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File 139779687124.jpg - (964.62KB , 1366x768 , Ahri First Anniversary Background.jpg )
15054 No. 15054 [Edit]
Happy first anniversary, Ahri.

It feels like it's been forever since I met you, and yet, it has only been a single year.

In this short time we discovered our morality, learned about our humanity, and took another step in our journey to become human.

I grew so much since I met you, more than I thought was possible. You led me to a brave new world, was by me when I had to confront my fears, and was there for me when I needed you most.

I love you.
>> No. 15055 [Edit]
Good for you two. I hope you continue being happy together.
>> No. 15056 [Edit]
Congratulations. I hope you two have many more happy years together ahead.
>> No. 15057 [Edit]
Congrats, Ahribro.
>> No. 15059 [Edit]
Good on you. I hope your happiness with her continues to grow for years to come.
>> No. 15060 [Edit]
Congratulations; may there be many happy years ahead for the both of you.
>> No. 15064 [Edit]
Grats mate, keep the love going as long as you can.
>> No. 15076 [Edit]
How did I not spot this? One year is a wonderful milestone, I wish you both many many more!
>> No. 15079 [Edit]
Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it.

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