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File 132980434046.jpg - (490.98KB , 1333x1000 , moe 103519 sample.jpg )
9011 No. 9011 [Edit]
To the Hikikomori out there.
what do you guys do about food restroom and other stuff?
I'm getting so far gone I'm having a very hard time leaving my room at all anymore.
been having to make do with the food I keep in my room, mostly crackers and old juice jugs.
I thought grabbing food for the day ahead after everyone's gone to bed would be a good idea, but I don't have a way to refrigerate or cook anything in here.
I was however able to grab some bread and a jar of PB&J to make a same witch today...
I'm too paranoid to eat the stuff my mom on rare occasions makes for me and just toss it out or flush it when i get the chance.

relieving one's self seems simple enough, I've got some empty bottles on hand, but I'd rather not go #2 anywhere in my room, just yet.
>> No. 9012 [Edit]
MREs and a litter box
>> No. 9013 [Edit]
I only have problems leaving my room if someone other than my parents are here
>> No. 9014 [Edit]
Which is the problem I'm currently having, and this guy almost never fucking leaves.
>> No. 9016 [Edit]
This is a major problem for me. My mum has some loud friends round every two weeks or so. They arrive at around 6pm (which is either when I usually get up or am feeling hungry) and don't leave until midnight.

I just wouldn't cope with walking past them for food.
>> No. 9017 [Edit]
My mom brings me food in my room the most of the days. When she does, I interrupt whatever I was doing and I stare at her for the whole time she is in here.

Sometimes she forgets or generally when I'm really hungry I go to the kitchen and I grab random junk food, however if she sees me doing this then she starts coming at me (but she doesn't know I see her) and I retreat into my room before contact is made.

Other times she says "dinner is ready" and that means that she won't bring me food and I should go to the kitchen to eat, unless I explicitly ask her for it.

When we had guests she always brought me meal unless that was people from my family and I'm forced to eat with people and the stupid TV background noise.
I can manage this for a short time and it depends on the person if I consider it polite or not to stay at table or to immediately retreat in my room.

Once I didn't feel very well because it was a long dinner with people who are supposed to be near me. I zoned out while at the table, I put my sweatshirt hood up and my state must have really been noticeable. I was questioned aggressively about it and I didn't feel like answering so I got away and I went to bed, everyone else came in my room and started yelling and they left, I don't remember much but I felt very sad and angry.
>> No. 9018 [Edit]
store some emergency food in your room, duh.
>> No. 9022 [Edit]
I live with my parents and I'm mostly nocturnal, so this isn't a problem. They insist on talking to me though and that's annoying.

I hate saying this, but if you have to eat and shit it's worth it to suck it up and go out of your room.
>> No. 9023 [Edit]
Good thing I don't have to eat or shit.
>> No. 9024 [Edit]
i too am a robot
>> No. 9025 [Edit]
You have to pick up a can of DW-40 sometime. I'll be waiting, ready with a variety of awkward conversational topics and your neighbors to keep you company.
>> No. 9026 [Edit]
>> No. 9124 [Edit]
When I start to get hungry but don't want to leave my room, I try tightening my belt one loop so that I don't feel hunger pains.

I usually relive myself onto my family's dinner.
>> No. 9160 [Edit]

You should see into getting army surplus food if anywhere sells it, that tactical bacon sizzles up pretty easily and would save you leaving your room for cooked goods.

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