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File 143130875645.png - (56.25KB , 1000x738 , 21a366c9b9d8f3ea2ff76fec0c50f85c.png )
20056 No. 20056 [Edit]
Ever feel that life gets really boring and repetitive doing shit alone in your room day in and day out?
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>> No. 20059 [Edit]
Not at all.
>> No. 20060 [Edit]
It has sometimes but I haven't felt it lately. You just have to change what you're doing when you start getting bored.
>> No. 20061 [Edit]
It can sometimes, yeah. But even just going out to get lunch or shopping for an hour or so can help break things up a bit. Hell even going to the drive-thru at a fast food place can help break up the monotony.
>> No. 20063 [Edit]
Yes im really sick of it.

Then again i dont really do much, im not a creative person that can find new things to do easely.

Id really like to try irl, even if things fail alteast i will not be left to wonder anymore.
>> No. 20079 [Edit]
I'm afraid that I'll get tired of it one day, but right now it's the best alternative.
>> No. 20095 [Edit]
File 143160230412.jpg - (141.84KB , 855x1000 , sample-e9aac818668d39ce3e2688e261fc77ca.jpg )
Because she hates being alive. Her life is pure misery.

Every day, she wakes up, and hates the grime in her eyes. She hates moving out of bed to the bathroom and ends up stubbing her toe. She hates opening up the bathroom drawer to take medication for her depression. She hates having to brush her teeth with that sour tasting toothpaste, and that rigid toothbrush. She hates washing her face over and over, and still feel dirty. She hates seeing her demented bangs cover her forehead, and her oddly shaped eyebrows mocking her with ill-symmetry. She hates getting dressed, and getting ready for work at a place where she knows nobody like her. she hates her co-workers who talk behind her back. She hates the boss who is hitting on her and tries to fondle her at every chance available. She hates the fact that she can't do anything about it, because without this job she would be on the streets. She hates her parents for abandoning her. She hates, her mother who abused her, and her father who was an alcoholic and committed suicide. She hates her friends who betrayed her.

But most of all, she hates herself. She hates herself because she's too afraid to end it. She's crying because she's a coward.
>> No. 20100 [Edit]
It's almost like someone is telling a true story
>> No. 20102 [Edit]
Yes, it can get pretty boring and at least 1-2 times a day I just sit there wondering what I can do to entertain myself.

However, the few times I do break out my room, I absolutely hate it and just count down the minutes until I can come back.
>> No. 20103 [Edit]
File 143168719329.jpg - (116.05KB , 1280x720 , shot0123.jpg )
There are plenty of things for me to do in my room. So whenever I feel like that, it's my fault, not the room. I could draw or try to make music or something, but there are times when I just lay there doing nothing but worrying and feeling sorry for myself instead.

If I tried going outside, I feel like it'd be tons worse and I'd have 0 idea what to do with myself 100% of the time. No point in worrying about outside when I don't have it together inside.
>> No. 20137 [Edit]
When I first became a NEET, yes. I made the mistake of putting all my time into one specific hobby until I got sick of it. Now I cycle through many different things in a way so that I am never bored and never get sick of them.
>> No. 20208 [Edit]
Every day is a new and exciting adventure when you read.
>> No. 20253 [Edit]
Beats doing shit with other people.

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