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File 13167656323.png - (335.87KB , 977x1400 , 13003221774.png )
10479 No. 10479 [Edit]
Lets all face up to the truth and confess to the fact that at one time or another, you've shoved stuff up your butt for sexual pleasure. Theres nothing wrong with it, we're all anonymous and name or trip users can just be anonymous for this thread if they feel more comfortable that we, but there is no denying it. Maybe you didn't really like it that much and don't do it regularly, but your curiosity, boredom and horniness got the best of you at least once and you put stuff in there and probably enjoyed it.
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>> No. 10480 [Edit]
This made me laugh a bit too hard...

Anyway, I can't say that I'm not guilty of this, even though it was just experimentation.
>> No. 10481 [Edit]
i've never put anything up my butt
>> No. 10482 [Edit]
Yeah, twice. Decided not to make a habit out of it.
>> No. 10483 [Edit]

It seems as if it would be very painful.
I also worry about the idea of something getting stuck in there, getting a disease/infection, doing damage and so on..
oh and it's gay
>> No. 10484 [Edit]
Yes, and?
>> No. 10485 [Edit]
Nope, can't say I did.
>> No. 10486 [Edit]
I get the urge sometimes, but it's never that great because I don't really have the

But they say that if you can get it right, it's the greatest pleasure a man can possibly experience...

Post edited on 23rd Sep 2011, 10:25am
>> No. 10488 [Edit]
File 131680566038.jpg - (54.16KB , 605x1000 , 1310569851235.jpg )


Fucking never

Ok I once thought that

But never did it!
>> No. 10490 [Edit]
I used to do this a hell of a lot when I was younger but I'm a bit of a germophobe now so it's not something I consider anymore.
>> No. 10494 [Edit]
I bleed out my ass as is.

I doubt it is a good idea when you sometimes actually fart blood.

And my diet is normal.
>> No. 10499 [Edit]
I tried it when I was a heavy /d/enizen. Nothing special. I think I like the idea more than the act.
>> No. 10500 [Edit]

Holy shit, you ARE me.
>> No. 10501 [Edit]
We're all bleedingbuttbros
>> No. 10502 [Edit]
...It was just that one time, and it wasn't really that big or anything.
>> No. 10503 [Edit]

Uh you might want to get a doctor to look at that.
>> No. 10505 [Edit]
Whenever people say things like "everyone does this, don't lie, you know you've done it too," it just sounds like they're desperately trying to justify themselves to the rest of the world.

OP, it's okay. No one (who matters) thinks you're a bad person for sticking stuff up your ass. You don't need to be passive-aggressive about it.
>> No. 10509 [Edit]
I stuck like the tip of a pinky up there. I was non plussed and didn't do it again.
>> No. 10510 [Edit]
>the tip of a pinky

that's not really enough to even get anything done though
>> No. 10511 [Edit]
Yeah, I did. Middle-finger prostate massage, came instantly. I haven't tried it since then - it's a little uncomfortable.

Post edited on 23rd Sep 2011, 8:37pm
>> No. 10520 [Edit]
I tried this nearly every day for a month because everyone was talking about it. I identified my prostate, or at least I think. The spot I always touched got hard just when I was cumming from jerking myself off, I need someone to confirm this.

In the end though, it really did nothing for me. Just made my hand hurt and didn't feel any different other than a slight discomfort.

I used moisturizing lotion for lube. Lots of it just for a finger.
>> No. 10523 [Edit]
yeah I know. I realized it's a crossroad between stretching my hole enough to put it in deeper or just forgetting about the pleasure I could experience, I chose the latter. I think it's sorta disgusting anyway, I never was into anal I even hate it in doujins.
>> No. 10525 [Edit]
Last night I dreamt that I was overhearing a conversation about this in public.
>> No. 10526 [Edit]
stop fapping to other people's prostate massage stories, homos.
>> No. 10527 [Edit]
Yeah, I've tried it. It's good, but I'm always too lazy to do it, so I just end up fapping normally.
>> No. 10539 [Edit]
Shitpost, anal thread. Dohoho.
>> No. 10655 [Edit]
I can stimulate my prostate with my leg muscles and cream like a beast.

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