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File 131893703850.jpg - (363.30KB , 512x3140 , quote-greater-than-sign-jp.jpg )
5012 No. 5012 [Edit]
>> No. 5013 [Edit]
I really do hate how games these days are so focused on multiplayer and reviewers criticize games that don't have one.
>> No. 5015 [Edit]
>reads till the end
I thought it was fate joining us together ;_;
>> No. 5016 [Edit]

"Professional" game critics are pretty dumb.

And this anime is funnier than I thought it would be.
>> No. 5017 [Edit]
Maybe this should go in /vg/?

>and reviewers criticize games that don't have one

Games journalism is a total joke, and it's a known fact good reviews are bought a lot of the time. Multiplayer these days is meant to curb piracy and/or used games sales, so the reviewers say they hate when games don't have it because that's what the corporations want them to say

Post edited on 19th Oct 2011, 11:08am
>> No. 5018 [Edit]
>> No. 5019 [Edit]
I like online and multiplayer...;_;
>> No. 5020 [Edit]
I miss the days when split screen multiplayer was king. These days though everyone is pushing for the best graphics, and having the best graphics limits you to 1 player only. So if you want to play with the person sitting next to you, you need to get 2 TVs 2 copies of the game, and internet connection; retarted. Big gaming milking the consumer dry it is. Not that any of us have anyone to split screen game with though...
>> No. 5021 [Edit]
Maybe I should get a Playing States III...
>> No. 5022 [Edit]
Well, it's not like I hate multiplayer but it's like they have to tack on multiplayer components to what's obviously just a single player game.
>> No. 5023 [Edit]
multilayer means getting more from less work on part of devs, by creating a map and having people run around on it endlessly shooting each other, compared to a single player where they might just run past a map of the same size once and forget about it.

Multiplayer also cuts down on piracy, since many people only pirate single player games and pay for online games, many also avoid playing pirated games online in general for fear of being caught.

They also see it as a way to extend the life of a game and keep people from selling it at gamestops, at least for a little while.

This isn't going to change any time soon.
>> No. 5798 [Edit]
I used to enjoy multiplayer games quite a bit. But recently, everyone you come across has no idea what they're doing. I just stick to single-player RPGs now.
>> No. 5799 [Edit]
I only play multiplayer when I can "troll" people. I spent hours in GTA4 and RDR multiplayer just running around knifing people. You feel so badass when you do it, and they get so mad
>> No. 5801 [Edit]
Resident Evil 5 was the worst offender of a campaign designed around co-op this gen. Ruined the game as a result.
>> No. 5803 [Edit]
GTA Race is the best mode for trolling, get a rocket launcher and set up a road block with empty cars.
>> No. 5804 [Edit]
That's more of an assholish way of trolling though. Running around knifing people like a psycho is totally legit and only hurts those who can't aim very well, who also tend to have the biggest egos
>> No. 5805 [Edit]
you still get points for killing people in GTA race. its dumb but you can win without trying to finish a single lap. I think there is another race mode for proper racing where you cant get out of your car and theres no weapons.
>> No. 5817 [Edit]
Oh god.What anime is this?

I know it's one of the new ones.

In return, so I don't seem like a parasite,have website filled with horror stories of what being a Video Game tester is actually like:
>> No. 5818 [Edit]

>> No. 5819 [Edit]


>Boku ha

I lost my shi hanks man I needed that.
>> No. 5820 [Edit]
the 'ha' is a mistake on part of the fansubbers.
>> No. 5823 [Edit]
they use "ha" because the japanese nickname for the show is Haganai. It's not a mistake
>> No. 5825 [Edit]

Fansubbers generally don't translate the titles of shows, the romanized version is most always available even before it airs. As anon above said, it's intentional.

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