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File 134192739871.jpg - (23.87KB , 500x356 , 1331490937001.jpg )
11060 No. 11060 [Edit]

I didn't know penguins were capable of anything like this.
Made me sad. Ronery can probably relate.
>> No. 11061 [Edit]
I couldn't help but think of Crazy Diamond and the entirety of Diamond Is Unbreakable when I read "Shine on you crazy penguin diamond".

I can't wait for the next chapter of Jojolion to be translated.

Anyway, to be honest, it just looked like a bored penguin that wanted to do something different, like explore and search for something, anything that would be different from what a regular penguin is pretty much "programmed" to do.
>> No. 11126 [Edit]
Well, if he's happy I'm happy.
Its his life, let him explore it to its fullest.
>> No. 11139 [Edit]
This whole movie, "Encounters at the End of the World", is great. I recommend it. The guy in the clip is a scientist who's an expert in penguins and may as well be a brohno for how detached he's become from the world of humans. He has a hard time even keeping up a conversation. It turns out there are all kinds of people down there.

I'd like to go to Antarctica one day. It seems like the last refuge on Earth, although even it's starting to get crapped up too. Too bad I have no skills that would be useful there.
>> No. 11140 [Edit]
I decided to watch it because I was bored. It's amazing, really. Recommended as well.

I kind of want to go to McMurdo now.

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