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File 129922682424.jpg - (163.34KB , 715x900 , a87aa156058bd0e7cbf834a9d319114e.jpg )
10039 No. 10039 [Edit]
Which do you think is better?
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>> No. 10040 [Edit]
They look the same to me.
>> No. 10041 [Edit]
In this picture, the new one. In the official art, the old one.
>> No. 10042 [Edit]
No no no....
Youmu is all about her bobcut and the blunt bangs.
I sure hope this idea doesn't catch on in fanon. Lolis with bobcut are just superior.
>> No. 10043 [Edit]

I hope you're aware that that's her new canon haircut in TH13? And it's not like it's some minor thing, she's a playable char and so it's as thought-out and obvious a change as Aya's new ears in Double Spoiler.
>> No. 10044 [Edit]
Goddamnmit she does not have new ears

ZUN just can't draw
>> No. 10045 [Edit]
I kinda like the old hairstyle better, but that's probably because I'm used to it.
>> No. 10046 [Edit]
I never thought of them as new ears, but rather ears I could not see before from a different angle.
>> No. 10047 [Edit]
I don't much care for the new hair style, it's so common and done to death.
The strait even cut hair style really suited her personality.
>> No. 10049 [Edit]
File 130097669032.jpg - (378.80KB , 700x1122 , みょん.jpg )
I like both.
>> No. 10050 [Edit]
I like them both too.
>> No. 10051 [Edit]
>> No. 10052 [Edit]
Nothing wrong with the new haircut, the old one fits her way better though.
>> No. 10053 [Edit]
>Nothing wrong with the new haircut,
>the old one fits her way better though.

>> No. 10054 [Edit]
Huh? It's not like one choice being the best instantly turns the other into crap.
>> No. 10055 [Edit]
I prefer the new one.

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