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17991 No. 17991 [Edit]
I guess I wanted to make a thread to see how you guys have done with the whole "making friends" thing in your life. (Just friends that are memorable). I've probably wanted to get closer to people of /so/ before seeing we all seem to share things in common, but then again we all have distanced ourselves from each other for reasons. I suppose here I'll take the initiative to start with myself....

I was always quiet and daydreamed a lot when I was little. I guess in elementary school I had the type of friends that we'd play wall-ball or basketball together but we never really talked much. I played with my older brother a lot although he beat me in pretty much everything be it Magic to video games to basketball. That's probably how I got my Napoleon complex and wouldn't give up even after I keep losing.

When I hit middle school I guess I felt like I was just more lost and "uncool". I just kept drawing and daydreaming. There was a Korean kid who I'd write stories together with, we wrote a whole lot, but in the end he turned into a normie under pressure from his parents or something like that. There were people that played Magic: the Gathering but my interest in the game still waxed and waned.

High school started pretty damn shitty. I probably met my closest friends there despite that. I have a natural interest in philosophy and weird trains of thoughts and I found someone. Even then I suppose neither of us bothered to really do much with each other outside of school. In 11th grade I turned an Indian guy in my classes into a weaboo and we'd just talk about perverted stuff, he liked rape and I liked loli. There was also a guy with a mustache that I could talk about weird stuff with.

Last year which was my first year of college I guess I met some people in my martial arts group. All I'm really known as is the guy that likes lolis though, maybe that's better than nothing. I told my roommate that I had a waifu and I was a lolicon (although I didn't say how serious I was about it) and he seemed fine with it even though he pushed for me doing things with 3DPD... I played basketball every other week or so and it was alright even if I wasn't too horrible a player, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to blend in with their conversation though.

By now the Indian guy burned out on anime and just plays games and even wants 3DPD pussy. The mustache guy has moved to Seattle, and my other friend apparently wants to keep himself busy by now since he entered college and is in Taiwan paying for his stay by working in business till August 15th, which gives us two weeks before he leaves for his college again.

I sometimes wonder if for that reason I need friends that have different personalities to match mine instead of just seeking out like-minded people because we'd always just be dreamy and distant from each other. Maybe idealistically I could be Kyon to Haruhi or Yui to Toshino Kyoko (YuruYuri) or something like that but I wonder if those radically different personalities really get along together in real life. I suppose an "INFJ" like Kircheis here could work but those types of great loyal friends seem really rare and everyone is going to try and get them to be their best friend....
>> No. 17993 [Edit]
Well, I only had meaningful friends during a period inbetween high school and college; friends whom I got close to through Touhou. I used to browse /jp/ alot back then, when Touhou was have quite a popularity boom. I happened to know alot about Touhou and ended meeting these people who later on became great friends of mine. I lost them for several reasons later on(about one and half or two years ago). The loss was quite shocking and affected me alot at first, but I grew to become accustomed to solitude again recently. Aside from these friends, I used to have some people I knew from high school, but they moved on with their lives and so did I, and we haven't spoken in a very long time since then. I don't even have their e-mails or telephone numbers, and I doubt they have mine; we'll probably never meet again. I don't have much problems having no friends now though.
>> No. 17994 [Edit]
>we'd play wall-ball togheter
What in God's name is wall-ball? And...

>Indian guy [...] he liked rape
It's to be expected.
>> No. 17995 [Edit]
I had friends in kindergarten. Then we moved to a shitty town full of asshole kids, and didn't have anything remotely close to friends until highschool. I remember being bothered by not being a best friend with anyone. In college, it seems impossible being friends without drinking and "having fun". I'd always be "that guy" anyway. It's no use. Maybe when my peers are old enough to realise that partying is a fucking bad idea, I'll have friends. But then again I'd probably need to have children or something like that. I don't know.

>There was also a guy with a mustache that I could talk about weird stuff with.
The dream.

>All I'm really known as is the guy that likes lolis
why would you even

Post edited on 10th Jul 2014, 7:02pm
>> No. 17996 [Edit]
hmm there's this wall and you have to bounce it on the ground once before it hits and comes back, and the next person can only let it bounce once on the ground before hitting it again. That's the basics, there are a bunch of gimmicks you can do to pass the ball or something idk that was a long time ago.

In any case we don't even communicate much via email or in games anymore, I personally burned out on games a bit by now. I did have people that I talked to in games but I was never really the talkative type still.

Why is it expected of an Indian guy to like rape?
>> No. 17997 [Edit]
I couldn't turn the mustache guy into a weaboo or pervert though, for the most part he just liked Magic the Gathering and video games. He was quite the slacker like me.

