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File 142822799688.jpg - (90.70KB , 1280x720 , 123.jpg )
22677 No. 22677 [Edit]
Re-Kan! thread.
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>> No. 22678 [Edit]
File 142824589850.png - (1.05MB , 1280x720 , shot0233.png )
I watched the first episode yesterday and I felt it was very meh all around.

Also noticed that almost all the backgrounds are 3dcg.
>> No. 22687 [Edit]
I wasn't expecting anything much, but I thought this was quite enjoyable.
>> No. 22699 [Edit]

What's the problem, friend?
>> No. 22701 [Edit]
I think he was pointing out how strange it looks how you can still see her eye that is covered over by hair.
>> No. 22711 [Edit]
yeah that bothered me too
>> No. 23186 [Edit]
Oh snap, I never realized we had a Re-Kan thread. I totally would've posted in it on weekly basis if I didn't miss it. (´・ω・`) Oh well.


It's hardly uncommon, you see that in anime fairly often.
>> No. 23403 [Edit]
And so it ends. After watching ep 12 I felt ep 13 wasn't really needed as ep 12 wrapped up everything pretty nicely but looking back on it it was kinda nice to go back to the usual SoL content for the finale (instead of having a somewhat out of place drama). It was a 'happily ever after' kinda ending.

I'll miss this show a bit, it had it's unique, clumsy charm. Too bad it sold like shit, S2 never.

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