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File 134127221999.jpg - (60.36KB , 424x358 , 1294869993266.jpg )
10997 No. 10997 [Edit]
Hey guys. Not really so ronery here, but this seems like the place to take things out of your chest, so let's get to it.

I am an unemployeed 22 years old man (actually seeking for a job in a country with no jobs), and I sometimes feel out of place in this world. Like if I didn't belong to this world. There is so many wrong things here, and people makes me rage.

I live in a country, with no future. How can you deal with that, without going crazy? All the dreams I had when I was a kid are now gone forever. They cut my wings, and now I can't scape from this fucking reality.

Those boards are probably my only scape, for a while. But of course, being an otaku or a nerd or, whatever, is not socially accepted. They don't want me to scape from this inferno, not even for a while. But this time, and from now on, I am going to be myself. And I will listen to nobody else.
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>> No. 10998 [Edit]
File 134127282374.jpg - (13.61KB , 381x250 , 1319091589290.jpg )
Also I'd like to add, I'd like to be 15/16 again. Not the best times, but the most peacefull for me. Back when I was a high-school student and I could still dream with a brilliant future, without knowing what was lying ahead in this catastrophic future. Back when I met love, and my hearth got crushed by reality.

Now I became a cruel person, enraged by those who pissed my dreams.

I only wanted to be a man. To create, and share. Build, and improve. But they won't let me. And the main culprit of this, is money.

But trust me, when I tell you that one day I will have my revenge. And all those people who ruined my life, and the lifes of millions of people like me, will pay for what they have done to our world.
>> No. 10999 [Edit]
Have you ever thought about moving to a different country? whats holding you back?
>> No. 11000 [Edit]

Money. You need that to live, and to travel. You can't just run away and move on. You have to find a place to stay, and that requires money that you have to get by working. But how do you find a work in a foreign country? Have in mind that I am not into college or anything. I have a few post-obligatory studies, but they are "low level".

You need money for everything. Even if you want to get money, you need money. I'm sick of it.
>> No. 11001 [Edit]
"But trust me, when I tell you that one day I will have my revenge. And all those people who ruined my life, and the lifes of millions of people like me, will pay for what they have done to our world."

Don't become a mass murderer!
>> No. 11002 [Edit]

I'm not planing to murder anyone. In fact, I beliebe that death is not really a punishment. But what if I find a way to cut their wings? What if I also screw their future? You know... the higher you reach, the harder you fall. It must be hard for anyone passing from having everything, to have nothing in just days.

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2012, 5:07pm
>> No. 11003 [Edit]
In this country, we have a large problem with illegal immigrants that 'take jobs' from legal citizens, but the jobs they're taking are the ones no one else wants, which is why they get them in the first place, they're also cheaper and don't complain as much.
have you thought about doing something like this? it wouldn't be easy of course, but it might be a better alternative to your current life.
>> No. 11004 [Edit]
I have thoughts of revenge often too. I wish I could find a easy to make people as mentally fucked as me ruining every possible way to have a decent future they had in mind. Leaving them with just what they have now as it slowly all fades away with no hope of getting it back because they're too stupid to even get a job. So many other thoughts of revenge I'd rather not say but all in all in my head I will tell you there is too much aimless, psychotic hate and rebellion towards literally everything that attempts to control it in anyway. At it's base it's what drives me and always has my whole life, I can't cover it up with any positivity or at least not for a long time anyways. Or maybe I can say it's positive on it's own because it makes me feel so delusional, fearless, and insane that I get happy it's made me so desensitized and disconnected. Somehow it's my insanity that keeps me going. I take what I can get in life and be happy with it. I don't even care about anything else other than self pleasure anymore, no more meaning to my life. Now that I think about it I so confused that I don't know my current state of mind. I just exist as a living mental shit storm. But I somehow think this is the way it was meant to be and I accept it. I wish I could go back to living through my life from age 15-17 over again whenever I wish too when I was in highschool. It was even more shit then but at least it was more safe shit. Now that I'm out and I really got nothing to care about other than week to week life I have become so self destructive that I'm surprised I'm not a complete drooling retard yet. I'm in sort of a out of the frying pan onto the burner that has hurt me so much that I've been driven insane and senseless from being burned so much that I don't even care about being anywhere else anymore.
>> No. 11006 [Edit]
Such is the current system. The concept of money is the reason behind every single problem in the world.

It's an insane asylum, except the insane ones are doing the imprisoning. It's a nightmare of the worst kind.
>> No. 11016 [Edit]
I know that I may be chastised for mentioning 4chan, but it's travel board has a lot of good links.
For example, here are two sites on working abroad, if you don't mind the social interaction that is necessary for it, it can be quite a good way to find a place to stay/travel the world. Most of the offers seem to be farms you can work at for a few months while you get to experience the beautiful countryside of whatever your destination may be, it looks like all the housing/food is payed for too.

Heres a thread with lots of links for you:
>> No. 11048 [Edit]
Enjoy your life. If things are being run as poorly as you indicate, revenge is as simple as having patience. If revenge is so desired, then what it seems like is that there is still hope for change. I do not think your wings are cut fully, quite yet.
>> No. 11097 [Edit]
When I was still in uni, there was this Burmese guy I was friends with. The thing I heard him say the most was that we didn't realise just how good we had it in this country. His family worked so hard to earn lots of money under the brutal government to put their son into a good school and learn english, and then sent him to this country to get a degree. He talked about how shitty and corrupt everything was. Police would literally stop you on the street and find an excuse to fine you unless yo paid them a bribe, and ANYTHING which involved beauracracy involved paying bribes too. When I see how lazy I am, I feel bad. Its so fucked up that I get so much priveledge just for being lucky I was born a citizen of this country.

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