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File 135975892410.jpg - (45.54KB , 640x480 , Osaka_Cake.jpg )
11607 No. 11607 [Edit]
Today is my lovely waifu's 29th birthday, and since I became one Osaka in February but forgot the exact date, I have set Valentine's Day as our anniversary. I will likely post again on the 14th to commentate that happy day as well.

So happy birthday, Ayumu! I love you and I thank you for loving me back!

Pic related, it's what she's getting.
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>> No. 11608 [Edit]
File 135976162284.jpg - (142.54KB , 707x470 , birthday.jpg )
I'm gonna go crazy today!
>> No. 11610 [Edit]
Grats, have a good one, you two.
>> No. 11611 [Edit]
Happy Birthday, have a good time.

>>11608 So true.
>> No. 11612 [Edit]
Happy birthday. Hope you enjoy your anniversary as well.
>> No. 11613 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 11615 [Edit]
Happy Birthday!
>> No. 11616 [Edit]
Happy birthday and have fun with each other.
>> No. 11619 [Edit]
Happy birthday Osaka! (Or Kasuga or Ayumu, whichever you prefer)
I also have our anniversary soon, so I wish you two happiness for your special day too!
>> No. 11623 [Edit]
Happy Birthday, Osaka.

Have a great time!
>> No. 11624 [Edit]
Happy birthday!
>> No. 11626 [Edit]
Happy (belated) Birthday!
>> No. 11741 [Edit]
File 136088721045.jpg - (85.64KB , 768x576 , Osaka_Card_1.jpg )
Happy Valentine's Day, /mai/! I got my lovely waifu (a rather expensive; $5) Anniversary card as it's this month.

Here's the outside. I imagine the woman and man are Osaka and I!
>> No. 11742 [Edit]
File 13608873311.jpg - (62.06KB , 768x576 , Osaka_Card_2.jpg )
The inside, with a personalized message.

And now a silly little love poem I typed up for Osaka:

Osaka, Osaka, Osaka!
The name that I love to call.
Osaka, Osaka Osaka!
You are the fairest girl of them all.
Osaka, Osaka, Osaka!
You own my heart!
Osaka, Osaka, Osaka!
I really want to hear you fart.

I might come back and write another one once I get done eating a meal with her: stir-fry!

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