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File 136011672750.png - (736.65KB , 1906x1375 , zylpNEL.png )
13876 No. 13876 [Edit]
I want to sit outside and watch anime in the rain at night on my laptop under this enormous umbrella i have (it's over 3 meter across) while eating hot soup. Its going to rain tonight, I have everything planned other than I don't know which anime to watch.
What would be a good selection that would have the appropriate je-ne-sais-quoi for such a situation?

pic unrelated, but certainly eye-catching.
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>> No. 13878 [Edit]
File 136011730666.gif - (572.81KB , 500x265 , tumblr_m8cq3fEWH31r64ot4o1_500.gif )
Sola, undoubtedly.
>> No. 13880 [Edit]
I've done that before in my car with my laptop a few times. The most memorable anime I marathoned while doing so was Nanoha As. Not exactly a rainy mood anime, but it was still a awesome night. There's something really nice about the experience, it's kind of strange and hard to describe it, but it's fun. almost like a sensory deprivation thing, where all you have to focus on is the screen.
Reminds me of the night when I was freezing my ass off at a car dealership a hundred miles away from home, and snuck into a small staff lounge that was left unlocked to keep warm, and watched gunbuster on my psp until the sun came up.
Kind of makes me think the best way to watch anime might be to do it in fresh and exiting ways.
>> No. 13881 [Edit]

hey thanks for the tip, that one is actually in my text file the lists the anime that i plan to watch in the future.

i also think that i should have initially mentioned that the soup will be a mushroom soup made from various boletus varieties which i gathered and dried a few months ago. don't know if this makes a difference at all, especially since i've already seen all of moyashimon, but its a detail.
>> No. 13882 [Edit]
Mardock Scramble?
>> No. 13883 [Edit]
I think I know what you mean. Sensory deprivation or not, the main point is indeed to somehow enhance the watching to try experiencing what's going on in the screen more vividly, as if you yourself were going through it.

It doesn't need to be a full stage: just a little detail can make a world of a difference. For example: when I read Planetarian I still could hold alcohol, so when the MC found the whiskey I decided to take a shot as well (and it was also very cold at my house those days)... you may or not believe it but, with just that, *BANG* I was there. The rest of the reading was just mind-blowing, painfully and joyfully intense.

Sola is one of my absolute favorites ever, so best of luck with it.
>> No. 14313 [Edit]
>the best way to watch anime might be to do it in fresh and exiting ways.
i think you have the succession fever. my brother also started watching anime in a boat in the pond, after exhausting himself in trainning. he doesnt watch anime anymore.

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