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File 13511281214.jpg - (657.38KB , 1968x1518 , ce207920af7186ac5f9465ac2a450e30.jpg )
10277 No. 10277 [Edit]
How about a thread for discussion related to gensokyo in itself?

For starters, I'm curious about what kind of wild life gensokyo has, if any. Do they have deers, wolfs, birds ect, or would the Youkai eat them all to extension?
>> No. 10278 [Edit]
Official print works do expose some flora and fauna, you might want to read those if you haven't already.
>> No. 10279 [Edit]
There's birds in that picture
>> No. 10280 [Edit]
I thought the Makai was another plane or realm, not a cave.
>> No. 10281 [Edit]
The cave is probably, like, a gate to that plane/realm/dimension.
>> No. 10282 [Edit]
da fuk? if the lake is on the east side of sdm, why did reimu fly over in in TH 6 at all?

i like the map in that black and white animation where people get punched all over gensokyo and at the end the robots fist hits remi thru the window
>> No. 10284 [Edit]
I would some kind of "game"(but rather more of a virtual tour) of Gensokyo in 3D. Maybe the expansion could include Makai, Yokai Mountain, The Moon, and so forth.
>> No. 10285 [Edit]
In PMiSS it says that youkai eat wild animals.
>> No. 10286 [Edit]

But in all seriousness I kind of know what you mean. No fuck that I just want to go to Gensokyo.
>> No. 10287 [Edit]
Something like that would be neat. I always thought gensokyo would work well for a mmo.

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