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File 136516398517.jpg - (1.41MB , 2284x1200 , 836170575_orig.jpg )
14726 No. 14726 [Edit]
Oregairu thread.
>> No. 14728 [Edit]
What the hell is going on with those names? Just when I thought I was beginning to make sense out of japanese names.
>> No. 14736 [Edit]
Suprisingly enjoyable first ep. Just like the synopsis suggests it feels like a Hagnai rip-off except this time the protag is a misantrophe, too. In the long run it might turn out to be a little annoying and too 'educational' since they'll mend his misantrophe ways and turn him into another normie but that'll take them a while so S1 is most likely safe.

So yeah, looking forward to next week's ep, not much has happened as of now so there's not much to judge. It'll probably turn out to be one of those shows where S1 is decent enough not to drop it but not good enough to watch another full season (which is true for tons of sequels from this season in my case - Raildex, Nyarlko, Oreimo...).
>> No. 14932 [Edit]
Weirdos and misfits being weird misfits: ep 2. If this will keep up then maybe this will turn out to be what I expected (and - more imporatantly - wanted) when I picked up Haganai. And Sakurasou now that I think about it.
But then again maybe they'll ruin it and focus on drama na relationshit. Who knows. For the time being there are still a lot of unitroduced characters left so at least until they'll be done with that this is most likely safe.
>> No. 15293 [Edit]
Well this turned shitty way earlier than I expected it to.

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