Well we were going through a line and the one of the guys didn't think of any application when he was about to tell me one so I asked "patting a loli?" and then when he was doing something with his hands I asked him if he was patting lolis and he was like "ew that would make them like four" I also answered "the loli" when asked what my favorite animal was. From then on they just knew I guess since I didn't talk about much else?
>> No. 17998 [Edit]
Because India has a whole lot of rape.
>> No. 18001 [Edit]
I didn't have friends as a kid, my mother changed cities too often for me to have a chance to develop friendships. It didn't help that I was bullied at every school and so no one wanted anything to do with me. We settled down by high school, and I had three people I would call acquaintances but not really friends. Now, one of them is a schizophrenic who talks to God, the second is serving 154 months in prison, and the third has his master's degree, a wife, and two kids. I haven't talked to any of them in 5+ years.

Not having friends has never really bothered me. I much prefer being in my room to interacting with people. The act of keeping up friendships is just a chore.
>> No. 18003 [Edit]
Saying "loli" at every given occasion is dumb. Real life isn't like the internet, you know.
>> No. 18008 [Edit]
Used to have plenty of friends up until 7th grade, then I moved to a different town and frequented a shitty school. After that I don't remember ever having a friend. I'd talk to my colleagues on occasion, but every moment I was just hoping to be alone as soon as possible.
Then came high school, I might have talked to a handful of other guys during my whole time there, the rest was spent in complete solitude, either within or outside the school perimeters, and that was kinda boring.
In time, this solitude became my standard, go to way of being, which I realized later when I was "supposed" to make friends. College was the same shit, I don't understand people who form friendships in that environment. I guess at this point it had been so long since I had a friend I just didn't know how to keep up with everyone else, and how this whole social dance works.
Recently (a handful of years later), I've seemingly started forming a friend over the internet, but funnily enough I'm about to just up and disappear cause it's not working out again.

I don't even think I'd find a friend in /so/. I don't feel strongly about any subject, including anime, waifus, imageboards, anything, so I wouldn't provide a good conversational partner. As for people with other personalities, I'm actually more comfortable talking to them. It feels like nothing's at stake, is one way to put it. But still, I don't think I could talk for more than a few minutes before getting mindnumbingly bored and prefering to be alone doing my own thing.

Post edited on 11th Jul 2014, 7:19pm
>> No. 18027 [Edit]
None. I have low self-esteem from a lifetime of bullying and rejection which makes it hard to trust others. Besides that, for me having people around doesn't enhance/improve situations like it seems to for some. Socialising makes me tired and eventually bored. I don't know anymore how to have a proper, real-time conversation. Even nerds can do that on IRC, but not me. I freeze up and my mind goes blank, maybe I'm retarded.
>> No. 18236 [Edit]
I'm just going to dump some thoughts and memories I have on my friends and related things. I think I'm different from many on tohno in that I had very good friends throughout my entire life.

I've had many acquaintances through school and online even over the years, still do even, but friends are different from that. I had 3 friends as a child, then I moved to the US in 7th grade and I gained a couple soon after. I lost one but I got some more and we formed a solid core. Most were like me: nerdy. We liked history, videogames, and whatever other nerdy things.
Throughout highschool we all changed. We all belonged to different cliques but still kept in contact with each other. Few of them became very popular even, they were Ford Drivers pretty much. We managed to stick together though, coming to my place to watch movies and do stupid things like cut open watermelons with those shitty blunt swords you get at renaissance festivals. We had fun doing things we couldn't do with people in our other cliques.

None of that applies to me though. I never had real cliques. People of all kinds liked me, but I never let them too close. I've never been a person with much depth to me. I try my best to be a good person and so people end up wanting to get to know me. They don't realize how shallow and boring I am though and how we share nothing of interest with each other.
So I had was a bunch of annoying acquaintances and my small group of friends. Over time I noticed I saw them less and less, but we were all still friends so that was okay I figured.

After highschool we all got into different things. Two guys became potheads studying art. One died after he took acid and drove off a highway, the other stopped smoking and doing any drugs and is still in college. Another guy just graduated with a physics degree in 3 years and is interning with NASA before going for his masters. He's also engaged. One guy is going to become an english teacher this year if he gets hired. last guy is about done with his psychology degree, plans to get his masters. I'm just a two-time college dropout unable to find a job living with his parents.
Our interests aren't very similar anymore. We've matured in different ways, they've gained different friends and interests. We still try to meet up but when we do I always feel like there is a wall between me and them. All my friends are moving forward in life. They're all becoming successful.

The wall between them and me is one only I feel I think. I think about the future and I see them moving forward while I trudge along at a snail's pace being left behind. Just because they like me now doesn't mean they'll always like me. Their lives will change, and they will change with it. But me? I won't.

One day I'm going to have no friends at all. It's because I'm still that kid I was back in 8th grade. over ten years later and I still read up on history, play videogames, watch anime, read manga, and do the same stuff as ever. The only thing that's changed is my awareness of my own situation and my knowledge of who I really am at my core.

I'm a child playing with a bunch of soon-to-be adults, and that isn't going to last much longer I feel.

Sorry for going on and on.

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