.jpg )
...or, alternatively, like this.
>> No. 12494 [Edit]
I would spend each day loving her sincerely with the full strength of my being.
>> No. 12496 [Edit]
File 136706337414.jpg - (113.57KB , 600x913 , 8bf4c447287bccb8521ee15c5e21b527.jpg )
Well, I would certainly be helping her do her housework, first and foremost. But, as for a serious occupation, I will certainly take up planting a few vegetables in the backyard, maybe even farm rice, then forage or hunt. Especially mushrooms because she needs those for her research.

As for passing the time, perhaps I could go socialize and trade goods with some people in the Human Village or in Kourindou. Maybe even in the local shrine. And I might even try my hand in ironworking or even magick itself by getting help from her. I want magick to be some sort of fun time for us, you know?
>> No. 12501 [Edit]
File 136711822946.png - (6.64KB , 300x300 , 1333000726209.png )
I prepared a sort of long hour by hour plan on what we would do in a day, but I'm kind of more content with just "as long as we're together and we're both happy, I could care less what we do in a day".
>> No. 12505 [Edit]
File 136716840590.png - (184.96KB , 385x633 , Lucky_Star_v02_p089.png )
Sounds like a dream come true.

We would be doing almost everything together,I love cooking so I want to cook some meatballs and see her happy face when she eats them, maybe play some video games, cuddling in bed, going on dates, help her doing her homework and study for tests. Every weekend we would go out on dates, maybe for some karaoke she likes so much.

Just living together and loving each other.
>> No. 12514 [Edit]
File 136726683327.jpg - (50.98KB , 1280x720 , 1365211958522.jpg )
To be honest I would want every day to be somewhat like in her show. We get up, go to school and I would want to take a class in the art school related to music since music has always been my passion in real life and I would have become better at it too if only I hadn't become so lazy and simply gave up in general. After school we would come home to the apartment, everyone eats together (The boy to girl ratio would make things awkward but considering the fact that it is the 2D world things would definitely be warm and funny) After that we would relax and talk with each other and finally go to sleep.

I also always imagined how fun it would be to take her out to eat, since she loves food so much, and to be honest I do too (not as much as her) and I used to love eating out before I became antisocial, so being in the 2D world would make me want to eat out again. The biggest problem with our relationship would be that I don't know shit about cooking, but to make up for that I would try to get a good music related job, and while in school a part time job. I can kind of imagine that at some point I would want more alone time with her, so I would try to get the weekend for ourselves.

But the hardest thing to imagine for me is how we would fall in love. Well first of all, and my fantasies are getting detailed here, I would want to be some average looking 2D guy there who transferred into the art school. I would apply for the music class and then hopefully luck would be on my side and I would get in the Hidamari apartments (I'm pretty sure it's not an all girls apartment) and from there I would befriend her and so on. But I have a hard time imagining a reaction from her to a confession since she is always so carefree and fun, so because of that I have a hard time picturing her in serious situations. It almost makes me want to see her in a drama anime just to see how she reacts to certain things even though I hate unnecessary drama.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2013, 1:22pm
>> No. 12532 [Edit]
File 136752301312.jpg - (140.85KB , 850x625 , 9991e2f0d5098b54823676f28798a98e.jpg )
There's no chance in hell that I wouldn't be in the joint ground forces battling the Neuroi filth. I’d suit being an SOE Marksman in a joint task force, conducting tactical defences and counter-offensives with a Lee Enfield No.4, an Ithaca 37, and Mk.5 AT Mines.

This would restrict our time together to when we are off-duty or deployed at a nearby base, the latter being quite likely as our elite status will have our units dealing with similar operations. Who knows? She might be able to save my ass with a strafing run, or I may pick off the core of a Neuroi heavy, damaged by one of my land mines, preventing her from being shot down.

As for our down-time, we would spend the time the way she knows best: Sleep, eat, sleep, relax, sleep, and be admonished by Trude. Her philosophy is to hover around 0% effort until it is required, then shift a gear up to 100%, a method that works well for me too.

She desires to pursue medical studies at some point, so if the war continued and her magic waned, I would pull some strings and get her re-trained as a combat medic. However, if the war finished, I'd buy a beautifully reconstructed Karlslandic house near Stuttgart, her favourite city, and live in paradise while helping with the reconstruction. As she pursues her ambitions to be a doctor like her father, I would pursue my interests and become a psychologist. All that would be left is to live in the harmony we can only experience around one another.

From that point onwards, our only military objective would be two words: live well.
>> No. 14267 [Edit]
probably a 1/3 split between use practicing our hobby, eating/ handing out, and sex, honestly. But there will obviously be special occasions like traveling or going out.
>> No. 14276 [Edit]
Absolve her of her magical responsibilities have make up with Madoka and do something similar to >>14267... Probably more cuddling/talking (of course there'd be problems with talking). Idk what handing out is, I think I mostly prefer homemade meals though.
>> No. 17652 [Edit]
File 142498468137.jpg - (107.50KB , 480x480 , 16435311_480mw.jpg )
I (both of us, really) have thought about this at length; on day one, Las Vegas, a wedding chapel, skydiving, trail running/canyoning, rafting, hitting the LD50 of tequila and lovemaking seem to be recurring themes (yes, all in the same day).

Days two through n: I think we would spend a lot of time studying and cooking healthy meals together, oh and LOTS of cuddling and hiking.

Mostly, though, just being with her would be plenty.♥
>> No. 17653 [Edit]
File 142500759333.jpg - (388.50KB , 900x1250 , gift.jpg )
I think most of the time we would just hang out in our small and cozy house somewhere tropical, playing chess and pool, or just quietly reading together. Occasionally we might do something exciting, like go sailing, but it would be mostly relaxing.
>> No. 17654 [Edit]
File 142505615172.jpg - (468.82KB , 584x878 , 5d490e5311410304076cb9ac918439724a978599.jpg )
I'm a pretty simple person, so just living together in an apartment somewhere would be wonderful. Maybe if we could go to restaurants often. We love food, after all.

We can spend our downtime just hanging out and cuddling or something.

Every so often (maybe once or twice a year) we can have a romantic getaway to some random part of the world.
>> No. 17655 [Edit]
File 142508581693.jpg - (69.37KB , 1023x723 , 6d7756e158493322e60039aba2fc4d20.jpg )
We'd have fun in Chireiden, taking care of all her pets. Occasionally we'd probably visit the surface world to fly around Gensokyo.
>> No. 17659 [Edit]
File 142516442265.jpg - (485.38KB , 1440x1628 , fd8b369159eeea844f8256688b53c379.jpg )
Simple; I'd ask Ayana what she wants to do today, and then we'd do that. I'm not very imaginative, but I have no doubt that Ayana would take us to all sorts of places and events simply through her inquisitive nature.

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