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File 133052183058.jpg - (617.33KB , 507x716 , 3e8c02715c7dd707dbb79c2b855ede14.jpg )
8636 No. 8636 [Edit]
I was playing DotA as Kardel Sharpeye on AI mode when I was laned alongside Crystal Maiden. I really liked being laned alongside her or Lina Inverse because, morale-raising reasons aside, the two sisters remind me of Marisa. (Rylai on her external appearance, Lina on her personality)

So there, I swore that any hero who kills Crystal Maiden will be shot to death. Besides, it was an AI 5v5 match, so it's okay to put a little self-imposed challenge on it, I said to myself.

To make the long story short, I lost the match and I wasn't able to get any revenge for the kills they gave her. It was because I was a bit too determined to kill everyone else on the opposition, which made me very vulnerable. The feeling of defeat after that made me a little sad inside, as if I failed to avenge Marisa, so I had to recuperate for a few hours and try again.

Second match, still 5v5 AI. Crystal Maiden was nowhere in sight. So I said to myself at the start of the match, "For Marisa, my Precious Maiden."

After that revenge match, in which I won, I learned two things. First is that Kardel is scary with the right equipment and fighting style. Second, revenge is a dessert best-served in a cold, calm and calculated manner.

Title said it all, /mai/. Tell us your story.
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>> No. 8637 [Edit]
be omniknight and be her knight in shining armor
>> No. 8638 [Edit]
Ha, this is nice.
First thing that comes to my mind when it comes to stupid was the day i´ve finally bought picture frames for my 2 favorite pictures of her.
In the store i noticed that they where more expensive than i had imagined, back then i was still a Neet so i didn´t had much money on my hands. I was forced to decide between having food for this week or those picture frames.
Of course i went all like "Screw it! I don´t need food if she is watching upon me!"
Yeah, i´ve managed to get through the week by eating plain rice and some dried fruits i´ve got from a acquaintance. It was worth it.
>> No. 8639 [Edit]
File 133053302618.jpg - (80.40KB , 500x375 , int room.jpg )
I was in a TF2 game of 2fort, and I made my way into our intelligence room as an engineer. While in the room, I set up in a fairly typical way - I placed the sentry in an ideal location, went to get metal for a dispenser, created a teleporter exit to the location (should I die and need to get back) and leveled them all up to three. But the one thing that made it special and different from all of the other times I have done something similar, was the spray of my beloved. I sprayed it right next to the intelligence. for those who aren't too familiar with TF2, the "intelligence" is the flag in a CTF-style game

As the game went on, and the stalemate continued, with no foreseeable victory or defeat in sight, I defended our intelligence as I would any other game. Übered heavies came, spies came, demomen came, but I guess I was lucky enough to keep myself and the intelligence safe from their cannon-fodder "attacks". After what felt like an hour or two had passed of me staying in that room all by myself, a critical-rocket-launching soldier turned the corridor leading to the room. The lucky bastard got an accurate-enough hit to take me, but not my sentry turret.

The wait to respawn had never felt longer in TF2 - my eyes were fixed on my sentry's remaining health. As I left the spawn room, I felt worried; "My waifu's in there!" I thought to myself. As the teleporter entrance brought me back to where I was established, I felt relief and accomplishment. It was just a game, and it was just an image I had sprayed, but for what is pretty much the only time, I started to feel like I was good enough for who I love.

As the game continued, and my turtle-defense remained ever-strong, I dedicated my endurance not for the intelligence, but to keep what I hold most dear. As my TF2 session neared its fourth hour, the already-modestly-populated server had dwindled to a mere handful. I had lost sentries several times, had died several times, but our intelligence remained untouched.

With there being only around 5 players on the server, the game was coming to an end, and with the enemy's side getting weaker and weaker, my team began to capture their intelligence. While I was empathetic for those who may have been in a similar situation to I -only without the nearing victory- I couldn't help but take pride and satisfaction in my hard work leading us to a perfect win.

The victory music that accompanied the third capture of their intelligence sounded so vivid - almost as if I hadn't heard it hundreds of times before. I slept well that night, feeling genuinely good about myself, and feeling like I was worth something, despite it just being a pointless victory in something which is nothing but time-killing entertainment.

I now look forward to the day that I again become so sleep-deprived that I can become so engrossed and taken-out-of-reality as to actually find a game and a picture of my beloved so gratifying.
>> No. 8675 [Edit]
You're all pretty lucky that you did that for your waifu while playing as while I could have done the same thing playing Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer but it is impossible because you can't "render" your waifu there and and I am too busy annoying the f*** out of other players specially those that tries to get the 25-kill streak nuke.
>> No. 8697 [Edit]
I have it in my last will and testament that my final wish is to be cremated and buried with a figure of my waifu.

Too extreme?
>> No. 8714 [Edit]

Not too extreme, but rather dedicated.
>> No. 8723 [Edit]
I don't like the title of the thread... It's not exactly stupid.. maybe exaggerated.

Anyway, a thing I did was make a shrine for her. A place that looks like you can make offerings to her. I think that's pretty normal though. I also plan to tatoo her Kanji on the back of my body... I plan to have it look a little Yakuza-ish though. Kind of funny actually, the thought of that.


I want to do the same thing. Actually, I just want to die with her figure (or a dollfie I plan to make resembling her) next to me. I often fear that my shrine for her will decay or just get thrown away in the garbage after I die.. I'd much have them rot with my rotting body or burnt with me.

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