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File 135797330946.jpg - (781.39KB , 1775x1152 , Ff10_logo_jpeg.jpg )
7825 No. 7825 [Edit]
This game has come up in the IRC a few times. It's one of FF's more mysterious titles, as it departed from the series' norms of a European-esque aesthetic, it did away with overworlds, and introduced asian aesthetics and concepts to RPGs. It was the first voiced FF game, too.

Theories abound around it, the story's path has many interpretations, and all this is compounded when you look at the sequel. Therefore, this thread is TC's official "decoding FFX thread".
>> No. 7826 [Edit]
it was all a dream right?
>> No. 7829 [Edit]
Never really finished it. Got to the point where someone was kidnapped (Summoner-chan?) and just thought 'well fuck, this is pretty damn boring' and that was it.
>> No. 7830 [Edit]
I loved the battle system but the story made me want to kill myself.

>> No. 7831 [Edit]
>> No. 7842 [Edit]
Let us go to a place where we might be away from these fools.
>> No. 7861 [Edit]
Because they never say the MC name in the game, I grew up calling him TAI-DUS. Like, Tide-us(?).. I guess.

Then when I heard people call him Teedus, all I can say to myself was... why? Then I thought if it was always like that and Zih-dain's name was actually Zee-da-nay. Or Su-ku-wall's name was Su-ku-wayl. Ok, maybe Squall's name is a little more definite. Yuna, Rikku, and Lulu were definitely a hot trio. Not quite sure about the furry, and about some dude kicking a ball for real damage... but overall I kind of liked the game. (Berserk+Stone Sword on Tidus=the fucking best).
>> No. 7959 [Edit]
Tidus is the only Final Fantasy protagonist I genuinely hate. All he does is whine about how he hates his father, whom he has no good reason to hate whatsoever. In fact, everything Jecht is shown to have done was in trying to be a good father. The Jecht spheres you find throughout the game all show him worrying about his son and looking for a way to get back to him. He sends his friend to watch after him after sacrificing his humanity to save the world. Tidus is a whining, ungrateful little shit.
>> No. 7979 [Edit]
Tidus and Squall are my two favorite FF MC's. Maybe even my two favorite FF characters, but I like Yuffie and Nobody else, really. Vincent's pretty cool. Dirge of Cerberus was actually fun.

I really relate to him. Tidus, that is. I know he's whiny and shit. But that's why I like him. He has issues with his dad just like me. And he got to go on a cool-ass adventure.
Of course, I'm never going to get to go on a cool-ass adventure, but it still helped "sell" the story for me. I can't give a specific reason as to why I hate my dad. And like Tidus, I have no personal reason to. He even sent me my copy of FFX. And X-2. So other than giving me FFX-2, he hasn't done anything horrible to me. I just have enough reasons why I hate him that could fill a book (or a video game). They're all situational and hard to explain.

>about FFX
It's a pretty interesting game. The battle system was really cool. It's probably one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. I'd rank it in my top 5 (maybe exactly no. 5). I even like Wakka. The characters were all well-written in the eyes of the 6th grader me. They really made me care. The pseudo-job class system is cool, but I hated not having EXP when I replayed it.

Oh, and controlling summons. Fuck yes. Although they all kind of suck, except Anima. Fucking Yojimbo. I'll never forget the crushing disappointment when I found out you had to pay to use him. Still one of my favorite summons.

I feel like FFX is one of the last few "good" Square-Soft/Square-Enix releases. After that, it just got all...Kingdom Hearts-y. Really disappointing.

Also, I found this really interesting, but apparently Tidus was supposed to be a "plumber with the attitude of a delinquent" in the very, very early versions of the game. I like Tidus as he is, but the idea of having a punk-ass blue collar worker as my JRPG protagonist really tickles my fancy. Oh, and he was going to be the party's unsent, instead of Auron. Could have been pretty cool.

This has been a really disjointed post. My bad.

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