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File 141919454066.jpg - (138.20KB , 1125x506 , image.jpg )
21573 No. 21573 [Edit]
I hate anime girls that make up nicknames for other characters.
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>> No. 21574 [Edit]
why's that?
>> No. 21613 [Edit]
Probably because it's rude.
>> No. 21621 [Edit]

It's usually meant to be affectionate, though.
>> No. 21721 [Edit]
translation: "I hate everything"
>> No. 21723 [Edit]
File 142094181191.jpg - (284.65KB , 1600x1200 , 1405772801842.jpg )

Rude girls are the best type of girls though.
>> No. 22395 [Edit]
I forgot what this was called, could you tell me
>> No. 22409 [Edit]
Well, sometimes or often it's just them shortening the name. Honorifics add an extra vowel after all. Funny thing though: if you add -chan to a shortened Christian it would still be Christian (Kurisuchan -> Kurisu-chan). The name Christian is in itself a pun with any honorific as it would be like adding two honorifics to Kurisu (Christian-san -> Kurisu-chan-san).
>> No. 22412 [Edit]
If you ignore the image and backlink, I made a post exactly like this a few months ago

Post edited on 12th Mar 2015, 5:47pm
>> No. 22413 [Edit]
I meant to kakusu but whatever
Also I learned editing doesn't work with the email field
>> No. 22416 [Edit]
it kind of does
for example, when the server side goes to check post for front page visibility, your's isn't visible now. your problem is that the post editor isn't a time machine. post order had already changed after you posted initially.
now watch while i unsage this post and this thread remains unbumped.

don't give m no lip bitch, i changed the contents of the field, but they remained unedited

Post edited on 12th Mar 2015, 11:01pm
>> No. 22417 [Edit]
>now watch while i unsage this post and this thread remains unbumped.

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