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File 13184885793.jpg - (240.00KB , 920x705 , 1177975187197.jpg )
10896 No. 10896 [Edit]
Has anyone here ever had an anime dream or maybe and erogame one? A dream that was in anime style instead of RLPD style? I saw two people said so in the dream thread, but I was wondering how common it was as I have never had one although I did once have a dream of playing Quake, but it was me playing Quake rather than an in-game dream. If you have had this type of dream, please tell about it. also, subbed or dubbed?
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>> No. 10931 [Edit]
Rarely but yes. And I need to start keeping track of my dreams more.
I think I dreamed about games I played heavily too at times. Only playing em though.
>> No. 10932 [Edit]
File 131878732563.jpg - (3.93KB , 251x168 , 1264098998477s.jpg )
I did a 24-hour Clannad marathon once, and the next night I dreamed that I was sitting on my ass watching Clannad.

Other than that, no.
>> No. 10933 [Edit]
Had a vague dream about World of Warcraft once.

I've never actually played it though.

No anime related dreams that I remember.
>> No. 10939 [Edit]
I've had anime dreams on a semi-regular basis since I first started watching Sailor Moon in third grade.

Never had an erogame-style dream though.
>> No. 10940 [Edit]
Being able to "live" in a 2D world is why I'm trying to be a regular lucid dreamer. Maybe I can be happy there
>> No. 10941 [Edit]
I remember having a nightmare that scared the heck out of me for days when I was around 8. It involved Dhalsim from Street Fighter 2 as well as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. I don't remember much of it anymore, but I do remember it being really scary.

>subbed or dubbed?
要らない、そんなの ~( ̄∇ ̄~)
>> No. 10943 [Edit]
When I was younger I had a dream in which I played Starcraft. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, it was just a normal Starcraft game. I still remember it was a desert map and I was playing Terran.
>> No. 10983 [Edit]
Funny, yesterday (for the first time in my life) there was some Japanese thrown in my dream. Just few simple phrases but still. Had a few dreams in English before, though.
>> No. 11005 [Edit]
OK it happened, and I think it is a direct result of reading this thread. Someone was testing me in japanese in a school classroom, I replied in butchered french that I only speak english. I was soon after informed that he was speaking japanese, not french. Of course not speaking japanese I have no way to confirm that it was ever it.

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