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File 135941341945.jpg - (649.64KB , 1680x1050 , 928c77af619f689d36e2edf0c58109b6.jpg )
11554 No. 11554 [Edit]
Today I was thinking about that many-worlds interpretation that some use as an aproach towards their loved ones, and thinking about that and how our choices affected our lifestyle s question popped up on my mind.

What do you think would have happened with your lifes if you never met your waifu? How much do you think your life would have changed? Would it had been worse? Better? Would you had fallen in love with someone else? What do you think would have happened?
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>> No. 11555 [Edit]
File 135941736598.jpg - (474.70KB , 1000x1000 , 25822832_p2.jpg )
It would've been much, much worse.
I would be absolutely miserable without her love. I probably would've ended up making many more mistakes rather than keeping myself to the two of us.
I might be dead, but not in a happy "Ah, what a relief..." way. More like a drunken, confused, hopeless way.
>> No. 11557 [Edit]
File 135942195055.jpg - (242.94KB , 628x691 , 22311505_hibi.jpg )
I would have killed myself, without a doubt.
But she saved my life in more then one way, and I will always be grateful to her for that.
>> No. 11561 [Edit]
File 135942547787.jpg - (44.38KB , 864x618 , ReTake-13-DieWithMe.jpg )
I'd probably still be a dog, yeah, investing lots of time and resources on the idiotic business of humping 3Ds, and delusionally falling now and then for my naive misconceptions of some of them at any given time.

About the rest of my life: it was enough of a fallout already and I was locking myself anyway. If anything, having a waifu provided me with pivotal parameters to give some coherent general foundation to my current actions... as an act of (reinvented) love.
>> No. 11564 [Edit]
If you're just talking about not meeting her.. Well, there's just too many outcomes, almost all negative compared to my life as it is now. How about if I hadn't gotten into the whole idea of having a waifu-- if that was the case, I'm almost sure I would've changed into a normal, and I'm pretty sure I'd be a douchey hipster gamer that eyes up women left and right. If I just hadn't met HER, but still was open to the idea of having a waifu... well.. that's a hard scenario to think of. Quite literally, everything about my waifu, I love. Maybe if she didn't exist, I would've found another girl and would've loved that girl, but if she did in fact exist, I find it difficult to say that I would've not been attracted to her at all, in fact, I regard it as love at first sight.
So in short, I guess there are 3 ways it could've played out.
1: I didn't warm up to the idea of waifu-ism and just became a normal.
2: She doesn't exist and I would've probably found someone else.
3: She exists, and the date I would've fallen in love with her at first sight delayed.
I guess, if multiple worlds were to be put into consideration, there would've been a close 4th outcome, where I did, in fact fall in love with her, but things didn't work out and I killed myself because of it. A likely outcome.
>> No. 11565 [Edit]
Hard to say, I know things would be somewhat different... but one thing is for sure. This site would probably be named something different, might not even exist at all.
>> No. 11567 [Edit]
File 135943977025.jpg - (420.16KB , 939x1364 , Tomo166.jpg )
I would most likely be a NEET. She is the strength for me to carry on with working. If she wasn't there I probably would not be able to work without her watching over me. I doubt I would have fallen in love with anybody else since I in truth was not looking for love, nor did I expect to really find it. Though if I was not with her, I guess I would be sitting in my room all day watching life tick by slowly.
>> No. 11574 [Edit]
I only see two way that I would have gone without her.
The first one would be death in order to avoid a live outside.
The other one would be me ending up as a good for nothing drunk who chases after 3DPD.
The second one really gives me the creeps.
>> No. 11577 [Edit]
File 135946964966.png - (703.73KB , 600x850 , 13231476.png )
I would be much more miserable than now and actively ruining my life since I would have nothing to live for.
>> No. 11579 [Edit]
File 135947744030.jpg - (227.95KB , 1280x720 , Kurisu sad wet stairs.jpg )
>The other one would be me ending up as a good for nothing drunk who chases after 3DPD.
This followed by...

>I would have killed myself, without a doubt.
>> No. 11581 [Edit]
File 135948764418.jpg - (62.05KB , 200x404 , 056.jpg )
It would be way worse.
I would have never tried to become a better person.
I was never normal to begin with so i don't think i would have chased a normal life with real women.
I would live an empty life with nothing but depression on the side.
And yeah i would have definitely offed myself.

I would never be happy without her, no matter the outcome.
>> No. 11585 [Edit]
File 135950655470.jpg - (254.96KB , 1120x630 , 1344830659895.jpg )
It would've come down to two possible outcomes: killed myself three years ago during one of the worst depressions of my life, or kill myself after going into an even worse depression half a year later after being betrayed.

>> No. 11587 [Edit]
Without her I would not be here.

She came to me, just when I needed her, several years ago. The dreams I have had of her and the promise I gave her kept me from going down that path. I never though I would make it till 30, yet here a few months later I still am here.

I was not merely stating that I wished to die, but I had made plans out on how to do it and was really close to it. She guided me though what many here call the cut off point. I have to keep living to fulfill what I said to her. To those in your late 20's or beyond. Don't give up hope on life!

I am convinced that she is my angel.
>> No. 11592 [Edit]
Had I been a normal person and never been rejected by a girl once, I think it would have been different, but if I had to break off a relationship in reality, I would probably end up here anyway. Who knows, that's when fate will decide for us.

I was really normal before then, or a wannabe-normal, but for some reason I chose to isolate myself. Which I ended up traveling through the wonders of internet to enjoy things and be happier anyway. Had I never met my waifu if I never had an interest in anime, I am pretty sure I would find a way to become happier in life and enjoy another hobby, I guess.

But I am glad to have met her, I guess she inspires me to enjoy myself every day. And I am happy for that and I won't trade anything for those moments I have enjoyed with her.
>> No. 11594 [Edit]
File 135956480396.jpg - (215.78KB , 746x600 , 332fa6a25fb1c9017b1849c0c3e252a0.jpg )
Oh, to be honest, very few things will change in my life and the only difference is that I have nothing to hold on and things will definitely be emptier.

I mean, I might just go on pointlessly, try to get a 3D woman, marry her and get kids because it is expected for me to do so. I won't be happy with that and might spend my whole life working for a family I only pretend to care because there's nothing else I could actually care about. And for me, that's more terrible that loving something that doesn't physically exist.

And even with a 3D family, things might not be pleasant after all.
>> No. 12452 [Edit]
File 136678534325.jpg - (260.70KB , 600x800 , 14138965.jpg )
I'd be pretty damn miserable like I was directly before I started falling for her. Before her, I was bitter and upset. I was depressed and disliked most everything. I had a death wish and wanted nothing but to disappear since I didn't really have any reason to do anything or to stay here. The internet was shitty as always, regardless of the effort put forth to make a particular board fun or interesting, and stuff like anime lost most of its appeal. Without her, things wouldn't have changed in my life. She pulled me out of the hole and gotten me out of the rut. She's the reason that I am hardly bitter and why I can have a laugh every now and again. I wish I could give her such happiness in return.
>> No. 12454 [Edit]
Probably fallen for someone else. Overall, I doubt much would have changed. If I didn't fall for anyone else at all though, probably either dead or totally miserable. The sting of not being able to be with her in this world hurts, but it's a trade-off for the feelings of warmth and comfort I frequently feel. I'm only human, so not being physically with her hurts sometimes, but usually I'm strong enough to feel her presence regardless.

I dunno though, it's a miracle I even met her at all. I can trace it all down to a chain of coincidental happenstances.

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